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Matt Barber (courtesy

“I love guns. Grew up with ‘em. As a former police officer with 12 years in the U.S. military, I know how to use them, too – use them well. I plan to buy more – a bunch more. In fact, who’s to say I don’t already have a veritable arsenal? Point is, it ain’t Big Brother Barack’s nor any other candy-keistered-liberal-cream-puff’s bloody business whether I do or not. See, the left’s totalitarian brand of “gun control” has nothing to do with controlling guns – or bad guys. Rather, it has everything to do with controlling – disarming – the law-abiding masses. It’s not about protecting the innocents. It’s about rendering the innocents defenseless.” – Matt Barber, Civil War’s A-Brewin’  [via]

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    • Listeners and readers do not get awakened by calm, mono toned voices. They are so hypnotized by the bright lights and serene voices on TV that you now have to shock them to get their attention. Disapprove all you want, but being calm in light of a hostile takeover is not going to get your message across. Now Alex Jones, on the other hand, IS too extreme to be taken seriously. There is a balance, and this guy is pretty spot on.

    • “You can check in any library in America and you will NOT find a section titled ‘Great Moderates in History.'” – Rush Limbaugh

  1. Its hard for me to figure out what this guys angle is. He says mostly the right words, they seem a bit hollow though.

    • It’s “Coulteresque” righteous indignation. Good old 90’s style culture warrior.

  2. “I love guns.”

    I’m intrigued by the depth of your message and wish to subscriber to your newsletter for updates.

  3. I like what this guy says. A strong, articulate voice and content that is exactly correct. Yeah, “in other news the sky is blue” is a valid comment to us, the Choir, but it never ceases to amaze me how many people utterly fail to get that civilian disarmament is about denying the fundamental Right to protect one’s Life and the Lives of other innocents in the most effective way currently available. It is a Right and, therefore, a choice that should always and forever be available to every person.

  4. Except for the name-calling (both sides of the debate can do much better, IMNSHO) I like what he wrote.

    And at night, the sky is a dark navy blue with billions of tiny white lights that make it look real pretty. Unless that gray junk obscures it. 😀

  5. It’s not about protecting the innocents. It’s about rendering the innocents defenseless.” Matt Barber, Civil War’

    minimum words relaying truth

  6. “Civil wars a brewin?”
    If any of you lurk in other gun forums: they found a thread recently from a predominantly liberal message board calling for a liberal and conservative civil war in the US(WTF?). For some reason the liberals think the majority of MIL/LEO’s will come to their aid…

    • Most rank and file LEO’s and US Military aint taking a bullet for Chairman Obama if the order is turn on the US people. Just sayin . . . .

      • I think we’d be surprised to find out how much the military brass is a-changin’. I think the military leadership is a LOT bluer now than a decade ago. Don’t know much about law enforcement, but when so few of them shoot their guns outside of qualifications, I don’t know how much the group as a whole supports civilian gun rights.

        • That depends almost completely on location and affiliation. City police and federal enforcement are more likely to go along, where sheriff departments (being elected officials) will likely side with the people. The military is a roll of the dice depending on the current training and brass.

        • Actually the Officer Corps has always been pretty far to the left. They are mainly big proponents of “the system” and forcing people to submit to same.

        • I think you are putting too much stock in military brass and their orders. You can follow orders without following orders, trust me, I’ve done it…


          At my first command, our CO (Commanding Officer) was the biggest Dbag I ever met. When he was feeling extra Dbagish, he would instruct the NCO’s (higher enlisted ranks) to preform barracks an locker inspections looking tobacco, booze, porn, etc, any “contraband” he didn’t approve of or want around.

          Dude, nobody found nothing.

          You would open up your locker up for the “inspector” and there would be a roll of chew and ten girly mags front and center. And, the NCO would say, “Well, looks good to me, close it up.”

          You know why? Because he had a roll of chew and ten girly mags in his locker too.

