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“When it comes to gun grabbing and gun control, I always like to make the point that…when my uncle Jimmy was murdered point blank, never once for a second did my family even consider…promoting stricter gun laws. I make the joke that we went after the criminal, we didn’t put the gun in jail.” – Kelly Carlson [click image above to view video]

[h/t WS]

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  1. Never heard of her, but that means exactly nothing since I don’t go to movies and don’t own a TV. I hope she’s had a good career up til now because I suspect it’s headed for a nose dive.

  2. She was supposed to only be in the pilot of the show nip/tuck but her character was so well received they made her a major part of the show

  3. Gun jail… Hmmmm, the better name for “gun buybacks”? Followed by the gun death penalty when the guns are melted down or turned into “art” pieces. That actually captures the logic gap between pro and anti quite well.

  4. Personally, I think this was the best statement in her interview:

    “Owning a firearm…was life changing for me because women for sure, but even men too can be in a very, very vulnerable position with no options if you have intruders or any scenario where you’re being dominated physically,” Carlson told FOX411. “[A firearm] is the only equalizer you have.”

  5. I love that new slogan, or saying, “Put the criminal in jail, not the gun” TTAG should adopt it for their motto!

  6. You mean there was a time when it was the norm to place responsibility on a person and not demand that a free nation utterly destroy its core principles as a kneejerk emotional response to isolated incidents? When was this glorious golden age?


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