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Heather Digby Parton (courtesy

“The [NRA’s] descriptive language doesn’t leave much doubt about whom they’re so afraid of, does it? Let’s just say that very few of those killers are likely to be big Toby Keith fans. Indeed, the picture that paints is of armed civilians in communities all over the country shooting and killing a whole bunch of people they think the police are failing to protect us from. It’s possible they truly believe that this will result in fewer Michael Browns being shot down by police, although it’s hard to see how that would be true. But one thing we can be absolutely sure of is that there will be a lot more Trayvon Martins.” – Heather Digby Parton, Fox News’ latest phony obsession: Ferguson, gun control and Second Amendment hypocrisy [via]

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    • Get your facts straight. “initially under the ownership of Microsoft as part of MSN. On 21 December 2004 it was purchased by The Washington Post Company. Since 4 June 2008 Slate has been managed by The Slate Group, an online publishing entity created by Graham Holdings Company to develop and manage web-only magazines.”

      Slate actually was a good publication at one time until they turned hard communist left.

      Now, all of Slate’s articles are like this one. Without thought or facts and simply propaganda for the left and nothing more. This author and many others on Slate simply spout a stream of emotion. There is no substance to their rants. I read stuff from the left and the right but Slate I completely discount and do not even consider legitimate at all.

      • Why are you writing about Slate? The article was posted in, and Mediocrates mentioned, Salon.

        (Unless you were attempting to point out that Mediocrates was, perhaps, confusing Salon with Slate? In that case, a simple “Salon isn’t/wasn’t owned by Microsoft – that was Slate” would have sufficed.)

        • No, because I royally screwed up! It is what happens when I try to post to a forum on my train ride on a small phone. It is Salon, and it is not owned by Microsoft and neither is Slate. My fault, I was stupid but I cannot promise it will not happen again.

    • “a lot more Travon Martins.”

      A lot more justifiable homicides of folks who pose a serious threat of death or bodily harm to others? You say that like it’s a bad thing.

    • Yea the NRA’s token black guy! NRA isn’t racist because they have one black guy! Where is the NRA protecting minority firearm rights in urban areas? A lot of gun control laws were passed to oppress minorities. Why isn’t the NRA pointing this out?

      • Don’t forget Detroit’s police chief advocating for armed citizens to protect themselves. Last I checked, he and many of his citizens, especially the ones successfully defending their Derltroit homes from invaders, didn’t meet the OFWG criteria.

      • Actually, the NRA does point this out. I didn’t even know that filthy facet of gun control’s history until just a few years ago. Where’d I learn it first? From reading NRA magazines.

        The fact is that the NRA is pretty much damned if they do, dambed if they don’t. They run Eddie the Eagle where they can, but inner city principals run them off, claiming they’re secretly recruiting and not just educating about safety. They have minority editorialists and board members, but people claim they’re just tokens.

        Prominent blacks like Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. of Milwaukee County, Wis. spoke at the convention. People say the NRA is just pandering.

        Bottom line is that the NRA fights in Congress and the courts for everyone’s firearms freedoms. The racists are those blacks who’d rather call others racist, rather than help in the struggle.

        • This. The fight for gun rights benefits all gun owners, irrespective of race. McDonald (as in McDonald v, Chicago) was black, you know, and it was a decision that for the first time in decades allowed inner city blacks to legally own firearms for self-defense. Afterwards, the NRA was central in the fight to bring concealed carry to Illinois. The NRA was directly involved in the recent Peruta v. Gore case (CalGuns and SAF were involved in the companion Richards v. Prieto case), that brings–assuming it survives review–achievable concealed carry to all Californians qualified to own firearms. Is the majority of NRA comprised of OFWGs? Yup. Does the NRA wish to do something about that? Yup. But it has an image of being populated by right wing Republicans and Libertarians, while as a general proposition, the majority of blacks are Democrats, and that political divide may have much to do with the racial disparity.

          By the way, I am not a member, just another OFWG.

      • You do realize that the NRA was created for the purpose of training freed slaves in the use of arms, to provide protection from the deprivations of Democrats, don’t you? That makes it America’s 1st Civil Rights Org.

        • Actually the NRA was created because Northern city-bred Yankees couldn’t shoot for toffee during your Civil War. But I certainly hope the affiliated rifle clubs helped against those Jim Crow laws.

      • Because unlike the media and the left, the NRA doesn’t think in terms of race. Which is a good thing. Mostly.

