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“We as the Democratic party will continue to fight.” – Now-Former Colorado State Senate President John Morse in Colorado state senator Angela Giron becomes 2nd lawmaker to lose recall over gun laws support  [at]

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  1. “We as the Democratic party will continue to dig ourselves into a hole and then be shocked to find ourselves at the bottom of it”.

    fixed it

    • There is nothing more dangerous than a person with nothing else to do with their time but annoy someone else. To quote Dale Gribble, “I am your worst nightmare! I have a three-line phone and plenty of time to kill!”

      • Exactly. These two will be sticking around. We’ve turned them into martyrs, Look for them at a gun control rally, or cable news show near you in the near future. They will be used to drum up support for gun control rallies in the 2014 cycle. “Come see the Colorado state senators the NRA bullied out of office endorse (Insert local political candidate here)”

        • Can we start a pool (quickly, time is already running out) on how long it takes one or both of these fools to turn up on Piers Morgan?

  2. Continue to fight, apparently, for those things that their constituents have just fairly firmly expressed a desire not to have. Well played! You’ve sure proved your detractors wrong in saying you aren’t listening to the people you ostensibly work for.

  3. That quote of his speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

    This asshat didn’t care one bit about his constituents!

    It was all about “the party”.

    What a tool!

    • There are very, very few who care about the people. Both sides of the isle these days believe in party first and everything else second. I laugh when a democrat tells me they do not believe in religion, because they treat their politics as a religion and eschew listening to what the people want. To the DNC, politics is their religion.

      While most politician are neither for or against the people they elect, they sure as hell are for whatever is best for them and their religion which the party dogma.

    • It always amuses me how Democrats, members of the Democrat (NOT Democratic) party love to piss and moan and cry in their beer when in a democratic election they are thrown out on their assess.

  4. This is the problem, they will continue to fight no matter what, and so must we. This was only one battle not the war. We have to support the people of Connecticut, New YORK and California ( among others ).

    • Well, yes, but that was a Moby Dick reference before it was a Star Trek reference. I think it works better in the original context, since the alternative would be likening Morse either to genetically engineered super-soldiers or to Ricardo Montalban. And they don’t deserve that.

      • Honestly dude while it originated from Moby Dick, given this site, I would put my money on it being a reference to Khan. Just sayin.

    • I thought it was a reference to Captain Ahab, who said “From hell’s heart I stab at thee, for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee.”

      In the gun debate, it’s certainly not Senator Morse who demonstrates that kind of obsessive fanaticism, it’s some of the guys on your side.

  5. Bang! You’re gone! Oops! I guess ‘bang’ is politically incorrect because it might scare you. How ’bout . . . bam! Oh, sorry, wrong again. Boom! No? Okay, then. I’ll just say goodbye & have a nice non-elected-official life.

    “[We] . . .will continue to fight” . . . to disarm you so you won’t be able to defend yourself. OK, but it won’t be from elected office.

  6. Many here on TTAG do not believe in voting.

    I would like to point out, by not voting, these are the kinda asshats that get elected.
    And by voting, this is how we can send them packing.

    EVERYONE should be voting in a meaningful way and getting involved in politics if they wish to keep not only their gun rights, but other rights too!

    • Not only that, but regardless of your deepest and most honestly felt political alignment, please vote for someone who has an actual chance of being elected and doing something worthwhile. Casting a vote for a minority party candidate with no chance of being elected counts not only as a wasted vote, but one in favor of the party you intended to oppose.

      I know, sometimes you have to hold your nose when you pull the lever (punch the chad, poke the screen), but that’s a whole lot better than complaining when the gun grabber gets elected because just enough people voted Libertarian that might have voted for the pro-gun candidate who otherwise had an actual chance to win.

      Why go to all the trouble of voting at all if you are only making a political statement few people care about and it results in the wrong guy getting the job? Complete waste of time and effort and may result in a whole lot of wasted time and money from other people who have to organize recall elections such as this.

  7. Oh, you’ll fight, will you? You won’t do it with the weapon that was your lofty political position again, as the people of your district have enacted their own form of arms control for this particular fight. How does it feel to be disarmed, Jack?

    • As leader of the Colorado senate did this guy have a security detail? If he did he doesn’t have it any more. You think he’ll go and apply for a CCW now?

  8. …and will continue to lose support among those of us that tend to lean left on social issues but believe in the right of self-defense.

  9. If you haven’t seen the video of this ass-hats defeat speech, you should.
    He’s ripping-off young Bruce Waynes’ Batman Begins lesson of why we fall
    down, which of course, is so we can learn how to pick ourselves up. Ya!
    It’s pathetic. Denial is not a river in Egypt. This loser’s attitude seems to be ,
    “How dare these little insignificant people recall someone like ME!” Ya!

  10. How about, if a recall is successful, we make the ousted person foot the bill? Seems only right, since it’s their own damn fault. Nice lesson in actions = consequences.


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