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“As for inner-city violence: If guns are the reason for the violence in the inner city, shouldn’t the guns in American suburbs be the reason for their violence? Problem is, they don’t have the same level of violence. Could the truth be we neglect the inner cities and leave them to rot in economic disparity, only to use the dead bodies to help boost our “let’s scare all the soccer moms into joining our anti-gun group with over-inflated gun violence numbers” political routine?” – Colion Noir inĀ NRA rips 2020 presidential hopeful McAuliffe as ‘anti-gun crackhead’ [via]

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  1. Competition is good when there are 2 or more striving for the same goal it improves the quality of the competitors. In my opinion inner city’s suffer largely suffer because seemingly no matter what happens, no matter what is done to them, the the people living there will just keep voting Democrat. Because the politicians have the voters supporting them even if they do nothing to help fix their situation, the problems of inner city people are ignored and getting worse. I live just outside Portland Oregon so I have the joy of seeing the effects of one party rule first hand.

    • Spot on Mike.
      I’m about 20 miles south and a little west of Portland.
      Let’s appease the “homeless” by allowing them the “right to dream”.

  2. Inner City Violence as a Gun Control Recruitment Tool?

    Yes, politicians love inner-city violence. It propels violent crime numbers to stratospheric levels and provides justification for all manner of heavy-handed police-power laws (local, state, and national) as well as heavy-handed taxation (to “provide” for poor inner-city dwellers). And since the violence never affects the political class or their wealthy donors, the political class will never change course.

    Remember, the overwhelming majority of the political class could care less what happens to anyone else: their primary interest is consolidating their power and wealth.

  3. There are a lot of reasons for the status quo power structure to neglect inner cities. Supporting gun control is just one. The economically depressed are like strung out whores to their pimps. The last thing the pimps want is for their whores to get clean.

    Keep them hooked. Keep them beaten. Keep them afraid. And they’ll always come home for their fix. The attitude is well trained into them at this point the only chance they have of relearning how to live as a thinking human being with free will and personal responsibility would be war on American soil decimating the urban infrastructure forcing occupants to scatter and build new lives without the drug of dependence. Just like an addict can’t recover in the same environment surrounded by the same people doing the same things when they got hooked in the first place.

    • How many of them are going to have even the basic skills to hold a job that can pay enough to make ends meet? It’d be even worse in rural areas re applicable skills.

      I’d wager not a high fraction. And that means, even if scattered, a lot would wind up relying on the kindness of others, so to speak. Or turning to crime.

      I’m not saying you’re wrong. But it will be an extremely unpleasant upheval if it happens, for instance if the federal government topples from debt and welfare payments stop abruptly.

      • “…How many of them are going to have even the basic skills to hold a job that can pay enough to make ends meet?”

        No worries on that one, they will just keep running up the minimum wage.

      • If the Federal Government topples it will take most of the states with it ie. Illinois, California, New Jersey to name a few….and not just welfare and food stamps be eliminated….so to will most all public pensions ,Federal state and local as well as social security old age and disability recipients will lose all benefits as well….that could directly affect 80 to 100 million US citizens right off the bat if ALL entitlement money is terminated(and yes I consider all public pensions and social security as entitlement)…talk about a national “train wreck” of Biblical proportions.

        • OK, so the money taken from me at gunpoint is an “entitlement”? Yes, I am entitled to my own money the .guv took out of my paycheck. The rest of what you said is correct, but they owe me my money. If I have to take it back so be it, but I don’t want that to be what happens.

      • All anyone in America needs to do to be virtually guaranteed middle class status is to graduate high school, get a job, and not have children before getting married.

  4. Colion is right but gun control is not the main reason the leftists keep abusing the poor and never solve the problem. Gun control is just a tick on the dog’s tail.

    The dog is the welfare state.

    • It hasn’t gotten much attention but President Trump in January began the process to end section 8 housing and welfare/food stamps. Black social media is full of pictures of people holding their section 8 termination notices.

      Trump has begun the process to get the government out of families lives. Most people would be surprised just how happy this is making black people.

