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“The only thing Democrats won recently was the congressional baseball game, while the only way Democrat voters can seem to get Republicans out of Congress is by shooting them. And they can’t even do that right.” – Stephen Miller in Ossoff’s Loss Shows Things Could Get Much Worse for Democrats [courtesy]

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    • Okay, fair enough the way I phrased it. He does remind me of Eddie Izzard, though; and in my reference he did become a good guy in the end.

      • Actually I though that was Bam Margera myself. The guy that used to do ‘Jackass’. Last I heard he wasn’t doing very well himself.

        • Yeah I thought it was Bam Margera too. That guy was the whiniest little bitch on that show, he was all about dishing it out but when someone messed with him he would regress to 8 year old girl mode.

  1. This is not a bad article or analysis, but that line is both a/ a horrible thing to say, b/ completely irrelevant to the arguments and c/ completely unnecessary; the article is made worse by its presence.

      • You don’t know what actual communists are? Do you?

        You consistently comment stupid things and spout uneducated drivel.

        We are all dumber for having read your comments day in and day out. May god have mercy on your soul.

        • I was born in the Soviet Union. I have forgotten more about communists than you have ever known. Please tell this Cossack who had large portions of his family executed or starved to death by communists just like the DNC that he “doesn’t know anything about communits”.

          Antifa have been the street soldiers for the communist party since their founding. Go look up Leon Trotsky and learn something.


        • A similar comment was made in a college class a number of years ago. A “leftest” student was going on and on about the glories of socialism, spouting memorized Marxist drivel, etc. Finally a student who’d grown up in Poland had enough and said, “I was born into communism and taught by real Marxists . You know nothing about either.” Well said.

        • “You don’t know what actual communists are? Do you?”

          Pwrserge may be a bit “over the top” to some but when it comes to his comments on the Post Modernist Neo Marxism movement, he’s just conveying that ‘you are the frog in the pot and the temperature is rising’.

        • What to say about communists, Peter Goznya? They Are Blood soaked? They are worshipers of tyranny? A culture of death? They are people glad to sacrifice their souls as well as their bodies to grease the slide of a once free people into mass death, starvation and tyranny?

          Communists are people born as unique and special beings with specific inalienable G-d giver rights, fighting to become faceless non-entities that only exist as useful idiots for the powerful to commit mass murder as the mad dictator murders his way to a “communist utopia”. And the reward for these “useful idiots” , if they are no longer needed, will be to get a bullet in the back of the head..

          There is nothing to harsh, brutal, demeaning or cruel to say about a communist; because a communist, as they attempt to impose their beliefs upon the world, will employ any method, no matter how hard, cruel, brutal or demeaning to achieve their goals, since “the ends justify the means”.

        • Most Antifa members couldn’t pick Karl Marx from Zippo, Harpo, and Groucho.

          If anything Karl Marx would be considered too moderate, even “liberal”, to modern Marxists.

      • You’re a liar and a fraud.

        But you still consistently say dumb stuff that makes it seem like you’re 13.

        But that might be the communist education you received (or didn’t).

        • Let’s see …

          The ruling class (including government): owns and controls everything, provides everything for everyone, defines right and wrong, is above the law, silences/squashes/imprisons/kills their political enemies, and shuns Christianity.

          The ruling class (including government): wants to own and control everything, wants to provide everything for everyone, wants to define right and wrong, considers themselves above the law, wants/tries to silence/squash/imprison/kill their political enemies, and shuns Christianity.

          Tell me again how the Democrat party does not have a Communist platform?

        • Oh you’re just a treat.

          1. The Soviet Union broke up in 1991 which means that I am at least 26 years old. (Hint: if I remember communism, I’m significantly older.)
          2. Nothing you presented constitutes an argument.
          3. Tell me more about how communists did nothing wrong. I’m sure I could find about a hundred million people who would disagree. If most of them weren’t dead due to communist genocide.

