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Kurt Eichenwald (courtesy

“Gunners need to face facts, including this one: They are some of the biggest cowards in the country. They constantly tremble in fear that someone may break into their house or that the boogieman may point a machine gun at them at McDonald’s or that the government may swoop down to take their guns. They are so timid, so skittish, that they scream in horror when someone tells the truth. Guns kill people. Guns kill kids. Guns injure, maim, disfigure, cripple and generally cause this country to spend an obscene number of dollars on health care. So why are gunners so afraid to hear that guns are a health care issue?” – Kurt Eichenwald, Opinion: The Truly Ridiculous Reason the U.S. Has No Surgeon General [via]

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  1. …….Oh i’m sorry….Did you say something? I could have sworn I heard the teacher from Charlie Brown just now…..”wah wah waa wah wawawa wah”

    • I noticed that he conveniently left out the following: “…guns kill criminals, guns kill terrorists, guns kill sexual predators, guns kill mass shooters, etc.”

    • Notice the massive missuse of the English language?

      “Guns kill people. Guns kill kids. Guns injure, maim, disfigure, cripple and generally cause this country to spend an obscene number of dollars on health care.”

      No. Guns are inanimate objects. Guns are used to kill people. Guns are used to kill Kids. Guns are used to injure, maim, disfigure, cripple and generally cause this country to spend…

      The transfer of agency and will from people to guns is deliberate and completely deceptive. It removes all responsibility from the human actors.

      He also leaves out: Guns are used to save people, guns are used to put food on the table, guns are used to defend innocent women and children…

      • The tragic thing is that such language is absorbed by the ignorant masses who nod approvingly and vote accordingly.

        I should also add, guns are used as a tool to protect politicians and wealthy individuals. Do those guns simultaneously gain sentience? Do they develop a positive nature?

        I purchased my old police duty weapon, and I’ll probably buy the next one. I wonder where that gun would stand in our speaker’s continuum of firearm evil. Of course it’s sitting unloaded in my safe right now, and has no will of its own.

        If taxpayers can pay for firearms which are used as a tool to protect politicians, why can’t they use their money to purchase firearms for themselves?

        Oh, that’s right. We already know the answer: it’s a power thing. Why allow the masses the means to defend themselves if you mean to rule them with an iron fist?

        • Well said. Both of you. Transferring human emotions and abilities to inantimate objects and animals is an old tactic of anti-gunners and animal rights activists. Liberalism is based entirely on emotion rather than rational thought, and they are skilled at touching an emotional nerve in the ignorant and uninformed.

          If guns did in fact kill people, I’m sure I would have not been born, since my family line would have died out long ago. Along with the rest of humanity n

  2. f you buddy!I’ve served my country for 6 & a half years in the United States Army to fight for our constitutional freedoms and our Bill of Rights how dare you call me a coward or any other person in this country that u don’t know personally a coward! Somebody oughta take you out behind the tool shed and beat your ass real good!

    • So you fought for 6 years to “defend the Bill of Rights”, but you want this man, who is exercising his free speech (First Amendment of the Bill of Rights), to have his ass beat merely for having a point of view different than yours and offending you?

      I think you need another 6 years, because you haven’t figured it out yet.

      • So mouthbreatheralert takes exception to david took exception to this Kurt. Kurt wants to take away David’s 2nd Amendment rights. David uses his 1st Amendment right to voice his opinion of Kurt. mouthbreatheralert takes David to task for serving 6 years in the military and not respecting Kurt’s 1st Amendment rights. Yet mouthbreatheralert has no respect for David’s 1st Amendment rights. *face meets desk*

        • The face hitting the desk should be everyone who had to read that.

          I did not say anyone should not have an opinion. And most importantly, I did not say anyone should be physically assaulted for having an opinion.

          David, on the other hand, wants people with opposing opinions to get their ass beat. And you seem unable to read. A nice circle of fail in the comment section today.

      • Mouthbreatheralert, I don’t agree with David, but I don’t agree with you either. David’s not suggesting that Congress make a law curtailing the freedom of speech, so there’s no violation of the first amendment here. Have you read the bill of rights lately? It says nothing about the freedom to not get your ass beat for mouthing off.

