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“The last thing you want to be armed with as an advocate of common sense are phrases like ‘gun control,’ which makes a government-wary public and law-abiding gun-owners uneasy — and susceptible to tendentious ‘slippery slope’ arguments about how ‘they want to take away your guns.’ In contrast, everyone but the lunatic fringe in America supports gun safety laws — such as eliminating the gun-show loophole that allows the sale of military-grade weapons without background checks, and has led to the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans as well as Mexicans, whose drug cartels find the loophole extremely helpful.” – Drew Westen in the New York Times editorial Silencing the Guns.

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  1. Gun Safety Laws, I support. Gun safety should be taught in all Public schools starting in Elementary with finals in High School. We teach students how to be safe in the kitchen and in the wood shop, we should also be teaching them how to be safe with a firearm. We teach students how to read and write, we should also teach them how to shoot.

    • None of the “gun safety” laws he listed would prevent a single child’s death. What’s it called when you do the same thing over and over hoping for different results?

      • What’s it called when you do the same thing over and over hoping for different results?

        It’s called government.

          • So don’t. Besides, if you’re from Chicago, you’re not allowed to vote unless you’re dead.

            • Funny. Here in Minnesota, felons who are currently incarcerated are also allowed to vote.

            • On November 7, 2000, voters in Missouri elected Mel Carnahan to the U.S. Senate. The unusual part of this is that he died in October in a plane crash. Not to be outdone, Illinois voters re-elected Representative Derrick Smith (D) who a week before election time was caught accepting a 7,000 dollar bribe.

  2. Reading the sanctimonious Emoried Prof’s game plan for how he and his jack-boots wish to stomp all over our natural rights for self-defense, gives us all the intel we need to preempt their message.

    Not sure if memory serves me correctly, but I think one of this Prof’s Emoried buddies was involved in bald face lies, along with false calculations in a “study” about how more guns result in more murder. Dr. John Lott silenced that lying lamb with the facts and eventually the proselytizing, prevaricating, Emoried Histrionics Prof was relieved of his propaganda position a.k.a. fired from the university and somewhat black-marked. Hoorah for our side.

    These Emoriedites are tied at the hip to CDC – Center for Disease Propagation, Anti-2A miscalculations, and involuntary Vaccine Sniping children slaughter. So tied, that the campuses are almost within walking distance.
    Bet this perp of a Prof is on CDC’s “propaganda squad” helping to guide unsuspecting sheeple into vaccine lines on one side, and turning in one of TTAG’s loyal, freedom loving, 2A compliant crew for one of Holder’s “know someone with a gun – get cash” to the new Ubama brown shirts.

    This weasel is openly bragging about how cleverly he can manipulate John Q. Sheeple into surrendering the last vestiges of free men – the unabridged right to self-defense.
    Fortunately, our message – online, presented one on one with friends, family, and broadcast anyway possible – can show how firearms plus ammo (the enemies current attack focus) plus knowledge plus will to use all these assets in combination for defense of liberty – prevents the greatest of all criminal activities: our governments from slaughering us wholesale.

    • It was James Lindgren and Clayton Cramer (among others) who were instrumental in bringing down Michael Bellesiles at Emory. John Lott, for all of his good works, wasn’t a very large player in L’affaire Bellesiles.

      • Appreciate the clarification. I did read an article by Lott that addressed the Emory study and assumed Lott had worked to remedy the situation. Good to know their are others also willing to use facts and confront those in Universities wishing to ignore them.

    • I don’t understand this conspiracy theory about vaccinations. The advent of vaccinations has saved the lives of millions and millions of people. It’s responsible for the eradication of smallpox and polio, as well as helping reduce instances of other nasty diseases.

      • Not going to take this thread off topic. Seek and you shall find Grasshopper. You will then dispense with the C label you were fed by the boob tube. Probably will also never let a needle near your skin again. Or not. As long as you allow yourself to be informed.

  3. His essay was every poorly informed anti-gun position in one article. A time saver, if nothing else. I take comfort that they have nothing new.

  4. I don’t consider myself a lunatic fringe, and I don’t support eliminating the gun show loophole… Because there is no such thing!

    But Liberals don’t want you to know that…

  5. Gun show loophole – The theory that private citizens exchanging private property in a private transaction is somehow a “loophole”.

  6. eliminating the gun-show loophole that allows the sale of military-grade weapons without background checks, and has led to the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans

    Yeah, I see military weapons bought and sold all the time. I have Unicorns and Rainbows in my lawn as well.

  7. “drug cartels find the loophole extremely helpful”

    Oh, does he mean that “loophole” which the ATF opened to circumvent the law and coerce law-abiding gun shop owners to sell guns to “prohibited” persons?

  8. While I completely disagree with this dude, he is on to something. Namely, the right has always done a much better job than the left of framing the debate around issues like this by their choice of language. If you get your opponent arguing against your position but using the vocabulary of your choosing, you have already won the debate. Consider the following examples:

    1. I can buy a Glock with standard capacity magazines in California and high-capacity in most other states
    2. I can buy a Glock with standard capacity magazines in most states and reduced capacity magazines in California

    • Good point. Actually, great point. Conceding the language of the debate is tantamount to conceding the debate.

  9. People have spouted off at me about the gun show loophole before. I asked them what the loophole was. Not one has been able to answer, so then I explain that there is no such thing–they’re just talking about face to face sales. I explain how I conduct face to face sales (bill of sale + ensuring the person has a license to carry firearms, which is enough to relieve me of any doubt that the person isn’t prohibited).

    The only gun safety laws that work were enumerated and immortalized by Col. Jeff Cooper:
    All guns are always loaded
    Never let the muzzle cover anything you are unwilling to destroy
    Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target
    Identify your target and what is behind it

    The rest is just to help out folks too young, senile, or stupid to follow those 4 very simple rules.

    • SAME! I hear it all the time here too, not a single person has been able to tell me what it is. Amazing how the media can guide the sheeple.

  10. As a physically disabled Nam VET, this moron wants me to give up my only means to keeping me, my wife, and my home safe. I can see it now, I tell the bad guy(s) to wait while I call 911, and then wait some more until the cops arrive. In the mean time let me serve them cookies and tea. We chat amiably about world events, and discuss the best way to prevent crime. Yeah that will work, NOT!
    The better sceniario is the bad guy breaks in, and I put two or more well placed rounds center mass, and one in the head for good measure.

  11. Once again liberal drivel from the fount of ignorance and single minded agenda efforts. These guys are so lost in there own blind agenda driven haze. Mexican cartels buying guns at guns shows? Totally ignoring Fast and Furious! He really should be ashamed of himself. These guys say what they want when they want without any regard to facts, giggling the whole way at stirring the pot. I wish we could split the nation into the liberals and everyone else, give them a piece to live on say California and see how well they govern themselves with their liberal ideals.

  12. Long version:

    Ooohhhhhhhh… the gun show loophole. Too bad Eric Holder didn’t know about that. Then he could claim, along with this idiot, that that is how the Mexican drug cartels get all their weapons. Its not from our govt selling them to the Mexican military so their soldiers can desert, taking them along. Or from our govt supplying them directly to the cartels through the ATF, in direct violation of US law. And his solution? More govt involvement in regulation. Pure genius!!

    Short version:

    Garbage in, garbage out.

  13. Westen’s everything we’ve come to expect from the American university system.

    The Soviet Union did not fall. It only relocated.

  14. This guy doesn’t seem to bright to me. I mean, he says he wants to avoid being susceptible to slippery slope arguments. Then he entitles his column “Silencing the Guns”. Hmm.

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