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“[Chicago has] many more murders than we do, and we have three times as many people. We’re on track this year for something like less than 500 murders and we’ve been below 600 murders in every year for the past decade. In recorded history, we’ve never had years that safe. If we had Chicago’s murder rate, this year, instead of 500 we’d have 1,300 murders… If we had Philadelphia’s rate, we would have 1,700 murders. We used to be like those cities. We used to be one of the murder capitals of the United States and we just are not going back — at least not while I am here.” – Michael Bloomberg

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  1. from what i understand, moscow was a safe city when stalin ran things. unless of course if stalin took a disliking to you.

  2. “At the end of fiscal year 2011, New York City reached a milestone: the amount of debt outstanding passed $100 billion. As total debt outstanding has grown – by 83 percent since 2002 – the forms of debt the City issues have also diversified. This growth affects the city budget in the form of higher debt service costs, which are projected to be 10 percent of the city’s expense budget by 2015.”
    — Citizens Budget Commission

    “New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has urged the federal government to live within its means. But at the same time the city’s capital debt has nearly doubled since 2000.”
    — NYC CBS Local

    The average wage earner can only be taxed so much while dealing with an increasingly higher cost of living as his buying power gets destroyed by monetary mismanagement. The very wealthy and the business sector can only be taxed so much higher before they relocate. It costs lots of money to pay a city police and security force of about 48,000. I suspect that there is a dark brick wall waiting at the end of the money train tunnel for NYC. When NYC cannot afford to continue to pay its own Army to patrol the streets then we’ll see violent crime go way beyond Chicago’s level.

  3. Ah, the old sickening “ends justify the means” argument. If you gave everyone a lobotomy, there would be no murders either.

    Then we’d just have Progressives.

  4. That’s rich of him, considering the current Chicago Police Superintendent Greg McCarthy was in the NYPD upper ranks at one point.

  5. So NYC averages only about 1 or 2 murders a day–and he’s bragging? Out of the few most dangerous cities in the country, NYC is city is one of the safer ones. And the filthiest. He must enjoy living in his own toxic bubble if he actually admits any responsibility for the state of that shithole.

  6. “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. ”
    Benjamin Franklin

  7. It’s just little people getting killed, no one important or anyone close to me.
    If Mike thinks this way, and it appears he might, he’s a sociopath.

  8. If I recall correctly, the crime rates in NYC went way down during Rudy Giuliani’s time in office. Again, if I remember correctly, Guiliani combined the separate police forces, of the housing authority, the port aathority and city police into one unified department, eliminating 2 of the 3 beaurocracies, and allowing a more flexible department that could better cover the hot spots. I don’t recall the current mayor having done anything positive or special other than speechify about how great he is.

  9. Keep in mind that definitions of murder and actual counts can be manipulated by our betters like Hizzoner Mister Mayor Boom-blerg…spelling intended. “Manslaughters,” “gun accidents,” ” suicides” that were likely actually murders are not counted in Bloomie’s city.

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