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“All the research studies show that very limited, unenforced amnesties like this one produce no measurable decrease in violent crime. You can’t prove they reduce death or injury. But gun amnesties are popular right around the world. They are the politician’s favourite feel-good gesture and they generate really useful media images of guns being destroyed.” – Professor Philip Alpers in National firearms amnesty not enough to reduce gun violence in Australia, expert warns [via]

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  1. Any attempt to prevent crime that involves the destruction of inanimate objects – however collected – is simply a matter of attacking the wrong element of the equation. And further, more draconian attempts to eliminate the inanimate objects is simply an example of well recognized insanity. …expecting different results.

    Not that this impresses – or is even recognized by the destroyers, of course. The destruction of whatever, and control of everything possible, is their only real goal.

    • “. . . is even recognized by the destroyers . . . ” That’s true. Nevertheless, the uncommitted on the gun-Rights/-Control issue can figure it out. We PotG should exploit such findings as the OP and explain to men of good will: ‘They are lying to you! This gun-amnesty farce is a feel-good effort at security theater. They are trying to convince you that guns are the problem, not their possessors. How about a “cutlery & clubs’ amnesty?’

  2. Amnesties and “Buy Backs” are nothing but feel good exercises that someone in whatever ‘position of authority’ can point to and say ‘I did something’ even if that “something” did absolutely nothing.

    • You’re totally right. I can’t tell you how many friendly debates I had with my left-leaning acquaintances wherein I obliterated their arguments for this policy or that, only to have them fall back on, “Well, even if it won’t work I’d rather do something than nothing.”

      For people on that side of the aisle, voting and legislating are essentially secular prayers.

  3. All the recent amnesty in New South Wales did was collect rusty rubbish no one would want to use. Probably grandpa’s .22 found behind the cupboard. Even the police admitted there were no Glocks, SMGs, assault rifles, or other modern guns handed in.

    PS Fix the name and email fields. And the mobile version as well.


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