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“The people getting licenses don’t concern me. It’s the people without licenses who concern me.” Williams County (ND) Sheriff Scott Busching when asked about the recent increase in concealed carry licences

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  1. Wow that article is poorly written, yay for journalism school! “Gun licenses down from February peak… Ask Williams County Sheriff Scott Busching if the large recent increase in licenses to carry concealed weapons…”

    And in their file photo, why are the hammers on those SAA clones zip tied? I just tried zip tieing my Colt SAA, and I can still operate the hammer on it. The trigger couldnt be pulled all the way back, but thats because i’m using zip ties much thicker than what they have.

      • How do you roll in ND? Does everyone write contradictory statements in news articles, or do they adorn SAA clones with zip ties that do nothing?

  2. It’s the govt that thinks people need licenses to exercise their right to self defense that bothers me.

    • You, me and everyone else are the govt. Vote the wrong people in, and you get the wrong results. That is why it is important to vote the correct people into office. That is why the big stink because there are two SCOTUS that are over 80 and the important of having a gun friendly congress to vote the right judges in should one kick the can. While they pretend to balanced and fair, the 4-4-1 decision on Obomacare pretty much tells us that if the courts are not stacked, we get what we get.

      • Oh yeah, we must elect republicans so they can appoint good, conservative judges. But wait! Roberts was a W. Bush appointee! Now I’m confused.

        It doesn’t matter who is elected, the government always wins. And, an emphatic NO, I am not the govt. All that bullshit about “we the people” is a lie to convince you that you have a voice of influence or can make a difference. Wake up.

        • As Roberts put it in his brief, to paraphrase, it is not the responsibility of the Court to save the people from poor decision making at the ballot box.

          That said, go vote.

        • I vote, but I seem to vote against a candidate instead of for one. I believe one politician is just as bad as another. The only thing they really care about is what benefits them. Power and the associated wealth that comes with it. Anyone new to D.C. seems to be easily corrupted. We The People are mostly ignored except when it is election time.

        • @Kelly

          Or, as Roberts put it in his brief, “I’m concerned with political pandering, so I’m going to re-write part of the law (despite not having the power to do so) to change it to a tax so that I can invent the Federal government’s power of punitive taxation for not purchasing what they think you should purchase. Screw the American people.”

          Paraphrased for clarity.

  3. If anyone should be licensing anyone to carry guns it is the tax paying private citizens who should be licensing government agents and officers.

    • +100 (or since we’re discussing licensing government employees, +007)

      Each year governments kill more people than any criminal organization, let alone random crazy people. Yet every gun-control argument exempts these mass murderers from having to hand over their guns too.

  4. Ok regardless of ones opinions about the government allowing us to purchase a license at great expense, ok here in CA is costs more than the gun, At least he gets it.
    He understands folks who want to carry and go through all the trouble to get one don’t want to screw it up and loose it.

  5. yes, i have no problem with getting a permit to carry. my problem is with the different rules and requirements from location to location. 2a is a right in the bill of rights and it should be the same for those in florida as those in california. we need national right to carry that supercedes all this mish mash. 1 set of rules that covers all citizens that are legal to own a firearm.

    • Be careful what you wish for. You might get it. Then the Feds (probably the ATF) will be involved with granting the permits. Nothing could go wrong with that, right?

    • Do you support a gun registry?

      Because really, having to register to be allowed to carry your gun is the same thing.

        • It’s the reason why I keep putting off getting my CCW. I keep hoping that Ohio will turn to Constitutional Carry.

  6. I think you all.are viewing this out of context. As a CCW instructor in ND, I can tell you that our LEOs overwhelmingly support people carrying guns. It’s extremely easy to get a permit in ND. If you’re carrying without a permit, it probably means you’re an individual who’s prohibited from obtaining one (I.e. a felon, violent offender, etc). The only real hindrance to obtaining a permit is that it takes about 90 days due to the administrative backlog created by the huge influx of applications. All of the rules and funding associated with the administration of the permitting program are issued by our legislature.

