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“The Safe Act really meets the test of good gun policy. It keeps guns out of the wrong hands, and I think it does that quite effectively.” – New Yorkers Against Gun Violence executive director Leah Gunn Barrett in Cuomo’s Gun Law Plays Well Downstate but Alienates Upstate [at]

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  1. Clearly she has a future in politics. Anyone who can lie that blatantly with a straight face is a future governor, at least.

    • Oh, she’s not lying. To her, the “wrong hands” guns need to be kept from are the hands of law-abiding civilians. And she is obviously quite pleased that it’s become that much more difficult for legal firearms to be published in her state.

      • She probably has her own armory of fancy Italian O/Us (the only gun rich liberals want to personally own, just so they can say that clay pigeons are the only legitimate reason for the Second Amendment, and that it only applies to people who can afford a >30k Italian O/U and armed police goons), plus private police goons provided by Doomberg.

    • Public awareness not required. Cuomo knows what is right for NY State. Read the reviews of his book on to see how really popular he is.

      • “…if you enjoy nonsense spewed by an arrogant jerk…”

        By all means go to & enjoy the comments about Cuomo the Lesser. Most are priceless but one did write, “you just hate Cuomo and all Democrats, NYS was messed up before he took office!”

        Worth the trip.

  2. I thought she was lying at first. Then I realized she meant people like me when she says “wrong hands”.

  3. She is most likely a “True Believer” and bereft of any insight to the flaw of her beliefs. Even a modest understanding of what the so called “Safe” Act is should bring doubt in to the mind of anyone willing to honestly think about what the act is, not to mention the corrupt and undemocratic aspect of its passage in the legislature.

    The most surprising thing about the article as I read it was that valid points of opposition to the act were reported.

    Those of us who have read even a little of the “Safe” Act know that it is a act to imperil citizens and sacrifice the rights of the law abiding. The impact on crime will be similar to that of places like Chicago where criminals will be relatively unhindered in their activities, while imposing many burdens on those that respect the law.

  4. “Its not a lie if you believe it” – George Costanza

    Her statement is just as hilarious as the Seinfeld skit where quote is derived.

  5. “The Safe Act really meets the test of good gun policy. It keeps guns out of the wrong hands, and I feel it does that quite effectively.” – New Yorkers Against Gun Violence executive director Leah Gunn Barrett in Cuomo’s Gun Law Plays Well Downstate but Alienates Upstate

    fixed it.

  6. Funny, why won’t they release the numbers of dangerous people who have registered their “assault rifles” under this very effective law? Is it maybe because they don’t want the NYT publishing another ridiculous “why aren’t you arresting a million of our neighbors” article so close to an election? Normally, when a law is successful, the politicians who passed it bend over backwards to show their voters the numbers…

  7. I’ve read the Safe Act and as with all other gun control measures there was written in a ‘bad guys and criminals do not have to abide by this’ clause.

  8. You have to love the blind faith of Proggies. If it seems like crime with certain tools aren’t happening, the SAFE Act works. When crimes happens in NYC/NYS that show the SAFE Act is not effective, it’s the fault of other States that don’t have the SAFE Act. Cognitive dissonance runs strong in these fools.

  9. I liked this quote from the article better;

    “If you keep changing the laws and think it’s going to stop violence, I just don’t understand that,” Candace Dein, 62, of West Islip said as she flipped through a magazine about handguns. “I don’t understand why they’re going after the people who have legal guns.”

    Of course, I understand exactly why they are going after legal gun owners.

  10. Like most liberals with deranged thinking, given her appearance and body language, she thinks she’s the smartest person in the room with all the answers and the only opinion that has any weight to it…………. 😛

    • She no doubt thinks the smart click of her high heels as she strides down the halls of power induces fear in all who hear it.

  11. I hate the smell of lefty progressive propaganda in the morning…smells like {Fill-in the foul odoer of your choice here) !

  12. Speaking as a Western NY resident,I ‘m confused . You mean I was suppose to register some guns and stop carrying standard capacity magazines …….

    Next thing you know someone will tell me I have to pass a background check each time I buy ammo.

  13. The reason for the disconnect portrayed in the article is quite obvious. Upstate people know a thing or two about guns. Not so much downstate, where knowledge of guns comes from what people read in the Times, hear on NPR and see in the movies. Very few downstate/city folk participate in the shooting sports rendering them virtually ignorant on the issue. Ironically, it is the subject matter experts who are being ignored.

  14. Every time I see insanity like this the following quote pops
    into my head.

    “A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to
    deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.” – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

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