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“Hillary Clinton poses as the coolly thoughtful presider over a national conversation, but if you listen to what she’s saying, she already has her answers and she’s not going to let you hold any other viewpoint. The woman who once famously said, ‘I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic,’ is now ready to deploy the verb “to terrorize” against those who debate and disagree with her.” – Law professor Ann Althouse in ‘Hillary Clinton cannot let you hold a viewpoint about guns that is terrorizing the vast majority of Americans’ [at]

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  1. Clinton had no shot at the White house way too much dirt. She represent the absolute worst our political system has generated. IMO she is a would be tyrant

      • Yes, that’s why talk of her running deeply troubles me. All the pieces are in place for an East German-style police state.

      • E.M.O.T.I.O.N!

        Yep, she’ll be able to lay claim to the female vote either because of gender, or by expressing her political ‘feelings’ on every hot button issue in a way that evokes empathy and unity amongst most women.

      • Remember when the “Daily Mirror” ran the cover that said “How Can 59,054,087 people be so Dumb?”, after the 2004 election?

        Well, here we are visiting the OTHER half of the brain dead population; the other half that still believes that the two party system is working, that half that is somehow believing that Hillary believes in what this country represents.

        • “believes that the two party system is working”

          Or the half that believes that the Republican party has anything to offer other than more of the same old shit?

    • Dude, seriously?
      King osama had less than one full term as a senator under his belt and he got appointed president. Before he was a senator his job was to help illegal aliens sign up for food stamps. If the string-pullers want Clinton to continue with the destruction of the U.S., she will be “elected”.

    • The nation fresh off of electing a black president wants to elect a women president — why? because that is why!

      I am not against a women president, however, Hillary is not the best candidate.

      Many progressives care more about making history or social statements than electing the right person for the job. Many voters are simply robotic — they will press the D or R lever regardless of facts.

      When Sen. Leland Yee can get 200K+ votes in a race he removed himself from months before due to his criminal indictment, that is all you need to know about the out of touch progressive democratic voters.

        • The progressives backed by the media would make it a historic event regardless of facts. Feminist groups would make it a history making USA event. Emotion > logic

        • “But having Hillary as president wouldn’t be historical.”

          Not in this PC day and age.

          Pascal says it well…”progressives care more about making history or *social statements* than electing the right person for the job.”
          Unless the Republicans can pull a hot celebrity candidate out of the wings along the lines of JFK, most women, all low information liberal and progressive voters are going to elect hillary and her shadow, Billy Bob.

    • Hillary will run and she is a shoe in to win.

      I think she will be the worst possible president, but the claims she won’t run or wont win are complete fantasies

      • Can’t possibly be any worse than Dubya, who is genuinely in the 5th quintile of every legitimate historical study that has come to light.

        • I understand Dubyah’s lookin’ pretty good lately, at least to sentient human beings. But then a sentient human being who is interested in 2A rights would not be saying Hillary! “couldn’t be worse” than anyone, including the present occupant of the WH ( I fear Hillary! would be a bit more competent about bringing her gun-grabbing desires to fruition).

        • Dubya was an overall failure, but I would still take the worst of Dubya than the best of anything Hillary has to offer.

        • Will you still say Bush was so bad when Hitlery’s storm troopers are kicking down your door? She made it very clear in the 90s that she wants total confiscation of all firearms.

    • Robert……

      Please for the love of God make an avatar for the Hildebeast so we don’t have see her ugly F’ing mug!!!

      Sounds like an opportunity for another giveaway and I will donate $10 the day you announce the contest.

      • I think that picture was taken a long time ago. Note the polyester leisure suit. They were a big hit at the Senior Center in the 80s – the stains wash right out.

  2. She is not in the greatest of health and in the tail end of her political career. She is either pulling this whole running for president thing as political decoy to save the real dem candidate from the media self destruction or she has one heck of an ego.

    • Actually, if done right, running for President can be quite lucrative to. That’s why Al Sharpton stays in the race even after he concedes defeat. He’s got to use up those campaign contributions.

