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“’Calling for Heller to be overturned is a sign, in some ways, that [Clinton] is out o(f) touch with the majority of gun control organizations.’ … Both the gun control movement and Democrats ‘by and large have come to term(s) with the fact that people have the right to have firearms.’” – Adam Winkler in Hillary Clinton’s focus on guns is politically bold. Her solutions are old school [via]


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  1. When the gun grabbers are saying you’re too radical, it might be time to book a plane to Venezuela to avoid treason charges and a firing squad.

    • It reminds me of the time in the 1990s when guitarist Slash led an intervention for Charle Sheen. When 1990s era Slash show up at your front door to tell you that have a drug, alcohol, and whoring problem, you may want to pay attention.

  2. The more far Left she goes the better it will be for Trump. 42% identify as moderates in the USA and anyone too far left or right will loose. If they both diverge greatly from center, the more people will stay home and the crazies at both extremes will determine the election by how well they turn out although we could have the lowest turn out ever.

    • Yeah, I have much appreciated her really stepping into this. It is hard to imagine it won’t hurt her chances Then again, if she does win she is well positioned to claim she has a mandate on it.

    • Yea, but how far does the election fraud lever go? Electronic voting is terribly vulnerable. All they need to do is the right amount of fudging in just the right places…

      • This is how our current scum bag Muslim got a 2nd term–Philadelphia, PA, for example, had a 110% voter turnout for the 2012 election–Black Panthers told people who they were going to note for, people voted more than once & dead people voted–a 110% turnout is impressive & impossible–this is why the damn Dumbcrats fight so hard against voter ID

        • There were three counties in southern Colorado with greater than 100% voter turnout in 2012 as well.

          Absolutely third world stuff right there.

    • You also have to remember that the left has twisted the language beyond all recognition. When they say “moderate,” what they mean is leftists who still pay lip service to Constitutional principles rather than openly espouse Marxism.

    • I doubt that will happen. Clinton says whatever needs to be said to win. She’s been on both sides of tons of issues. She’ll likely move center-left after the convention. Trump, on the other hand, is so thin-skinned that he can’t help putting his foot into his mouth. I think he is going to make a titanic embarrassment of himself in the debates with Hillary and likely lose the election.

    • Indeed.

      If elected, I predict that she will be responsible for pumping more guns into the system in 4 years than Barry did in 8.

      That’s one of the few benefits to having a gun grabber in office. They make it even more impossible to ever account for all of them. The sheer numbers of bullet shooters in the system is our ultimate firewall.

      They say there are as many guns in this country as there are people. Well I’m not satisfied until there are enough guns in America to equip every man, woman and child (adult supervised) for three gun competition. That means we aren’t even half way there.

  3. Is it all that different from the Reps calling for Rowe v. Wade to be overturned?
    Both are pointlessly extreme positions that only alienate people. Overturning either wouldn’t affect “gun violence” or end abortion.

    Like somebody in some office somewhere is wondering how they can extend their parties tent to bring in a couple of hundred fringe lunatics while turning off tens of thousands others like it’s a good idea and this is what they come up with.

    I’m still waiting for somebody “tough on crime” to run on overturning Gideon v. Wainwright.

    • Well, except that Roe is a hideous piece of twisted leagal reasoning which has stymied the adoption of very reasonable regulations, regulations similar to what is on the books in very liberal European countries. Heller re-established an important legal and constitutional principle, but did so in a logical way that recognized the limits to that principle (too well for many, including me).

      • Republicans talk about “reasonable regulations” on abortions and birth control like Democrats talk about “reasonable regulations” on guns: both really mean “complete ban on something I don’t like that doesn’t affect me at all”.

        If you want to have kids, great. However, you don’t have the right to force someone else to have kids that they can’t afford / don’t want. Just like how people who don’t want to own a gun have the right not to buy one but don’t have the right to force you to not be able to buy one.

        • Forcing people to have kids would involve forcing them to have sex or submit to insemination.