        • So you support allowing crimes against people for having opinions? No, the Constitution does not talk about beating people up over opinions. But the law says not to do it. And so does every moral code on the planet.

          What the hell happened to this site? Gun owners are now advocating violence against idiot anti-gunners?

          I would rather stand next to the anti-gun author of the quote in question in defense of his freedom to be a moron, than stand next to people like you.

        • Mouthbreather, catch your breath and calm yourself down. The very first thing I said in my post is that I don’t agree with David either. Of course I don’t think anyone should beat up Mr. Eichenwald.

          I saw you busting on David for not understanding the bill of rights, and I couldn’t resist pointing out that you don’t seem to understand it either. 😛

          Have a good day!

      • I don’t think he wanted the government to beat the man. The Bill of Rights is a set of protections from the government, not other citizens.

        • This ^

          The bill of right protects your right to free speech, but it is not there to stop an a$$ whoopin’ from running your jaw reckless.

      • he can say what he wants of course but he’s not going to sit there and call me a coward or any of my brother that I lost over there that’s a bunch of bullcrap I know it and so does everybody else that reads this blog

        • You’re not a coward for having a gun.

          But I think you are a coward for wanting to commit a crime against someone just because you disagree with him. That’s the mark of a childish boy with no self-control who can’t win through logic and reason, but only through violence. This isn’t a self defense scenario where you have to use your CCW – this is a written OPINION. Just words.

          Please spend another 6 years fighting for my freedom before talking again. You haven’t learned what freedom is yet.

        • I don’t think he needs an ass beating per say, but I wouldn’t be above an old fashioned slap to the face with the back of a white glove while saying “Sir, you are a disgrace!”

  3. No sir. Gunners are typically the ones who are brave enough to admit that they may one day have to face evil. We are also the ones who are most likely and able to face that evil if and when it happens. You are the coward because you are afraid of an inanimate object. You are also a fool because you are more afraid of said object that the aforementioned evil.

    • It’s classic projection. He thinks he is too much of a coward to ever actually protect himself with a firearm, even if he had one. Therefore, everyone else must be a coward as well.

      You could probably say there is a healthy dose of denial there as well by saying that he is taking the high ground by condemning firearms.

  4. Why is he so scared of a civil rights issue? The only way this world-class turd can call anyone a coward is keyboard courage.

    Reminds me of the story of a 95 year-old lady who was stopped by a highway patrolman. When she told him she has three guns in the car, he asked her what she was scared of…she told him, “not a MF-ing thing!”

  5. Kurt, You have a first amendment right to say the things you do. Care to take a guess at what protects and has defended that right? I can recognize and respect the fact you have that right. Care to reciprocate?

    Poor little libbie doesn’t get it.

  6. Yes, because we totally freak out and call 911 to swat somebody minding their own business that does NOT have a pistol on their belt.

    • what what is he talking about have IQs suddenly dropped since the last post I made what are you mean people freaked out and called the police on people who don’t have a gun are you kidding me. This guy must be referring to the Trayvon Martin case I live in Orlando Florida and let me tell you that kid had he survived that encounter would have gone to jail for assault and battery

      • Dude, can you please use punctuation? I can’t discern the end of one thought and the beginning of another.

    • I bet he has a fire extinguisher in his house. Owning one makes him a coward. If he was a true man and all hardcore he would just let the professional firefighters come to the rescue and put out the fire. He will have an awesome view from his high horse while he watches his house burn down.

      The rest of us will be a little more proactive.

      • “If he was a true man and all hardcore he would just fight the motherf*ckin’ fire himself, with his bare hands!”

        Fixed it for you.

  7. This reminds me when I used to live in EU and they had me register as someone professionally practicing boxing. Yep, I sure was a coward then because my arms were considered weapons and I was warned to not engage in fist fights unless my opponent had a weapon.

    So…considering the above wouldn’t we consider body builders and martial art experts cowards??? If not now then when will we get to that point?

  8. “Courage is not the absence of fear. It is action despite fear.”

    It takes a bigger man than Kurt up there to admit fear, and an even bigger one to act in spite of it.