      • Forced section 8 housing has been a disaster in the Vegas valley. Brand new master plan communities that were forced to allocate for section 8 housing in their areas are all now sub market areas.

        It is odd driving through a neighborhood of 3000+ sqft homes that are less than 20 years old and see how trashy the whole master plan area has become. Cars parked on lawns, trash left laying about, junkers parked in the drives of what should be more upscale homes, but they can’t sell them for market price because no one wants to live in those areas.

        • Here in DFW, there are always developers trying to put Section 8 apartments in middle-class neighborhoods. Of course, those guys all live in rich enclaves like Southlake and Highland Park, and would never put those apartments in their own neighborhoods. Nope, they put them in our neighborhoods, so we get our stuff stolen, and we have to deal with their miscreant kids causing trouble in our schools.

  5. The reasons are whatever the drafters of the lefty talking points say that they are. The minions usually know how to follow their lead.

    McAuliffe 2020? Jeesh, the Clinton rot runs very deep.

  6. The Party of Free Shit controls the People of Free Shit. The soccer moms’ fear of the spread inner city violence helps the Dem control that weak-minded groups. The Dems have a lot of levers, and uses them all.

  7. The above all may be true…but why doesn’t this happen in poor white neighborhoods?

    • I suspect that the poor white culture does not have the same degree of gangs and thuggery as that of other cultures.

    • It does, no one pays any attention. What stands out in the public’s mind is the coloreds killin’ in the cities.

      • Bs. Hillbilly meth heads are not shooting people everyday. Living in one of the worst counties for meth in our state, murder here is rare. Last shooting involving drugs was a few years ago, and it was a 20 yr old black kid shooting a 20yr old white kid in the back of the head after the deal to get the goods and the money. Inner city violence is just that. It doesn’t happen in other communities. In Tn, I would wagerbthe vast majority of shootings here happen in the projects of Chattanooga, Memphis. The cause is cultural. This gang bang quick dollar mentality that is idealized by certain demographic groups. This is also the reason for the US having higher murder rates than average developed countries.

  8. It’s been well established that black crime crosses economic and educational levels. Take a tour of the ghetto and marvel at how many blacks are driving luxury cars, flashing gold bling along with $500 sneakers and iPhones. And all these “aspiring rappers” dindu nuffin’ to earn that lawfully. If guns didn’t exist they’d be chasing each other with machetes and pointy sticks.

  9. That was a nice verbal ass whipping. Of course, McAuliffe is seriously unarmed in the whole ‘thinking’ department.

  10. The problem is still Slavery. Liberals use the underprivileged and poor as a tool of control. Just like when they were slavers. You control people with where they live and were they get their food and shelter. As long as they remain needful of their handouts they will continue to support their Masters. So many of these people don’t know what true Freedom is. They’ve never been taught real life skills and can’t survive without the hand outs. They’ve lived in poverty and poor neighborhoods for so many generations it’s all they know. Liberals purposely destroy schools so inner city children fail to learn what’s truly necessary to survive. They tease them with the carrot knowing full well they will never get it thus controlling their emotion of failure. These are in many cases good people. They just lost their way because the road is blocked to them by those who control their lives. Poverty like Slavery is just another tool Liberals use to control the people they need to remain in power.

  11. Nobody said guns is the “reason” for the violence. Guns just make it easier and more efficient to inflict the violence. It’s used as a tool. Just like everybody else. The proper tool makes the job easier right ?

    • All of the anti-gun people claim the guns are THE reason for the violence. TPOTG know they are just tools, among many, but the gun grabbers can’t or won’t face that fact.

      Or did you forget to indicate sarcasm?

  12. “Could the truth be we neglect the inner cities and leave them to rot in economic disparity”

    if the inner city residents would refrain from vandalism, graffiti, robbery, burglary, and 100 other things that drive sensible citizens away I might be persuaded to care.

  13. McAuliffe and his 93 million people a day…Dumbass

    I’d be alone within 3-5 days. Yessssssssssssssssss

  14. Not only Gun Control, but as motivation for bigger government budgets.
    . . They actually rely on the Fear created between the Rich and Poor to assist in the Alinskyitte Goals of centralizing power.

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