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“Licensing gun dealers (in Illinois) has nothing to do with the Second Amendment. It’s a business license. We’ve come a long way on this issue and we’re not going to give up.” – Colleen Daley, Executive Director of the Illinois Coalition Against Handgun Violence [via]

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    • Here delete this one too, you slimy little cocksuckers. Don’t like people calling you on your lack of respect for the first amendment? TOO FUCKIN BAD! The excuse JWT gave the other day about the first amendment being a goverment right and that in the private sector cencorship is accepable don’t cut it either. Bunch of real “Progressive” thinkers here. You must be big McCain fans here….fuckin democrats in hiding just like that turd. Either have a comments section or don’t. If some snowflake here gets their panties in a bunch that bad over a WORD…thats some simple minded new california type thinking right there.

      • Ed: You do yourself no favors with your comments.
        Maybe you don’t know that.
        If you want people to listen to you, first you must get them to think you have something worth listening to.
        It certainly appears you do not.

  1. Yeah, well, you lost. Thanks in large part to TTAG and other sources that spilled the beans on Springfield and Rock River. The best part is this made an example out of them to any other company that chooses this route.

  2. Oh, it’s just business? So you’re admitting that it just a source of revenue for the State and not for “public safety”. Thanks for the honesty.

  3. If this were strictly about business licenses and tax revenue then why are you involved? The mere presence of your organization makes this about the Second Amendment.

  4. If it’s just a business license, why is a gun control group declaring a never-ending war for it?

    I think you just called yourself a liar, Ms Daley.

    BTW, are you a member of the famous 2nd Amendment hating Daley crime family?

    (EDIT: I think Drew beat me by a couple of seconds on this one)

    • I do believe you are correct sir. She did in fact just call herself a liar.
      Coalition against handgun violence????
      So all other forms of violence are acceptable?
      So if someone beats someoneelse with a bat its okay? But pistol whip them and its a no no?
      That is hands down the dumbest name ever.
      And yeah you wouldnt have gotten anywhere with out the snakes at RRA and SA.

  5. Greedy business men and sleazy politicians just got to be a marriage made in money! Why is it the Democrats are so anti American ( maybe because Soros owns them)

  6. I have a more important question: why does any government think it has authority to “license” any business?

    • If you cannot operate a business without a government license, then government — not the People or the free market — chooses who can and who cannot conduct business.

      If that doesn’t scare the living daylights out of you, it should!

  7. All of the women involved are “highly” educated. They operate in the gang shooting gallery known as Chicago. Still they don’t have a clue and fail to drill down to the source of the problem. More telling they apparently don’t realize that the result of all their hard work is doing nothing to address the problem as they see it. It is also interesting that the woman pictured was hooked up with bloomsberg before she ended up in Chicago.

  8. I was wrong. It is not the woman pictured who was hooked up with bloomsberg it is the fearless leader of this group.

  9. Now I get it. Imposing any and all restrictions/regulations on our second amendment rights, in order to suppress the free exercise of those rights, is not about the second amendment. It is about fighting racism, er, I mean fighting sexism. No, no that is not right. It is about fighting Nazis. No, that is not right either. I think I have got it, it is about fighting Godzilla! Or, was that Mothra ?

    It must be very challenging to be a Hysterical Mother. Just remembering to take all of your meds and feed the cats, plus keeping up with the Lie of the Day would exhaust anyone.

    I am not saying who, but somebody looks like she bites and not the good way.

  10. If it’s a “business license” in addition to any other license that a retailer or manufacturer is required to have, it’s not “just business”. Add in that the bill exempted large firearm retailers and it seems it’s a business license designed to introduce anti-competitive forces upon certain, small retailers, but what do I know…

  11. A quick Google finds that ms Daley is not a spawn of Richie Daley. Just a leftard “looking for a job”. FLAME deleted(by me😜).

  12. Once again proof that everyone should be making their own ghost guns first and commercial arms second. The state (or in this case this one state) will always be looking for an excuse to take your rights. The only answer is to make it impossible.

  13. If Trump did the same thing to liberal media outfits the left would be screaming that it was an attack against the First Amendment. How is it any different when the left tries to regulate the Second Amendment to death?

  14. Ms. Daley, you are an enemy of the United States and its Constitution. You are, therefore, my enemy.

    I’m not giving up, either.

  15. Did anyone else notice the appearance of a new term (“gun reform”)?

    It’s 10:00pm. Do you know where your guns are?

      • “I know.
        They’ve been so naughty, I’m thinking of sending them to their room.”

        And don’t feed them again, until they learn to play nice.

  16. Bloomberg has his sights set on IL.
    -His super pac is running commercials supporting the cooky county beverage tax.
    -He is backing several gun control organizations in Il.
    -He directly influenced a local election that was supposed to fill Jesse Jackson Jr’s seat.

    He needs to myob, but there is no shortage of useful idiots willing to pimp themselves out to an elitest like bloomberg.

  17. I don’t normally make comments about how someone looks, but the above pic reminds me of the phrase ‘don’t stick your d*ck in crazy’.

  18. It is “just business.” It is all about “giving the business” to small gun stores to force them out of business. These guys dropped the large retailers and the manufacturers because they realized that the large fish could afford this new taxation scheme and that therefore it would not reduce the number of such outlets. It has nothing to do with raising revenue.

  19. I think anyone propagandizing for pay (Mom’s Demand DILD0S) should have to pass a “Background Check”, psychiatric exam, IQ test, and of course obtain a “business license”

  20. I don’t care about any comments on this article. They’re all below the picture. She’s a whole lot better-looking than you guys, and that’s a hall-of-fame smile, too. You never stood a chance.

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