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Concealed carry (courtesy

“The reality hits you that nobody can keep anybody safe. You really depend on the stability of other people’s thinking. You just hope for the best.” – Lisa Inglis in Gun Control Legislation Influenced Heavily By Suburban Voters via []

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  1. These people don’t get that they’re the ones with delusional paranoia, not us. Being prepared for any kind of emergency to them is paranoia, going through life expecting there will be nothing you can do no matter what circumstances come up is just defeatist and frankly ignorant.

    • Using their logic, it’s better to stick your head in the sand and believe that a piece of paper with more gun control legislation on it is somehow going to cast a force field around you and magically protect you from the statistically insignificant mass shootings anti’s are so paranoid about, all the while infringing upon the rights of every American who chooses to play an active role in their self-defense, depriving them of the ability to defend house, family and self from the much more likely muggers, thieves and general miscreants willing to do harm to others. Not to mention, the presence of a gun in the hands of a citizen is critical to stopping any future mass shooters who target soft zones and don’t intend on meeting resistance.

      If we create a culture of citizen armament, criminals and psychos of all types will be much more hesitant to attack with the brazenness they currently exercise. Guns are not a problem in America, it’s a lack of guns in the hands of so many citizens and a willful ignorance of the evils of the world.

    • They are big on projection because everyone must buy into their idealistic values. If for some reason not everyone buys into their “truth” the whole paradigm falls apart. It’s simple enlightenment thinking, there is some singular truth out there and everyone must agree because it is what it is, counter arguments are just the exhibition of ignorance or a lack of enlightenment, “the emancipation of the human consciousness from an immature state of ignorance”. Somehow we’re “antiquated” in our thinking when they’re using a system of thinking from before the creation of this nation. The problem is enlightenment thinkers also tried to removed emotion (but not faith), so we have “emotionally driven enlightenment”, which would otherwise be called childishness or immaturity.

      They would like nothing more than a “new enlightenment despot” that uses their emotionally-driven logic because then everyone must conform to their ideals. Since these are emotionally-driven ideals they often are paradoxes as well, flipping to meet the situation, such as Schumer, “SAFE act should be applied to all states yet Concealed Carry can’t become national because each state has a different situation”.

  2. Did you even read the article from the hoffpost? Lisa is not a gun rights advocate toting a gun under her bra, she is a paranoid soccer mom who cannot comprehend that her safety should not rely on the sanity of others, but that she should take steps to be prepared to defend herself.

    • Progressives do not want freedom. Freedom involves responsibility, and progressives are terrified of responsibility.

    • Sometimes TTAG cherry picks parts of a story and this is a case of “I think it means what they think it means”

      From the link:

      Like most Pennsylvania voters, Lisa Inglis, 43, a stay-at-home mom of two from the Philadelphia suburbs, is a supporter of expanded checks of gun buyers, part of the legislation defeated last week. She said she was very disappointed by the Senate action, though she also questioned whether such measures would prevent many crimes.

      “The reality hits you that nobody can keep anybody safe. You really depend on the stability of other people’s thinking. You just hope for the best,” said Inglis, eating at John’s Plain & Fancy Diner in Quakertown, about 45 miles north of Philadelphia.

      — The whole story is basically saying, them darm rural folk are gun clingers and thank goodness some of those suburban folks are getting the religion of us urban folks and see that gun control is necessary. As the city dwellers move to the burbs and the burb folks move the rural areas they will all finally become infected and see the way of gun control is very good!

      • You left out the part where she describes herself as a “Liberal Republican” who voted for Obama twice. First time I’ve heard that term. WTF is that? No wonder she’s so confused.

      • TTAG does cherry pick from time to time; its essential to the free media concept this nation uses. The bigger thing is that cherry picking facts that are true is a short way of asking “wtf is going on?” with a situation. People end up seeking more facts and if cherry picking provokes this, you get converts to your arguments.

        Same token in reverse when cherry picking bs. The biggest issue with the cherry picking press is how most depend on people to be low information before and after said article. Given the audience here…I think his quote is both a practical take away and a “she is shooting herself in the foot, look!” Moment.

      • I’m 100% okay with Lisa hoping for the best; we all do. I am NOT okay with her avoiding preparing for the worst. You cannot sincerely “hope for the best” unless you also prepare for the worst.

        Lisa is guilty of juvenile thinking.

  3. Never sure why we should pass more laws that everyone admits won’t do any good. Maybe it will make Lisa feel better at night, though nothing makes you feel better at night like a firearm at the ready.

  4. “Cursed is the one who trusts in a man…But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord.” Jer 1:17. I am proud to cling to guns and religion, and anyone who puts their safety or that of their family in the “stability of other people’s thinking” is a fool.

  5. “The reality hits you that nobody can keep anybody safe. You really depend on the stability of other people’s thinking. You just hope for the best.” – Lisa Inglis

    “Oh dear, there are no cops around here.Here comes an armed assailant, maybe if I give him my valuables he will be rational enough to not hurt me, I hope I hope”……..BANG BANG.

    When that reality hits, one cannot depend on others or hope for the best. What should be obvious to everyone is that safety is and should be a personal matter. Hoping for the best does not get one out of bad situations, direct action does.

