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“I’m governor of the State of New York. And there’s nothing I can say and there’s nothing I can do. And sometimes it just hurts.” – Andrew Cuomo in Pols say N.Y.’s tough laws can’t stop guns from entering state; urge feds for help following J’Ouvert shootings [via]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Bridgeport Fights Gangs, Sen. Murphy Fights Guns. Go Figure">Previous Post
Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: California - Leading the Way for the Nation on Gun Control">Next Post


    • Hey Governor…how about you and the other NYC leftist simply comply with the Second Amendment? Stop focusing on the tools and start focusing on the criminals who have no respect for others’ lives? That includes the gangsters and illegal aliens who receive sanctuary in your state. And, that death penalty that you leftists did away…reinstate it and CARRY IT OUT. You’ll see violent crime go down if you stop crying and man up.

      • Exactly! A statewide preemption law would overrule NYC’s ban on guns and carry. Statewide “shall issue CCW”, or “Constitutional Carry” would allow people to defend themselves.

    • Not just that, it was letting in hordes pf fools from Europe like the this morons great grand father, The Kennedy`s progenitors, that moron Celler` parents..

      Proof that mass immigration should be ended for ever..

  1. Pass the same laws on the fed level and watch full auto weapons from the ME and Africa stream across our southern border.

    • Heck there’s already enough illegal military-grade ordnance in Latin America to invade the US (discounting armed civilian interference). Thanks Obama (and all of your predecessors who played with Latin-American dictators, guerrillas, and cartels).

    • Basically what happens in Canada. Even with strict federal laws, the gangs in the big cities still manage to shoot each other with restricted/prohibited handguns. The old statistics liked to harp on how the guns were getting across the border from the US, but I suspect more are coming in from overseas via shipping containers. At any rate, it’s no different from smuggling any other contraband.

      At least the average US state is more likely to avoid the Canadian solution of punishing the ordinary gun owner.

  2. I’m shocked, SHOCKED I SAY, that the flyers and signs requesting that people don’t shoot or stab others didn’t work. They worked other places, didn’t they?

  3. Oh the poor dear. Maybe he needs to crawl into his heavily guarded safe space, get his blanky and suck his thumb for awhile.

  4. I’m sorry Mr. Cuomo. I know every bad thing that happens in your great state of New York is my fault. I’m a worthless piece of shit and will now flail myself as I march barefoot and naked to your office where upon arrival I will fall to my knees and beg forgiveness.

    • more like pass the popcorn, he just admitted what we already know, writing something down on a piece of paper and calling it a law does nothing.

      Those who choose to abide by the law are powerless and those who break the law always have the upper hand. Laws always are punishment for crimes, not prevention.

  5. When the truth is antithetical to one’s core belief, one becomes paralyzed, knowing not what to say nor what to do.

  6. Cuomo added, “The SAFE Act didn’t do dick. I pushed it through on a dare. Also, I tried to lick my own butthole the other night and really hurt my neck.”

    He couldn’t be reached for further comment.

  7. I don’t know how any of this violence is a surprise. The city arranges for a massive group of the most violent people/cultures** in the western hemisphere to come together in the streets with free access to drugs, booze, and each other’s girlfriends and THEN they are upset that violence took place (as it has every year!). This is the textbook definition of insanity.

    **Despite an almost total ban on self defense weaponry in the caribe’ islands the data demonstrate the highest violent crime rate per capita except for one latin country.

  8. “Cuomo noted that New York has some of the strongest gun laws in the country — but they did nothing to prevent the deaths of Tyreke Borel, 18, and Tiarah Poyau, 22, both of Brooklyn.”

    “A state cannot protect itself. We have the best laws in the country and we can’t protect ourselves.”

    And yet he wants more laws….

    ‘“I’m governor of the State of New York. And there’s nothing I can say and there’s nothing I can do. And sometimes it just hurts,” Cuomo said…’

    Yes, yes, let the hurt flow through you. 😀

  9. This is what happens when for decades you invite poorly acculturated third worlders with promises of the most liberal welfare benefits in the country. As for Andy, how about he, Bloomberg and DeBlasio all move to London where it will be only knifings? And the occasional bomb attack.

  10. There’s a lot that he could do and it would be amazingly effective. It’s just that it’s the opposite of what he wants to do.

    • ^^ THIS! Just once, it would be nice for a politician to say… You know what? We tried this wholeheartedly believing it was right. We were wrong and will be doubling back. If you don’t like that, vote me out. Otherwise, onward with a different plan. Happens all the time in private sector and who’s always better at results? Hmmmm.

  11. Yeah, Gov. Cuomo and Mayor Comrade De Blasio, let’s have a Federal “War on Guns”. THAT will work just as well as the 45 year “War on Drugs” and wouldn’t have saved the lives of these two young people.

    From what I can find, it looks like these killing/shootings were by random outbreaks of gang violence where both of the murdered were non-involved bystanders.

    How about a “War on Gangs”? If you’re going to launch another Government “War” on something, you might as well focus in the right direction, for once.

  12. Schopenhauer tells us that all truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

    Cuomo may be on the brink of stage three. Once he realizes that federal gun laws don’t deter gangsters, either, then perhaps he’ll accept that the people really do have the right to keep and bear arms.

    • Unfortunately, by the time he fully arrives at stage 3, his outspoken previous positions will have destroyed any remaining shred of credibility he had left, so he will be unable to help spread his newfound belief to others.

      • Good point. Reminds me of the late Senator George McGovern, whose hospitality business went bankrupt in the 1990s, in part because of the cost of compliance with federal laws he himself had voted for years before.