      Ego + money. The only reason she “lent” money to her last campaign is because she thought she could still win. She may not even run this time but people are already contributing to a campaign that doesn’t exist. The more she talks about running, the more money she can make even if she never appears on a ballot.

      Politics at its “finest”

      • And when she doesn’t run, she will use her campaign coffers, which she will give to the one she perceives will be the victor, to buy herself massive influence and favor. So whoever will be the face of the (D)s will be in debt to her before they even get anywhere. Aren’t politics grand?

        • I hereby nominate her for U.S. Ambassador to Antarctica. She already has State Department credz.

      • Don’t you genuinely feel that the only reason Ted Cruz maintains a faux Presidential posture is to suck off the teat of his donors? He’s no idiot. He’s playing the redneck and T-bagger base like a musician plays a fiddle.

        • Those are incredibly racist and offensive derogatory terms. Can’t you discuss the issues of the day without resorting to obscenities? Where are TTAG’s Civility Police on this one?

        • You must be mistaken, Houstonian. Everyone knows the Dems and Progressives are the only tolerant, open-minded, civil folks around. Just ask Eugene Robinson.

        • Racist? A redneck is a racial classification? Since when? When I lived in New Orleans, the most popular song on the radio was “We’re rednecks…” “Redneck has been used in polite conversation for nearly a hundred years. And T-bagger is the same: it is a political classification, not a racial one. Chill, bro.

        • Ummm, “teabagger” is crude sexual reference that has been uniformly applied to [real] grass-roots anti-tax groups by those same progressives who are always lecturing everyone else about maintaining civility in political discourse. It is not only indecent in its own right, it is doubly so when used by those who consider themselves be the moral and intellectual betters of the people they so label.

  3. Get ready for the Run of 2016/2017. I’m already building an ammo stockpile.

    Given the nature of Presidential politics nowadays, it won’t matter for us if Hillary wins or loses.The GOP will of course advance a milquetoast candidate only slightly right of Hillary, and one sure to hate guns just as much as she does. Which means either way ,were screwed so far as the White House is concerned.

    We need to focus on the midterm elections. We cannot afford to lose Congress.

    • I’d say “statist,” not “socialist.” Socialists generally have principles. Horribly deranged principles, but principles nonetheless. The only thing the Clintons and their ilk seek is the accumulation of state power and the office to wield it.

    • You mean besides the part of the BOR that declares there is no such thing as “your child” and also declares a right to health care.

      It’s right here between… Oh, wait, it ISN’T here! Gee, fancy that!

  4. It’s nice that althouse picked up on this, but I’m still waiting for the mainstream media to catch up. A likely presidential candidate, former secretary of state, former first lady, just came out against the First Amendment and in favor of government “viewpoint control”, and so far there hasn’t been a peep about it.

  5. I see no difference between Bush and Obama. Bush could have inserted a small team to get Osama bin Laden. We had stability with Iraq, Hussein was killing anyone who opposed him. Iraq and Iran were mortal enemies.
    We should have left them still fighting each other.
    Bush, Cheney and Obama are disgraceful, but Biden is just a jerk!
    The damage to our troops from those two wars will go on forever.
    Politicians before taking public office in Federal service should be required to take 1 year of history, there would be fewer wars, which always have consequences, mostly untended.
    Hillary May or May not get in. Her performance in the State Dept should have people deciding on someone else but the low info voters will be swayed by the MSM.
    Make sure you have plenty of ammo for target and hunting. Whoever gets in will go after ammo and international sales of ammo, guns, etc.

    • “Politicians before taking public office in Federal service should be required to take 1 year of history”….

      As well as at least 4 years mandatory military service before becoming “commander in chief”.

      • Why just 4 years? Why not constantly elect Generals and Admirals? After all, that worked well for South America. The banana companies loved it and they provided all those jobs for banana pickers.