        • Lol! You’re funny Pete. “You’re a liar and a fraud and dumb, and you say dumb stuff, and I’m so much smarter than you, nyaa, nyaa nyaa! ” (Paraphrasing, just a bit)

          Yep, Pete, you really told off pwrserge. with your erudite, insightful and penetrating rebuttal.

        • The modern “progressives” are a precursor to the classic criminal enterprise of socialist regimes – a totalitarian, genocidal apparatus responsible for more death and oppression than any other political ideal or movement. This ideology is not comprised of unique atrocities – it’s a systemic history of repression, contrived famine, forced labor, execution, and extermination of entire people groups. There is no path to freedom and prosperity in the texture of socialism – the result is, inexorably, the impoverishment and starvation of its citizens, and their oppression and murder by a militarized government.

        • Why is this Peter Goznya person allowed to post incessant derogatory flames about everyone who disagrees with him? I do not find them entertaining or helpful and they certainly do not add to the general knowledge of the forum.

          I see “FLAME DELETED” on just about everyone’s posts EXCEPT his. Would a moderator care to explain this favoritism?

      • And just for the record I don’t like communists either. However, calling American citizens communists because they have a differing opinion is, in my opinion of course, is less than productive even if I disagree with most of their points.

        Now if they actually are trying to push a communist agenda that’s a different story.

        • Peter,

          “Now if they actually are trying to push a communist agenda that’s a different story.”

          See my post above where I show how Communist philosophy and the Democrat party platform align perfectly. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck …

        • From videos I’ve seen, some members of the California Antifa are indeed card carrying members of the Communist Party. Others are simply radical socialists, i.e., somewhere left of the Progressives, or are anarchists bent on tearing down the entire governmental structure.

        • Mark,

          Your comparison is vastly simplified and cherry picks data, much like our anti-gun friends.

          One can easily make the similar simple-minded comparison between Republicans and Fascists by picking and choosing various things.

          Realists though can see that neither comparison is correct.

        • Riiiight. It’s just a coincidence that Bernie ran on basically a communist manifesto. It’s also a complete coincidence that ANTIFA (a known communist organization) is being embraced by the DNC with their “resist” rhetoric. Pull the other one, its got bells on.

          I swear, some deluded commie apologists would give the DNC a break if they published the communist manifesto because they missed a comma.

        • Yeah man, Vermont is a bastion of communism because of Sanders.

          I hear they have statues of Lenin, Marx, Stalin, and Trotsky all over the state.

        • No Pete. The only “liar and fraud” is you. You are obviously a derivation of some form of Marxism, communism, socialism etc. The dislike and outright hatred of a marxist for a communist, as an example, is well known.. So you can say with all honesty, that you really don’t like communism. But you are some form of perversion of a leftist, your attack on pwrserge makes it obvious. You recognise, as some form of leftist, that an attack on communism is an attack on you.

          You can deny it. But like I said, for a leftist of any stripe, the “ends justify the means”. Lying is the least of what a leftist is capable of in moving the agenda forward.

        • I have run into numerous of these Peter types in the several college towns in which I reside. These guys are pretty simple, they don’t necessarily stand for anything, they just think they are smarter than everyone else, based on their Political Science degree. As they are smarter than everyone else, their political mumbo-jumbo is indisputable. I avoid them like the plague at this point.

        • At this point you’re backtracking.

          I’m not going to tell you what to do, but at this point a gentleman would apologize for throwing around words like “liar” and admit that, perhaps, the other guy’s comments are a bit OTT but were taken out of context and not meant quite the way the gentleman construed them to be taken.

          Just a suggestion…. Or you can keep getting beat on and backtracking. Whatever floats your boat.

          Also, Posuer, funny story, a Poli sci degree is exactly why I’m not a liberal. It was amazing to watch certain professors teach “The Founders” and then turn around and say that they didn’t say what they said.

    • a: ‘Horrible’ is a relative term. No one died, the worst injury won’t even be permanent, and the attacker objectively failed
      b: Isn’t pointing out the left’s recent string of failures relevant to talking about the latest event in said string?
      c: Comedy is it’s own reward, and I find that making fun of the left is always welcome. You may feel differently, and that is your right.

