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“If there is even a one in a hundred chance that by doing a certain action someone might save a person’s life then they are obligated to do so, so that we may live by God’s commandment’s, not die by them.” Rabbi David Yosef quoted in Senior Shas figure: Anyone with a gun license should carry firearm on Shabbat [via] [h/t JE]

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  1. This country’s problem is that everyone is out for themselves. The vast majority of the population would rather look or run screaming the other way. Then post on facebook or twitter later.

    • That’s the way the antigunners have conditioned this country!! How many times do we hear about the armed citizen doing a great job, being commended by police for saving lives. We have had two defensive gun uses in Indiana in the last week. Both situations the suspect was shot and killed. One when someone was breaking into a house and the other was robbing a pawnshop. Both stories ended with the police investigating and needing to know if the defender was in the right. And that is Indiana. I consider them to be fairly pro gun.

      Many people sit back and watch because they don’t carry because they don’t want the hassle after the fact. Are they going to be sued, are they going to have to pay a lawyer a ton of money, are they going to be arrested, can they only shoot someone of their same color without them becoming a racist, will the police try to crucify them because of public outcry? And even if none of these things come to pass then they will never be viewed in a flattering light-except for here!!

  2. Ironic to see the “if it saves one life” argument applied to the pro-gun side in Israel, whereas we’ve had it screamed in our faces from the anti-gun side here in the States.

  3. It’s God’s job to save my soul, it’s my job to save my a$$…

    I don’t carry in certain places or on specific days, I just carry.

  4. Amen Rabbi!
    Or, as Solomon as passed on God’s order:
    “Deliver those who are being taken away to death, and those who are staggering to slaughter. O hold them back !
    If you say, ‘See we did not know this.’ Does He not consider it Who weighs the hearts ?
    And does He not know it Who keeps your soul ?
    And will He not render to a man according to his work ? Proverbs 2:11-12

  5. And yet if you tell one of our grabbers over here that people should be allowed to carry at church, they look at you like you just pooped on the dinner table. I would love to see one of them try to convince the rabbi that this is a bad idea, I bet he’d give them a real piece of his mind!

      • Unless it’s a federal law, which would apply to every state, it’s going to be a state-by-state matter. All of the states are so different and take such independent routes, that I can’t even think of a single firearms law which they all have in common. There could be some, but none comes to mind.

        In some states, church carrying is completely banned by state law. In others, it’s banned by law, unless the church specifically allows it. In others, it’s allowed by law, unless the church specifically forbids it. How a church communicates whether it allows or forbids carrying, where applicable, also varies by state.

        In my state, Texas, church carrying is legal for licensed carriers, unless the church posts a sign with specific legal wording and dimensions. Laws change frequently, too. For example, Mississippi recently allowed for “enhanced carry” licenses. Regular licensed concealed carry is illegal in churches there, but take an extra class and pay an extra fee, and you get to be a super carrier and church carry is allowed for you.

        It’s all very complicated and nothing like the simple “shall not be infringed” the Framers wrote.

  6. Its funny how many of his coreligionists don’t get it, not just here in America. There is a rather vocal movement in Israel for disarming the population AND submitting to HAMAS. I would say they are the same people who willingly gave up their weapons and rights to the nazis, but history shows the vast majority of them did not make it. And those that did are VERY pro self-defense.

  7. Israel is and has been experiencing ambush style terrorist murders for years. The recent attack in the Israeli Synagogue represents what we have seen and will see more of in the coming months in the U.S.. One has to make a decision and commitment as to the value of one’s Life and those of others, and if that means carry a gun whenever and wherever you can, do so, even if the odds seem long you will ever have to use it.

    These Muslim terrorists believe they have everything to gain and nothing to lose by killing “infidels”. With a motivation like that everyone is at risk, everywhere, all the time. We have seen the “home grown” variety and ISL has vowed, “We are coming for you…” to the United States. We know, if nothing else, ISL’s word is good when it comes to murdering people. Nothing much more to think about (except, admittedly, some wild fantasies about things I’d like to see done as “payback” for the atrocities already committed against ISL’s victims).

    Hope the Rabbi’s encouragement enables Israeli’s to defend themselves better in the future. It must feel pretty bleak over there now that their “Ally and Friend”, the United States, has adopted an official position of ambivalence towards Israel and its People. Pretty shameful on our part.

    • Why is israel our problem again? I feel bad for the average joes in that region from both religious sides who just want to live their lives in peace. I feel no sympathy for Hamas or the Israeli government who are constantly trying to club or game each other.

      • Evan, I am not saying Israel is “our problem again”. I am pointing to our longtime support of Israel and saying it is shameful we have virtually turned our backs on Israel and its People. Israel, acting in its own self-interest, has been a strong and reliable ally in the Middle East. Israel has had little choice but to fight for its survival against surrounding hostile neighbors and we have supported them consistently since the U.N. gave Israel its existence in 1947.