    • When it comes down to it… would Joe Biden be a better choice? At least we’d still be allowed to keep shotguns…

      On a side: “automatic” simply means the firing action allows for the extraction and chambering of another round. In the old days, a 1911 was known as the “The Model 1911 .45 Automatic Pistol”. The definition has since changed.

      • Don’t defend or provide excuses for someone else. Clinton is responsible for every word out of her mouth. It usually doesn’t sound like it, but she has carefully chosen each word.

        You know she isn’t using “automatic” in that technical sense. She is propagating Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt for political gains and to grab power. She isn’t championing crime reduction. She wants power and control.

    • I just laugh at people who watch nothing but conservative news and who complain that folks that don’t vote for their guys are “low information.” Study after study has conclusively demonstrated that today’s conservatives aren’t as well educated or as successful in life as the average liberal or average Democrat.

    • You’re right; there is no difference between Bush and Obama.

      However, most people here put Bush (and curiously, Reagan) on a pedestal while condemning Obama.

      Can you imagine if Obama were president during 9/11, if he was the one who was friends and business partners with the Bin Ladens/Carlysle Group, like the Bushes? Walking around (literally) holding hands with the Saudi prince Bandar (as George W did)? If he were president during Katrina?

      If Obama were the one to create a whole new cabinet department, Homeland Security? Or the TSA? (these were created under the “small government” “conservative” Bush administration).

      The vitriol from the “conservative” crowd would be off the charts!

      Also funny how they get on Obama for taking vacations and playing golf, when Bush played just as much golf and at the time had the record for the most time off taken by any president.

      “Conservatives” should love Obama: he’s for the rich, just like Bush. He also has Nixon-era cronies around him, and he’s continued Bush’s policies, while taking some of them even further.

      • The two are the same at making mistakes, but from opposite ends of the spectrum. With Wolfowitz and Cheney bending his ear, Bush was too eager to go to war; but Obama, with Hillary bending his ear, has been too eager to do everything he could to avoid it.

  6. Our nation is collectively dumb enough to elect Hillary as president. I sincerely hope it isn’t so, but I recommend preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. On an unrelated note, prices on .223 / 5.56 and .308 are pretty good these days.

    • agreed…and I don’t think that note is unrelated. When she becomes the clear front runner there will be another run on ammo…

  7. This means nothing if there are not a thousand “people can not be allowed to..”
    campaign ads come 2016.

  8. I tried as hard as I could, but couldn’t force myself to have impure thoughts about HRC.

    Her thoughts however disturbing should be of no surprise. She isn’t pandering to the anti’s. She’s an old school tax, depend, take away and create dependence on liberal.

    Sjoulf she become pres, and I’m not completely convinced she will… she’s her own worst enemy, a GOP controlled house is likely to be the only defence. House and Senate would be better…

    Interesting story picked up by Politico this morning. Not a Dowd fan…not, but…


    • From that link, here is the take away

      The organization, which tracks conservative media, is run by David Brock, a Clinton ally who founded American Bridge, a Democratic PAC. Brock also runs Correct the Record, a group dedicated to defending Clinton from partisan attacks.

      There are plenty of people who will defend Clinton regardless of the facts — the fact is some people believe she got short changed in the last time she tried to run, and then there are those who just want a women president no matter the quality of the person. Just like some pop-stars who cannot sing are propped up by great PR, so too will Clinton

  9. Unfortunately she absolutely has a shot at the white house. She’ll promise amnesty, illegals the right to vote, more freebies to everyone, so on and so on as we slowly slide into a Socialist state…..sigh…all the more reason to fight every day for the second amendment. Join every group you can that will fight her campaign. I’m a NRA life member myself but I get the feeling they are not well liked on this site. So join other or all groups. Write your politicians. Join NRA even if you don’t agree with them most of the time…

  10. Sorry, Mrs Clinton, but I will hold any viewpoint I damn well please. I will also express it any way I damn well please, and vote against you and your friends in order to uphold my viewpoint.

