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Chicago 'safe passage' sign courtesy

“I’m concerned that much of it is more of a public relations campaign than a safe passage plan. Signs don’t protect people, and I don’t think there’s enough of a community partnership to have something that is effective over the long run. But we’ll have to try to make the best out of a bad situation.” – Pastor Marshall Hatch in Girl shot on ‘Safe Passage’ route in Chicago [at]

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  1. These passages must be safe…they’re manned by people in yellow vests armed with walkie-talkies!

    • The signs would work if they included the red crossed-out gun logo and the words “gun free zone”, because everyone knows the gangbangers obey signs!

  2. I was in York, PA and saw the same types of signs. “Safe Route” is what they were called if I recall. I thought to myself, this is a shame and very sad. All places should be safe, until then…

  3. or these signs are part of a new city ordinance (despite it being in violation of state law), to entrap lawful concealed carry gun owners under a stop and frisk program and confiscate their guns. even if you win in court, how much did it cost you??

    • I am sure there already signs with holes in them. Pretty much like the “neighborhood” watch signs I have seen in other cities that have been spray painted and/or have bullet holes. They make fine targets and since the above signs are orange, even better for target practice.

  4. These signs may serve one useful purpose. The local media has shown that it likes writing homicide stories noting the proximity to these signs, and the photographers love a good crime scene photo with one of these in the background. More than a few of my non-gun loving friends have begun to pick up on the notion that designating an area a gun-free or safe area is completely idiotic.

  5. Huh. Signs do protect people some of the time. Like at Canyonlands National Park, where the “unstable cliff edge” signs protect people (or at least those who can and do read) from a non-obvious danger.

    But it needs to be the right sign in the right spot. I wonder, as an experiment, if you designated part of Chicago a “free concealed carry” zone, what would happen to homicide and general crime rates in the area. Pity we’ll never know.

    I miss Heinlein.

    • Heinlein’s the man. Three books of his that should be read by those committed to freedom, personal responsibility and duty to ones people; “The moon is a harsh mistress”, “Time enough for love” and “Starship Troopers”. ( The movie did not do the book justice)

    • Heinlein would not be in favor of a “free concealed carry zone”. He was very much of an open carry type person.

      • I’m no expert, but my interpretation of Heinlein’s ideas on the carrying of weapons are more along the lines of ‘concealed is concealed’, outright subversion, and ‘screw the bastards’.

  6. I am looking forward to the day they acquiesce and send in the armed folks to walk the route.

    CAN’T WAIT!!!

  7. So I guess I can assume that the other 99.9% of the streets in Chicago that don’t have these signs are UN-safe?

  8. Didn’t a girl of about 12 years coming home on the bus get hit by a stray bullet in the Bronx, in a “safe passage” route about a year ago?

  9. “We’ll just have to make do”
    What a bunch of STUPID IDIOTS,but that’s what happens when you live in Gun hating states,you have tons of guns in the wrong hands.The mental illness in this case seems to be in local government!

  10. There can be confusion between “Safe Passage” and safe harbor which I believe is the term used in the newly passed Illinois concealed carry law.
    When the law goes into effect Illinois will not honor out of state concealed carry licenses.
    The will issue a non-resident CCH, concealed carry handgun, I don’t think the new law allows carrying concealed and effective blades for self-defense. After a 16 hour lesson and a $300 application fee, at least it is shall issue, you can get a ILL CCH.
    But I understand that if you have an out of state valid CCH/CCW you can have your loaded handgun in your car while traveling. How ever you’ll have to unload and put it in a case before you get out to lock it in the trunk.
    Obviously, drivers will be mugging out of state drivers, secure in the knowledge that the honest traveler will be unarmed, as soon as they can knock you unconscious they will steal your gun.
    Best thing, always travel with two or more people, each with a license to carry. At least one stays in the car and armed to protect the person pumping gas.
    I plan on calling the Illinois State Police, they are the agency that will be handling the program.
    It is important to follow the rules AND complain to the Illinois Legislature about the state’s abusive and costly program that leaves you defenseless in the dangerous gas station parking lot and the motel.
    Illinois State Police | Concealed Carry FAQ
    DISCLAIMER: Answers provided to the following questions are meant only to give general guidance. The answers do not and are not meant to replace statutory …
    Firearm Owner’s Frequently Asked Questions – Illinois State Police‎
    Illinois State Police Home, Illinois State Police … Illinois Department of Human Rights …. I have a “conceal and carry” permit issued by another state. Is the permit …
    Illinois State Police Home Page‎
    SPRINGFIELD – In advance of the September 6th statutory deadline, Illinois State Police Officials today announced the Illinois Concealed Carry Firearms …
    Concealed-carry instructor applications available from state police
    The State Journal-Register ‎- 16 hours ago
    Illinois State Police say applications for training to be a concealed-carry instructor are now available. State police made the announcement …

    • You are only partially correct. An out of stater with a CHL can carry while they remain in their vehicle.

  11. “I don’t think there’s enough of a community partnership to have something that is effective over the long run.”

    That is the real problem in Chicago and many large cities – they have no inner-city minority “community”, they have only gang territories, similar to tribal territories in pre-industrial societies. The death rate as a percentage of the population in these societies is considerably higher than the death rate per population for industrialized nations (even including WWI and II), because war is a constant, yearly experience in tribal societies. The tribal members on the outer edges of the tribe’s [or gang’s] territory are constantly being raided by members of adjoining tribes [gangs]. There are never any periods without war at some level. Reference: “War Before Civilization: The Myth of the Peaceful Savage” by Lawrence H. Keeley (see

    You will not stop the murders of inner-city minority youths by rival gangs’ minority youths until you change the society that has produced those gangs, or destroy the gangs by removing their members and their support groups (never happen). The “communities” referred to by Pastor Hatch do not exist, and none of the well-meaning liberal (taxpayer funded) programs will ever change that fact. Anyone for “Midnight Basketball”?

    If you want to see a discussion of a close parallel to the killings in Chicago on a larger scale, type in “Let Africa Sink” in your search engine, then read the article by the same name in Free Republic. It was written by Kim DuToit, who (legally) emigrated to the US in the 1980s, from South Africa.

  12. We should also send some “No Sarin Gas Zone” signs to Syria to help the children over there be safe.

  13. Signs might protect people, if they were bullet “proof” like white boards and backpacks. Unless of course the BG has magical “cop killer” bullets.

  14. Here in lays what your city council actually does. I invite each o you to sit in on a town meeting and try to stay awake. Between the self congratulations and proposing / passing policies and laws that do nothing, one learns just how ineffective they are.

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