    • She’s also obviously never read any of the many armed citizens stories in which the attacker was, let’s say, of European descent…

    • Facts don’t matter. Al Sharpton wrote the rules on playing the race card. Once played you can lie, slander. libel, commit perjury and recant the laws of physics with your opponent having no recourse being limited to truth and logic. Courts avoid cases where the race card has been played but if forced to judge the person playing the race card is victorious and wins additional monetary considerations. A skillful player can build a lucrative career using only the race card.

      • White supremacists such as the T-baggers adored their spokesmen like Limbaugh, Buchanon, O’Reilly, and Hannity’s earning powers. At least before Limbaugh started to drag them all down.

        • It takes a special kind of stupid to make the jump from, “hey government, stop taxing and spending so much,” to, “white power!”

          Also, why is it that every prog has to project their own closeted homophobia by using the sexual slur “teabagger” when referring to TEA (Taxed Enough Already) folks?

        • Considering that ‘white people’ in the US generally don’t riot, maim, kill, and burn down their own communities to violently protest (with total disconnection from reality) a very-possibly-justifiable police homicide, an isolated aberration in a veritable Tsunami of Black-on-Black murders committed in all of the 3rd-World-class Democratic-run cities across America, I can see the vague possibility that, in some contexts, ‘white supremacy’ may have some validity.

          Come back and see us when you join the 21st Century and stop fouling your own nests, Ferguson.

          By the way, Jesus wasn’t a flaming idiot. You should select a different name, like ‘Mortimer’ or ‘Joe Biden.’

  1. Heather, the “racism’ you attempt to project on the NRA is the basis of all “gun control”.

  2. We were racist for taking a cops word over a criminals. Now we are racist for not defending the looters from the police. I don’t get it, does she actually want us to JOIN in with the looters? Should the NRA provide safety courses for gangbangers?

    • Don’t you know looting is simply an economic adjustment in action? It’s pure socialism. I’m sure those businesses didn’t need all that inventory anyway. /sarc

    • Whereas Lady Justice is blind, people like Ms. Parton can’t help but see the color of a person’s skin. It’s sad.

    • Yes, this is exactly what some of them want. A group of ex-acquaintances who are vocally (but not logically) anti-gun made a twitter barrage at me asking where the NRA was in Ferguson, and why weren’t “they” (The NRA, me personally, I’m not sure) fighting to arm the looters against the police. Maybe send a militia. And if we didn’t, “we” are racist hypocrites.

      I don’t get it, but that’s because I has brain.

    • Yeah, we can’t have the son of a murdered cop as prosecutor, who do we look for instead? The son of a cop killer?

  3. But liberals say I can’t be racist (I’m Mexican). how about mrs watts future hubby dirk diggler? But seriously the real tragedy is they can’t even see that they are the ones judging based on skin color

    • They will just call you a “White Hispanic” if you disagree with them or fail to tow the party line

      • Does anyone sell “White Hispanic” t shirts? I am half Mexican, one quarter Ukrainian, and a medley of German, Polish, and Spanish, so I figure I might as well get out in front of the curve.

        • I get so confused with these things, I don’t know how I should fill out section 10 of the 4473’s anymore. There aren’t enough options.

        • Sheesh man, how many people were having sex the night you were conceived? 😉 Looks to me like you’d be labeled a gun-toting racist, just like the rest of us. So…welcome to the club?

      • Funny but true story; I stopped invoking my hispanic ethnicity in debates with liberals years ago, when I realized it never helped. Now I immediately present myself as an OFWG at the onset of any discussion, just so I can be sure where I stand!

      • Another “white Hispanic gun nut” here…

        We should start a club, call ourselves, “the creamy moca pistolas.”

      • I just stick with “all American Mutt.” It’s even worse for my kids. They are a mixture of English, Irish, Scottish, German, Czech and Pennsylvania Dutch. And my father’s ancestors have been here for so long, there may be a few more I don’t know about.

        • Well, I’ll be! An actual other Pennsylvania Dutch person! Cheers!

          When I was growing up in Northern Minnesnowta, my Dad said we were Jackpine Savages. I speculate that the “Dutch” part of the term “Pennsylvania Dutch” came from the Swedes’ and Norska’s characteristic pronounciation of “Deutsch.” 😉

      • Is there such a thing as an “Uncle Miguel” or something?

        Myself, I select “Native American” every time its available, have for a couple decades now. See, I was born in SC. How much more native can you get?