    Got a problem with that? Tough.

  11. oHillary doesn’t have an original thought in it’s head. Watch it dredge up visions of the 1990’s & the glorious days of slick Willy. This country IS stupid enough to elect Hildebeast. GREAT ADVICE to stock up on ammo ( and all the guns you can get). I do agree with not trusting any politician…or judges. SCOTUS decision this week should be a wake-up call.

  12. Oh, c’mon guys. This is all just part of that vast right-wing conspiracy to make her sound like a psychotic tyrant. Newt Gingrich implanted a DARPA control chip into her brain back in the 90’s and is making her say insane stuff.

    • Hahaha! oh, how I wish that was true. Great image of Gingrich grinning like a bandit with an alien like probe though…

  13. Clinton, Obama, Bloomberg and their ilk are the real terrorists here…fueling the fear and feeding the frenzy…

  14. HRC is even more dangerous than Obama, as she is smart enough to know how go for the throat, dumb enough not to know better, and ruthlessly amoral in her quest for control.

    Think of her college thesis on Alinsky, Whitewater, her dictatorship of the HillaryCare effort, Lewinsky and the rest of Bills women, carpet-bagging her way into Senator of New York, in exchange for promoting nitwits like Weiner, deBlasio, and her absolutely corrupt but incompetent job at State- Fast and Furious, and lawyering up after Benghazi. If you think overseas islamic money bought Obama, just wait until you see what can be done by the Paleostinean Hugger with the help of her Muslim Brotherhood Body Person parent’s connection.

    She is the last gasp of the Progressive Agenda, with the full cynical backing of the Democratic Party leaders who long ago become corrupt and diseased creatures for the highest bidder, and their willing enablers in the StateRunMedia.

    I remember how the San Diego Democratic Club justified supporting the sleazy Filthy Filner, for Mayor, despite many warnings by senior women in the party on his well known pattern of groping and other abuse of women,
    as the Party’s culmination of the last 30 years of the progressive agenda.

    This War on Women nonsense is the intel prep of the battlefield, by the big money supporting the same national progtard elite, for this final push. Its like Lenin taking out the Bolsheviks, and we know what followed.

    • As a woman, I’m beyond disgusted that this fake-o War on Women bullshit is pushed by the party that honored two serial molesters at its 2012 convention: Clinton and Ted Kennedy. Hillary is a doormat who enables her husband’s ongoing adultery and sexual predation. Men like Clinton are why I carry a gun.

      The War on Women garbage is just scaremongering to the low info single women.

      • The Reich Wing believes that if you become pregnant, that you are no longer protected by the Constitution against involuntary servitude, because fetuses are people but the women creating them are livestock.

  15. Anyone who thinks that Ms. Clinton would not be a leftist authoritarian has not been paying attention, or is too blinded by partisanship or identity politics to accurately evaluate her behavior and rhetoric.

  16. MSM has been forcing this lady down America’s throats for a while now. Every night or two you see a new special or interview focusing on their new darling candidate.

  17. I recall the day after the last presidential election some newscaster said Hilarybis the favorite for 2016. Scripted news, scripted elections….

  18. Well, if everybody’s all salivating for a woman candidate, why not run Sarah Palin, with Cruz or Paul as veep? She has already been a governor, and apparently did right by Alaska. She might be a bloodthirsty warmonger, but she’s pro-2A and they’re all bloodthirsty warmongers!

    • The Media and the Progs won’t allow that to happen. They’ll just continually spam made up quotes about her seeing Russia from her house or something and claim she is for the “war against woman” and all that nonsense.

    • Palin did not “do right” by Alaska, you should probably ask someone who lived there.

      Palin is a money-grubber running the news circuit, is not fit for political office of any kind, not even a two-bit mayor.

      The continued support for her from conservatives is frankly baffling to me. Hey she’s got those big juggs though?

  19. I sincerely hope she isn’t running, we are honesty f—– if he, I mean she, no he, deffinately he, is elected president.


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