    Are we scared? Yes. The world is a scary place. Once you reject the veil of false security the nanny state places over everything, you can see that clearly. Calling us cowards because we have reacted to seeing the real world is a far more cowardly action than arming yourself against the scum of the earth.

    • If gun owners are cowards, then ol’ Kurt should prove his point by walking into a Cabela’s & knocking over store displays.

      • I’d rather he prove his theory by walking through certain “gun free” areas of Chicago, NY, D.C. or CA after midnight while yelling “I’m not afraid of anybody”. Head. On A. Swivel.

        He’s probably never seen what an impoverished high crime area looks like much less spent any time there. Fear to some degree can be a healthy motivator with positive effects. I’m not too proud to admit my fear of the uncontrollable but I accept that some things can’t be controlled. I only try to mitigate risk and refuse to be a helpless victim.

        I’m also afraid of bears…. They’re like a Sherman tank covered in razor blades and fur THAT CAN EAT YOUR FACE! F%$K bears.

    • Fear is a necessary survival response. It allows us to recognize dangers in the road ahead and prepare us to defend ourselves if need be (hence the adrenaline boost that fear triggers). What this guy suffers from is beyond fear into the realm of paranoia. Paranoia distracts and makes you vulnerable. He’s so distracted by his paranoia of evil guns that he misses the real threats and that’s the person of ill intent set to do him harm, armed or not.

  9. Yep, and the U.S. is the most cowardly nation of all, since we have the biggest military and the biggest guns! No doubt this turd would like to change that as well.

  10. Please read this post before you decide. I left a Mossberg 715P out of my safe yesterday. It was late and I was in a hurry. Lazy, I guess. While my pistol didn’t go out and kill any children, it did drink all my beer and make several prank phone calls. Now [sob, sob] I’m trying to reexamine my relationship with firearms.

  11. This cat nailed it. Totally new argument against guns. Totally new way of thinking about things. Very fresh and groundbreaking. Obviously a VERY heavy thinker. He knows me so well.
    I am surprised though that he didn’t say anything about the size of my penis…

  12. Guns are not a public health issue. If guns are a public health issue, then so are swimming pools, automobile accidents, alcoholic beverages, and so forth, because those lead to lots of deaths each year as well. The closest gun-related thing to a public health issue would be why do people use guns to kill other humans. But this is actually a criminology issue. Because otherwise rape, arson, looting, robbery, assault, etc…are all public health issues as well. Guns themselves don’t kill anybody. Crime-wise, they are a tool that people intent on harming others use to kill others.

    Now with automobiles, automotive pollution is a public health issue. But automobile accidents are not. Similarly, a public health issue with guns would be if the guns themselves were emitting some kind of toxic pollutants. But this isn’t the case.

  13. And, I’ve got 20+ years of service and if you want to be a target that can’t shoot back, I’m sure you will eventually win the Darwin Award. I for one will do nothing to stop the criminal. So go ahead and be the unarmed VICTIM.

    As for the rest, Try this one:

    Additional gun laws and gun free zones, kill people.

    Anti-gun voters kill people.

    Anti-gun politicians, kill people.

    By voting anti-gun, YOU kill many.

    Take responsibility, be accountable. Oh that’s right, you wont admit to it. So you just try to blame every one else. The anti-gun liberal politicians have taught you well!

  14. Then I guess the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. was a coward.

    He applied for a concealed handgun permit (denied). His home was described as “an arsenal.”

  15. Oh, so I guess this fantasy world you live in has not had any violence, breakins, muggings, rape or murder? Make sure to let everyone know when you wake up from your dream Mr. Eichenwald.

    • Gun grabber oxymoron number one, crime is so rare you must be crazy to want to protect your self but crime is so rampant we need to take radical steps to stop it and you must be crazy if you oppose that.

  16. I’m pretty sure that is not the definition of a coward.

    You want to talk about fear?
    Liberals fear other people will make more money than them.
    They fear all people, believing we are overpopulating the planet.
    They fear we are destroying the planet by the simple act of breathing.
    They fear self reliance and responsibility.
    They fear free speech. That’s right, notice they only practice it anonymously or in a mob.
    They fear rasing children, and you rasing yours.
    They fear our guns, and if they have one, they fear it, and if they don’t own a gun, they fear themselves having one.
    They fear God, differently than the way Christians fear God. They fear God so they convince themselves God doesn’t exist.
    Liberals fear freedom and they fear freedom seekers. We do not fear them.
    Who are the cowards?