      • “No one died”

        To be fair, the shooter died but he was a Sanders supporter. Better dead than red.

        • Nazis managed to get something like 11 million people directly and up to 20 million total depending on what figures you use. Communists killed way over 100 million.

          The only lesson the left learns from communism is that people only care when you make it about race. If you just say it’s about class you can butcher as many people as you want.

          As always… the only valid answer to 1984 is 1973. #FreeHelicopterRides

      • “Worst injury won’t be permanent”
        Are you high, or just an idiot? Scalise’s lower body was essentially amputated when the bullet struck his hip ball and shattered it through his internal organs and arteries. Dozens of surgeries later, he’ll be lucky if he ever takes a shit again, let alone walks. What kind of ass says something so stupid?

        • Amazing how that has been kept completely out of the news, unless perhaps you’re full of it, how about a source?

        • ” Scalise, R-La., has made incremental progress since being shot in the left hip last Wednesday; on Saturday his condition was upgraded from critical to serious.

          “Congressman Steve Scalise continues to make good progress,” said the MedStar Washington Hospital Center in a statement. “He is now listed in fair condition and is beginning an extended period of healing and rehabilitation.” ”

        • Early on, I heard the doctor from the hospital treating Scalise say that he would be able to walk again and maybe even run. I doubt he’ll have a full recovery. I doubt most of those injured will have a full and complete recovery. As we age, we collect aches and pains just from using our bodies. I’d bet these injuries move them closer to the bent over senior citizen side of things.

        • While no area is a particularly good are to get shot, where he took a round is ugly. Intestines, bowel, kidneys-bladder-prostrate, it’s just not a place to get shredded.

          As I slide into ‘seasoned citizen’ territory, I’m more and more grateful for what still works than annoyed with what doesn’t. Limping while walking beats the hell out non-ambulatory…

  2. Seriously, it’s worth following the link and reading the full article. And the comments.

  3. “The only thing Democrats won recently was the congressional baseball game, while the only way Democrat voters can seem to get Republicans out of Congress is by shooting them. And they can’t even do that right.”

    He makes a good point.

    Look at the reaction the Leftists have had since last November. Remember that group that decided they were going to get ‘gun training’ and much to the delight of us demonstrated comical ineptitude at their ‘range’?

    Pretty much everything they accuse us of they are themselves. Unbalanced, filled with rage, hate and contempt.

    This is an interesting article I saw last night:

    “After the initial glum reaction of pundits to Handel’s win came the excuses. It was the weather, it was the big GOP advantage in registration, it was early voting, it was Republican outsiders, it was history, it was counter-historical, Ossoff wasn’t liberal enough, no unions, blacks didn’t turn out, and the most common complaint from the left about ordinary voters…

    The people refused to vote “their interests.”

    All of those excuses fail to get to the crux of why the left keeps losing. Ordinary Americans simply don’t like leftists very much. And when Hollywood and Silicon Valley unite to tell them they are stupid, are ignorant, are racist, are homophobic, hate Muslims, and shouldn’t love America so much, what do they expect the reaction from ordinary people will be?”

    • Great post that you linked to. That certainly described myself at the polls in November. I voted against Dem liberalism, not necessarily for Trump.

    • ‘The people refused to vote “their interests.”’

      Every time I see a Lefty make this claim I think of Inigo Montoya. Lefties keep using these words but I do not think those words mean want the Left thinks [wants] they mean.

  4. Mid terms are coming and the dems are still circling the drain . I predict 8 years for Trump and a loaded scotus. Not to mention lower courts being packed.

    cisco kid, more dead soldiers and 2asux are their footsoldiers. How can we not win?

      • ^ This

        Just like the Dems shot themselves in the foot last election the GOP can easily return the favor in the near future

        • LOL^^^ This ^^^ the revolution started intra-party in the GOP before it went inter-party in the national election! The next election will be a referendum on Trump, not the GOP…… although the dems can just as easily blow it next time like they have been blowing it.

      • That is 100% spot on. The GOP as a group is full of cucks. Someone needs to pour chlorine in the swamp and just nuke everything.

