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“Why hasn’t anyone outlawed suicide vests?!?! You guys are missing an obvious one. Ban those suicide vests and you remove the terrorists’ favorite weapon. I don’t know why the EU hasn’t enacted common sense suicide vest control.” – TTAG commentator Rob C

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  1. Oh great. Here come “sporting purposes” restrictions. Now I’ll have to take the shoulder thing that goes up off of my vest.

  2. I had to pick myself of the floor laughing so hard this morning!! Thank you so very much! This one I will pass around!

  3. humorous….my chuckle for the day.

    perhaps we should ask Ms. Harris if it’s on the CA approved list. Hopefully the builder can supply a few for drop & safety testing.

  4. Moms Demand Action for Commonsense Suicide Vest Laws.

    – universal background checks on all vest purchases…close the mosque loophole!

    – a ban on “assault vests” and high capacity pockets.

    – end open wearing of vests in public.

    – establish and enforce vest-free zones

    If only we could find a rich benefactor…

  5. “I’m Marty McFly. I want to talk to you about vest control. I used to be into vesting, but I’ve destroyed my vests now. This is due to repeated incidents. We must give up our freedom from the antiquated second amendment so we can be safe from these evil vests.”

      • wonder what the resale value of a used vest would be? is there some place one could be taken and restored to original condition? are there vestsmiths out there?

  6. It’s about time someone start this effort … there is too much suicide vest violence in the world and someone has to do something about it.

  7. God what a great idea. This is good stuff. We should get this message out there as much as possible. Of course it will nowhere, other than to further expose the hypocrisy of the gun grabbers. Still, a great idea.

  8. If sucide vests are illegal, would that mean making one with sleeves that are at least 16″ long would make them fundamentally different and therefore unregulated?

    • Yes, but only if the cuffs are permanently attached. Screw-on cuffs are strictly prohibited, as are pockets that hold more than 10 bombs at a time.

    • Once that technology becomes available, all vest stores in NJ will be required to offer at least one model for sale, unless of course the National Vest Association (Al Jazeera America) can block it.

  9. “Democrats fall all over one another rushing to demand new gun-control laws every time a criminal (usually a liberal) uses a gun to commit a crime. But what about suicide vests? Surely Democrats are concerned about the much greater potential for harm that these horrible devices pose? Yet, we’ve heard nary a peep from them about Suicide Vest Control.”

    This is the first paragraph of a petition I created on the far-left care2petitions website demanding that Democrats act immediately to ban Suicide Vests. Their refusal to even utter the words “Islamic terrorist” stands in stark contrast to their incessant attempts to treat law-abiding gun owners like criminals.

    If you agree, feel free to distribute the following link to the petition:

  10. /facepalm

    How could we have missed such great opportunity to do away with terrorism? Outlawing the vests…what a simple plan. I must write my representatives today.

      • I hear sometimes there’s a “remote” option for them in case you change your mind about using it.
        Someone will be around to “assist you “.

        • absolutely true.

          anybody notice the deranged suicide bombers are under the training and education of experts who never used one of those vests?

          how dumb do you gotta be?

  11. Don’t they ever pick up on the fact that the guy ordering the suicide attacks……NEVER…….wears one himself…….mmmmmm…?
    Guess he’s not in a hurry to go to heaven huh?

  12. The concealed carry of such vests should also be banned. How do we know the intent of these terrorists? I have the right to feel absolutely safe everywhere I go. Only police and military are trained to carry, um use, umm…uh-oh. Look at this baby!

  13. Common sense? We need to manufacture them and market them- heck, GIVE them to terrorists. Every terrorist should have a suicide belt. Then maybe they will all blow themselves up.

  14. Those evil black, fully automatic suicide vests should be outlawed. No one needs them. Just leave my hunting vest alone.

  15. I have that same Singer Tactical Sewing Machine in the same Desert Beige.
    It’s a keeper!
    Runs like butta under the most dire situations…

  16. Ummm…am I the only one who thinks showing your face with this is dumb? At least wear a cool mask. Look for this to show up in other places.

    • I think it’s likely a fake so he should be fine… but then the BATFE is looking to justify it’s existence.

      Watch out for a no-knock raid.

      • Knowing how government works, he will be required to prove that at the time of the picture, there were no actual explosives in the vest (and pray a bomb dog doesn’t alert).

  17. Look…you cannot ban all vests. What are us motorcyclists supposed to wear? And I also wear my vest sometimes when I CC instead OC. I know you are only talking about banning suicide vests. But that would only be the beginning. Then it would be crocheted vests, and denim vests, and where would it all end? All vests would have to be registered and controlled. This is a very touchy subject. Let’s be real here; it’s not vest that kill people, it’s people who kill people.

  18. I have an actually good idea: have armed responders ready just about everywhere. They can be security services, police officers, security contractors, armed citizens, but the point is the make sure that wherever and whenever they strike, that the ball of violence comes back to them at 900m/s as soon as possible.


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