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“I can’t believe we in New Jersey [have to ask] our Congressman, that works for us, not to vote for a bill that will allow people from Texas to bring their guns in their cars to New Jersey, and walk into any store or any bank or any bar with a gun. And we don’t know it. It’s just a recipe for disaster,” Fern Wolkin of NJ 11th for Change, quoted in Activists demonstrate in Morristown against federal gun bill [via]

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  1. Yet the place is full of illegals doing whatever they care without any worries, “liberalism is a mental disorder”

  2. People bringing guns into NJ? There’ll be human sacrifices, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria.

    NJ has controlled force for so long, they probably don’t know how to share. And, of course, the fact that NJ is a crime-free paradise buttresses their track record.

  3. What are they so worried about? It’s not anyone has any reason to go to NJ for anything ever. Pass through maybe but certainly not to stay.

    • Much of southern Jersey is farm land, and the shore is famously beautiful. You have to buy tags in many towns to use the beach, which money is used to clean the beaches of trash every day. This is the area south of Atlantic City to Cap May. My wife’s family spent many summer vacations there. Fresh caught seafood and picked fresh daily produce. Not bad if you’ve got the money and like the beach.

  4. Maybe onto something there. Let everyone BUT Texans carry in Jersey. 😉 It’s always those darned Texans. Yankees have clearly never forgotten, nor forgiven, that classic tune from Texas during the nationwide push for 55 mph speed limit: “Freeze a Yankee”. “… drive 75 and freeze ’em alive!”

    • Hahahahahahahahahahaha
      I’d forgotten about that good ole saying.
      Used to have the bumper sticker.
      Made My Day.

      • Actually, it was a circa-1978 song by a Texas group called “The Folkel Minority”:


        Freeze a Yankee,
        Drive 75 and freeze ’em alive.
        Freeze a Yankee,
        Let your thermostat rise and give ’em a surprise.
        Governor Briscoe promised us
        That if any damn Yankee raised a fuss,
        He’d turn off the gas, cut off the oil,
        And let ’em all freeze and boil.

  5. If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms*. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.

    – Samuel Adams

    * Not applicable in New Jersey, obviously

  6. I don’t live in Texas or Jersey but I have spent a lot of time in both States. I really agree with the Jersey people who want to keep the Texas guns out. They have a totally crime free paradise there. Why would they want a bunch of vetted and background checked Texans come up and ruin their little left wing Shangri-La.

  7. Been to Texas a few times. Always enjoyed myself. People were friendly, food was excellent.
    Spent all of 10 minutes in new jersey. It was just long enough to know I would rather be in Texas.

  8. Is there some sort of magic that allows guns to jump out of their holsters and go on a shooting spree all alone… just because they entered New Jersey? Far as I know, all the guns in Wyoming are inert, inanimate objects, incapable of shooting by themselves.

    New Jersey doesn’t need “smart guns.” They need a lot more of the dumb sort. And much smarter people.

  9. I can’t believe we in Iowa (or Texas) [have to ask] our Congressman, that works for us, to uphold the Constitution that he swore an oath to.

  10. Fellow brothers and sisters of the gun, alot of us here in the Soprano State are working hard to rid ourselves of the Occupation Government, but we are overwhelmed by the New Yorkers who move here with their Upper West Side attitudes after they get married, have children, and decide to grow up and own a home. We are with the Free States in spirit.

    • Everybody blames somebody else for the poor political decisions.

      New Jersey blames New York. New York blames New York City. New York City blames the Bronx. The Bronx blames the South Bronx. The South Bronx blames the 40th Precinct. The 40th Precinct blames the Mott Haven Houses projects.

      Turns out there are a couple of rabid communist, aging hippie welfare recipients living in government housing there whose voting records are the headwaters of the liberal bilge pipe that befouls the entire country. They’re ruining it for everyone!

  11. So, do Texans have a reputation of coming to New Jersey and starting fist fights or stabbing people? Can you back that up with any sort of evidence, or is it more likely that you want them to be just as vulnerable as your own citizens. Perhaps it’s the fear of having Texans make you look bad by damaging your criminals, when you would prefer catch and release?

    • Or maybe it’s just a little good ole fashion prejudice against those backwards people from south of the Mason Dixon who don’t know the first thing about how to live in a safe, crime free, healthy society

  12. All that national reciprocity would purportedly allow is for a given state to recognize another state’s firearm carry licenses as valid. It doesn’t change the firearms laws within that state.

    This hysterical woman hyperventilating about how Texans will “walk into any store or any bank or any bar with a gun. And we don’t know it. It’s just a recipe for disaster” is absolutely ludicrous. Whatever the laws are there, armed Texans will be required to abide by, just like the local serfs are.

    That blood in the stores recipe for disaster nonsense she whines about doesn’t play out in reality here in Texas where, you know, we have the most Texans. I’ll stack Houston’s homicide rate up against the rates of those urban hellscapes, Camden and Newark, you call cities, any day of the week, sweetheart.

