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Jeff Foxworthy (courtesy

“If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself makes you safer according to the government — you might live in a nation founded by geniuses run by idiots.” Jeff Foxworthy [unconfirmed]

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    • Dude, the unconstitutional, gun-grabbing actions of our politicians cannot in any way be explained by stupidity. It may have been stupidity for some people at one point long ago, but when they stop listening to facts and instead actively lie to further their agenda, it can be attributed to nothing but malice.

  1. This is comming from a guy that doesn’t think we should have AKs. So basically a Fudd gun owner.

    I do like this quote however.

  2. Self defense is NOT a Constitutional right. It’s a basic right (extends beyond human) that is enumerated and protected by the Constitution, trampled on by those that seek control, allowed by those who seek (false) security.

    • Snopes has not and never will be a reliable source. You may as well cite a Wikipedia page that has no cited sources.

    • Someone that knows Jeff (probably) sent him the link to this page first thing this morning. He no doubt read the quote out loud in a commanding voice to his cat. Therefore its safe to assume Jeff foxworthy has indeed said the above statement

      • Golden Corral’s roast beef is great as long as it goes “MOO!!!” when they slice it.

        “You might be a redneck if you think a Volvo is part of a woman’s anatomy.”


  3. When you are bored waiting for your bae in a shopping center so you check out a pellet riffle that you found on a shelf, and two government agents gun you down even though you pose no threat to anyone, you might live in a tyrannical country.

  4. When you wake up and half the guns on the approved list are removed, you live in the tyrannical state of Califorina.

  5. I call it the small man syndrome. Its when a large man Tries to complete various tasks in his career, and all of them go to shit. It causes what I call the small man syndrome they feel as if they have completed nothing And have to show Mom and Dad something I’ve got to I’ve got to like the little train that could not! L MaO. That’s a good one Mr Foxworthy Funny as always.


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