          If you ever see that happening, let me know. Until then, your analogy falls flat on its face.

        • Not meaning to offend, but I’m so tired of this lame excuse. If you don’t want kids, don’t have unprotected sex. Or I dunno, maybe keep it in your pants altogether. Its really not that hard to understand, and you don’t have to kill babies.

          The abortion arguement does have one similarity to gun rights. If you don’t want a gun, you don’t have to buy one. Not that hard, people. If you’re making it hard, you have an agenda.

        • Pro-choice people made their choice at the time of intercourse. Maybe that encounter results in conception, maybe not, but they chose to expose themselves to that risk.

          Once it turns out differently from what was expected or hoped, what so-called pro-choice people really transform into is pro-exporting-the-costs-and-consequences-of-their-decisions-to-somebody-else. That’s a far less philosophically tenable position, not to mention that the bumper sticker would actually span the length of the bumper and possibly wrap around a fender.

          The comparison of not having an abortion to not buying a firearm falls flat, because the firearm is not alive and has no rights of its own. I know, I know, a zygote or blastocyst embryo or fetus is not a “baby.” So they say. The only difference between those is where you draw the line, a line which ultimately is arbitrary. With a gun, there is no line to draw, arbitrary or otherwise, as it never is alive with rights of its own.

        • “I know, I know, a zygote or blastocyst embryo or fetus is not a “baby.” So they say.”

          If Donald Trump has taught us anything, its that we don’t have to tolerate the PC BS. Abortion kills babies. Abortion is murder. Don’t back down from the Liberal intimidation. The only reason we still have our gun rights is because we the People stood strong against the Statists trying to take our guns by telling them the simple truth that they will be met with a hail of bullets if they try it. The time for civil discussion with Liberal extremists is over. Not one more inch.

        • I’m shocked, SHOCKED, that religious wackos think people should only have sex when they want to have a kid. No wonder Republicans get caught with hookers so much when their marriages have as much sex as a convent of nuns.

          News flash, it’s not 100 AD anymore. Science gave us birth control and the ability to remove parasitic organisms from a woman’s uterus. (Kick and scream all you want, until it can survive on its own at around 26 weeks, a fetus ticks every box for being a parasitic organism.) Your ancient book of fairy tales does not give you the right to control what other people do with their lives. I used to be against abortion too…when I was young and didn’t actually think it through. Then I actually looked at it while being entirely objective and saw how stupid it is to want to force people to have kids, especially when those kids will usually end up abused.

          Me personally? I got snipped back in my 20’s to ensure that my life is never ruined by kids. My only goal in life is to be happy and mountains of research, plus actually talking to parents, show that having kids makes people miserable and ruins relationships (not to mention the massive cost – I have much better things I could do with approximately $1,300 per month for 18 years). So you can scream all you want, but I’ll never be miserable like you. 🙂

    • As bad as it may sound to the religious right, I could care less if the liberal fascist want to kill off their own offspring. I have gotten to the level of frustration with their authoritarian ways that I welcome their habit of self-annihilation. I just do not want them forcing the rest of us over the cliff with them.

    • I don’t recall the ‘right’ to infanticide ever having been enshrined in Constitution. It was never ratified by the states nor voted on in Congress. The ‘right’ to an abortion is no more of a right than the right to own slaves was after the court endorsed it in Deed Scott.

      True, banning abortion would not prevent some women from killing their children, but then the prohibition on murder hasn’t eradicated the act among adults so saying that something should be legal just because some people will do it anyway is nonsense.

        • Rowe v. Wade was legislation from the bench. It was one of the most absurd opinions since Douglas’ “penumbras” and “emanations” opinion in Griswold v. Connectocut.

          I’m in favor of abortion, but Row v. Wade was and remains hideous.

        • Both the Rowe and the Scott decisions hinged on the opinion of the court that a human is not human and therefore not entitled to universally acknowledged human rights. The court is forever stained by these decisions. If the court can deem people with dark skin or the very young to be subhuman, what’s next, Jews? The arrogance of the court knows no bounds.

