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“Things happen in the neighbourhoods all the time. You see people shooting on expressways. You see people shooting everywhere. You just never know. So you’d better be prepared [rather] than unprepared.”  – Shandrea Boyd in Rising violence prompts worried Chicago women to join gun clubs [via]

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  1. “… she is one of seven women learning to safely handle firearms at a shooting range in a suburb of Chicago…”

    People in Chicago who want to learn how to protect themselves have to go to the ‘burbs because of Chicago’s laws that effectively ban shooting ranges. Just one more barrier erected between the Second Amendment and the people who need it most.

  2. This is great and all but the cynic in me wonders if all these new women shooters will become the new Fudds. Of course having had an insane hovering mother afraid of the world myself my perspective is quite biased.

    Better a Fudd than a straight up anti I suppose.

    • Baby steps, y’all…
      Every gun bigot who sees the light and joins our ranks – however tentatively- is still one more who realizes she’s been lied to all her life.
      And she probably has a few friends she can educate too.

    • Shire-man,

      I don’t think these types of firearm owners will become Fudds since Fudds only support the right to bear long arms for hunting. These types of owners want firearms for self-defense — and usually handguns at that.

      At worst, they might become pro elitist. And while being pro-elitist is not good, it is far better than Fudds.

  3. Great!

    But, they’ll likely still vote for the same gun hating, Statist politicians who’s socialist politics have turned it into a hell hole…

    So, they are just dealing with the symptoms, at this point.

    • You’re right. Those ladies are going to find out how how valuable their defensive firearms are when Chicago fully implodes, a la Detroit. Illinois is on the verge of a total fiscal meltdown, and Shitcago will be a total hellhole when it happens.

  4. What I find *very* interesting is where that article was published.

    ‘The South China Morning Post’.

    Interesting, don’t you think?

    What will they do if the Chinese start getting ‘ideas’ about taking their own responsibility for their self defense?

    China is going to be particularly vulnerable, thanks to them being a primary source of 3-D metal printing tooling, of not being able to put that genie back in the metaphorical bottle. Guns will inevitably be *everywhere*, since ammo manufacturing will be orders of magnitude easier than the guns themselves, given their history of fireworks making…

    • The Chinese are very quick to arrest, judge and execute lawbreakers.
      However, with +/- 2 billion people running around, they cannot watch everyone.

  5. Well sure Geoff…I didn’t look but spelling “neighbourhood” made me think England. Yeah gals with guns are breaking out in Chiraq. Will these woman still vote for their oppressors? 99.9% chance?

    • “I didn’t look but spelling “neighbourhood” made me think England.”

      You’re closer to that than you may realize.

      Until 1997, Hong Kong was controlled by the British.

      The English speakers there picked up the accent from the British…

  6. The greatest threat to Dem disarmament agenda is when traditional Dem voters discover the joys of shooting and interact with law abiding POTG.

    Cognitive dissonance will result when they’re told by these fake ass politicians that all gun owners are racist, sexist, homophobic, white males who are all mere seconds away from shooting people for no reason.

  7. Glad to see some people are starting to get it.
    But yeah this is treating only one symptom of the disease.

    • Everyone has to start somewhere. If these ladies begin to identify the disease, treating this symptom is a good beginning. And I suspect that, once they really get the idea, they will not be so tolerant of all the other crap either.

      I’ve talked to a number of women who just didn’t “get it”… until I took them to the range and introduced them to shooting. Most realized very quickly how empowering and freeing it was… that they were as feminine as ever, while able to control far more of their own lives and safety. Most of those go on to learn to shoot, and shoot well. I’d love to see follow up stories on these women and the choices they make.

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