  17. By that logic, any country with armed forces is populated by cowards? How well do defenseless countries on the international stage fare? Heir Doktor?

  18. Funny article. He calls us cowards because we dare to take responsibility for our own protection. While he most likely considers himself and others like him to courageous because he will call 911 to summon a cop with a gun if he finds himself in trouble. Of course the cop will likely not get there in time but he does not consider that. Or maybe he will just hand over his wallet, take a beating or get killed to show how brave he is. The ways that the gun grabbers will twist logic to fit their agenda is fascinating but also dangerous to the rest of us if not challenged.

  19. This guy thinks that trying to paint gun owners as cowards by citing their primary motivation as chronic fearfulness is somehow a valid argument. He uses the old “objects do bad things” ploy and probably fancies himself quite clever. All he really does is prove Abraham Lincoln’s observation:
    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

    So here’s an argument as valid as yours, Kurt Eichenwald: Your name sounds German and you look German, therefore, you must be a NAZI who wants to disarm everyone to be sure you disarm Jews, Blacks, Homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Gypsies and other non-Aryans so you can round them up and put them into “Relocation Centers” and systematically murder them. Sieg Heil!

    This guy creates a new paradigm for ridiculous.

  20. So, my 92 yr old grandma is a coward for not squaring off with would be attackers…?

    What about my 5’2, 63 yr old mother, she a coward too for not going fist-to-cuffs too?

    I guess my 120lbs sister who lives alone with my 2 yr niece must be a coward a well…

    Sound like this guy hates women and old people to me.

    • I think he hates everybody – including himself.

      I’m no psychologist, but I do think there’s merit in the theory that that driving motivation behind grabbers in particular and progressives in general is self loathing. They certainly appear to hate themselves as well as their own country and species.

      That guy could be a poster boy for r Selected weakness.

  21. That doesnt represent any gun owners i know, Gun owners I know are confident, polite, fearless, .. But it does represent every single Anti I know. loud mouthed, insulting, distrustful, melodramatic, cowardly. .. Not to mention uninformed, and worse, don’t care to be informed.

  22. Classic liberal debate method – don’t attack the issue, attack the person. This man knows nothing about any of us however claims to apply a general blanket attribute that simply doesn’t work when the world is filled with individuals.

    We could just as easily claim he’s a coward for wanting a police force, or for being afraid of inanimate objects, but to do so would be unfair as none of us knows the man.

    The key way to handle this kind of crap is to call them out and drag them back on topic: “You’re attacking me, and doing so without evidence, and we’re not going to have that conversation. If you want to talk about guns, gun policy, and data, we can have a conversation. If you just want to attack me, then you’re just being an ugly, intolerant person. So which is it?”

    “Intolerant” is the Garlic-and-Holy-Water weapon against liberals.

  23. Obscene healthcare dollars eh? Apparently this guy hasn’t heard of little things called obesity, diabetes, and heart attacks.

    And no, nobody is afraid of calling it a public health problem or discussing the fact that guns are used to kill or maim (sometimes by good guys, sometimes by bad buys, that’s the thing about tools, they don’t care who’s operating them). What we’re afraid of is that we’re going to have to spend the next couple decades in court fighting to regain rights we never should have lost in the first place, because you and your buddies decided to push for back-door gun control to make yourselves feel like you’ve “done something”. Little hint: you’re not doing anything to reduce violence in this country. At best, you’re trying to enact law and policy that would shift violent offenders from one tool to another. I’m sure it would bring great comfort to all the victims of rapes, muggings, assaults, and attempted murders, that you prevented them from owning the one tool that could have helped them avoid becoming a victim.

  24. So what is this genius’s big proposal? That we ‘gunners’ (whatever the hell that is) all give up our firearms and our 2nd amendment protected right to defend ourselves and our families – and somehow that is going to make criminals decide not to use firearms anymore to commit heinous crimes?

