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By Pascal

“Called the ‘Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act,’ the bill sponsored by William Pascrell, D-N.J., and Danny Davis, D-Ill., would nearly double the current 11 percent tax on handguns, while raising the levy on bullets and cartridges from 11 percent to 50 percent.” Yes, it’s a Democrat-sponsored bill in the House so the chances of passage are the same as snowball lasting an hour in the Texas summer heat. BUT, this also means gun control will be back on the table at the federal and state levels come the fall [Dems always announce their agendas in this way]. We are not finished. Which means the ammo shortage will continue . . .

The 2014 mid-terms will start to get air time soon and the anti-gun groups will once again be pushing their agendas. The Dems can’t really argue the economy, foreign policy or healthcare, so they’ll fall back on an old reliable cultural issue. The Colorado recall votes will help fuel the fire as well. Depending on the go – look for a split – the results may fan the flames more than they douse them.

And since it’s always election season, before 2014 is done, we’ll begin to look forward to 2016. If you saw the “fatso” remark in this morning’s Daily News, they are already pumping for Hillary although neither she nor Christie has announced anything yet.

The People of the Gun are going to have a few more long years ahead of them. Sadly, a crises in Syria and/or the economy taking another nose dive may be the only things that will derail more talk of gun control. There is no rest for liberty.

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  1. “Which means the ammo shortage will continue . . .”

    Continue? My local Cabela’s had plenty of everything in stock except .22LR. 9mm, .45, THOUSANDS of boxes of .223. Quit looking for it at Walmart. There is plenty out there.

    • YMMV, depending on where you live.

      When I do find it, there are still 1 box 2 box limits. When I see it online, the prices have not exactly fallen and shipping prices have gone up and may continued to go up with the current spike in oil to as high as $116.

      If you cannot find 9, 45 or 22lr, I consider that a shortage. When 223/5.56 is $0.60/round, that is not exactly cheap

  2. It won’t be over until Socialist Progressive Democrats stop wanting to impose their points of view on everyone else. There is no “rest for liberty” because half the Country has no understanding of “Liberty” any longer and most of the other half seems, at times, confused.

    • “Liberty” and “Freedom” have been dropped from school curricula. With the introduction of the so-called “common core curriculum” the emphasis is on compliance and conformity.

      • Yes, and that, at the core. is the death of the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.
        Today I heard that I (and everyone else who still believes in “Liberty” and “Freedom”) have been branded by some Progressive as “The New Confederates”. I must admit, I am finding that kind of appealing, particularly since The South actually rebelled to preserve State’s Rights against an ever expanding/encroaching/infringing Federal Government. Before anyone jumps to a wrong conclusion, I do NOT want to enslave anyone, I want to keep myself and my countrymen from becoming slaves…er..perhaps at this point…from becoming full slaves and beginning the path back to being a Free People.

        • State’s rights won’t bring back slavery, and I’d like to opine that even if the Confederacy had won, the slave states would still have lost their slaves to the free states, by virtue of the fact that any slave who escaped to a free state would be a citizen of that state, and any mention of slaves in the articles of confederation (which I haven’t read yet) would simply be non-applicable in the free states, since they don’t have any slaves. And they’d probably have laws against kidnapping. “You gotta return them thar slaves ta us.” “What slaves? There are no slaves in this state. And we protect all of our citizens from criminals, so get lost, Bucko!”

          • Yes, I agree. I just put in the “Disclaimer” about slavery because, and I know it sounds hard to believe, but some people who comment here half-read or half-comprehend comments and jump to erroneous inferences. Also, many people think the Civil War was “about slavery”.

  3. The ammo drought is over. Plenty of everything except .22lr on the shelves everywhere, and even .22lr can be gotten in limited quantities now. Even the Wal-Marts are starting to have decent amounts of handgun ammo on the shelves again.

  4. Did you see the proposals on NFA transfers? From $200 to $500, to index for inflation, snicker.

    Too bad this won’t even make enough waves for debate, because I would love to hear the house discuss the legitimacy of the NFA in the first place.
    Otherwise, homeslice might want to move to Canada, if this ever passed. You really want to piss of machine gun collectors?

  5. The only ammo I’m hurting for is 300BLK. I bought the thing as a short lightweight silenced hunting rifle, but ammo is quadruple the price of .223. I can’t bring myself to buy it at that price.

  6. Whats funny about it is everyday the shortage continues we continue to adapt. I have purchased hoards of reloading equipment and now cast and reload my own (all because of the Dem’s actions). If ammunition costs begin to skyrocket, cheaper and easier means of production will surface in response. If they keep going we’ll all be manufacturing our own cartridge cases.

    • It is kind of like telling a child not to touch something. Afterward they fixate and can’t help themselves even after you explain that it will burn/shock/bite/explode/implode/collapse/rupture/pop/etc in their face if they do. Next thing you know you hear screaming from the other room as they stare at you not understanding why they are hurting so bad.