  4. Wow, more ad hominem attacks on gun owners from the lefties at, who’d figured? And we’re supposed to coexist with closed minded blind hatred such as Heather? Can’t be done, Heather and Salon aren’t interested in coexisting with us.

    • American by birth, Mexican by origin BUT my birth certificate states “White”. Think I’ll just stick to being an American and forgo all the other crap labels.

      • Whenever I hear someone call himself “African-American,” I want to ask, “Oh, and which country on Africa were you born in?”

        If immigrants can hyphenate, like “Mexican-American,” and I was born in America, can I call myself “American-American?”

        BTW, I’m not white, I’m beige.

    • And you have already made your mind up that you won’t coexist with her. So the problem is at least 50/50 in your camp.

      • We do coexist with her. No one here is plotting to cease her existence in parallel with our own. If she were willing to be honest about gun control we’d be willing to have an honest and civilized discussion with her too. But you see the tactics she uses in her article: “We know the NRA is racist, because that’s the easiest way for me to get people to not consider any actual facts on this topic!”

        You smell of desperation, btw.

      • Coexist with her? She’s the one aggressively attempting to undermine my civil rights. She wants to intrude into my bussiness. When is that coexisting?

  5. I’m an NRA, GOA, NJ2A, and JPFO member. I’m, if you want to bring race into this, Hispanic and have had a very similar experience to motorcycling there are the Harley groups, cafe groups, road bikes and touring groups. I have always found that the majority of the people I ran into at the meetings, ranges and on the road have been welcoming and supportive and inclusive. These fellow gunners, motor heads, and bikers have never to my knowledge ever in the many conversations and discussions brought my race into any of them. I think she needs to stop drinking the ANTI Kool-aid.

  6. It’s because gun owners haven’t used their “guns” enough that THIS stuff hasn’t bred-out yet. If that’s racist, it’s only because you’ve changed the definition.

  7. The threats outlined by the NRA are in no way racially-based, though.

    “We know in the world that surrounds us there are terrorists and there are home invaders, drug cartels, carjackers, knockout gamers, and rapers, and haters, and campus killers, airport killers, shopping mall killers and killers who scheme to destroy our country with massive storms of violence against our power grids or vicious waves of chemicals or disease that could collapse our society that sustains us all.”

    That covers all races, religions, creeds, genders, and musical preferences. How she could pull out the race card on that is inconceivable, although she probably just had a sheet of paper tossed on her desk by a boss and was told to try to make it racist to tie in with the Brown case. Obviously that piece was written during a single lunch break while eating.

    And we’re the racist ones because they bring up race at every (often unrelated) opportunity.

    • I actually hate rap for the most part, but I am not so sure that just because people rap ( such as Blondie in Rapture) that they are automatically thugs and killers.

      • Yeah, I’m having a hard time even conceiving of Geddy Lee (Roll the Bones) in the role of “thug”.

      • Check out Chap-hop, such as Professor Elemental or Mr. B, the Gentleman Rhymer; or nerdcore, like M.C. Frontalot.

        I’m not making any of this up.

    • Actually, the NRA should add statist Communists, Nazis, Religious Zealots, Socialists, Fascists, out of control cops, and a few other respected government institutions as crazed killers.

      • They already have plenty of Klanners, T-baggers, super patriots and militia wannabes. All dangerous to the nation and of the lowest order.

        • Hey, Jesus… You keep referring to a sexual practice involving male genitalia… Why are you so fixated on that? Some kind of dog envy?

        • I’m curious as to why you’re down on Tea Party folks. Why do you think people with the political stance of “we are taxed too much” are dangerous? And why do you associate the Tea Party with overt racism when they include whites, blacks, and pretty much every race in both the attendees and speakers at Tea Party rallies?

          In fact, why do you bandy about accusations of racism with nothing more than further accusations to back them up? Can you make a single coherent, logical argument as to why we, the Tea Party, or the NRA are racist? Have you never stopped to think “hey, maybe what I believe is wrong. What are the logical reasons to not believe this, and what are the logical reasons to continue believing it?”

          Surely you can come up with better than empty accusations.

    • The thugs that bother me the most are the ones that do their thuggery under color of govenment authority, which is really the root cause of all but normal petty crime.

      Call off Nixon’s insane unconstitutional racist War on (Some) Drugs, and the gang problem will evaporate overnight. When’s the last time Seagram’s and Gilbey’s had a turf war?

