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President Obama at the  the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation awards dinner (courtesy

“Just two days ago, in my hometown of Chicago, 13 people were shot during a pickup basketball game, including a 3-year-old girl,” President Obama told the crowd at an awards dinner for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation [via]. “Tomorrow night I’ll be meeting and mourning with families in this city who now know the same unspeakable grief of families in Newtown, and Aurora, and Tucson, and Chicago, and New Orleans, and all across the country — people whose loved ones were torn from them without headlines sometimes, or public outcry.” Yada yada yada. Stand back: I’m waving the bloody shirt! And then there was this . . .

We fought a good fight earlier this year, but we came up short, and that means we’ve got to get back up and go back at it. As long as there are those who make it as easy as possible for dangerous people to get their hands on guns then we’ve got to work as hard as possible for the sake of our children . . . to do more work to make it harder.

Reading between the lines, the CIC’s blaming the “gun lobby” for “gun violence.” Specifically, the NRA. Now that’s what I call deflection.

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  1. By all means, continue to stomp on that third rail right up to the 2014 elections. I could be wrong, but I don’t think our lame duck in chief has enough juice left to get the toilet paper in the White House crapper upgraded from 1-ply to 2-ply.

      • The more of ass he makes of himself the more moderates and independents will be turned away from the DNC. Which is good

        As far as impeachment, you need to read up on the process. There is no chance

        • Impeachment by the House is highly possible. However, The Senate would be the body that would have to convict him and remove him from office. The SCOTUS would over see it. Andrew Johnson and Slick Willy were impeached but not convicted. Slick was disbarred, though. There have been about 3 Federal judges impeached and removed from office and disbarred including current Congressman Alcee Hastings. He was booted on bribery and racketeering and had to be pardoned by Slick Willy in 1993 in order to be sworn in.

      • I dunno guys, I think there are some very rich fat cats who would disagree with your assessment.

        Remember, they count more than us.

    • … The biggest problem our country faces is poor leadership that is cascading down from the top. …

      I think that central banking (Federal Reserve, BIS) and its fiat currency are by far the most destructive force in this country right now but your read on leadership is unquestionably number two. And number three forward is nowhere near these two items.

      • I’d have to go with television and mandatory government schools as the top two problems. The socialists benefit most when the people are kept entertained and ignorant.

  2. Ahh it seems like Chicago ran the NRA out of town along time ago…. Hard to believe that one….but if your waving the bloody shirt for the children let’s not let pesky facts get in the way…. I hear they were shooting them in the park with fully automatic GERNADE LAUNCHERS painted BLACK OMG must do something…… let’s pass more laws!!!!

    • For a second there I thought you were referring to the Cartels or Al Queda
      in Syria, both with Obama approved military weaponry.

  3. Is this guy disconnected from reality ? Actually he is not this is all part of the agenda, He is talking to his low information base and libiturds

    • The DNC knows about marketing and politics. They need to control the message so they will repeat the same crap over and over and over in hopes that it will stick. They know that they have to stay on message and that is all he is doing. It is a game of words for these guys. Think about it. He was elected because he speaks well and because he is black.

      Since Obamacare is going to hell with Syria quickly behind, they need something and they need to stick to the policy of never allow a crises to go to waste. Plus, he is speaking to his base what else is going to say?

        • Actually, one could make a statistical argument for that. My understanding was that Obama had more than 95% of the black vote in 2008, and more than 90% in 2012. Anyone is welcome to prove me wrong.

          Worse, Hillary may get the 2016 election because she’s a woman. Sure, sounds sexist, but pols will do anything to get elected. In a close election, it could very well come down to “it’s about time we had a women in there.”

          And if anyone calls me racist or sexist, know this: the most important thing is the content of a person’s heart and not the the color of their skin, or their gender. MLK said it better than me. I operate on competence – the old school idea of a meritocracy. We need a candidate who supports freedom and a limited government. I award absolutely zero “extra points” for being black or being a women.

        • 2014 is doubly important for us. If Hillary steps into the oval office in 2016 she needs to be a lame duck from day one. And if we hurt the anti gun people bad enough in 2014 maybe our chances of getting a pro gun POTUS are better. Or at least one that leaves the issue alone.

        • White guilt, Dirk. It was arguably the single largest factor in both his elections, but in different ways.

        • And another really scary thing to keep in mind – If we get another dem/lib president in 16 it is extremely possible that they will have at least one appointment to the SCOTUS. If it’s a 5-4 lib court we will have a serious 2A fight on our hands.

  4. Still an A-hole.
    Blame the most convenient.
    Instead of his own short comings and his “open” mind.
    With no solutions.
    Such as go after the mentally ill that we all would support.
    The country has no interest in his ideas.
    Same old crap over and over yet again.
    A broken record skipping on the same scratch.