    Or somehow if we give up our rights to defend ourselves all guns will magically disappear? I don’t get it. Seems like Mr. Brilliant knows everything, so maybe he can illuminate us on what exactly his proposal is? Ban guns? Is that going to make them go away? is that going to make criminals more empowered to commit criminal acts or less inclined to do so?

    And does Mr Brilliant even see the inherent contradiction in his statement that: “No one is going to come to your house and attack you” – Yet – “Guns kill, guns maim, guns cripple”…. so which one is it, asshat? If there’s no threat from guns and we’re all just paranoid cowards, then what’s all the maiming and killing about? Is that not THE threat?

  25. “Tremble in fear…” ‘fraid not, What the author sees in others as fear is actually their realistic assessment of and preparation for a potential unpleasant reality.

    This reality is that there are people who, given the opportunity, would do you harm. Some people are willing to go to the effort to be prepared to defend themselves from this reality, should the need arise.

    But in in defense of the author; it may be that he just can’t help himself. He has such a deep irrational fear of all things gun, that he cannot even entertain the thought of anyone willingly possessing one. He projects his fear onto others as a defense mechanism. Show him a little pity while you are ignoring his ravings.

    • “Show him a little pity while you are ignoring his ravings.”

      Sorry, but no. I do not pity people that CHOOSE to be stupid or CHOOSE to not help themselves or CHOOSE to not be responsible for themselves. They are worthy of derision and ridicule and nothing more.

      Further, we ignore his raving at our own peril. He’s not just talking about disarming himself; he thinks his deluded world of unicorns and rainbows empowers him to decide how the rest of us should live. He seeks to impose his will on everyone else, which is truly dangerous given the complete nutjob worldview he possesses.

  26. Wow!

    Just Wow!

    He has it exactly backwards….

    “…They are so timid, so skittish, that they scream in horror when someone tells the truth. Guns kill people. Guns kill kids. Guns injure, maim, disfigure, cripple and generally cause this country to spend an obscene number of dollars on health care. So why are gunners so afraid to hear that guns are a health care issue?”

    Criminals kill, criminals injure maim and disfigure and generally cause all the rest of that crap he is on about. The gun is just the tool used, not the cause of.

  27. People with allergies are the most cowardly people. Walking around with their epi pens in their pocket or purse. Scared that something will cause them to swell up and die.

    Oh wait…it does happen? People die from being stung by bees or eating peanut butter?
    Well, I guess that means that people can get attacked by thugs, and have their lives threatened by mentally unstable people…huh…who knew?

  28. I fear no man, and so far, no woman. I don’t tremble at anything, except maybe the inept stupidity that is running this country into the ground. Just because you have an opinion don’t make you right.

  29. If we’re cowards, why are you, gun banners, afraid of people legally using guns. If you are so brave, then you hace nothing to worry about gun carriers. Owning a gun is like learning a martial art, not for hurting others but to take action if it’s necessary.

  30. So we are all afraid of a nonexistent boogeyman but that boogeyman is a national health crisis?

    Do these mentally challenged morons actually understand how stupid they sound?

  31. Robert Farago come on down to my farm in Southeast Ohio and after this coward whips your ass I’ll show you how to use a firearm.

    • Um you do realize that Mr. Farago isn’t saying those things but quoting someone else, right? Pointing out someone else’s stupidity by quoting them is not endorsing what they’re saying.

  32. “Guns kill people. Guns kill kids. Guns injure, maim, disfigure, cripple and generally cause this country to spend an obscene number of dollars on health care.”

    No they don’t…people with guns do those things, they are called criminals. Does the author believe that a gun can spontaneously decide to commit robbery, rape or murder? Taking steps to protect yourself against being a victim is not fear, cowardice or paranoia but I suppose Mr. Farago also believes that wearing a seatbelt, owning a fire extinguisher or locking your doors is also cowardly.

    • God forbid we have any kind of insurance either; car/life/home/etc.! I’m such a coward. I have many fire extinguishers, I put a bath mat down in my shower, and Anti-virus on my computer. Please help me overcome my debilitating fear of EVERYTHING!


  33. BTW, Liberals like this idiot are going to find out what it means to be on the sharp end of the stick. Cause if Obama/Liberals lose this election, it will be all their fault.