    To give you an idea of how lax the gun laws are in ND, I recentlyharangue ATF guy tell me there are more restrictions on people selling quilts than there are on people selling guns.

    • “If you’re carrying without a permit, it probably means you’re an individual who’s prohibited from obtaining one”

      Or, maybe it means you’re an individual who understands there is no legitimate requirement to ask for permission to exercise your inherent, natural rights.

  7. I’m driving to the farm in western,ND tomorrow. Right next to me will be a 308 Bushmaster & a Beretta PX4 Storm, both will have the mags full of ammo…I love my home state!!! Although IMHO ND should have Constitutional Carry because the 2A guarantees that right. Yes, I also have a CCW permit so I don’t have trouble with the bulls of I get pulled over.

  8. yes, i do carry without a permit when i feel it’s needed. i have no strikes against me except that i live in california and can’t get a permit. yes, i believe 2a is all the permit i need but if i’m arrested i know that in california i will not prevail in court. the point that i have tried to make is that i’m not a west virginian, where i was born, or a californian, where i live, but an american. my rights should be the same regardless of local. until this is changed i will, when i feel the need, carry anyway. and knowing that i’m violating the law is a risk that i accept.

    • As much as we would love to argue about our right under the constitution, I don’t think there are many of us willing to march on Sacramento while open carrying. It would be a fools errand for sure.

      • I think it could be very productive Sanchanim if something like 200,000+ people carrying openly marched into Sacramento. What is California going to do? Try to arrest and imprison all 200,000 people? Heck the prisons out there are already beginning to release prisoners because the state no longer has the cash to cover the expense of incarcerating them.

        Such an event would surely get their attention and it would demonstrate unequivocally that armed citizens are not a menace to society … although it would demonstrate that they are a menace to the legislature.

        Think about it.

        • It might sound nice, but all it would do is give anti-gun California even more ammunition in their “gun owners are crazy and violent” campaign.

          The 2011 population in CA was 37,691,912. You’re talking about 0.53% of the population and you think politicians will care?

        • “Yesterday valiant Sacramento officers battled an army of fascist Nazi KKK terrorist militia insurgents that attempted to take control of the city with automatic armor-piercing baby killing assault weapons and criminal antiaircraft pistols with assault clips. President Obama vowed to to hunt down any remaining groups as well as anyone who supports them.”

  9. I commenced on another article about a recent encounter I had with the folks who are the executors of concealed weapons permitting in ND and I’ve no doubt they’re in favor of everyone exercising their 2a rights. But again, there’sbeen an influx of roughnecks to our state in recent years and it’s unusual for people to carry without a permit. There’s a 50/50 chance a LEO will even arrest you for CC without a permit. If you tell the cop you’ve got a gun and a permit, most times they won’t ask to see your permit (even though it’s a class B misdemeanor). Again, its just suspicious for folks around here to carry without a permit because a permit is so easy to.come by. I understand and agree with your point, but it’s silly to think this sheriff is out to pee on your rights.

  10. I see permits and licenses as a way to differentiate good citizens versus bad. If we don’t want criminals to carry we need a way to separate them. The IGOTD series focuses on stupid acts where training would make a difference, if there is no license or permit system then why would anyone bother to get the training?
    Stop seeing licenses and permits as permission from the government to exercise your 2A rights and start seeing it as a verification that you are a law abiding citizen who knows what he is doing with a instrument like a firearm. We have passports, birth certificates, and other forms of ID to verify who we are and also our right to be in the country, is that an infringement? Is the government offending you by asking that you have an issued document verifying who you are?

    • A citizen does not need any form of ID. You must provide your name when asked, not ID.

      Constitutional Carry is the only correct answer.

  11. you’re worried that national shall issue would create a gun registry? tou really think the government doesn’t already know who owns the guns?


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