    • The stuff he spews is beyond belief.
      10’s of millions of broke illegals will bring trillions of dollars into our economy!?
      The average American knows that raising the debt limit won’t raise our debt.
      Everyone wants Obamacare–the Republicans are just messing with me.
      Economists tell me we’re reducing the debt too fast.
      I won’t try to take your guns.
      I swear to uphold and defend the Constitution.

      For as much as this guy lies, he should be able to do it a little better

  5. “As long as there are those who make it as easy as possible for dangerous people to get their hands on guns ”


    Excuse me, I must have some hypocrisy stuck in my throat.

    • I flip that SOB off every time I see the POS campaigner and chief on TV. That’s a lot of work, I should have arms bigger than ANY wrestler on TV by now.

  6. Mr. Obama, which is more likely . . . a mass shooter who is a member of the Democrat Party/Obama voter, or one that is a member of the NRA?

    Enforce the laws on the books. Subsidize health care coverage for the chronically mentally ill who cannot afford it otherwise. Increase security on America’s military bases. Stop sending weapons to terrorists and drug lords.

  7. His guy is now the Lame duck of all of the presidents we have ever had…even Jimmy Carter…all you are going to hear for the next 3 yrs is blah,blah,blah… this guy couldn’t sell horse sh%t to a horse farm….Mr Duck. er’… Obama..just go golfing already and leave the grown up stuff to the grown ups…..OK?

    • Well, to be fair, it’s quite difficult to sell horse sh1t to a horse farm. They have a ready supply already, generated fresh every day.

        • Yes, but by saying Obama couldn’t pass a strict test, you perhaps give him too much credit. How about: “He couldn’t sell cocaine to Marion Barry,” or “he couldn’t sell a hooker to Bill Clinton,” or “he couldn’t sell an i-phone to Anthony Weiner?”

  8. “Expanded background checks”. Hmmm, I’m sure that will stop the bangers from getting their heat. Current law might have worked if DA’s and cops hadn’t dropped the ball 4 times in dealing with Alexis. All of those gun related crimes and no convictions to pop up in a check?

    Go ahead, Democrats, keep pushing your confiscation agenda. Apparently you are too damned stupid to get the message from Colorado. Better dust off your resumes before next November.

  9. Bush still tops it. Got good Americans killed over lies errr “misinformation”, 9-11, DHS, his VP shot someone in the face, bailout, recession, The Patriot Act, the tax breaks that got us into this mess, started three wars and one of those wars were used in protecting oil fields in Kuwait that they gave us for protecting them the first time, torturing people and made congress sign a bill that exempted them from any legal actions against those who were tortured, allowing the rich to get richer, job loss…so seriously it is not just Obama’s fault. The entire system is messed up and broken..

    • But which president is using emotional appeals right now in the hopes of ramming draconian gun laws through congress? That is to say, which one is actually relevant to the current discussion, Froot Loop?

    • I remember watching Obama’s inauguration speech hoping he would repeal the Patriot Act, especially after that whole “transparency in government” bit. Instead, he expanded it by signing the NDAA and now stays silent when his administration and the IRS persecute whistle-blowers, investigative journalists, and anyone with political views to the right of European socialists. Any shred of respect I may have had for he and his supposed credibility is long gone. Yes, Bush junior did god awful things during his presidency, but he’s been out of office for over a term now. Place blame where it’s due and accept that the current president is a tyrant of a different flavor than the last.

    • You know, it actually is possible to dislike BOTH Bush and Obama.

      They are like two brands of the same god-awful flavor of ice cream.

    • We get it: Bush wasn’t a good president. Bush, however, is not trying to TAKE OUR GUNS RIGHT NOW. That’s Obama’s territory, and he’s got his own personal army to keep him safe, the liberal media in his pocket, the illusion of credibility (to those with a double digit IQ), and the support of millions of low-information voters.

    • Get over it already………….its the past this jerks screwing with the present and is f#$g up the future beyond comprehension.

      Edit: For Shawn a few posts above you…..

    • Yeah, but remember that five years ago he campaigned on fixing all that and making things right again. About which he did FA once he was elected.

  10. Chicago problems are a direct result of rampant corruption across the board in “community” and political leadership, of which Obama is part.

  11. This is great. These losers are doubling down on stupid, going all in with the same failed strategy. Never underestimate your enemy…but this clown is really, really stupid.

      • Well said – especially since he has a record of politically-calculated lies (e.g., saying he was never for single-payer healthcare when there are videos of him from Illinois saying that’s just what he wants).

  12. It truly takes an idiot to blame law-abiding gun owners for the crimes that criminals and the mentally deranged choose to commit.

    I just don’t understand this childish viewpoint of blaming the tools criminals use instead of focusing on the obvious questions:

    1. Why are these people choosing to be criminals and murderers?
    2. Why are the mentally deranged / insane not being committed before they hurt themselves or others?

    Maybe Obama should focus on this question: WHY DO PEOPLE MURDER OTHER PEOPLE.

    Quick answer: Because they can and they will continue to do so despite all your feel-good BS laws and rules that they don’t care about.