          I’m not saying it will be like that for everything, or everywhere, but I’ve seen the will of the people override “orders” before.

        • I seem to remember a former Commander of our forces in Afghanistan (who lost his job because he didn’t know how to keep his lip zipped when being interviewed by the press) who came out in favor of the most recently proposed AR ban because he’d seen what those rifles could do to people, and there wasn’t any good reason for us citizens to have access to powerful military arms. To me, he sounded just like every other administrative drone that thinks banning guns is good for people. And if he was our top ranked theater commander, what does that say about the rest of those guys?

        • “I believe the technical term for this is “NCO nullification.”

          Boo yah! This guys knows what I’m talking about.

    • In certain places and within certain levels of gov’t I think they would be right.

      But, I believe we would hold the majority of the “boots on the ground” types.

    • For some reason the liberals think the majority of MIL/LEO’s will come to their aid

      They’d have to. It’d be difficult to have a civil war when one side is barely willing to give a stern lecture to their opponent, let alone pick up a weapon.

      • Hey now, don’t under estimate the power of a vicious FB post, clever meme, or pretentiously written article…

        That’ll learn those gun lovers!

  7. Rage against the machine and the liberals all you want. None of that moves us to where we want to go. Sermons are great, they help motivate, except when you are speaking to the choir they do little. How are we bring more people to our side?

    Unless gun owners are prepared to hit the primaries (even to the point of registering for the other party to down vote the anti-gun types) and also work the phone banks and other political BS that will be necessary, it means nothing. Words are great, but real action is better.

    Those words are just a great as the words from coach before a football game, but without a plan, gun owners and football teams both loose.

    • In a realistic scenario, we won’t need to bring more to our side. Those depending on government to protect and provide will either starve to death, tear each other to pieces, or die trying to take from those that prepared for times like that. Do not be mistaken, if this “cold civil war” goes hot, the trucks stop rolling, the lights go out, and it will be the darkest period in this nation’s history. If you are the praying type, pray hard and long for cooler heads to prevail, for if they do not, I don’t want to imagine the horror to come.

    • If I am not mistaken, most primaries are for registered dems and pubs only, just for the reason you described. Here in SC, they are considering accepting only registered party members for primary voting. The only problem I see is disenfranchising the indys, libertarians, and other voting blocks that will make a difference in a quality candidate being chosen.

      • There is no official entry test for either of the major parties. Neither can those parties deny you the right to list yourself as a member of their organization.

        Therefore, there is no reason a Libertarian, Green Weenie, Tea Party or communist cannot run under the political label they most closely associate with and compete on equal footing in the primary. If they are any good they will win and run on the party ticket. If not, at least they will not be diluting the vote during the actual election by siphoning votes from the Democrat or Republican candidate that actually has a chance of winning.

        No system of government is perfect. At least this system requires factions to form public alliances BEFORE the dirtbags get elected instead of making back-room deals once the are in Congress.

  8. I think most anti ideology is misguided, not designed to disarm but simply an ignorant attempt at halting violence in an over-simplified way. I have no doubt some are hoping for a disarmed populace, but most simply think if people do harm with guns, remove guns to solve the problem. Well, it is a little more complicated than that. Bad guys aren’t afraid of jail, just research recidivism rates. They are not afraid of judgement, just listen to the mantras they recite about outlaw or thug culture. They are afraid of hard targets. Nobody wants to get lit up, popped, capped, ventilated, or any other synonymous euphamism for shot. Not even Billy Badass. I don’t just have a gun, I have options those without a gun don’t have. Imagine only a portion of the population was allowed to have a socket set. Sure, a wrench will work, or a pair of pliers may do, but a socket set just works best in some circumstances. We can all have lights, locks, and alarms, but then what? We can all have situational awareness, avoid high-crime areas, and criminal elements, but sometimes your best efforts mean nothing when Billy Badass is desperate enough. Threaten my family, friends, or me, and I think I could do it. I hope I can do it. I don’t want to do it, but I will.