    • Those people aren’t interested in protecting the Constitution? They have buried their heads in the sand. ANY erosion of the Constitution is out of the question. We have already lost most of the 4th and 10th amendments. What part of Shall not be infringed, don’t they understand? The unconstitutionalists in the Obama administration are eroding YOUR rights, when they are done the only rights you will have are the rights they entitle you. This is a government of the people, not of the politicians.

  6. Her issue is she thinks no one can keep her safe, not even herself. And with that attitude, she’s right.

    Sad thing is, if she had an ounce of conviction, she wouldn’t be part of the the anti gun movement. She’s already realized more laws don’t work, if she had the courage to follow through on that realization, she might surprise herself. As it is, she’s chosen to ignore facts and foist an intellectually lazy worldview on the rest of us.

  7. We need a Smokey the bear type mascot. “Only you can protect yourself from violent crime!”

    and its true, I am the end all be all in regards to me safety even though as an Illinois resident I am denied the right to conceal carry. I do home carry and I have knives and other tools on me for self defense when I go outside. Situational awareness above all.

    Honestly I am skeptical of this whole “shelter in place” mentality during mass shootings, throw the kids out the windows, run the heck out of the building, make things more difficult for the shooter. This is 1 or 2 shooters we are typically talking about, not a Tornado or a mad man with an A bomb.

  8. Yet another image change. I’m enjoying this thread just for that alone.

    (yes, the “hope for the best” crowd astonishes me. )

  9. She’s limited her thinking to suburban areas in – wait for it – the East (or more specifically, the Northeast). I live in the suburbs of Kentucky’s second largest city – Lexington, population 300,000. We have all three in my county: urban, suburban and rural. Is the urban voice in favor of gun control? Of course. The suburbs and rural areas? Hell no. My suburban neighborhood is armed to the teeth and I sleep better at night knowing as much.

    In the end her argument is flawed in that her reference is the same old, same old Eastern philosophy. Suburban voters are not swayed to support gun control. In fact, I would say just the opposite is true outside of the historically leftist population areas on the East and West coasts.

    In the end, why do people live in the suburbs to start with? Its not PC, but there it is.

  10. Lisa’s going to come around, there’s just something about the brady death cult that is, how you say?, fu.ked. I don’t believe their numbers are increasing, judging from the 1.5 million new NRA members alone, our numbers are. That is of course discounting the polls that show 99 percent of Americans want to turn their guns over to obama after they just bought em, Randy

  11. In contrast to this lady, the day after Sandy Hook my one and only thought was: “Wow, the world is really a lot less safe than I thought. We need guns. A lot of guns.” and … “Arm the schools!!” (a current personal drive of mine now for my school district; 4 schools are armed so far, working on more.)

    My dad was a shooter and had a large gun collection. When he passed about 5 years ago I got his P230 Sig Arms handgun. My brother also a keen shooter got everything else. I had done a little shooting with Dad and my brother over the years when I was younger and living at home, but nothing serious. The P230 sat on a shelf next to my unused deco ashtrays and SQL Server textbooks for all these years … Until December.

    My husband and I have established a nice arsenal in the past 4 months, all at my urging and my bankbook. He’s rolling with it and developing some mild enthusiasm. Once he lays his hands on something he really likes I’m sure he’ll be all in.

    But I am sure a lot more comfortable now. Looking forward to getting conceal carry (Illinois) very, very soon (but not holding my breath.)

    We were one of the 500,000 new NRA members since Dec 2013 and we also joined Illinois State Rifle Association and the GOA. Looking into NAGR – don’t want to spread ourselves too thin. We love the people involved in shooting as we are very outdoorsy and independent anyway (we live on a horse farm in the country.) We have met a lot of great people and look forward to meeting more. Will probably be joining our local shooting club this year (Sycamore Sportsmans Club) they have an awesome outdoor range set in a beautiful 270 acre facility with camping and hiking (which we LOVE) but no horse back riding, boo 🙁

  12. I had this conversation with my wife about guns when we got together. She said she felt safer with a gun owning man around the house.

    I told her she needed to learn how to use a gun and have her own. I explained to her that I would not be home 24-7. And even if we were together when trouble started I could be killed or disabled. leaving her to fend for herself.

    She soon had her own shotgun and pistol.

  13. Universal background checks are the underpants gnomes business plan of public policy:

    1. Do background checks
    2. ?
    3. SAFETY!

    Everyone they talk to in the post doubts whether it would work, but we have to do it anyway because… Well because. Meanwhile, trust the government not to improperly use the information, because they’ll totally prosecute themselves if they do.

  14. I thought this was a very insightful thing to say. It strikes right at the heart of the problem.

    The truth is, we really do depend on the stability of other people’s thinking–we’re potentially at the mercy of hundreds of completely unknown, random people as we go about our business every day, and every day, almost every one is okay. Except when they’re not, and then *boom*! That’s part of the reason why things like the Sandy Hook massacre and the Boston Marathon bombing scare everybody so much.

    Lisa Inglis’ statement is absolutely true. And there are a lot of different ways to act on that truth (some more practical than others…).

  15. As a proud heterosexual male who appreciates beauty as art, I would like to say I quite enjoyed the image used. Thanks. Thank you so much.

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