    • Interesting rabbit hole run:

      Heather Digby Parton, also known as “Digby,” is a contributing writer to Salon. She was the winner of the 2014 Hillman Prize for Opinion and Analysis Journalism.
      – Salon

      Hillman Prizes
      Since 1950, the Sidney Hillman Foundation has honored journalists who pursue investigative reporting and deep storytelling in service of the common good. Sidney Hillman was the founding president of the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union of America, a predecessor union of Workers United, SEIU. Sidney Hillman, an architect of the New Deal, fought to build a vibrant union movement extending beyond the shop floor to all aspects of workers’ lives.
      – The Sidney Hillman Foundation

      So a deeply Democrat (now ultra liberal or even Socialist) union-backed “foundation” awarded her a prize last year. I’ll bet it wasn’t for unbiased reporting. And she doesn’t look like her background is “of color” either. Unless Liberal is a color.

  8. She seems obsessed with the low murder rate among Toby Keith fans and she thinks that because we’re not afraid of Toby Keith fans we must be racist. Maybe if more white people were committing murder we could finally end racism in America.

    • No kidding. Fbi crime stats don’t lie. It’s not racist if you have an independent study that shows “hey maybe you should watch out for this or that demographic because yes they are statistically more likely to commit x crime”
      that just logic plain and simple. If the logic shows that native Americans steal more space ships than any other demographic I’m going to be weary when i park x-wing in pre colonial north America.

      • Well, statistically speaking, when white people want to rob you they usually do it from Washington.

        • Talk about torturing statistics to support an ad hominem…

          FBI statistics are pretty clear: the vast majority of homicide involves both a victim and an assailant of the same color. Black people are murdered by black people. White people are murdered by white people. Et cetera. Most homicide involves inner-city strife (gangs, drugs, etc.) independent of skin color. There’s no new ground being broken here.

          But beyond that, he comes to some really strange conclusions (obviously intended to support his ad hominem). Compare two statements:

          When one looks at the interracial homicide data, one notices that in 2010, there were 704 homicides involving black perps and white victims and 413 homicides involving white perps and black victims.

          And later:

          Well, to begin, 704 whites killed by blacks, as a percentage of the white population in 2010 (196.8 million) was a whopping 3.6 ten-thousandths of one percent (0.00036) of all whites who were killed by a black person that year. This comes out to about 1 white person out of every 277,000 who were killed by a black person in 2010. Quite the risk, that. Clearly sufficient to justify a generalized fear of being interracially murdered by a black person…

          Oh, except, here’s the problem: any given black person is far more likely to be interracially murdered by a white person than that. 413 blacks killed by whites, as a percentage of the black population in 2010 (42 million) was 1 one-thousandths of a percent (0.001) of all blacks who were killed by a white person that year. This equates to about 1 black person out of every 100,000 who were killed by a white person in 2010.

          In other words, although interracial homicides are incredibly rare in either direction, any given black person in the United States is about 2.8 times more likely to be killed by a white person than any given white person is to be murdered by a black person.

          And there you have the tortured statistics.

          704 whites killed by blacks
          413 blacks killed by whites

          197MM white population
          42MM black population

          He says:

          704 / 197MM = 0.00036
          413 / 42MM = 0.001

          Ergo: 0.001 / 0.00036 = black person 2.8 times more likely to be killed by white person than vice versa

          But the correct way to look at that is that a population of 197MM white people killed 413 black people, while a white population of 42MM people killed 704 white people. That is:

          704 / 42MM = 1.7 x 10-5
          413 / 197MM = 2.1 x 10-6

          Ergo: the black population is 8 times more likely to kill a white person than vice versa.

          That a black person is more likely to be killed by a white person is primarily a function of the disparity in relative population sizes.

          But at the end of the day, for anyone who is truly interested in reducing the rate of homicide of innocent victims, inter-racial homicide of any stripe is merely a drop in the bucket.

        • “That a black person is more likely to be killed by a white person is primarily a function of the disparity in relative population sizes.”

          And, for those playing at home, the formal name for this is “Base Rate Fallacy.”

          It is committed a LOT in lay conversations using “statistics” in social contexts.

        • Base rate fallacy. Whoever wrote that would get an F in statistics.

          If you look at the statics blacks per capita kill more whites than visa versa. You have to count the per capita distribution

          Also police kill more whites per violent crime of base rate than they kill blacks.

          Black males are 6.1% of the population and commit over 54% of US murder.
          That 6.1% of the population that is Black and male also kill over 1/3 of whites who are murdered

        • Let’s get to the root causes, here. Clearly, as everyone knows, blacks always deal drugs, so obviously they are holding good sh1t and big bucks, and so are targeted by those seeking equitable income redistribution. It’s all about fairness!