    I for one will not have any mercy for them and just tell them they are being held accountable for their actions. LOL

    After all they ARE the problem. Not us!

  34. An observation and two questions:

    The main disconnect between grabbers (besides the one between their ears) is how hard it is to effectively ban anything. Drugs are banned for the most part and it’s a billion dollar industry in the US. The only way a gun ban will keep people from being shot is if it creates a gun-sterile environment and that would take centuries IF it was possible at all. It’s not just as simple as signing a piece of paper and *POOF* all gone. But you guys know this, so I’ll leave it at that.

    Second, where do people find the stones to push their beliefs on others by berating and insulting them? Seriously, where did he learn that it was okay to call people names just because you disagree with them?

    And finally, who the #e11 is Kurt Eichenwald?

  35. Okay, I’ll tell you what: The next time an armed assailant tries to harm myself or my family, I’ll make sure to tell him that you said “Guns are for cowards!”, and see what happens after that.

  36. Here was me, thinking that cowards are the ones who won’t stand up and fight against evil. What a fascinating modern age we live in.

  37. “Car drivers need to face facts, including this one: They are some of the biggest cowards in the country. They constantly tremble in fear that a car may come at them head-on or that someone will turn out in front of them or that the government may increase their gas taxes. They are so timid, so skittish, that they scream in horror when someone tells the truth. Cars kill people. Cars kill kids. Cars injure, maim, disfigure, cripple and generally cause this country to spend an obscene number of dollars on health care. So why are car drivers so afraid to hear that cars are a health care issue?” – Kurt Eichenwald (amended)

    Sounds pretty stupid doesn’t it?

  38. Anit-gunners need to face facts, including this one: They are some of the biggest cowards in the country.

    They constantly tremble in fear that someone may break into their house, that the boogieman may point a machine gun at them at McDonald’s, or that the government will swoop down to protect them in a moment of crisis.

    They are so timid, so skittish, that they scream in horror when someone tells the truth: Guns don’t kill people.

    Guns don’t kill kids.

    Guns don’t injure, maim, disfigure, cripple and generally cause this country to spend an obscene number of dollars on health care; people breaking the law while using a gun do.

    So why are anti-gunners so afraid to hear that guns aren’t a health care issue, and that the availability of psychological services (facility bed-space) at a 100 year low and media sensationalizing criminals is the real issue?

  39. Actually it’s the Democrat holding the gun is who is responsible for all the killing! However, it was a nice try to place the blame on an inanimate object!

  40. If I were to awake tonight to the sound of breaking glass, then I’ll execute the outline of a home invader plan I have devised. Spoiler alert: it involves me using a gun to prevent whoever just broke my window from harming any member of my household.

    What would Mr. Eichenwald, this paragon of bravery, do in that same circumstance? Call and order a man with a gun and hope he’ll get there with enough alacrity, skill and courage to prevent whoever just broke his window from harming any members of his household.

    If anyone writes any songs about someone’s bravery after Mr. Eichenwald’s brave call, it won’t be his.

  41. I call bullshit. There is no documented case of a gun killing anyone. There are hundreds of thousands of cases where someone USED a gun to kill another person or USED a gun to kill themselves though . As far as firearms becoming self aware and activating themselves go? No way. In reality, that’s what is being said when one says another was killed BY a gun. If someone were to say that so and so was killed WITH a gun, then that would make sense. A firearm has to be activated by a user. It is therefore obvious, except to the ignorant and oblivious, that people killed BY other people WITH an implement

    The firearm debate is a tiring one. On one side you have people who use their brains and on the other you have people who don’t.

    Cancer is the leading cause of death in the U.S. yet people are apathetic towards cancer.

    Alcohol consumption claims more lives than firearm related deaths yearly but we still love getting plastered every other Friday, or every Friday for those who get paid weekly.

    Tobacco use kills more people than gun related incidents.

    More people die in motor vehicle related incidents then firearm related incidents but people still drive 20+ mph over the speed limit while working on a three-way text to Suzy, Josie and Bob. They change lanes without checking their mirrors, blind spots, or using their turn signals.

