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“Fuck it. We believe in America. We’re just gonna buy a gun every day until November so that we’re totally ready for the midterm elections.” – SNIPY in Gun Humpers Fight for Their Right To Shoot Up All The Polling Places, For Freedom [at]

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  1. I still don’t understand why articles from Wonkette that are clearly labeled as Satire show up in a google news search, and yet google won’t allow articles from TTAG to show up in a news search…

    • Nothing on Wonkette is ever truly satire, but beyond that, it’s likely on the RSS feeds of at least a few G employees – that’s why.

  2. The only thing more unintelligent than the article is the comments below the article.

    • So much fail there. And…so glad none of those commenters is likely to ever own a firearm. From their comments, they can’t comprehend the idea of carrying a gun without firing it.

  3. Aww poor statist didn’t like a man bringing a gun into a polling place. Poor baby… Apparently the sight of an extra magazine made them soil their drawers.

    • Remember what mama told us growing up…. not all handicaps are visible on the outside.

      • “My mother taught me not to throw stones at cripples but my father taught me to aim for their heads.”

    • On the overdue mental health issue, don’t forget that it was Ronald Reagan’s administration that did away with funding public mental health clinics and hospitals to save money to buy guns for the Iran/Contra debacle, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of homeless people – most of them veterans – who have no options for medication, food, shelter or hope of any dignity. Not to mention, it didn’t result in any favorable outcomes in either Central America or Iran.

      Our government is the de facto subject-matter expert on failure. I am so ready for a change – as a change-management expert having worked in Washington managing projects, I firmly believe that the only way to accomplish substantive change is to elect reasonable non-partisan representatives and start the funding/expenditure process completely over from the ground up – a comprehensive audit that shows taxpayers exactly where their money goes, and give them the opportunity to perform a line-item veto in every aspect. More citizen oversight is desperately needed and arranging for that is done by our elected officials and they will listen to us if we can speak in organized, well-informed groups of interest in an atmosphere of objectivity where corporate money has no say. What will it take?

  4. I think someone is cranky. Maybe wonkette needs a nap. Have a little emotional control dearie, it’s the thing that differentiates humans from wild animals and civilization from tribal anarchy.

  5. Gun Humpers, I love the double entendre so much that I’m going to take it from them. Come on fellow pistol packers and gun humpers, that’s just funny. The rest of the article? Why would you care about a local issue far away with no discernible impact on your life? Oh, yeah, no life, gotcha.

  6. Just a place where all the progressive #GunTrolls hang out. One comment said

    “Can we finally agree that gun ownership is a mental disorder” I just don’t have words. The anniversary of Tiananmen Square was yesterday. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO A DISARMED POPULACE.

  7. Whenever I stumble accross one of those wonkette articles or other like them the follwoing quotes come to mind….
    “Profanity is the attempt of a lazy and feeble mind to express itself forcefully”

    “When a man uses profanity to support an argument, it indicates that either the man or the argument is weak – probably both”

    and probably the best put

    “Profanity is the weapon of the witless”

    Shannon Watts has linked to at least a couple of those articles on her twitter page, usually praising them for saying it how it is and telling the truth… those articles are always so full of bile, spite, and belittling its just sad, and the comments that accompany those ramblings are even worse. Do they really believe that people take them seriously? These are people who have failed at the basic tenants of logic and civil discourse and they have the audacity to whinge and complain when their opponents return fire. Like that kid everyone hated in highschool who talked trash, pushed others around, belittled those over whom they felt superior, and then someone comes along and calls them out and its all woe is me, everyone hates me, look at what so and so said or did to me… I’m the victim here everyone look at me and have pity.

    Its just sickening when someone so concerned about protecting children and safety is willing to champion such utter filth as if it proves the cause.

    • Clearly you have never witnessed a true master of his craft weave profanity into such a rich and deep tapestry that you can only marvel at the creativity necessary to string the word combinations together.

  8. I guess that’s what the Progressives call “a civil conversation about gun control.” And then they’re SO amazed that we don’t want to play their game.

  9. “We’re just gonna buy a gun every day until November so that we’re totally ready for the midterm elections.”

    If I had the disposable money and safe-space.

  10. Maybe it’s just me, but something called “Wonkette” really wouldn’t be on my go-to list for any kind of information about firearms at all.

      • Dunno. Back when it started, a fair bit of the content was gossip about Politicians who were screwing around.

        I’m a big fan of humiliating politicians. I don’t even care which party they’re from, if they try to screw me in the wallet, I’m happy to see them get screwed in the media.

        But those days ended a long time ago.

  11. With such a well thought out, logical, and well argued point I can’t imagine why gun owners wouldn’t want to talk to Wonkette about “common sense” and “reasonable” gun control measures….

  12. I think it’s pretty telling that Wonkette and the commentors infer or hint that the folks who simply want to exercise Constitutionally-protected right while exercising another Constitutionally-protected right are racists…while using the New Black Panther Party as the would-be target of that racism. The NBPP and its leadership have repeatedly demonstrated that they are racist, separatist, anti-semitic, anti-homosexual, etc. Well documented and can be found in the Wikipedia entries for NBPP and its leaders.

    Hell, even the Southern Poverty Law Center calls the NBPP a hate group!

  13. Polling places would be a prime target for a spree killer. They’re not even guarded for most elections, whether local, state, or federal.

  14. Fairly typical “reasoned commentary” from the intellectual elites of the progressive left.

  15. People that write articles like that are why I carry. It would be perfectly in character for one of their ilk to drive their car into a polling place and start shooting.

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