    • The last time democrats got control of Congress, from 2007 to 2011, their anti-business agenda wrecked our economy, the DOW lost more than half it’s value and the Unemployment Rate more than doubled. Contrary to common misbelief, our economy is not primarily driven by the president, but by laws and regulations passed by Congress. There is very little sitting presidents can actually do about the economy beyond their budget, veto pen, and cheer-leading. For the last 30 years, the country’s economy has always done better under a GOP Congress.

      • Presidents themselves do little but regulation, generally, doesn’t come from Congress but from the Executive branch agencies to which Congress has delegated authority.

        That’s where you had to be batty to support Clinton. Here Rx for the economy was effectively “There’s too much regulation strangling business. We’ll make MOAR regulation and then we’ll make it illegal to move overseas!”.

        It was colossally retarded but that was basically her “jobs plan”.

        Under Obama regulation was promulgated just for the point of making more regulations. No thought was given to efficacy or economic impact, which is part of why we had the worst recovery since the Great Depression. Where regs didn’t crush things fear of future regulation did.

      • It’s true that the Democrats destroyed the economy, but by 2007 the “big heist” was already about to burst. The major enabler of those shenanigans was Bill Clinton, who helped repeal Glass-Steagal in 1999 and removed a number of other restraints on Wall Street around that time, setting the stage for the massive fraud bubble throughout the early `oughts. This was the “New Economy,” if you remember, the dot-com era, when we were told that all the old rules about business didn’t apply . . . except when it turned out that they did.

        • Yay! Someone gets it! That and the expansion of CRA loans which royally screwed the housing market.

    • Awesome quote and I would have to agree, I hate them both for unique and distinct reasons. The area where that hatred overlaps is when someone self identifies with either group and just distills all of their beliefs into a set of talking points promulgated by a political party.

      If you are so weak minded and easily bamboozled so as to blindly follow the dogma you’re spoon fed then please use whatever means you deem fit to end your life because you’re the fucking problem with this country.

  5. When the Democratic Resistance runs out of steam, the Republicans will revert to their self-sabotaging ways and they will not receive sympathy points for being hassled by the Resistance.

  6. Ossoff only got 5,000 more votes than the democrat challenger in the November 2016 election. That $23,000,000 that California and New York democrats gave to Ossoff was completely wasted. Serves them right.

  7. The post November 2016 Election hysteria the Democrats have been engaged in demonstrates to my mind that they have taken the general position that no “not Democrat” President will ever, nor can ever, be acceptable to them. They want a One Party ONLY America. To borrow from Larry Potterfield, “and that’s the way it is”. Period.

    I, too, voted for Trump not because I fully supported him, but because I so intensely despised Hillary Clinton.

    Just yesterday it was reported the DNC’s fund raising for April/May 2017 was at an historic low.

    We Middle Class/Working Class Americans want the America we grew-up in and prospered in and worshiped our Christian God in and raised children in BACK. Donald Trump understood us and responded with a like mind. That’s why he is President today.

    Maybe our America wasn’t always perfect, but we believe we can make it better and are willing to keep trying. I think our willingness to work to make America ever better for all Americans is a part of the American character as important and powerful as our love of Liberty and Self-determination for the individual. The Democrats’ vision for America is demonstrated in the violence-ridden, drug-ridden, poverty-stricken failed and failing State and Local governments they control.

    Now we have the Democrats screaming “Resist! Resist!” while the RINO controlled Congress does as little as possible to help us and the President WE elected restore our country to our vision. Maybe it is time for us to get a little “radical” and demanding with the President and Congress and push our agenda aggressively (as peacefully as possible) while gladly helping the Democrats self-destruct.

    • “As peaceful as possible” is kinda passivist.

      We need to make our displeasure shown with a bit of “in your face”.

      No violence, that’s the Leftists gig. But we need to be less polite about our unhappiness with those we elected to change things…

      • You inferred EXACTLY what I intended would be inferred. Overt violence is, indeed, the Leftist gig. We need to be “in your face” aggressive with both Trump and Congress. Violent only if given no other choice as in an unavoidable defensive situation.