    • You are correct in your thinking for the sheep that follow the disarmament meme, but for those in power pushing the agenda, they know exactly what they are doing.

      • Anti-gun people usually aren’t the brightest. I remember my brother saying while we were watching how Purdey shotguns are made “I wish all guns were that expensive” when I asked why he replied “that way people couldn’t afford to kill eachother”.

        I explained a bit to him, like the fact that you don’t need a gun (“guns for show, knives for a pro”) and if you need one you can make a zip gun.

        Didn’t seem to effect him at all.

    • I think most anti-anti-gun rhetoric is misguided. Sure calling the anti-gunners stupid and mocking their ignorance gets the crowd in the pews fired up, but you don’t get somebody to change their mind about an issue by telling them how stupid they are.

      You find common ground and show them how they actually agree with you once they look at things the right way. That means taking them to shoot and showing them guns aren’t evil. But guess what, nobody wants to go shoot with the guy that just told them thy are morons and their vote for “Obummer” is whats wrong with this country.

      Use some tact people.

      • I did use tact, I didn’t belittle him or tell him that he is stupid (he isn’t, just naive/misguided).

        And do you really think that I can convince him to shoot with me when he didn’t even let me explain that “civilians” (hate that word) owning guns isn’t end of the world. This is the kind of person who is afraid of hunters with more than 1 or 3 rounds with them.

  9. Never heard of this guy. Perhaps he could step in for Piers? Might lift cnn’s ratings!

  10. It’s refreshing to see someone with an ounce of common sense make the ‘Quote of the Day’.

  11. Is any one else uncomfortable with the expression” gun lover”? I am a gun enthusiast who loves freedom. That puts the passion where it belongs. In today’s society, love frequently has a sexual connotation which can be used to mischaracterize intentions. You know, the whole small penis thing… its language, I know and maybe I’m splitting hairs…

    • I think this is a divide that needs to be explored.

      People criticize cops for not being gun guys or “gun lovers. I don’t think this is a problem, they treat the gun they have to carry as the utilitarian device that it is, it is just another tool on their belt. As long as they don’t want to deny other people the use of the same tools, why should they have to love the tool?

      Think about how it would sound if you criticized cops for not being handcuff lovers? It would get creepy in a hurry. Or carpenters for not loving their hammers enough.

      Some people love guns, some people do have gun fetishes, I imagine some do buy them because they have a small penis. To many people though it is just another tool to be used for the right job, no sexualization or anthropomorphism needed.

    • I am a “tool lover” – always have been. My grandfather always told me, “It is a poor workman who blames his tools for a bad job, but it is a fool who does not know the right tool for the work to be done.

      I’ve always tried, within my budget, to obtain or at least borrow the correct tool for the job at hand. I have five different hammers and at least six handsaws. We won’t even talk about screwdrivers.

      Since a firearm is just a tool I have three pistols and one M1A, because situations, and the job, sometimes require different tools. You can’t hide an S&W 686 under your t-shirt and you can’t shoot a bear at 200 yards with a 12 gauge. (Well, maybe Jerry Miculek could, but not you or me.)

      Love your tools!

    • I am a Gun Lover, damned right. And I hope that makes gunhaters just as uncomfortable as all hell.

    • No, gun lover doesn’t bother me. What made me a bit uncomfortable was to think of myself as a person “of the gun”. This was a question Robert asked awhile back. The phrase was meant well, I just prefer to be separate from my gun(untill the BG attacks). As to the sexual connotation? My 45 would need to be a couple of mm bigger before(as Mick Jagger) said, I could get any satisfaction.

  12. Yo, 2Hotel9, never see you on anymore. What up wit dat? Sincerely, 308T

    • I make the occasional pass through there, just got tired of the same old same. Can only kick tranni and its crowd so many times before it gets old. That and disqus is a pain.

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