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Mayor Michael Venezia (courtesy

“We’re not trying to take guns away. We don’t want our police facing more powerful weapons than they have.” – Bloomfield New Jersey Mayor Michael Venezia quoted in Anti-gun violence group visits Bloomfield [via]

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    • Mr. Venezia, are you on drugs or something? Let me see if I got this straight. You people are allowed to have MRAPs, automatic weapons, 1,000,000 volt tasers, increasingly unprofessional and downright treasonous and civil rights abusive enforcement behavior ……. and you’re concerned about the population being able to outgun your tactically fashion conscious, shaved-headed goon squad.

      Dude, the law abiding citizens are NOT the problem. It’s the criminal element that already has all the evil weapons and who continue to choose to disobey the laws already on the books. If ANYTHING, the honest people, who might actually be able to save your sorry ass some day, are the very same ones you’re trying to disarm. Doh!

      Why don’t you idiots actually try to stop further disenfranchising the citizenry from their own government for a change?

      [Where do they get these morons from, anyway? This kid looks like he just got out of his Pampers, yesterday.]

  1. So the mayor wants lawful civilians facing criminals with more powerful guns than the law abiding citizens have?

  2. Your end game is to knee cap your followers and turn them into victims. Good on you, Rabbi.

  3. Isn’t it funny how AR-15s become more powerful in the hands of non-uniformed people? While most cops are running ARs in 5.56 in their trunks, they’re all of a sudden outgunned by someone with the same rifle?

        • They run out of bullets too fast. Hence magazine capacity limits for the peons, to level the playing field.

        • “You’re only outgunned if you miss…”
          -Jeff Cooper

          Guy #1 goes full retard on an AR with 30 rounds, spraying and praying, and hits nothing but air.

          Guy #2 clammily thumbs the hammer back on a .38 and drills guy #1 in the face.

          I submit guy #1 was outgunned.

          If police feel outgunned then they need to get better with their equipment, but we all know this isn’t a police safety issue.

          It’s a “state monopoly on force” issue.

  4. Wait a second, they have MRAPs and full-auto toys. How do we outgun them?

    Outshoot, yes. Outgun, no.

  5. “Mosbacher said that, due to the U.S. Congress’ inactivity on the issue, the people who have the most power to reduce gun violence in America are gun manufacturers, the majority of which are based in Europe ”

    Sort of an odd quote. The majority of new guns Americans buy come from Europe?

    For a Jew that is supposed to ‘never forget’ he must have been alive in the 90’s when S&W almost went under due to politicking with the Clinton Admin? The first ‘smart gun’ from a major gun company is the last gun they ever sell in the US….

  6. Mayor Michael should know that the police deal with powerful illegal weapons that criminals use every single day. The law abiding citizens powerful guns are nothing to worry about because they follow the law. But of course people like Mayor Mike believe more in the state than into people.

  7. When one gun owner has 15 people behind him geared up in a Street Tank I’ll agree with him.

  8. If you could sell stupidity states like NJ ,California ,CT ,MD would be some of the richest states in the union based in their elected officials alone.

    • Maryland, New Jersey and Connecticut are three of the four states with the highest per capita incomes in the United States. Either stupidity pays off or you should be insulting the morons in Mississippi (#50).

    • I don’t think they are clueless. They are corrupt, every single one of them. They know it, they know that we know it. Armed citizens must scare the daylights out of them, because of their guilty conscience. They need to keep us in line and one way to do that is to disarm us. They want to keep themselves and their corrupt friends safe and happy, which means they cannot allow law abiding citizens to have means to stand up to them and to protect ourselves from their corrupt behavior. It’s easier that way.

      • I agree. Along those lines, I’ve always dismissed the claim that armed civilians must be paranoid to own firearms, as the anti’s often repeat. To me, it’s always been more a matter of the government being paranoid to want to disarm its citizenry. A lawful and just government has nothing to fear from the people.

      • Mr. P, I don’t believe it’s so much a guilty conscience, as fear of what citizens might do to them when enough of them catch on to their corruption.

  9. Might need Burke to chime in one this one, but doesn’t “Anti-gun violence group” indicate that they are in fact a violence group that takes an anti-gun stance? Please verify my understanding of the punctuation and hyphenation in the headline.

    • You nailed it. However you punctuate it, doesn’t it imply that they’re OK with violence caused by bats, knives, and fiery things?

    • You are correct. And there isn’t any way to fix it, to fix it you would have to assume that gun-violence is a thing.

  10. I’ve gotta work on my lying skills – I don’t think I could say that as an NJ Mayor with a straight face.

    While MRAPs are beasts, I’m thinking they wouldn’t run very when covered with homemade napalm. Heck, I have a hard time in a partially armored patrol car when the A/C goes on the fritz.

  11. I like how the choice of words “anti-gun violence group” implies that there is a “pro-gun violence” group. A nice subtle way to paint gun owners as supporting the violent acts that bad people commit with guns, instead of what we really support, a constitutional right.

  12. The police have all types of weapons and the color of the law to shoot first and ask questions later — they will never be outgunned. It is just one more useless execuse

  13. Do geared out SWAT teams feel they’re “facing more powerful weapons then they have” when confronted by dogs?

    If dogs can provide any indication on the ratio of force police need to feel safe then we are all in big trouble…

    Dogs can get SWATed just for existing and acting like dogs in the presents of police.

