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“When good men are dying all around you, you have to decide what your last moments are going to be like. Are you going to die behind something, or are you going to die standing and firing? Are you going to die pushing forward or falling back?” – Army Staff Sgt. Ty Carter in Obama awards soldier Medal of Honor for 2009 heroics [at]      (h/t Steve S.)

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    • What irony. The biggest sh!t-bag, flag-burning, race-baiting, zero-of-the-century conferring the MOH to an actual hero.

      I swear, the universe is on its head. Down is up. Wrong it right. Slavery is freedom. Wake me when it’s over.

    • It wouldn’t be a bad thing if more people were (at least trying to be) selfless and honorable. Much better than having them emulate Miley or Snoop.

      • Miley and Snoop don’t invade foreign countries, kill innocent people, and destroy infrastructure so Conoco can get a better deal on its pipeline from Bumfukistan.

  1. It would have been nice to see someone with more honor and integrity pining the MOH around SSgt Carter’s neck.

    However, I’m very thankful that we have men with the honor and fortitude of SSgt. Carter serving in the Armed Forces.

  2. I’ve always felt that it should simply be called the “Medal of Honor” as the official name instead of the “Congressional Medal of Honor”, because the irony is so thick it makes me gag. Congress (and most politicians) wouldn’t recognize true honor if it choked the ever loving shit out of them.

    • Well, AJ, you get your wish. The proper and official name is “Medal of Honor.” The “Congressional” part is an erroneous addition in each and every case.

  3. I am impressed with this young man and his dedicated service to his country. However, I would be tickled if just one time, just once, someone refused to accept the medal and stated that it cheapens the award when presented by a coward accomodator.

    • I’d rather see the MOH presented by someone else who had also earned it, rather than by someone who has never served.

  4. Anyone else ever notice that whenever the President awards the CMOH to someone, he’s got this look on his face is either like someone’s holding a glass of sour milk under his nose or that he completely disdains having to be there?×2.jpg

  5. Until I read the comments, I did not think about the fact that we are long past the era when heads of state were expected to actually engage in combat, either before or during their time in office. Possibly because I try to avoid looking at photos of a certain person who currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    Instead, I thought the quote was about self-defense. I pictured a teacher hauling out her trusty shooting iron and taking an armed stand against a lunatic, rather than whimpering behind a bullet-resistant whiteboard.


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