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“The proliferation of silencers would introduce a menacing new threat to our nation’s communities and our law enforcement professionals,” Sean Simons, deputy press secretary at Americans for Responsible Solutions, quoted in How Easy Should It Be to Buy a Silencer for a Gun? [via]

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  1. She’s got it all wrong. They chant the same old talking points over and over. Maybe they should try building a fire and dance around it…

  2. How Easy Should It Be to Buy a Silencer for a Gun? Just as easy as it is to make one, which is very easy. And if criminals wanted to quiet their firearms could easily make suppressors from cheap & readily available materials, and being criminals they don’t typically worry about breaking laws.

      • How about you just buy one off ebay or amazon? Or use a $10 thread converter and a $15 oil filter?…. why arent criminals doing this? Because suppressors are impractical for criminal work. They make a concealed (as in concealed from the police) hand gun not very concealable and make an extremely loud rifle only very very loud.

  3. “The Trace” is funny “news outlet.” It actually lists gun control groups of Bloomberg as the funding when you look at their filings! Vox and Intercept reprint there lobbying material without noting they are part of the gun control lobby.

  4. It’s dumb. And it’s dumb because I can make a silencer (that is actually quite effective) out of a machined adapter and an automotive oil filter in my garage in about an hour. Criminals obviously don’t have much a use for silencers, since they impair ones ability to conceal and are so easy to make. If criminals wanted them they could easily have them.

  5. In light of today’s news, maybe they’re on to something. I mean, do we really want all the those unhinged Bernie Bros and Hillbots running around going pew-pew with silencers?

  6. Is there a requirement that all of these anti- self-defense “spokespersons” have to be metrosexual dweebs?

    • I hypothesize that it maybe due to all the estrogen mimicking plasticizers that have been prevelant in the last 20-30 years in food and drink containers. It would be an interesting study to do to see if chemically induced pussification was indeed happening at a higher rate in so called millennials.

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