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Dave Campbell

“I have asked him if he would leave the weapon in his truck and he said he was going to ‘stick to his guns.’ That’s what he said.” – Kalamazoo Regional Educational Services Agency superintendent Dave Campbell in Guns in School: Dad openly carrying causes alarm, lockdown [at]


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  1. That’s what he said? He should be arrested for…something! There oughtta be a law!

    The dad openly carrying did not “cause” the lockdown. An idiot administrator calling for a lockdown did.

  2. Yeah it’s BS. This is like the third time the administrator put the place on lockdown because the exact same dad came to the school. They know he is not a threat yet continues to put he place on lockdown. A think a new administrator is in order.

    • Has nothing to do with safety, or logic of any kind. It’s the “policy” and the policy is strictly in place to maintain control. What’s actually happening is irrelevant to these controllers. And they’d be willing to ignore any new policy that diminished their control.

  3. It’s funny that open carry is required in certain places for a cpl holder. It’s also funny that as a student I have never been frightened by anyone who was open carrying, anywhere. Why can’t we just have constitutional carry? Our state pistol (and other weapon) laws don’t stop criminals from doing bad things.

  4. A police officer and administrator “escorting” him for the duration of his visit, for doing something that is lawful? Something that ihas been publicly acknowledged as legal by both the school and law enforcement?
    Sounds like harassment on the taxpayer’s dime to me.

    • Was the police officer OCing? How about the administrator? Did we have something like an armed gang wandering around, locking and unlocking doors? Did anybody think to get a damned VIDEO? Talk about going viral.

      • Yeah that struck me too. A man with a gun in a holster on his side is escorted by a man with a gun in a holster on his side so the students will not be frightened. Brilliant.

  5. It’s a political ploy by school officials to get rid of people with guns walking in the school (except cops of course). They know he is not a threat. Both the school officials and the police have verified his permit – yet they continue to lock the place down. I’m guessing they are voting for Hillary.

    • poking the bear yes, but, sometimes the bear is really stupid, has no claws or teeth and the strength of a baby kitten. I also believe in this case, the bear hangs a kick me sign on his own back every day.

  6. The illogic, waste of resources, harassment, and spin need to be called out in every mention of this story. “Fisking” to feel smug is a waste of time. “Fisking to stifle their made-up story, and judo their spin into making rhem look bad is … pretty near half the persuasion war.

    Like this: “The kid’s dad didn’t ’cause’ anything. They know who he is, know he’s harmless, and get their knickers in a knot anyway. He doesn’t need ‘escorting.’ Of anything he should be doing escorting.

    It’s like they want to create a fake issue where there is none. That makes the administration provocateurs.”

  7. “OMG he used a common idiom and was not breaking the law, so I put the school into lockdown, disrupted the education of my students, and diverted critical resources from elsewhere”

    If this is the same school that I think it is, isn’t this parent a somewhat regular visitor? If so when is the line crossed and the Administrator filing a false report?

    • When will this type of BS go the way of calling ‘Fire!’ in a crowd and be met with criminal charges for the Admin?

      Do we have to wait for a shooter to take advantage of the diverted attention of the police and for innocent people to suffer (i.e. people trampled by crying wolf with fire?)

      Or worse, the police to become desensitized, “Oh, it must be that father again”, in the case when there is a real school shooter?

      The flames of fear and bias of ‘big scary guns’, created by the left and fanned by idiots, should not be allowed to put law abiding citizens in a danger more severe than any legally carried firearm.

  8. Reading the comments from the article it appears there are a lot of brain dead liberals in Michigan. The law says that concealed pistol licence holders can openly carry in a school. The administrator knows this. The police know this. The readers know this. So the administrator puts on this theater of locking down the school and calling the police and they act all shocked and offended that someone would dare have the audacity to exercise his right under the law. If you don”t like the law, petition your representatives to change the law. This dog and pony show and the feigned outrage over it is just stupid.

    • Technically there is no law that says it’s legal. The federal law says no guns in school unless licensed by the state. Our state law says no concealed carry in schools. We have no law prohibiting open carry. Yes Michigan is a mostly blue state, and with Governor Fudge-Up the Republican party is damaged in this state for a long time. Is the “Flint Water Crisis” on every news channel, every 15 minutes in every state or just here because it’s local?

      • Yes, there’s been a fair amount of coverage nationally over Flint. I haven’t been able to figure out why the gov is taking flack over it though, other than the fact that they can’t blame anyone with a D by their name. Isn’t the local water supply handled by the local (Democrat) governments?

        Anyway, either petition the government to legalize concealed carry in schools or to ban open carry in schools. The father who carries there is just minding his own business and following the law. It’s the administrator who’s pouting about it.

        • To make it short, Gov S. Decided that if your city/school/community was having financial difficulties he would assign a “manager” to oversee the locally elected government. This was upsetting to a lot of people that the state elected politicians would give Snyder that extra power. Detroit Public Schools, Detroit, and Flint were given managers. Snyder’s assigned manager to Flint, decided to cut off the water from Detroit to Flint in an effort to save money. Flint hooked up to old lines and the corrosive Flint water, the corrosive water made lead from the pipes leach into the water.

        • Still comes down to the local Dems running the town into the ground so the Republicans had to step in to take the blame. Unless the locals warned the state manager that he couldn’t do that, how was he supposed to know? I guess I’m against state and federal authorities getting overly involved in local affairs as the next guy, but I’d wager this all started with Flint coming to the state with their palms out.