        There IS a substantive difference between Israel and HAMAS and the PLO before HAMAS. Our ambivalence towards Israel grants a certain legitimacy to HAMAS, which I find unacceptable. There is NO substantive difference between HAMAS and the ISL, so you can parse “bad guys” however you wish, but to my mind it is clear. I prefer to stand with Israel and against HAMAS/ISL and will continue to do so. Not likely any Israeli is going to jump out of an alley and plant a meat cleaver in your skull. Can you confidently say the same for any follower of HAMAS or ISL?

  8. After all the confiscations, amnesty drives, and new restrictions on licenses, there won’t be too many left to carry. Maybe he should have spoken out last year when it could have helped rather than waiting until it served his own interests.

  9. Our bodies have an immune system. That immune system fights with everything at its disposal to stop attacks from pathogens. That immune system always fights, no matter what type of attack, where the attack occurs, or when the attack occurs. And that immune system never stops fighting back until we are dead. It never accepts compromise.

    Since our own bodies automatically defend ourselves from tiny attackers, why would we not defend ourselves from larger (human) attackers — no matter what type of attack, where the attack occurs, or when the attack occurs?

  10. So God says we should protect ourselves. But we need a license to do so. So the license must then come from God? The state is God.

    • Shire-man gets it.

      That is exactly what has happened. The State has declared itself to be God. The Almighty State declares what is right and wrong, determines rights, and purports to try and provide for all of our needs from cradle to grave.

      The problem with the above notion is that the Almighty State is composed of very real, worldly, corruptible people who have all of the shortcomings of all of the recipients of the State’s “generosity”.

    • Bingo.

      There’s a very good reason why heroes and rulers back in the bad old days styled themselves as gods or the descendants of divine ancestors. The connection is less explicit in these enlightened times, but the thought process is the same.

  11. We all have the right to live and to defend our lives at all times. History has shown that those who deny that right to any persons or people did so to inflict harm and death on those persons or people. The government does this under the guise of public safety don’t you believe it. It’s for control ! Not just in Israel it should be this way everywhere every day! Remember the phrase NEVER AGAIN! ?

  12. State Regulated in Israel because they’d rather have Jews with guns and regulate the Arabs. In our PC world one cannot say ‘Israeli Jews can have guns but Israeli Arabs may not’.

    So, Israeli Jews follow the law and get licensed if they fit the parameters, the Arabs get guns without, leading to the situation we are standing in.

    • Very true. It’s 1 of the biggest double standards to date, racism in Israel is not only ok, its official policy. Here, racism is not tolerated, unless its against non-Jewish whites.

      • Might not be popular, sometimes racial profiling is necessary. You don’t hear on a regular basis about Jews in Israel bombing buses, shooting up mosques, or running people over with tractors. Granted once in a while someone Jewish will do something stupid but on a whole the violence is coming from one sector. To ignore it out of being afraid of getting labeled as racist would be burying one’s head in the sand.

        Israel profiles, as a Jew with dark skinned family members I’ve seen them profiled and I’m fine with it. Being blind for the sake of PC is as dumb as it gets.

        • you missed the entire point of my post. I was commenting on the egregious double standard Israel enjoys.

        • Could you name a country or government that doesn’t use an ‘egregious double standard’ and how that makes them better than Israel?

  13. Governments — each and every one of them — are desperate to maintain their monopoly of force, and the people be damned. Governments don’t trust their people with guns, and yet the people are supposed to trust the government with an army. Go figure.

  14. hey didn’t they say the same about ‘God’s commandment’ and the never signed real estate deal on Israel??

    look how ‘certain’ that turned out to be.


    How about a ‘Dear Rabbi, STFU! This doesn’t concern you, or your God’ – edition??

  15. Some context is needed here. In Judaism, weapons are “muksa”, or forbidden to be touched, on the Sabbath, *unless* there is a *direct* threat to life. Then you have a *duty* to carry a weapon to safe your life. The Rabbi is saying that in Jerusalem, with the growing threat from terrorism, those with guns should carry them on the Sabbath.

    He *can not* rule that everyone, everywhere, should carry their gun on the Sabbath!

    • “muksa”, or forbidden to be touched, on the Sabbath, *unless* there is a *direct* threat to life. Then you have a *duty* to carry a weapon to safe your life

      What part of this sentence, which you wrote, are you not understanding, stupid f**k? Is it the incorrect use of the word “safe” instead “save”? Or are you just simply so stupid that you refuse to defend the lives of your children and wife, you stupid f**k? Either way, you are a stupid f**k. Precisely the kind of stupid f**k who told the Jews of Europe they had nothing to worry about from the NAZIs and Communists. Stupid f**k.

      • Wow, I’m amazed at the hate. I was explaining why this Rabbi, who is a religious authority for the Orthodox Jews of Israel made such a statement.I agree with you that Jews should defend themselves in all places they are threatened. Put the anger away.

        • No. You can crawl on your knees and beg for mercy from enemies all you want, stupid f**k. I. Do. Not. Submit.


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