    • Practicing Human sacrifice is not a constitutional right. And if you don’t think that’s exactly what it is, watch one of those hard core pro-baby killing lefties talk about their ‘abortion’. Some of them even refer to it as a sacrament.

      When you worship death, death is what you deserve.

    • Roe v Wade is terrible law, regardless of your views on abortion. If it were overturned then abortion law would simple revert to each state. Some would allow it, some would restrict it, and a few would ban it. And that’s the whole point of our system: to allow divisive issues to be diffused among the states and not nationalized until a super-majority is ready to amend the Constitution. A return of power to the states is the only way to begin to fix the country’s problems.

  4. I know quite a few D’s who own guns. Most tend to be somewhat Fudd, but they all agree, Clinton needs to drop the crusade against guns.

    Hell, my retired, 65 yr old mother loves Hillary and packs an LCP everyday.

    Americans, on the whole, like guns.

    • There is no such thing as “Americans, on the whole.”

      There are self-reliant rural Americans who understand their responsibilities to provide for themselves, their families, their communities, and have the skills to do just that.

      And there are government-dependent urbanites who can’t use the tiolet or go to the grocery store without tax-supported assistance. Massive urban areas that would descend into anarchy in a day without collective resources.

      The divide between the two is ever-widening.

  5. Haha, all of the Chris Kyle fanboys are getting crazy over Brad Cooper being at the DNC. Hilarious. Go sheepdogs! Or just plain sheep.

    • I am sure it is hard for someone so divorced from reality to realize this, but Bradley Cooper is an “actor” and his job is to play dress-up and make-believe.

      • Bradley Cooper also played a Raccoon named Rocket, so what, he’s an actor. I couldn’t care less about his political leanings.

    • That’s probably the single dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

      Cooper is an actor who played a role, nothing more. There are serious clowns who are getting butt hurt because Cooper has his own life and opinion?

  6. HiLIARy Clinton is “out of touch” with more than just gun control groups. She’s a pathological liar who believes whatever she makes up about whatever subject is at hand.
    I am not sure which is worse, her pathological lying, or that millions of American idiots are unable to recognize she’s a pathological liar.

  7. Their issue with Hillary is an issue of style, not of substance. They want the same thing, they just want her to be less honest about it. Funny that over two thirds of the American people describe Hillary as dishonest, and an important segment of her supporters want her to be even less honest!

  8. Not compelling- despite being too radical on guns, registered Dems will vote for her even if they disagree with her stance on guns. Many independent and undecided moderate voters probably aren’t single issue voters; if they were they would be firmly in one camp or another anyway. Her stance on firearms freedom alone may convince some independent moderates to vote Republican, but if undecided voters (especially those who are wholly uninterested in guns) agree with her on multiple issues, they’re still going to vote for her.

  9. The LIAR

    Wants special group at the table, while she ropes of reporters.

    As a public employee Deleted 30k emails then lied about it for two years.

    That she was for TPP then removed that passage from her paperback reprint of her book.

    Said she didn’t want to take away our guns, then said SCOTUS got Heller wrong and we should look into Aussie mandatory gun buyback.

    And now said we can keep our guns but want to prevent the people who should not have them from getting them. Odd in that no one can prevent a criminal from acquiring one now and any new law will delay a citizen from lawfully protecting themselves.

    • Both the gun control movement and Democrats ‘by and large have come to term(s) with the fact that people have the right to have firearms.’” – Adam Winkler

      Riiiiight. Sure they dom’t. Until they can change their “narrative”.

      • Not even the Supreme Court has come to that realization. You have at least two justices who would toss out Heller, decided all of five minutes ago, because they elevate their personal politics above the Constitution.

        Really, when the Supreme Court degenerates into a mere Super Senate where every element of the Constutution is subject to perpetual rewrite with zero regard for stare decisis, then America will have become lawless.

  10. This concept (that Hillary is out of step with reality and offers no innovative approaches, only falls back on repeating failed methods) may provide an avenue of attack for the campaign in the general election.