      • There is no such thing as a law that makes something legal in the US. The 14 Amendment clearly states, all powers not granted by the constitution are retained by the People or the States respectively. We do not derive our rights from the Government. We have all rights unless we have surrendered that right to the Government. Absent a law making it illegal, it IS LEGAL. PERIOD.

        • Wow Donny lay off the caffeine. Deep end that way—>. Never mind, you found it. No where did I say anything about law/rights. I’m just saying that Federal and state law have a different opinion and MI doesn’t have a law prohibiting open carry, other states do.

        • Don’t be silly, you know what he means. CC is illegal in schools, now, to “legalize” it you need to repeal the law forbidding it. It remains in the domain of the state legislature, either way you express it.

  9. “Campbell plans to meet with any concerned parents at 7 p.m. on Monday to explain the lockdowns and what appears to an ongoing situation as the music enrichment program continues through the school year.”

    Ideally this father will show up for this meeting (I’ll bet the superintendent didn’t send him a letter) open carrying his pistol.

      • They had better call out the entire police department for that crowd. In case they want to exercise their rights. By publicly speaking.
        Sarc off. For now.

  10. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. There’s plenty of legal things that are dangerous, immoral, or both. I would consider needlessly initiating a confrontation both physically and legally dangerous.

    After the first two or so incidents (enough to verify this as harassment), he should’ve simply tried something different, like filing a harassment complaint against the admin, or more appropriately, getting others to do the same and make the admin look like an idiot constantly interrupting classes for unnecessary lockdowns.

    That said, MI law should allow him to conceal it, but I won’t hold my breath waiting on that law to pass.

    • A right not exercised is a right lost. He is not breaking the law and is being unfairly targeted and harassed by the school administration. He is not posing a threat to anyone and the police are aware of this, he is not putting himself or anyone else in danger.

  11. When my kid was in grade school, there was one school administrator that I would have done that to at every opportunity, just for the joy of making her stew. This was the twit that tried to ban the staff from saying “Merry Christmas.” This being Georgia she was invited to visit the superintendent and Dr. Grinch was advised that she was to apologize to the staff, and go forth and sin no more. Since the Grinch wasn’t allowed to steal Christmas, she retired at the end of the next school year.

  12. Perhaps a new rule. Person who knowingly locks down a school when no threat exists, pays for all services used in lock down. That will end the nonsense.

    • Government gonna pass a rule that holds government agents personally responsible for some expense? ANY expense? I’m not gonna hold my breath.

  13. So the father is polite, non-aggressive, apparently a good conversationalist, law abiding, rights exercising, and takes an active interest in his child’s school activities? Oh, the humanity!

    What a horrible example he sets for other parents. Next thing you know, they’ll want to get their acts together as parents, exercise their rights and hold the school accountable. No wonder the school district is stalking him, harassing him and singling him out for intimidation and embarrassment.

    Stick to your guns, father whose name is not disclosed. You’re a great American.

  14. As someone who is very active in the Michigan OC community things like this are getting very tiresome. Sadly, this isn’t the first time a story like this has been brought to light in Michigan in recently because school administrators refuse to accept the fact that It has been gone over and fought in many courthouses throughout Michigan. The Michigan AND Federal laws that allow OPENLY carried firearms are not “loopholes,” rather it is DESIGNED to allow law abiding people the right to carry and at the same time allow administrators to know that there are armed people on the campus. Why? To allow them to better anticipate issues, but also because people who are WILLING to follow the law and openly carry their firearm even though they have a CPL are not the ones you have to watch out for. The powers that be need to wake up and face the fact that people bent on causing problems and having ill intent DO NOT ADVERTISE IT! Open carriers in particular and law abiding gun owners in general are NOT the problem, and never have been. Paranoia, deceit, lack of parenting, and loss of morals in this country ARE now, always have been, and always will be the problem.

  15. This whole quagmire could have been resolved quickly had Gov. Snyder simply approved concealed carry in schools by law abiding citizens possessing a CPL, when the bill was presented for his signature. Problem solved!

    But is Snyder really interested in solving problems, or dramatizing them for sensationalism? I think he’s a whiny little drama queen myself.


  16. Quite glad my wife and I created the situation for our family where Statist a-holes can’t “lockdown” our children as if they are in prison.

    Get your children out of public “education” or accept the lunacy they are programmed to think is normal. That’s all these ‘lockdowns’ are…normalization of physical control.

  17. That’s pretty stupid. I can even understand SOME of the county’s measures short of a lockdown. I MIGHT have understood a lockdown the first time out of an abundance of caution and not knowing who the parent was.

    But day after day, week after week they have a cop and an administrator “escort” this guy around while kids are prohibited from entering the halls. And if there are any kids “scared” by the sight of a gun…then seeing a cop with a gun would do the same thing. Which is exactly what they’re doing.

    The meeting I get. Parents can be annoying as hell. It’s nice that they’re pre-emptively telling them what he’s doing is okay and that he’s been checked out. The rest of it is insane. Again, the lockdowns aren’t being caused by the parent. They’re being caused by the administration in an effort to create the fear they allege the parent would cause if, god forbid, these kids see a gun. Nevermind half of them probably play Call of Duty and watch TV shows and movies.


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