    • Murder, or violent crime rates really are irrelevant. I don’t care what criminals do with their illegal guns, or knives, or bats etc. I just want my natural, universal, and Constitutional right to carry my weapon to give me a better chance to deal with said violent criminal.

    • As pointed out by Jonathan, all you Texans who visit New Jersey will have to leave your hollow points at home, since that is something else they don’t allow their citizens.

      The new New Jersey nickname “The Triple Tap State” to make up the difference for no hollow points.

      • Police from PA would have to go to NJ from time to time to pick up a criminal; they were threatened with arrest for having HP ammo in their guns. Had to get special permission for Police from PA to enter with HP’s, just incredible.

        • do you have proof of this? Every cop in NJ has JHP ammo and this sounds like made up bullshit.

        • The instructor, also a cop, at a CC seminar in Berks County PA told this to the class. There was someone there from NJ and they wanted to know if HP ammo was legal in PA, as it wasn’t in NJ. The instructor said yes and them told how even the police had to get special permission to enter NJ to pick up a perp with HP ammo in their guns. Straight from a cop’s mouth. This was a little over 5 years ago. Did it change? Who’s correct? I notice you comment on everything to defend NJ.

      • Most of this is false. I have hollow points in all my guns except the one I carry, critical duty, you can buy possess and shoot hollow points, but if you are caught with them in an illegal gun its more illegal then.

  13. Friggin snowflakes. Twisted over the possibility someone may have a gun others know not about. One would think that doesn’t occur now. Detachment from reality is profound.

  14. If legal concealed carry is such a disaster, why is there no such disaster in the states like Texas that have prolific legal concealed carry?

  15. There are what, 12ish people in this picture? And they get an article to further their point.

    Wow. Slow news day, or snowflake patronage…

  16. Assuming this bit of legislature does pass. Even if not one affirmative vote from the NE slave states. It wont change a thing there as it now is. What your not supposed to see you still wont see. Except for a few honest folks who will carry from out of state. Still vastly out numbered by the local criminal element that has always carried and you didn’t see anyway. They don’t have to worry about myself and my weapons in the slave states. As long as they remain so. Not a cent of my hard earned money will be spent in or visited by me. I don’t buy any products willing produced in any of them.
    So you still are as falsely safe as you think you are.

  17. What states like NJ and NY really fear about out-of-stater’s carrying legally is that it will make their own citizens jealous. They’ll want to know why they can’t enjoy the same freedom. What’s more, everyone will see that legal concealed carriers don’t cause crime simply by having a gun on them.


    Just like happens in all those states that have concealed and open carry laws.

  19. 51% section / bar is felony in texas law (together white new mexico and oklahoma) …………
    Texas pro gun status is complete overrated !

    • I think New Mexico changed the law on carrying in restaurants and bars after the Santa Fe Chief of Police had his pistol stolen from his car.

      It is however illegal to go healed while consuming alcohol or any other substance including OTC medications.

      • And how in hell do they enforce that? LOL

        I can see it now… cop stands at the door with a clipboard asking questions of incoming patrons:

        Did you consume any alcohol today? How much, when?
        If you don’t want to drink, why are you here?
        Are you taking any mind or attention altering medicines, drugs or herbs?
        Have you had a fight recently with a friend, neighbor, loved one or stranger?

        And the list could go on for a very long time. Alcohol is certainly not the only thing that can alter a person’s perception, attitude or actions. And the 51% thing is so silly it’s not worth talking about.

  20. If the Hudson Bill passes, it will be Federal tax dollars for New Jersey? Fuhgeddaboutit!

    Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III will see to it.

    All we have to do is to get Congress to pass the bill 🙁 ☹️

  21. Here is a question that I’ve wondered about: if reciprocity allows anyone with a CCW/CCH to carry in any state, “subject to the laws of that state,” does that mean that some states could still arrest you because your firearm is not registered in that state? for example, could they arrest you in Illinois if you don’t have an FOID, or in Jersey because you haven’t gotten a permission slip and registered the gun there? Same for NYC, since it is a sovereign onto its own? (I wouldn’t put it past NY or NJ to do exactly that,s since they seem so willing to ignore the FOPA rules.)

    • Both the House and Senate Bill say the person allowed to carry can carry a non NFA handgun that has been transported in interstate commerce. I read that to allow for the carrying of non registered/approved handguns from out of state.

      The House Bill makes it super clear that you can carry any non NFA handgun with any magazine for it and any ammo in those magazines that is otherwise legal under federal law.

      The House Bill is vastly superior. It’s almost everything we want on the issue of concealed carry. It even eliminates many, maybe most, gun free zones.

    • There is no gun registration in NJ. If you buy one out of state as long as it’s legal in NJ you can have it without the government knowing.

  22. Would they freak out if I strap on my NJ-compliant AR (With an empty 30-round mag permanently pinned to 15, of course. Just for the look.), NJ FID in pocket and walk right past them?

    • Anybody that does this is stupid but NJ is an open carry state so if national reciprocity passes you’re good to go.

  23. “…And we don’t know it. ”

    Where did you get the idea that you ‘get to know it’ regarding anyone else? What arrogance let you to the decision that you have any input over the property and actions of others?


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