      • Good ol’ School of Hard Knox. I was too young to remember, but there was almost a family legend about the time I learned to keep my hand off the top of a hot stove, and I still remember the time I learned to keep my thumb out from between the prongs when I’m plugging in a lamp.

  7. The “progressives” have been working on gun bans at least since the Sullivan Law was passed in NY in 1911. “Named for its primary legislative sponsor, state senator Timothy Sullivan, a notoriously corrupt Tammany Hall politician, it dates to 1911, and is still in force, making it one of the older existing gun control laws in the United States.”

    Nothing has changed – we still have notoriously corrupt politicians (frequently from NY) trying to pass gun control laws. I have been actively fighting this crap since 1968. You cannot give up, because they won’t.

    “A gun is like a parachute – if you need one and don’t have one, you’ll probably never need one again.”

    • Being a skydiver, I appreciate your last remark there. “Whuffo you wanna go jump out of a perfectly good airplane?” “When was the last time you heard of a perfectly good airplane?” Statistically, it’s safer to jump out of a plane (with a parachute) than to land in one. “The most dangerous part of skydiving is driving to the drop zone in your automobile.”

      (I do go on, don’t I? Maybe I need to join that 12-step group for compulsive talkers, Onandonandonanon.)

  8. One of the arguments I made to our legislators is that increased ammunition and firearms excise taxes will hurt wildlife conservation.

    Pittman-Robertson Act anyone?

    By increasing taxes on ammo, you will decrease the amount of ammo purchased (intended) but that will decimate the funds going to these conservation efforts (unintended) .
    The results will be unmanaged, sick and dangerous wildlife populations encroaching on human habitat (unintended).
    Just ask me about my raccoon problem in my vineyard (unintended). Or ask Anne Hjelle and Debbie Nichols:

    (unintended indeed….)

  9. Here’s the part that bothers me most:
    “The tax on handguns was last increased in 1955,” Pascrell said at rally in Trenton, New Jersey. “Worse yet, the tax rate on ammunition and other types of firearms has remained the same since 1941.”

    He thinks it’s bad when tax rates don’t increase (the tax revenue has gone up proportional to the price increase). I’m no mathematician, but I’m pretty sure if tax rates keep increasing they’ll eventually hit 100%, either exactly or at least asymptotically. Now with a sales tax, that just doubles (or more when it passes 100%) the price of the item, but with something like income tax, an ever increasing rate means we’d eventually only get money from our welfare checks. But maybe this sort of communist utopia is his goal.

  10. 10,000 rounds of 7.62×39

    8,000 rounds of 9mm

    3,500 rounds of subsonic 9mm

    5,000 rounds of .22LR

    I’m set for a bit.

    • Thanks for sharing but on the plus side you will probably never by another round of ammo again.

    • I hate to rain on anyone’s parade, but you really need to up the .22LR to something in the vicinity of 25K.

      Don’t wait until you can see the hurricane wall cloud to start looking for plywood …

      • Let’s have fun with math. There are probably 10 million gun owners who have a 9mm. If all of them decide to increase their ammo inventory by a mere 100 rounds that is a new demand by 1 billion rounds. You don’t need DHS of George Soros to cause a shortage. We have met the enemy and he is us.

  11. Let me remind you of how a bill becomes law. In this case it’s a tax and therefore must originate in the House of Representatives. It requires a majority of the House to pass the bill. When it hits the Senate it must secure 60% of the vote to make it through that chamber. Then it must be signed by the President. This is an “anding” process. It must past the House and pass the Senate and be signed by the President.

    Let us look at the probability of this bill becoming law in this session of Congress. Remember it it’s “and” process every step must be true. We immediately know that this bill has zero percent chance of becoming law because it won’t pass the House. It probably won’t even make it out of committee. My question is why are you wasting your time reporting on this bill that is going nowhere? Did you ever consider that the Democrats are proposing all sorts of bills that have no chance of passing just to keep the ammunition panic and shortage going. I willing to bet a dollar you haven’t considered that.

    For those of you who keep saying that there is no difference between the parties please feel free to stay home in 2014 so the Democrats can take back the House. After all, to turn a phrase “what difference does it make?”

    • You forget the recently established method of rule: Obama signs an Executive Order.

      None of that messy Constitutional lawmaking stuff.

  12. Ammo still hard to find down here in Mississippi,.22LR hasn’t been seen in over 8 months,it started back when Boobama was reelected,ammo started selling out quick,alot of folks knew what was coming even before all of the gun control hoopla after the attack on the Newtown gun free zone.It is still hard to find ammo even at Gander Mountain,or Academy Sports,Wal-Mart gets it in and puts it on the shelf by 7 A.M.,and it is gone as soon as it is put out.Starting to see a lot more AR’s for sale though.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

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