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“I can’t stand up and dictate to the world it’s over; no more guns. I can just do what I do, and there’s another side to the story which is peace and love.”

Ringo Starr, arguing for stiffer gun laws yesterday on the anniversary of John Lennon’s murder. He was speaking at a Non Violence Foundation soiree, where he unveiled his psychedelic take on the “knotted gun” statue, which he designed on his iPad. Because if there’s one lesson we can draw from the UK, it’s that more gun control laws work.

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  1. Because it’s not like John Lennon couldn’t have been STABBED in the back….

    I think we need to start a PSA campaign asking everyone to please use anything BUT a gun when committing crimes (especially murder). That way we can show the gun grabbers that a knife through the chest or a sledge hammer to the head is just as effective at killing someone as a bullet – maybe then they’ll finally quit trying to act like guns cause violence.

  2. and there’s another side to the story which is peace and love.”

    I believe in “piece and love” – tough love. For certain hard heads the best way to communicate is to send them a “love letter”.

  3. At the end of the day, we need to just cut off all hands. They are pretty good at choking people and can be modified to hold assault rocks.

  4. I remember reading somewhere that Lennon himself was fascinated by firearms and when in the company of a gun owner, would ask that person if he could handle them.

  5. Why would anyone, anywhere, listen to and heed the views of a pop star? Especially where their rights are concerned. Anyhow, pop star millionaires can afford body guards with guns. Someone should ask Ringo if he travels with a body guard? Not that anyone expects these characters to be hypocrites…but I’m just sayin’.

  6. “I come from Liverpool. It was a gang mentality. Especially in Dingle, where I lived. We were all in gangs but we didn’t have guns. There were a few knives, a few hammers, but there was no guns around.”

    How civilized you must have been.

  7. As a student of martial arts with a concealed weapons permit, I laugh at the concept that banning guns will somehow eliminate violence.Im no black belt, but disarming me of a firearm won’t cause me to forget my learned abilities to defend myself in ways that would make an attacker wish he was merely shot.

    Interesting that such people would consider a physical firearm a threat to public safety with the attendant background checks and procedures when anyone with the money and time can enter a dojo to learn their choice of discipline of deadly unarmed combat with no NICS check, no state permit,and certainly no martial arts identification card.And you cant confiscate someone’s ability to fight.

    • Was Ringo talking about eliminating guns, or banning guns? I often get accused of that too, and I don’t preach anything like that. I would like strict gun control which wouldn’t impact on your lives much at all as long as you’re law abiding and mentally competent.

      We should all want to disarm the less-than-law-abiding and the mental cases, but you guys object to that. Why? Can you really be that self-centered? Are you that paranoid? Is it immaturity in refusing to be told what to do?

      Honest to god, I don’t understand you guys. You should be the loudest supporters of better gun laws like no private sales without a background check and such.

      • Yeah, let’s have no private sales without background checks…then what? Hey genius, what’s the difference from banning guns and eliminating guns? There is none.

        As far as “We should all want to disarm the less-than-law abiding”…we have laws for that. Felons can’t own guns. Damn, how dumb are you?

        As yes, we don’t like to “be told what to do”- that’s called freedom and individual liberty…we fought a whole war over it against the British.

        • You’re a real character, my friend. I love that reference to the Revolutionary War.

          We need stricter laws and controls. Or, in the name of freedom, do you want people who are obviously unfit to continue to own guns?

    • Illegal aliens can learn to fly jet airliners in many flight schools without attracting much attention and use the skill to fly hijacked “assault jets” into large buildings and kill thousands…

  8. “Violence doesn’t come from movies or video games or music. Violence comes from people. It’s about time people woke up from their 1960s haze and started being honest about violence again. People are violent, and that’s OK. You can’t legislate it away or talk your way around it. Based on the available evidence, there’s no reason to believe that world peace will ever be achieved, or that violence can ever be ‘stopped.'”

    — Jack Donovan

  9. “Because if there’s one lesson we can draw from the UK, it’s that more gun control laws work.”
    That argument can go any direction you want, though.
    1. U.S.: Lotsa guns, lotsa crime
    2. U.K.: Not a lotta guns, lotsa crime
    3. Switzerland: Lotsa guns, not a lotta crime
    4. Japan: Not a lotta guns, not a lotta crime

    The only rational conclusion would seem to be that the number of privately-owned firearms has very little, if any, effect on the crime rate.

    • Moonshine7102, you sound like a trouble maker.

      I once saw a map of Kansas counties with percentage of population having a CCHL. Rural counties, relatively low crime, low CCHL rates. City area, lotsa crime, lotsa CCHLs.

      But then there is the cultural difference. In rural areas many don’t feel a need to bother with more than a gun under the seat of our pickemup trucks.

      • “Moonshine7102, you sound like a trouble maker.”
        I am, at times. This is not one of them.

        While it is true that places like Arlington, VA have lower crime rates than places like D.C., and that over the last 10 years gun ownership has gone up while crime rates went down, correlation does not prove causation.

        At the international level there are cultural differences, too. Japan is most certainly not like the U.S. I do believe, however, that if we instituted a system similar to the one used by the Swiss (compulsory service in the military, soldiers are required to keep their weapons after discharge) we would be a lot better off.

        • Japan has far more crime than the Japanese authorities admit. It’s actual crime rate is comparable to other industrialized nations.

        • Having lived there for four years in the early ’00s, I can say, “Not based on my experience.” Yours may vary.

        • “Moonshine7102, you sound like a trouble maker.”
          I am, at times. This is not one of them.”

          Sir, that was meant as a complement. You brought up a very important fact which compels us to examine commonly accepted assumptions.

    • “The only rational conclusion would seem to be that the number of privately-owned firearms has very little, if any, effect on the crime rate.”

      I think John Lott might have something to say about that. But I bet he’s wrong because afterall, you did a looooottt of research with your 4 points.

  10. Remind me again why so much attention is paid to the opinions of the Beatles drummer? Does fame and talent anoint you with wisdom beyond your fellow man? How about just stealing the idea and claiming you came up with it on your iPad my fellow musicians I never thought he was that good of a drummer. He should buy a razor with all the money he has. George Harrison was assaulted by a knife wielding assailant in his home, but he was prepared to defend himself forthright, read the story to see how I’ll stick to the 9 mm.

    • Remind me again why so much attention is paid to the opinions of the Beatles drummer?

      For the same reason that so many people watch “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” They find celebrity fascinating. Today, it’s performers that attract attention. In the 30’s, it was gangsters.

  11. We are all forgetting the really important question here, which must be addressed by the TTAG brain trust: Which revolver is that?

      • Don’t think so, Dan – it appears to have an extractor rod under the barrel, and the grip shape/hammer look wrong. I am an S&W top-break collector, and it doesn’t look like any of them, although it almost looks like a top-break hinge in the lower front of the frame. Is it maybe one of the more obscure Colt DAs from the early 1900s?

  12. It’s true that a fair number of people are killed by criminals wielding guns, but how many people have been killed by dictators such as Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Pol Pot because they didn’t have guns? Shall we say a round number of 100,000,000?

    Does Ringo Starr have any beef at all with Mark D. Chapman? No, a good liberal isn’t so judgmental. Easier to blame an inanimate object. He did go on to defend the British rioters in the story. That was OK because they didn’t have guns.


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