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“Everybody (in Buffalo, Iowa) has a gun, multiple guns. People leave their doors unlocked. I can go over to my neighbors’ house while they’re not home, get some sugar or borrow a pop or something and leave a note, and they don’t give a (expletive). People say, ‘Well if you ban guns, then nobody has any guns, then you can’t get shot. Well, you can’t carry a gun in Chicago, and that’s where the most shootings happen. Why? It’s a mentality thing.” – Gun salesman Dan Belleau in Impact of new gun rules has sheriffs concern [via]

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    • Depends on the sheriff. Many Iowa sheriffs exercised discretion wisely. Others abused it, often for their own political advantage.

    • Depends on the person, and their individual beliefs, like anything else. Hell, my sheriff was pretty excited when I turned in my suppressor/sbr paperwork. Even invited me out to shoot the departments full auto M14s before they sold them.

      There are plenty that are gun guys, it’s just the fudds that tend to be the most vocal. People that actually believe in freedom and liberty tend to practice it instead of preach it. Their opposites tend to preach instead of practice.

  1. What we have here is a failure to communicate. Shall issue is something that power drunk issuing sheriffs used to deny people their rights, small wonder they don’t like it! Discretion equals tyranny, because they can.

  2. According to Wikipedia, population of 1,270 in the 2010 census. Median age of 38.9 and 97.2% white. Located on the Mississippi, a little ways south of the Quad Cities.

  3. In fact residents of Chicago have been able to legally carry there (with a ton of restrictions) for a few years now. It’s more accurate to say the restrictions, costs, and “gun free zones”, like all public transportation, make it a defacto “gun free zone” that still has war zone murder rates. Chicago has high murder rate because of black on black crime. They’re encouraged to be criminals because the Democrats put them back on the plantation-ghetto.

  4. Iowa went from may issue to shall issue because of sheriffs who abused their authority. They are the ones bitching about shall issue. Depending on where you lived, sheriffs’ policies used to range from effectively shall issue to issuing only to the well connected or never issuing. One no-issue sheriff even disapproved of his deputies carrying off duty or outside the county. When moving to Iowa, it was wise to consider the sheriff’s policy when searching for housing. Simply living on the other side of a county line could make the difference between getting a permit easily or not getting one at all. The ironic part was that a permit from a shall issue sheriff was good all over the state including in never issue counties.

    For all the wailing and gnashing of teeth over stand your ground, it’s very common. According to lawyer Andrew Branca, three quarters of the states are stand your ground either by statute or by case law. Surprisingly, California is one of them (by case law going back to the nineteenth century.) I happen to live in a duty-to-retreat state. Even here, retreat is required only in public places and only if one can do so in complete safety. Because no one can outrun a bullet, the victim of an armed robber isn’t required to run rather than shoot.

  5. Seriously you don’t lock your doors? No meth or errent teens in your Iowa paradise?!? I guess an armed society IS polite…

    • The village I grew up in here in upstate NY was the same way. We didn’t even have a lock on our front door. Sadly, now we have the meth you mentioned and opiates and while it’s still a beautiful, idyllic village, only the naive don’t lock things up. And everyone here has guns.

    • Same here in Northern New England. Outside of larger towns, many people don’t lock their doors. Most crime involves people who know each other. Plenty of meth heads, they just tend rob their grandmother’s house instead of a strangers.

      Plus, if your nearest neighbor is hundreds of yards away, an intruder could enter with a chainsaw and not attract much attention. Keys really only inconvenience the homeowner.

  6. It’s a culture thing, I don’t care what color you are, if you were raised in Englewood you’d probably have a rap sheet and be shooting up the place.

    • This right here.

      For example, Switzerland has a machine gun in practically every home but crime and shootings are virtually unheard of.

      Cities are crime-ridden hellholes yet ironically have the most gun control but lots of shootings.

      The only thing that computes is CULTURE. Some are more civilized than others. Toxic culture will still be violent even if you banned guns and the criminals would still get them.

      • Perpetuating the Swiss myth. All Swiss males have a military rifle, but most cantons require that rifle to be kept in the armory and pulled out when the person wants to shoot. A referendum to make all Switzerland require to keep their rifles in armories was recently defeated because people were afraid of the Feds telling Cantons what to do and setting a precedent for future Fed overreach.
        Sounds like a pretty good system and very pro states rights

  7. I had always heard that Fitzy was one of the no issue sheriffs but that was apparently incorrect. I met the guy the other day and he seemed nice. Maybe if he got rid of that (D) by his name I’d vote for him.

  8. Yeah, since our carry law passed a few years back, you can totally carry in Chicago now.

    That said, a great majority of the businesses there are sporting the ‘no guns’ sign.

    Big surprise.

  9. if you ban guns, only crimminals will have them since they won’t turn them in, and some sort of black market gun manufacturing will also happen ( think 3d printers, and also there are some who make guns , good guns with the tools they have at hand and that used to happen in the phillipines, including machineguns as well as pistols and continues to happen in the Peshwar region between India and Pakistan in including AK copies). so who does banning guns protect? and not to forget the many times someone uses a gun to protect themselves against someone who has a knife or tire iron. or anything ealse that can be used as a weapon. you would have to ban every single thing we can possibly oick up as well as cars,( and wow they already require us to have a license and registration for those and yet people are now using them more to kill.). so the only way it seems to work is to take the guns away from the crimminals and let the lawfull citizens have them. go figure.

  10. People kill people …guns make for good neighbors and good behavior if everyone is armed!

    A Armed Society is a polite society as long you don’t have open borders to allow terrorist in and bad peeps eager to go to hell.

    Americans sleep soundly in their beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit far greater violence on those who would do us harm!

  11. Kennedy, of Dubuque County, said, “It’s always a concern when you are giving people more freedom…”

    And that basically summarizes the rest of the article.

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