    • Either she had a stroke and lost all memory of 1994, or she knows something that I don’t and it doesn’t matter if anybody votes for her.

      How many Electoral College seats are determined by paperless voting machines?

      Or, how many dead people are casting straight ticket absentee votes for the Dems this year?

    • “falls back on repeating failed methods”, Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

  11. After looking at that photo, I just a had a mental picture of the crazy clown from some (forgotten the name) Stephen King novel…..

  12. Went to see Trumpy last night in Cedar Rapids Iowa. BIG hall was PACKED. #1 applause line was “Repeale Obumercare”. Matched by “restore the 2nd Amendment”.

    Trump apparently thought there were legal CCW in the audience. The big fat TSA mama sent me away as my Swiss Army penknife was not allowed. Everyone was disarmed. Disgusting.

    About a hundred Crazy Bernie maggots chanting across the street from the hall. Didn’t find out what they were being paid.

    ANYONE but the Dowager Empress

  13. I pray that Hitlery’s calculated anti-gun rights stance is based on outdated analyses of public opinion.

    The U.S. has more gun owners than ever before. We have more owners of modern semi-automatic rifles than ever before. We have more people licensed to carry than ever before, and the increase in Illinois FOID cardholders indicates many of the licensees were not gun owners previously.

    So I’m betting that her confiscatory stance will make her more enemies than friends. Her F rated (NRA) running mate means she is doubling down on her anti-rights position and it will be harder for her to appear moderate on the issue as November draws near.

  14. I think one of the reasons the Dems went full out on gun control during their convention is because it’s the one thing Bernie’s supporters and mainstream Dems agree on…that said, historically speaking gun control has been a very bad issue to push in election years. Let’s hope that’s the case this year as well.

  15. The psychopath is visiting my town tonight. I thought about going down there to see if in this heat she would still be wearing that burlap sack to cover her body armor. But being as they have security checkpoints set up around the perimeter (they won’t even allow umbrellas), and there is no way I would travel through that town without carrying a firearm, I think I’ll pass. Besides just hearing her voice live might cause a brain aneurysm. It’s bad enough through the media.

  16. The hildebeast is (perhaps) the worst presidential candidate ever. Lyin’,inept,badly dressed,traitor to America,accepting money from the enemies of the US but Bury Soetoro is still there. If this BS doesn’t energize people I don’t know what will. And puh-leese THIS had nothing to do with murdering unborn babies. Both sides talk but do very little. This election is ALL about guns. And win or lose firearms are coming to the forefront…sure wish I had someone worth a damn to vote for.

  17. Know one thing when push comes to shove their will be a few that push back, any thing in between is BS talking!
    Banning the Democratic party would be a good start!
    The demon-erratic party in now placing bounty and targets on all Law enforcement officers!
    Imagine if all the Hunters got together and marched on Washington, they’d panic and call out the troops!
    remember Politicians are worried abut being susceptible too rule of force as laws don’t mean much, look at the C**T Hillery, the fix was in from the Git go! her Media Lap dogs made sure of that! now you know why gun control!
    Non Sibi Sed Patriae

  18. When it comes to self-defense, Hillary doesn’t discriminate. She wants us all to be as defenseless as her ambassador, Chris Stevens.

  19. Her “solutions” are the equivalent of fly-fishing for votes. Sometimes it nabs a few bites. Sometimes it doesn’t. But she rally likes to cast that real over and over again.

  20. Big picture, it’s not going to matter much. Hillary or Trump, the US is going to have a civil war (economics, and/or social).

  21. Its going to be so embarrasing if Hillary and Kim Jong Un ever show up at the same event. One of them will have to change clothes.

  22. “Both the gun control movement and Democrats ‘by and large have come to term(s) with the fact that people have the right to have firearms.’”

    Actually, I think it’s more a case of the Dems trying to play to the masses. They will never admit that individuals have rights, to defend themselves or otherwise. They just want to pander to the voters.


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