        There is always a factor of “legitimacy”, and overt, intentional violence undermines the perception of legitimacy to those observing.

  8. From the source article:

    “Maybe instead of trying to convince hateful white people, Dems should convince our base—ppl of color, women to turn out. Cater to them,” Tweeted noted far-left feminist and author Jill Filipovic.

    Maybe instead of painting the electorate as hateful white people, Dems should see them for what they really are: decent people who want to work, provide for themselves, raise families, have a little fun in life, and not have Dems paint them as EVIL for having such goals in life.

    And then this gem immediately follows:

    Filipovic went on to rail against bigoted voters in proceeding tweets. “At what point is this not a failure of Democrats but toxic, vindictive voters willing to elected hateful bigots.”

    I would ask, “At what point IS this a failure of toxic, vindictive Democrats?”

    • As un-PC as this is to say…

      I tire of this “racist bigoted white people” thing.

      Is there some real racism and bigotry in the US? Yup, same in every country on the planet. However if white people were half as racist as the Left paints them to be then we’d 1) still have slaves 2) have shipped black people back to Africa or 3) massed on black people and exterminated them.

      Most white people don’t give a shit about race. If they did, with nearly 70% of the country as white and 12% or so black, black people would be completely fucked.

      Turning everything into race based arguments is intellectually weak and flies in the face of reality. I tire of it.

      • They are so quick to throw the “racist” flag they are managing to dilute its impact.

        Real racism is lessened by those crying wolf…

      • Exactly. It’s gotten to the point it is pants on head stupid. You could literally fart at a ball game and the shithead SJW’s would accuse you of white privilege for polluting their personal air space.

      • The biggest racists I’ve seen in a long time had names like Barrack Obama and Eric Holder.

        Eric Holder is positioning himself for a 2020 run. He listed being black as a reason he would make a good candidate. I understand that he probably meant it would help him get elected, but as Newt Gingrich pointed out, if he had said that Trump being white was a point in his favor, he would immediately be called out as a racist.

        If there is a societal level problem with racism in this country, it is racism against whites.

      • Another point is that it completely denigrates actual victims of racism in the country’s history. The SJW who today compare themselves to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950’s-1960’s are disgusting. They think it takes courage to hold a sign or oust a professor from campus. Try voting in Mississippi in 1950, try registering voters in Alabama in 1960, visit a sundown town in California in 1940…that took real courage because by simply being there, you knew you were subject to death at any moment and there was nothing you could do to stop it. Want to see what real racism in America looks like? Google “Nadir of American Race Relations” and see what pops up.

    • Yeah, the disgust that the Democrats have for ordinary workers is palpable, and its what has lead directly to Trump’s victory and their loss in Georgia. This disconnect will continue to doom them as irrelevant until they finally get out of their limousines and work for the people instead of against them.

    • “Maybe instead of trying to convince hateful white people, Dems should convince our base—ppl of color, women to turn out. Cater to them,”

      An absolutely unmistakable racist rant. And clearly acknowledging the racism of the Democrat party.

  9. Here’s something that’s always puzzled me about those who assert the Democratic party is “communist” and maybe some of y’all here can help me out:

    How do you reconcile these two things:

    1. The Democrats want to destroy business and abolish capitalism.
    2. Wall Street donated more money to Barack Obama than any candidate in history, as well as favoring Clinton over Trump by a massive proportion in the last election.

    Wouldn’t that be like a Jewish group sending hundreds of millions of dollars to a neo-nazi organization?

    Just wondering how people reconcile those things without creating cognitive dissonance. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks!

    • If I had to take a stab at it, I’d post that “Wall Street” is not a singular entity, and that those huge contributions most likely come from profitable industries such as tech and mass media, that are overwhelmingly, solidly, and proudly in the tank for Democrats, and clearly would have no problem with ceding much of their autonomy to state control. Think of them as the most useful variety of useful idiot.