    More people die per year through REAL illegal drug use (PCP, Meth, Heroin, Cocaine, REAL DRUGS) than those who die through gun related deaths.
    More people die per year through LEGAL drug use than those who perish due to gun related incidents.

    Somehow, all these things are acceptable. Bring up the issue of firearms and it’s then we have a problem??


    Welllllllll…….we need to have stricter regulations controlling who can have access to firearms. I ask, Why? There aren’t strict regulations as to who can die by way of cancer, die via alcohol consumption, die though tobacco use, die due to REAL drug use, die because of legal drug use or die because of a vehicle related incident. There’s not strict regulations as to who can gain access to a motor vehicle, alcohol, tobacco, REAL drugs, legal drugs or even cancer for that matter. Do people younger than 18 get cigarettes and dip? Yes. Can you go to a used car dealership with cash in hand and leave the same day with a car provided you’re 18+ years old? Yes. Can persons under the age of 21 obtain alcohol………….? Obviously. Can you buy REAL drugs off the street? Mmhm. Can you buy legal drugs off the street? You bet you can. Do you have to be 18+ in order to get cancer? That’s rhetorical.

    Forgive the rant. I’m fed up with the bullshit. I’m fed up with the those who are hungry for the bullshit and I’m fed up with those who make their living off of producing the bullshit.

    Let me ask this. Are people who carry a tire iron, jack and spare tire in their vehicles paranoid? What about a mom who carries her babies diaper bag with her everywhere she goes? Are Soldiers and Marines who go on patrol with their K-pots and ballistic plates on paranoid?

  42. Guns themselves ARE NOT a health care issue. Gun violence, and violence in general, is very obviously a health care issue. An issue that CAN ONLY be addressed by confronting the root cause of that violence, NOT the particular tool that was used. Which is the reason I carry a .45 on my hip.

    And I never tremble in fear.

  43. It’s almost unbelievable that anti-gunners have seized this trope, they’re the brave ones and we’re the cowards. Then why is it that they believe every other American can’t be trusted with a gun and must be forcibly disarmed? That everyone wants to murder them and if only it was slightly easier to do so they would not hesitate? I have no intention of ever murdering or wrongly shooting anyone, and I am not so afraid of my fellow Americans that I would seek to deprive them of their human right to arm themselves to defend against evil. Unlike the gun-grabbers, we’re not afraid. We’re not afraid of weapons, and we’re not afraid of good citizens suddenly murdering one another only because they have access to weaponry. There’s a knife in almost every home in America, and it does not dare us to use it against other people. We simply acknowledge evil as a reality, and go on with our lives with the tools to fight it if necessary.

  44. “Women are some of the biggest cowards in the country. They constantly tremble in fear that someone may break into their house or that the boogieman may grope them at McDonald’s or that someone may swoop in and rape them.”

    Asshole is as asshole does.

  45. I had to read that rubbish twice to make sure. What does the first part have to do with the second part? He’s trying to establish the similarity of apples and cement trucks.

  46. “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” –
    – George Washington

  47. The guy is a dolt. I’ve seen people “kill, injure, maim, disfigure, cripple” other people with cars, kitchen utensils, hand tools, sporting equipment and faulty logic but I’ve never seen a gun, of it’s own volition, do any of the above.

  48. Seems ol’ Kurt is more misinformed than even we realize. I went to his website and found this article he wrote post-Sandy Hook:

    The thing in this article that offends me the most is his representation of Columbine. Neil (Bud) Gardner is the father of someone very close to me, and Mr Eichenwald seems to have fabricated his own version of what happened that day in 1999, because that person I know has in her possession the only .45 round Bud did not fire that day.

  49. You know what? He is right. I am terrified that someone will break into my house and threaten my family. I do fear that I will be at the mall some psycho decides to shoot it to pieces. We all should be. That is why I carry a gun. And that’s why all responsible people should.

  50. People kill people, not guns. Sometimes people use guns sometimes they don’t .People kill criminals with guns easier than other means including the death penalty.

    I’m not an brilliant columnist for a failing magazine but even I can figure that much out.

  51. Wow. Great examples above, but also… I’m assuming this “man” has zero insurance of any kind? Otherwise… kind of hypocritical ain’t he?


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