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“By highlighting these famous guns from films, we’re not saying these movies influenced anyone to grab a gun and go out and act violently — that’s absurd, but in today’s highly politicized gun culture it’s something that unfortunately needs to be said.” – Zachary Leeman in Five of Cinema’s Most Famous Guns [via]


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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone talk themselves into such an inescapable series of knots in 1 sentence before!

  2. Is the left wanting to censor and ban movies and video games cause they’re creating a new generation of gun lovers?

    This is where the shit gets real for hollywood. They’re about the profit. And the profit comes from guns. If they continue with their hard left crap they’re cutting their own throats.

    • No one wants to live in a world where the only movies are romantic comedies, “feel good” movies and cartoons (sans guns of course.)

    • I *always* do copycat stuff I see in movies. Always.

      I saw a trailer a while back where the luggage portion of a tour bus had multiple, remotely operated miniguns. The doors popped open and out rolled the iron.

      A week later I was driving an identical unit on a twisty European mountain road, hosing down passing cars. It was great fun, and we all had a really good laugh.

      All thanks to watching a movie trailer.

    • Hey, If Hollywood can ignore Hillary’s hypocrisy, they can surely ignore their own.

  3. I am not saying what I am saying, because it is absurd. However, it must be said.
    I am saying that I am not saying what must be said, because it is absurd.
    I am saying what is absurd, because it must be said, but I am not saying it.
    It is absurd, but it must be said that I am not saying what I am saying.

    Nope, changing the form doesn’t make it any more coherent.

  4. What I remember from Die Hard was Willis talking about the bad guys having new plastic guns that would bypass a metal detector. Glock, anyone?

    No. 1 on the list, a .44 Magnum. No 2 on the list, a .380. Ironic or Moronic?

  5. It seems the many, if not most of the actors portraying vicious killers on screen are generally anti-gun off screen. That old Hollywood hypocrisy rears it’s ugly head.
    Most of those same actors also smoke on screen, which sets a terrible example for ignorant youths.
    Smoking kills 150,000+ Americans every year — 15 times murder by bullet.

    • There’s that nasty science data which proves smoking causes death, humans cause global warming, etc. There is no PROOF; only supposition. This is especially true of second hand smoke, and even more of the new third hand smoke.

      So the data is going to say movies (and video games) says it causes people to get a gun and go postal? NOT! That’s like my ex saying I caused her to commit adultery. Like I held a gun to her head and forced her to break her vows while I was serving overseas.

      What fools these morons be! No wonder Uncle Al the Conservationists Pal has so many followers even after he switched from the coming Ice Age to Global Warming. He wasn’t right then and he isn’t right now.

    • There’s an old southern saying that “you have to learn to hold you mouth right”. It means that you have to appear to be smiling when you aren’t. If you want to work as an actor in American movies you’d better learn to “hold your mouth right” and embrace gun-control and every other liberal/left nostrum the people who do the hiring and write the checks expect you to believe in.

  6. If it happens the twisted sisters and left coast commies will come unglued & really make a fuss about the 1st amendment, talk about in party fighting; go for it Demon-crats, self destruct! almost there with a Democratic supporter trying too kill Republicans!

  7. The authors disclaimer isn’t as silly as his list. All 5 are handguns. AK and AR variants and the AA12 are going to be on any legitimate list of t.v. or movie firearms .

    • Oh my god I want an aa12. I think the first time I saw one I had a gun chubbie. An M-16 shotgun? Yes please! *yes, I know it has nothing to do with an actual ar pattern rifle*

  8. I love the .44 Magnum, such a famous gun! I keep one in the glove box of my Regular Unleaded, which is a great car!

  9. Another amendment that dodged the figurative bullet last November was the 1A. HRC has a long history of censorship. In fairness, so did(do) the socons particularly Brownback and Huckabee. But HRC turned the dial to 11.

  10. Ii wonder if Sean Connery bought a lot of Walther stock or Clint Eastwood S&W stock before making movies which made the PPK and Model 29 icons and exponentially boosting the sale of both? Unfortunately, the current James Bond, Daniel Craig, is terrific in the role but has publicly stated that he doesn’t like firearms. That’s like Michael Moore saying he doesn’t like food.

      • I am now heartbroken. Thanks a bunch, Winslow. They say the truth hurts but that cut right to the quick. Sir Sean Connery is an anti-gun pantywaist? It defies reason. Where’s my blanky? I need to curl up in a corner under it and suck my thumb.

    • Personal opinion: We take movies (indeed, all “arts” that provide entertainment) too seriously. FAR too seriously.
      If an actor holds anti-gun sentiments in real life, but portrays a character that uses guns, there’s not really any hypocrisy there. His job is to portray a character different from himself.
      Now, if he was publicly anti-gun, but was caught using a gun for any purpose outside of entertainment, THAT would be hypocrisy.
      And there have been many (both in entertainment and politics, including “journalists” who are publicly anti-gun) who have been caught in that position. THEY are the ones to hold up for ridicule.

      • I don’t think that works Big Bill. If one’s position is that the mere existence or presence of a gun somehow inspires violence all on its own, then portraying them used violently for a mass audience is at best irresponsible. To the degree that such violent films popularize guns, their possession, and use, and an actor believes that possessing and using guns is a moral hazard, then it is absolutely hypocritical to act in such a film.
        Consider this: I’m strongly anti-communist, as a result, I would refuse to do such work that would present communism in a good light. I would refuse this work as it runs

  11. “By highlighting these famous guns from films, we’re not saying these movies influenced anyone to grab a gun and go out and act violently — that’s absurd, BUT…. and there it is. BUT.

  12. Hey I don’t think ANY Bond was a “gun guy”. I know the late Roger Moore hated ’em. Actors are generally p###ies!

  13. Even if movies directly caused people to buy and use firearms for either lawful or unlawful purposes, Hollywood couldn’t and wouldn’t give up guns.

    They likely make more money off of guns than the firearms industry does.

  14. I don’t think he’s anti gun. It’s tortuous rhetoric but Farago does that all of the time.

    Anyway the “lifezette” guy is saying the movie guns didn’t cause violence, and that he has to say so because people will absurdly assume the movie guns did cause violence. He’s tripping over his own feet being diplomatic, but not anti-gun at all.

    • That is what he is saying. He is saying “I am not claiming that guns in movies causes violence. It is ridiculous that this is a mandatory statement to avoid confusion,” but he ruined his clarifying statement by saying it in perhaps the most confusing manner possible.

      • Yup. Meh, I can hardly blame him, heart seems in the right place and it may be the systems fault. I took 4 years of honors English in HS, thought I was learned-up for life in that subject. Then got put in “writing for barely-sapient cro-magnons” in college and got half destroyed before learning to write somewhat clearly.

  15. Hey I didn’t know Vince Vaughn was pro gun until I clicked on this link and saw the video about him wanting guns in our schools. So I guess I learned something good from that clickbait.

    • If you want to support his work, check out F is for Family on Netflix. He’s an executive producer for show, along with Peter Billingsley (a.k.a. Ralphie) and gloriously un-PC comic Bill Burr. Great show, just get the kids out of the room first.

  16. My biggest problem with the list is that it lists the Ruger KP90 as one of the most iconic guns in movies. I have literally only seen that pistol in one movie. Even IMFDB seems to say that it’s on-screen appearances are scarce.

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