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“Our elected leaders are listening to the gun lobby. (Moms Demand Action are) working to make sure [they] are listening to Minnesota.” – Marit Brock in With Republicans in control, gun rights advocates make their move [via]

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  1. If they’re listening to the gun lobby, then they’re listening to the people.

    If they’re ignoring you, then they’re listening to the people.

    I know you’re blond, but try to keep up.

  2. Actually, a rather balanced bit of journalism, if anyone wants to bother to read it. The MDA dolts are only a small part of the article. Nothing novel, so only if you’re bored…

    • I read something just yesterday about how Minnesota democrats are making their own situations in Minn. worse by their own actions. Minnesota it seems, is turning solidly conservative. Their high state court is something like 70 percent conservative and showing no signs of changing. An example offered was how badly the Walker recall failed.

      I can’t recall *where* I read it, but I did, Real Clear Politics, I believe, one of my favorite political aggregators out there, hands down. Drudge is OK, more sizzle than steak it seems, and Politico is a sad excuse for a leftist joke…

      • Curtis, these morning article are easy warm-ups, morning journalistic coffee, raw meat for the hungry readers. Just throw up a moronic quote from some little person somewhere and stand back and watch the melee. Mistakes from the commenters are understandable.

    • I got as far as their discussion of the GOP having won both chambers of Minnesota’s legislature and describing the next move:

      “The measure with the most momentum would expand the types of situations in which it is legal to take another person’s life — commonly called a ‘stand-your-ground’ bill.”

      I don’t consider that unbiased or even competent journalism. All that SYG does is remove the duty to retreat before applying lethal force. It does not change the standard or threshold of what circumstances constitute justification of lethal force in the first place.

      The “types of situations in which it is legal to take another person’s life” do not change one iota. All that changes is whether prosecutors, judges, and juries get to second guess to what extent a victim availed himself of escape options before meeting lethal force with lethal force.

      That’s more than an academic point. When you’re faced with an imminent, and I mean imminent as in that very instant, life or death threat, you’re acting on countless generations of deeply rooted survival instincts slowly sculpted over countless millennia, That could just as easily present as fight as flight. It’s absurd on its face then to subject a victim to an endless enfilade of what-ifs and why-didn’t you and coulda shoulda woulda about escape options foregone, when all that matters is that someone was trying to kill this person and they defended themselves as best they could.

      The journalist in this article need not make the case for SYG, but they ought at least to characterize it accurately.

  3. Message to Shills, Moms Disgruntled for Attention….Two words ; “F€©K OFF !!!” 🙂

    • Now, now.
      There’s no need for for that.
      We can simply smile and say, “Have a nice day!”

      I have read that NRA is going to score the Gorsuch confirmation vote. The Senators know what that means.

      • Goresuch is not the political mountain the Left wants to stand on for this. It’s gonna make it lots worse for themselves when the next SCOTUS justice gets confirmed.

        But their base is screaming for blood, and I’m not in the least bit interested in interrupting them while they step on their own metaphoric ‘Johnson’ on this one.

        I was serious the other day when I predicted some on the left will snap like a rubber band and resort to violence at some point during Trump’s term, and I think that time will be when Trump nominates for the next SCOTUS associate justice…

        • Let’s just hope the actuarial tables catch up with RBG and a few of the others sooner, rather than later.

    • I like the “Southern approach to insults” in a venue like this:

      “Bless your heart.”
      They’re not actually asking for redemption for your soul here, but rather, dismissing you, in the most polite way possible. Makes some people crazy…which is really nice.

  4. I have no problem with the pols listening to their constituents. I have a HUGE problem with pols listening to shills for Bloomberg.

  5. I find it interesting that the anti groups are trying to legislate funding for themselves…I guess dad is getting tired of being the bank.

  6. I”m sorry for your misguided Surreal reality, blind faith in passing laws that very few will obey and actually stop someone from doing violent acts! I’ll bet in your mind prohibition was a good thing with all its social after effects!
    With absolutely no sense of history and too busy nose and butt picking, the Elephant is coming!

  7. “we have a hunger amongst the leadership both in Congress and here at home to expand the rights for anyone to carry any kind of firearm anywhere with absolutely no regulation.”

    Also known as “constitutional carry”, for a reason! Now how about presenting evidence (meaning “proof”!) that would cause any problems whatsoever, or conversely, STFU.

  8. The graph “Adults who can carry concealed weapons” is a joke. It only looks at permits. That’s why Vermont is zero, it does not issue permits. As the number of Constitutional Carry states increases, it will be harder to get a meaningful number. In NH, the local police keep track of permits and there is no count maintained by the state. The number reported is probably the number of non-resident licenses.

  9. Whose making sure the evil blue house of (D) MN isn’t listening to satan?

    The message from mothers who demand:



  10. “we have a hunger amongst the leadership both in Congress and here at home to expand the rights for anyone to carry any kind of firearm anywhere with absolutely no regulation.”

    Nobody’s proposed that using a firearm should make one exempt from laws against murder, assault, and negligence.

  11. So, Mothers Against Only Some Violence are for “duty to retreat” laws that give someone in imminent danger something else to worry about, and create an opportunity for lawerly second-guessing and discretionary prosecution because we just don’t like somebody.

    That’s not very nice.

  12. Well, I guess Daddy Warbucks Bloomberg isn’t getting the mileage out of MDA that he thought he should. Apparently Shannon has moved from Indiana to Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District and is on a some board with an organization called “Emerge America”.

    From Emerge America’s site:

    “Emerge America is the premier training program for Democratic women.
    We inspire women to run, we hone their skills to win.
    Our goal is clear: to increase the number of Democratic women in public office.”

    There is probably more to this story that will come to light. Smells like Bloomberg isn’t happy with simply buying incumbent politicians.

  13. “we have a hunger amongst the leadership both in Congress and here at home to expand the rights for anyone to carry any kind of firearm anywhere with absolutely no regulation.”
    She doesn’t understand. No expanding of our rights to keep and bear arms is necessary. We already have these rights. The point is to stop infringing on them, as the Constitution prescribes. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

  14. When Amy Klobeshar and Al Franken are defeated and replaced as MN US Senators, and Keith Ellison is out of the House, I’ll believe that MN is turning conservative. In the mean time, those of us in WI watch the craziness and think about how we can replace Tammy Baldwin as Senator here.

    • Oh, losing Tammy would be so nice… too bad it won’t happen until after the successful invasion of Occupied Madistan!

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