          Did I miss any stereotypes or catch phrases? Was that illogical enough to get published by this rag?

      • ^^^^^^

        Those graphics of W-on-B violence, vs B-on-W or B-on-B violence need to be pasted to her glasses.

  9. “…Indeed, the picture that paints is of armed civilians in communities all over the country shooting and killing a whole bunch of people”

    Isn’t she just a wonderful little ray of sunshine wanting a bunch of people to get shot.

  10. I’m not a racist, I’m a realist. I judge a man by his actions. I believe its racist to give “extra points” to anyone based upon their skin color. Anyone who wants a level playing field gets it. That means absolutely zero special regard for race, gender, or sexual orientation.

    • “I’m not a racist, I’m a realist. I judge a man by his actions.”

      It’s very simple to you and me but apparently quite difficult for the crime stat floggers.

    • I hope you realize that if things worked that way in reality, we would be suffering along right now with a different POTUS and AG?

  11. All Second Amendment limiters and those wanting to restrict gun ownership are All RACISTS. Pure and simple. Inner City residents are fighting for their lives in many cities in America. Without weapons to defend themselves they are easy victims to the street gangs, other criminals, and the drug crazed looking for more cash. The Detroit Police Chief does not administrate suburbia, but the inner city. He has numerous times advised in person and via the media for all his citizens to get and learn to use guns to defend themselves. To restrict their ability to do so is …racism.

    • You can tell Digby that until you’re blue in the face and it still wouldn’t sink in. She has her narrative and she’s sticking to it.

    • The “racist” card is meaningless now days. It’s been so overplayed by the Left that everybody just shrugs when they here it and assume the player of the card is most likely lying.

      • Really? I have seen and heard a lot of anti-Semitic crap for the past few decades, but have rarely seen it called that. Most recently from Barack Obama, btw.

  12. Heather’s logical fallacies, false accusations, and petty schoolyard-level taunting is pretty much all the left has left, at this point. They are increasingly irrelevant, and even ridiculous to the majority of Americans. The fact that Slate has shrunk to speaking largely to itself and the shrinking echo chamber of True Believers, is just another confirmation that most adult Americans, are tired of the supercilious nannyish tone, and the arrogant belief in their own superiority as Those Who Know Whats Best For The Little People.

    • There is a major flaw in your thesis that the left is becoming irrelevant. The fact is that the left has more votes in the urban centers, and ultimately, except for court action, that majority controls the legislative conversation. As you well know, living in California.

  13. The wholly racist roots of gun-control are going to get a little boost and the whole time the anti’s on the left are pushing for more control they’ll be blaming the racist right for it. If there are any actual racists voting for control simply because the negroes are too uppity you think the left will distance themselves from it or embrace it as bi-partisan support for any new controls? My guess is they’ll just ignore it and happily take any votes they can get because bigotry for their cause is good.

  14. Looking at the burned out convenience store, my first thought is “No way someone with a gun could have prevented that”

    • Not sure if that was sarcasm or not, but there were, in fact, other convenience stores that were not looted and/or burned out, because the owners protected their stores, with guns.

  15. What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.

  16. They have this caricature of us as these racially paranoid halwits, but it is they who warn of the impending storm;

    “… all this gun availability and stand your ground BS is going to expand to those like Django that have been oppressed and marginalized for so long that chaos will reign in this country and make the NRA and those not dying from gun violence think twice about this lunacy…”

    “Stand Your Ground is going to be used by people of color more and more and ALL of us in this country are going to see that such a law is just plain stupid and narrow minded.”

    They WANT this thing to happen. And that first one got me thinking; do these halfwits think Django was based on a true story?

    • …Stand Your Ground is going to be used by people of color more and more…

      Indeed, and that’s a good thing! Considering that 90%+ of black homicide victims are killed by black perpetrators, Stand Your Ground being used by more law-abiding black people can defend themselves against the lawless thugs who are killing them.

      As an NRA member, as a conservative – nay, as a human being – that outcome is indeed desirable. Liberals, by and large, only care about the deaths of black people when they can turn those deaths into political gain. They are racists who generally ignore the vast majority of black victims killed by black assailants.

    • The statement makes it obvious that the author is TERRIFIED of black people having guns, she takes the argument right back to its roots, attempting to disarm blacks so they can be kept in servitude or murdered with ease. And I really believe she does not see that in what she said, she is convinced of her own egalitarianism.

