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“A few of the people are really ugly. I just want it to go away, to tell you the truth.” – Mark Oberholtzer in Texas plumber’s old truck resurfaces in Syria, mounted with terrorists’ guns [at]


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  1. Good lesson. If you own a business, remove the decals when you sell equipment. Oh, I have to ask, did the gun come standard, or was that an option? 🙂

  2. I was just joking yesterday with a coworker on how most technicals are a Toyota pickup. ”Terror chooses Toyota” I said.

    I work for Ford…

    • Seeing what they do with Nissans and Toyota/HiLux over in the Middle East and Africa, we should be able to do a Texas Technical with a lifted 3/4 ton Duramax or Powerstroke. Why limit yourself to one crew served weapon. We could have ourselves a 21st century version of the British LRDG and SAS vehicles. That’s what I’m talking about!

  3. It’s completely idiotic that people would assume the plumber is shipping trucks to terrorists.
    It’s also completely idiotic to not cover up identifying markings before selling/donating/trashing a thing.

    • Exactly.. even if this truck stayed in Texas you wouldn’t want your name/phone number on a vehicle that you no longer own.

        • Yup. “All publicity is good publicity” falls short when rampaging, decapitating, marauders are sporting your logo.
          New approach: “We do to clogs what they do to infidels.”

    • Or more likely the dealer told him not to worry about it, they would take care of the details in order to close the deal quicker. I wouldn’t call the man idiotic for falling for that.

      • This is exactly what has been reported. I once did a trade in with a dealer. He was supposed to do the transfer. Several months later I got dunning letter from a college.turns out the dealer didn’t do the transfer and neither did the new owner. Don’t believe dealer promises.

  4. “Ooh, I really like this one! It’s got some dude’s name on it, they’ll never know it was us!”

    -terrorists on the black market used car lot

    • We had a DBIED (Donkey Borne Improvised Explosive Device) in Zabul province once. No coalition injuries. But very, very messy. Rained donkey for about a minute.

  5. When they come here, because we all know they are flooding across our southern border, they can look him up for all their plumbing needs. :):):)

  6. Who did Mark-1 Plumbing expect to buy his work truck after he mounted an anti-aircraft gun in the back?? 🙂 Note to self remove name and gun before selling truck.

  7. Can’t stress this enough boys and girls!!!! Always remove identifying marks and stickers when you sell a vehicle!!!!(double face palm!!!!!)

  8. Haha, joke’s on them, that looks like one of the old 6.0L Powerjoke trucks. They’re going to have a fun time carrying that gun out of the desert when the EGR coolers plug up with soot and the engine blows its head gaskets and pukes its guts all over the sand. Ask anyone who ever owned one of those knows its not if but rather when.

    • Sounds like my 2005 Excursion sick-point-uh-oh powerjoke. It has 100k on it, and in the last 12 months…
      * $700 for a new FICM (fuel injection control module)
      * $2200 to fix fuel leaks and find/fix oil leaks (not the EGR cooler – yet)
      * $3200 to find/fix high-pressure oil system problem (standpipes, various O-rings, HPOP, IPR, etc.)

      Then there’s the need to remove and clean (if possible, otherwise replace) an EGR valve every 5k miles. Who the eff thought it was a good idea to run sooty diesel exhaust through a little valve assembly, as well as tiny passages in an intake manifold?

      And who thought it was a good idea to create an entire high-pressure oil system for the sole purpose of opening fuel injectors?

      • Sounds to me like a bunch of bitter 6.0 owners who don’t know how to properly care for that engine. If you actually knew a thing or two about engines you would know it’s a great engine if done right.

  9. Back in the day, plumbers used to work with lead. (The word “plumber” comes from Latin plumbum, and so does the chemical symbol for lead (Pb). Rome used lead pipes.)

    I guess now plumbers use lead in a different way.

  10. I guess these days dealers will do anything to get you into one of their cars or trucks, including a complimentary machine gun mounted in the back. I remember when the only thing they used to offer was a full tank of gas. Oh how times have changed. Gotta move the inventory somehow.

  11. They’re not terrorists, they are freedom fighters. If they were in the area formerly known as Iraq THEN they’d be terrorists.

    At least that’s what the neo-cons and pro-war progressives say.

  12. Sorry no sympathy for the ex owner. Even if your truck does not end up in the middle east you always take any advertising off before selling. Americans steal, kill and destroy here too…

  13. Read The Great War for civilisation (no typo, they use an s for civilisation across the pond) by Robert Fisk. In chapter 1 his Taliban driver tells him “Toyota is good for jihad” freakin hilarious.

  14. Truck cost 800 bucks at a dealer in Texas. And then what? 5 grand to ship it to syria? Who do these folks think they are to waste money like that? The U.S. .gov.

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