      Remember, powerful people don’t plan to stop making money under socialist/communist regimes; they only mean to prevent you from ever being able to do it. Four legs good, two legs better.

    • They think they will always be on top and there is somebody else to loot. They never think the shoe will be on the other foot because, in their lifetime, it won’t.

      There are rich looters in socialist Venezuela, and they eat well while everyone else starves.

    • Democrats don’t want to destroy businesses. They want to use coercion through regulations to develop cronyism. They don’t want to end capatilism. They have succeeded in corrupting it into crony capitalism.
      Of course Obama and the Democrats get corporate backing. See above. That’s how corporatism works.
      Nothing to reconcile.

    • Because they aren’t really communists. They’re fascists. Fascism has a lot of definitions. One way of looking at fascism is soft communism. Government controls the corporations, but private interests run the corporations on a day to day basis. The private interests benefit from their day to day management, much as an owner would. That private interest only nominally owns the corporation. The true power rests in the hands of the government. The corporation will do whatever the government decides it will do. The corporation and the individual exists to serve the state because the state is the will of the people made manifest.

      It’s a lot like Thomas Hobbes’ view of the death penalty. You’re killing yourself by means of the king executing you.

    • NonLinear9,

      Democrats want to destroy business/capitalism that they cannot own/control. Their mindset: if they cannot have it, no one can.

      Why do so many Big Money entities donate to the Democrat party? Simple: because they see themselves as part of the same incestuous ruling class.

      Looking at it another way, Big Money entities are hedging their bets. If classical Republicans stay in power: capitalism reigns, those Big Money donors can still operate and make truckloads of money (because Republicans will basically leave them alone), and those Big Money donors can even get low-level favors from government. If Democrats attain power and implement their Communist platform: those Big Money donors can claim to be part of the ruling class and demand cooperation and big favors from the very politicians that those Big Money donors installed.

  10. The physical activity of going to a range and learning from your mistakes is just to much most democrats. It requires spending their own money on ammunition and range fees. Recording your mistakes, learning and taking corrective action to change your behavior and improve future performance.
    The democrat socialist progressive in incapable of doing that.

    • Acknowledgement of mistakes is the single biggest impedance to that. They simply refuse to even entertain the idea that they might be wrong at anything, ever.

    • It can also quite possibly lead to coming into contact with decent, hard-working people who simply want to be left alone to enjoy their lives. And a lot of them will be white too so…you know.

  11. It’s partly leftist brainwashing to not be “racist” and business survival. I’ll give you an example NonLinear9. The Jews in this country vote over 80 percent Democrat,. And the Democrats consistently vote to support the Palestinians that have said repeatedly they want all of Isreal, not just the west bank, and they want all the jewish people dead. The Democrats also supports and fights to bring Muslims into this country and into Europe, where the attacks against Jewish people and synogogues goes up in this country and europe, directly in proportion as the population of Muslims increases. To anyone looking in, this looks like it directly against the Jewish people’s interests to vote Democrat, yet the brain washing from the left that says they would be “racist” for doing so is that strong to over ride the Jews basic survival instinct.

    Now it’s sone what different with business. They give money to both parties, knowing that they will earn favors as to taxation and regulation , who ever is in power. So most big business donate to both parties, hedging their bets, so that no matter who wins, they will get favorable treatment..

    • Liberals are liberals first. Religion, race, etc., doesn’t matter.

      A liberal Jew doesn’t care about Jews in Israel and supports Muslims attacking them.

  12. Not just bad marksmanship, but tactically stupid too. He knew he would be attacking an open field (google maps says it’s over 200 yards across, plus has another few hundred yards from the baseball field to the nearest parking lot). and didn’t even bring a scoped rifle despite a high degree of premeditation? Probably did the whole thing from a standing position too.

    • Hell these shits started way back since Abe, they may say not democrats, but that’s bullshit. Not one NRA member nor not one Republican does this shit, its always the left. I not worried about crazy’s, I ‘m more worried about democrats!

  13. That’s how far we sunk! A commie doesn’t know he is a commie. wow, time to rewind against these dumb asses!

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