  14. While I genuinely feel for the Rabbi’s loss of his father 15 years ago, I question his motives and tactics. Frankly, I find his hijacking of the ideas of tikkun olam, and the Leviticus text that is used by many Jewish organizations to do good; “Do Not Stand Idly By” to be despicable when misused in this way.

    If you follow the link to the article, then google the Rabbi and “Do Not Stand Idly By”, you will find his community organizer roots, and connection to Mayors, and the Metro IAF group, supporting this as another “campaign” (like MDA a sockpuppet of MAIG).

    Note how you can’t find any names of board of directors, leaders, or factual information other than a lot of assertions and circular arguments and links. In other words, theres no there, there.

    Go to organizing tools to find the standard progressive playbook Alinsky’s rules for radicals. Check out the tweets from their visit to the Nuremberg gun show casting the gun makers as responsible vs “supremecist” (obvious code word), or race to the top, vs race to the bottom.

    They are clever- they talk about affecting “purchasing power” and note a meeting with the New York Controller. I guess the new progtard Mayor will be forcing “smart gun” tech on the NYPD…yeah, that will work.

    Rabbi, you should stick to your sermons. Your ambition and personal motives are going to undo a lot of good work by others, and call into question the motives of many others. At a minimum, you and your “unknown” funders are going to drag down whatever good is already being done by Metro IAF in school reform, which is much needed. I would suggest that you and your pain may be as callously misused as others have misused the pain and grief over the loss of their family members, in pursuit of a goal, to make personal defense too hard, and too costly, ie micro-stamping or smart guns, that will effectively put the poor at even greater risk.

    Rabbi, I hope you will search your heart, and consult with wise elders who can give you more guidance. You are swimming in dark and foul waters, against the current of the wishes of most Americans, and you could do so much more with just education on gun safety, for example. See for more.

  15. NJ is so renowned for its wise ethical politicians. They are why so many people are moving to NJ, NY, and the other wonderful low tax low crime states. Maybe their blimpy governor will float into national politics and save US from liberal decay. Karl Rove says so.

  16. What a fool. Criminals are the same, if not more, threat to citizens than they are to cops. The gun grabbers just cant or wont accept the idea of a law abiding armed citizen.
    Of course they want to disarm America anyway. The rest is just smoke and mirrors.

  17. It’s heartening to read the many comments below the article that point out the lies and prejudice of both the writer and the rabbi! I too often forget not everyone in NJ is blinded to reality.

  18. Cops have fully automatic weapons, grenades, bearcats with M2 turrets and his shitbag state wants to ban .22 LR semis as “assault weapons”.

  19. It’s almost as if “for the children” and “for the cops” are an interchangeable talking point for Liberal anti-gun tyrants

  20. Maybe its just me, but I read “anti-gun violence group” differently. As in violence being a modifier of anti-gun….kind of like saying they are something out of A Clockwork Orange…

      • Its doubleplusgood Big Brotherism, straight from the Ministry of Truth. The “Affordable Care Act” is really the UNaffordable Care Act, the Justice Dept is really the INjustice Dept, the Education Dept is the UNeducation Dept, etc etc……

        Eric Blair was prescient, but the progressives he warned about have gone far beyond his wildest dreams.

  21. Cognitive dissonance, Exhibit A. We are not going to take away your guns. Only we are going to take away your guns so that we are more powerful than you.

  22. Making MORE laws will not help the police in Bloomfield. I know that town, it’s right next to Newark and by East Orange. There have always been illegal guns EASILY obtained in that area. This is just more bullcrap lip service by a liberal politician who is trying to pretend he is making a difference.

  23. If they don’t like that I can outgun them then they should carry Mosins too!

    (partly in jest, but most of the toys they own couldn’t stop something in the 7.62x54R/.308 class, MRAP yes, plate body armor perhaps one, bearcats or soft body armor no)

  24. Kinda sorta related I guess– read an update of the “overexuberant teenager” business in Louisville, Ky. There have in fact been charges filed–for threatening police officers. That is all….

  25. I understand a lot of the anti police sentiment and being an officer who is also pro 2A I put up with reading a lot anti cop stuff on here but I cant figure out why somebody always has to bring up hair styles like us cops somehow have a monopoly on shaved heads and buzzcuts.

    • I’m thinking it’s the military connection, a lot of the animus is directed against the militarization of the police. That’s what bothers me, anyway, that and the tendency of some departments to discourage citizen ownership of firearms in part by making patently false assurances that their department will be there to provide protection. I play–or played, til my car conked out recently–basketball with several cops, BTW, and the local law hereabouts is pretty 2A friendly.

  26. What bothers me most about this seemingly serious remark about justifying disarming legal gun owners, is the mind-set of the mayor pitting citizens against cops.

    Gun owners regularly get accused of being paranoid, militia nut-jobs, but when you examine the comments of people like this mayor, or Oliver Willis, or the folks who write up the war-games, like the FEMA exercise underway in Alaska right now, you find this kind of scary world view, the us-vs-them, expressed in what are fundamentally- fascist ways.

    Is it just me or is there something to that across the board with most prog-tards.

  27. I just sent him this email (after stealing a little bit from above comments 😉 ):


    You said:

    “We’re not trying to take guns away. We don’t want our police facing more powerful weapons than they have.”

    Are you just lying or just completely uneducated on the subject of firearms?
    Last time I checked “we the people” cannot own fully automatic weapons, MRAPS, plastic explosives, tear gas, flash bangs, & 1 Million volt tasers.

    You are an embarrassment to what used to be a respectable position. Go sell used cars or mattresses.

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