Quote of the Day: Defenseless in The Bronx

“I was scared. I didn’t have nothin’ to do. I was just shaking. I couldn’t do nothin’ . . . When it’s a gun situation, a robbery, let everything the way they want it. They can have everything.” – Deli employee Saqr Saleem


  1. avatar Missouri Mule says:

    It is easy to see who the politicians are protecting with “gun control”.

  2. avatar NYC2AZ says:

    “They can have everything.”

    You just made your store a bigger target, kid.

    1. avatar Swarf says:

      Pretty sure they’re going to teach you not to put yourself on the “easy money” list in business school… eventually.

      1. avatar Hannibal says:

        If he’s actually a deli employee and not the owner I’m betting he
        a) didn’t go to business school and
        b) doesn’t want to get into a gunfight over someone else’s money
        c) isn’t paid enough to do a) or b)

        1. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

          He’s the college freshman nephew of the owner who is majoring in business and hopes to run the store full time when he graduates.

  3. avatar Richard Sullivan says:

    But I thought guns were illegal in NYC. How did the criminal get one?

    1. avatar YAR0892 says:

      Good question! Must’ve been tough…

      1. avatar Rick the Bear (MA to NH) says:

        Not as tough as it is for honest folks to get one legally. 8>)

    2. avatar Rich K. says:

      But..but.. the Sullivan Act and the SAFE Act are supposed to…you know…keep people safe and keep criminals from carrying guns or other weapons. You mean to tell me, then, that gun control laws DON’T AFFECT REAL CRIMINALS??? How SHOCKING!

      1. avatar California Richard says:

        If armed robbery was illegal, then these sorts of things wouldn’t happen.

  4. avatar C.S. says:

    Welcome to the Americas! Please remember: all countries here have separation of church and state, including their moralities. Would you like to learn more? Click on anyone claiming to be a “Progressive” for more info.

    1. avatar Setnakhte says:

      And then you can “click on” Saudi Arabia or Iran for places without separation of church and state.

      Really, the establishment clause of the First Amendment is there for a reason. For those who insist on being ruled by theocratic government, I have to wonder if you’d be cheering for it so loudly if the state religion wasn’t your religion. Do you truly believe that Islamic-majority areas within the US should be granted the authority to establish state-Islam on its residents, forcibly seizing their money in order to fund a state mosque and Islamic religious activities, and imposing Islam on its residents and enforcing its doctrines under color of law?

      It’s as if no one learns from history.

  5. avatar Bosko says:

    If I were a helpless shopkeeper in New Yorkistan, I’d have bundles of fake money to hand out to robbers. Something with Hillary or Obama on the front that looks very real otherwise and is smeared with Oil of Poison Ivy.
    If caught, I’d put on my tard look and play dumb about to the perps or police.

    1. avatar KBonLI says:

      That is actually a great idea. Keep fake money in the register and the real money under the counter. I don’t know what the law says about fake money but one can always claim ignorance.
      My mother owned a Dry Cleaning business and was given some counterfeit money years ago. She quickly found out that turning that money over to the FBI meant losing it. Subsequently she just passed it on, no more reporting to the FBI.

      1. avatar bLoving says:

        By legal definition, it isn’t counterfeit money unless you attempt to pass it off as real – meaning you tried to pay someone for items or services rendered. Handing it out for free – especially at gunpoint – is not a crime.
        However, if a shopkeeper throws a decoy like that at a violent robber, he had better get his New York civil-rights permission slip real quick because that crook is gonna be pissed when he gets a few blocks away and figures out he was duped.
        I like the decoy idea better for carrying on one’s person, say – a cheap money clip full of fake 20s that can be used to distract the thug long enough for you to escape or make a more aggressive move.

    2. avatar Hannibal says:

      Business owners in NYC can get a gun to keep on the premises. So if they don’t have one, they chose not to get one in most cases (unless prohibited person).

  6. avatar Tim says:

    Funny. And the modern slave-residents of the Bronx actually say it with pride.

    Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

  7. avatar Sam I Am says:

    Seemed to be a situation where not drawing on a drawn gun in your face would apply.
    Haven’t we explored the problems there quite thoroughly?

  8. avatar former water walker says:

    Well you may be safer back in I-rack Mr. Saleem. At least in much maligned Chiraq it’s mostly legal for shopkeepers to have a gat(despite the stupid shite you hear from clueless commenters HERE)…

  9. avatar Solo Phil says:

    Saqr Saleem – reads like ‘sucker’. New Americans? Truly hope not.

  10. avatar Docduracoat says:

    I always laugh when people comment on TTAG about gun control being about crime
    Gun control has nothing to do with crime
    It is all about disarming and controlling the population

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Not sure just who you’re talking about, essentially nobody on TTAG has any illusions concerning gun control’s effect on crime.

  11. avatar Ralph says:

    New York City actually issues pistol permits to owners of businesses like Mr. Saleem’s. These are premises permits, not the impossible-to-obtain-by-regular-folk carry permits.

    They aren’t easy or cheap to get, but when it comes to business premises permits, NYC is definitely not “no issue.” These days, there’s a good chance that the owner of the corner bodega is armed and prepared.

    1. avatar Rusty Chains says:

      Armed? Maybe. Prepared? Not likely.

    2. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Hey, it might take some time, but registering a sawed-off double 12 guage is only $5.

  12. avatar Libertarian says:

    New York owned bei criminals since 1911

    Sullivan Act over 100 years of criminal supporting by goverment


    Commifornia near 50 years too

    Mulford Act


    Thats realy organzied crime / it s goverment


    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference between government and a criminal conspiracy.

  13. avatar Adub says:

    If I ran a business like that I’d bulletproof the counter with a sheet of 1/4″ steel and have a shotgun under the counter.

  14. avatar Jay says:

    Once a gun is on you, it’s generally too late. (Yes I’ve had guns pulled on me twice). Bulletproof glass would be better for this guy.

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