  17. I’m not a Toby Keith fan either but I’m not afraid of him. Why is this woman? I’m sure she would feel more comfortable if someone kicked her ass out of a car at 2am in Detroit, because after all, she’s not a racist.

  18. If all the American gun owners were as blood thirsty and racist as the Left claims, given the number of firearms you wouldn’t really have to wonder about it or manufacture tragic scenes by pounding very square stories into very round holes.

  19. Pop quiz, Heather: who was it who organized to arm freed black folks against roving bands of Democrat lynch mobs in the post-war South?

    Just another pathetic attempt to smear the NRA, over issues on which the NRA has remained silent (Ferguson protests, NBPP open carry).

  20. Of course some Second Amendment Advocates could be (secretly) racists. We only have to read some comments here and there to realise there’s people that might not have the best feelings for the blacks, hispanics, gays, women, muslims, liberals, or any other categories of people, you name it.

    But this is not specific to Second Amendment Advocates, this is just a reflect of the current world because people are divided on those matters and therefor they could have some kind of animosity (or lack of sympathy) to the opponents of their ideology. This is clearly sad, but this is true and all current events around the world (from Israel/Palestine, Syria, Irak, Ukraine or even Ferguson, MO) are a good proof.

    But it would be very hypocrites from the Gun Control Advocates to claim they don’t have any racist in their team and followers. As a simpler matter of fact, they clearly show a lot of hate against Gun Owners and Gun Organisations (such NRA).

    And from a more subtile point of view, I’d even say it’s quite funny they don’t even realise they talk about “racism” and try to make it as a “race” problem, when in fact it’s actually a “hate” problem (not specific to race). And by the simple fact to mention it as a “race” problem, that it makes them quite racist. This would be a pretty subtile manipulation from them… but it doesn’t work for anyone that isn’t racist and is a little aware of the current world situation and methods used to destabilise societies.

    We’re talking about defending the Constitution and Bill of Rights. And as far as I remember, there’s absolutely no hate against anyone and any group or community in the Constitution or Bill of Rights.

  21. Yeah because gun control laws are never used to lock away non violent black mothers right?
    …oh wait they are

    And of course the “racist” NRA doesn’t care enough to follow this story right?
    …oh wait they do

  22. I think we need to start throwing the racist charge back at them and accuse them of projecting their own fears. I just googled the author and she lives in a part of California that is over 77% white and has a black population of only 4% of the area. The author is among a certain type of left leaning individual that espouses certain kinds of beliefs but then segregates themselves in a bubble.

  23. That’s right, no member of an approved minority group would ever like Toby Keith. Now that is racist point of view.

  24. “Indeed, the picture that paints is of armed civilians in communities all over the country shooting and killing a whole bunch of people they think the police are failing to protect us from.”

    You mean like criminals intent on harming us where the law says the police have no expectation to protect?

    “Instead, the officers simply watched as the man clubbed Vaughn in the head with the bat and then fled from the scene.”

  25. What if I’m white, an NRA member (and SAF, GOA, MNGORCA…) own firearms, like outlaw country but can’t stand Toby Keith? Am I a racist, or is it just the Red Solo Cup lovers?

  26. No I’m not clicking on Salon. LOTS of black and brown folks buying and shooting LEGALLY south of Chicago. And NW Indiana too. The NRA is one of the largest civil rights organizations in the world. But we all know that. I know invoking race or your spouses race( or kids) doesn’t matter. And this OFWG is not a Toby Keith fan(or any country act). Stereotypes are racist…

  27. Considerations as follows:

    Conscience, Morality and ‘Rights’.
    Conscience, definable in part as, ‘a quality present in most every person with the potential to serve the individual in some circumstances as a restraint upon certain actions, and in other circumstances as a calling to act’.
    Morality, definable in part as, ‘a simple code of individual thought and conduct’.
    Rights, definable in part as, ‘the natural status of each person’.

    The Moral code of individual conduct simply requires that each person avoid intentionally violating the actual ‘Rights’ of another person.

    The basis of an actual criminal act involves intentionally violating another person’s actual ‘Rights’.

    Q’s = “What does any of the aforestated have to do with say… an individual’s designated planetary region of birth? Or say…the individual’s ‘nationality’, ‘ethnicity’, skin, hair and / or eye color?”

  28. OK, so some gun rights advocates might be racist. Then again, most female anti-gun wingnuts are superannuated, post-menopausal twits.

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