    Once you get past the fact that criminals don’t care about laws, you’re left with the only recourse the average law abiding citizen can take to make themselves safer. Tooling up.

    As Chicago so clearly illustrates, the police are outnumbered and are not physically able to keep law-abiding citizens safe. And not mentally able, with that Police Chief at the helm, unfortunately.

    So… that said, until a single mass shooting or murder is committed by a law-abiding citizen (which by definition isn’t possible), I would strongly recommend you stop pointing your finger at us when criminals are to blame. It’s insulting and makes you look like a moron — which is embarrassing for the entire country…

    The NRA gave you a solution for Newtown (armed guards) which you readily ignored. Reap what you sow, sir.

    So, seriously, at what level of stupidity does impeachment become a serious consideration?

  13. We should encourage the Democrats to pursue gun control as best as they can.The RKBA was around before the Democrats,and will be around in 2014 long after they’ve been fired with prejudice.

  14. Can someone explain to me why these people simply will not acknowledge that these cities have a GANG issue?

    Is it political correctness?
    Do they not want to alienate a core electorate?
    The Congressional Black Caucus won’t even utter a peep about it.

  15. Barry = POTUS = Panty-Waste Of The U.S. He is flat out the first punk elected to the White House. He is surrounded by punks. Rhambutt is a punk.

    Seriously, only an idiot could think the NRA would be supportive of the “gang bangers” with candy-ass names running around Chicago or any other criminal enterprise.

  16. I’m sure that it has been said but maybe Odumbo needs to ask the one question that burns in my mind. How many of the criminal masterminds that have done the shootings in Chicago are members of the NRA or are members of any gun enthusiast groups at all?

  17. There is a laundry list of things I would like to see happen to that man, most of the painful.

    Number one on the list is seeing him walk out of that office.

  18. “As long as there are those who make it as easy as possible for dangerous people to get their hands on guns then we’ve got to work as hard as possible for the sake of our children . . . to do more work to make it harder.”

    “for the sake of the children” is like a political catch phrase. If you want your statement that has no merit to appeal emotionally they just add a typical phrase such as this. “for the sake of the children”, “if it saves just one life…”

    To be honest, I would prefer my children have the right to keep and bear arms and not be regulated on the possession of objects, but rather the regulation of acts which infringe on other people’s rights.

    But wait… I forgot – this is not “the land of the free” this is a socialist country, where our elected leaders must dictate “social” policy, because we must have everyone going down the same road, the same path, and doing what they are told.

  19. He and others like him are directly to blame for the gang violence.

    They know what the problem is, but he and his associates would rather use law-abiding gun owners as scapegoats than address the very real problems in their neighborhoods – black family parenting; lack of personal responsibility; gang affiliation; substance abuse; lack of effective sentencing and too much leniency on urban criminals.

    He’s an ignorant fool and thinks we are too!

    • Truer words were never spoken (except I’d change “ignorant” to “manipulative” since I think he truly does know what the problems are but understands that solving those problems will help Republicans rather than Democrats).

  20. Lulz, Mr. Prez. You’re last years’ news. The world just watched you get a bloody nose over just about all your pet projects, including this one, and to already wanna go again?

  21. “As long as there are those who make it as easy as possible for dangerous people to get their hands on guns”

    So, he’s disbanding the BATFE?

  22. Blaming the NRA for gun violence is like blaming the ADA for cavities. They go out of their way to promote gun safety. When those with evil in their hearts do evil things, you don’t blame the innocents, you blame those with evil in their hearts who did evil things.

    Of course, you then have to believe in the concept of personal responsibility, and I don’t see this administration (or most others) going for that…

  23. This happens in the city and state with the strictest gun control laws in the nation. But taking guns away from the citizens keeps things like this from happening. And we cant forget blaming those who had nothing to do with the incedent, especially when those being blamed advocate saftey, and using a terrible tradegy as a staging point to try and push an agenda through. Yep, you sure care Mr. President, we really believe you mourn for and with these families.

    • It is Bush’s fault. The Clinton Ban “sunset” in 2004. Plus Global Warming is heating things up in the Gun Free Zones.

      ***Sarcasm Warning***

  24. Our leader is an expert at creating diversions. What happened to the jobs he was supposed to create? Where is the synthetic fuel that was to take place of petroleum products? That is just two of his promises. This gun issue is just a diversionary smokescreen. Politicians couldn’t care less about citizen’s welfare. They think that they and only they deserve entitlements.
    We have a president who isn’t capable of leading a cage of mice. He constantly blames someone else for his failures or creates a diversion. Look at our budget. What is he doing about that? People are starving and homeless because government regulated banks gave them mortgages that they knew they never could afford. So they could get their commissions.
    The solution of this is gun control ?
    This is the behavior of a complete failure. Blame the other guy.

  25. Barry is still in denial about the Federal government’s complicity in the Navy Yard shootings. Maybe security clearances should be a rubber stamp if you’ve been committed or displayed violent tendencies, with weapons no less….


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