        He regretted some of those votes and having cast them without the benefit of private sector experience. As you said, though, by then it was too late.

    • Nope, there is no stage 3 for the democrat traitors. They will always work to destroy the Bill of Rights.

  13. How many times does your “government” (your a-hole neighbors that needed a job) need to tell you that they can’t do something (like cannot protect you) before you believe them.

    STFU Cuomo, your piss ant patch of real estate is circling the toilet, and you’re too far gone to reach out for help.

  14. Andy,

    Protip #1: The guns aren’t the REAL problem, it’s the trigger pullers and the failed cultures that create them. Fix the cultures (this will require some “tough love”) and you’ll start solving a host of problems, including gun/gang violence. But, I know I’m just wasting bandwidth typing this as you and your people choose to remain blind to this simple truth because you don’t want to admit that your pet policies have only exacerbated such problems.

    Proto #2: Don’t govern the entire state like it’s NYC. Albany has had this problem for decades, going back to your daddy, maybe earlier, and it’s consequently wrecked everything outside the NYC metro area.

  15. Typical bullshit out of my former home state.

    “It’s everyone else’s fault. I have such a poor understanding of supply and demand. I can’t figure out why people don’t follow all our awesome laws that restrict guns, drugs, e-cigs, and ‘loosie cigarettes’. We must dooooooo something to make everyone else just like us and then when that doesn’t work, we must remake the world in our image for the glory of the Soviet Union!”

    FOAD Andrew… soon.

  16. There’s at least one more Cuomo to be governor of new York once he finishes his propaganda routine on cnn.

  17. There’s nothing quite as poignant as the tears of a clown. Let’s all band together and give Gov. Mussolini a big TTAG group hug.

  18. Somehow Cuomo and the sack-lickers in the press always fail to notice that the nearby states the guns are supposedly coming from — despite being awash in weaponry, or maybe even because of it — have no more violent crime than NYC. Actually less, most of them.

    If the simple presence of guns caused violence, everyone in Pennsylvania and Vermont and upstate/rural NY would be dead already.

    • Exactly this. There’s almost exactly zero correlation between gun laws and violence. There are places with strict gun control and high violence, places with very little gun control and very little violence, places with strict gun control and low violence, and places with very little gun control and high violence. The two are just unrelated.

      Given this, and given that self-defense is a right, and given that the right to bear arms is a Constitutionality guaranteed right, gun control laws have no justification.

      • I’m firmly with you on three of the four items listed in that first paragraph, but I’m going to differ with you on the third one you listed, “places with strict gun control and low violence”. In the USA, I can’t think of ANY geopolitical subdivision that meets that definition, and I don’t think I’m alone, because if there WERE any cities/states like that, the Dems and Moms-Against-Stuff and other gun-control groups would be touting them as gun-free paradises and reasons to adopt similar laws.

        And by the lack of any places that meet that third definition, we cross over from “unrelated” to “no positive relationship” when it comes to stiff gun-control laws and crime. Strict gun laws can make the situation worse for law-abiding citizens, but no amount of gun control law (perhaps short of carefully-directed dictatorial-level door-kicking/street-stop-and-frisk confiscation, which no one is endorsing — yet) has any chance of making things better for most of us.

  19. Exactly governor. There is nothing you can do. So how about giving your citizens a fvckin’ chance at defending themselves?

  20. Changed mind and do shall issue white direct order + remove all “assault” ban”s that can you do !!
    Learn from Cris in New Jersey !

  21. Well, today’s theme on TTAG is “magical thinking” which we can add to the retorts inventoried in yesterday’s “Beginners’ Guide” and especially John Ross’s advice linked there.

    “Magical thinking” is pithy. Better, “magical thinking” is a three-fer: a discrediting dis on the anti’s sure to make them look bad, and tick them off; an emotional appeal that “convinces” observers by feeling like it ought to be bad; and a pivot to policy and evidence.

    “Ban all the things!”, and you can reply, along with the others: “Well, that’s just magical thinking, again, some more. Bans don’t work any more than waving a chicken(**) summons Cthulu.”

    And now, I feel a /rant coming on. You were warned…

    As “Sir Publius”(*) comments upon the “campus carry” article here:

    I mean, anyone, at any time, regardless of any law on the books, AT ANY TIME, can bring a gun into a classroom, illegally, without a permit, concealed …”

    Regardless of the law that says “no.” we have all that security theater at airports because telling the evil terrorist people “no” ain’t enough to get them to not. Just a law does nothing.

    I had a bit of a dust-up back in the day – shocking, I know – responding to some blind assertion that the federal ACA would provide health care to some millions of people. Well, no, said I.

    It’s black ink on white paper. Or corralled electrons and magnetic domains. Fundamentally it’s *information*, not factual but conventional. “This we agree.” Absent someone using it for something, it sits there. (Kinda like a gun, when you think about it.)

    The ACA might be used directly to reduce some few people’s health by beating them with the 2,000+ pages. BUT, whatever other results will come from people dong stuff, in this case some people, empowered to use force to coerce some other people into providing health care services to some third bunch of people, in a way the providers would not on their own. You can’t even get people to sign up without subsidies and penalties … it’s that good a deal. (What?)(***)

    “But, but, but, we’ll pass a law and that will make it so!” was the net of the objection. Magical thinking. Does no one get the whole Picard picture? “Make it so!” he proclaims, then minions scurry to work the world into the shape demanded. Without the minions, he’s just talking to himself. (What do these people think they are all The Q?)

    You don’t get to redefine reality by saying what it will be. (Unless you are Q.) Reality will be whatever it wants. (Or whatever you want, if you are Q.) You may be able to *enact* some changes, but that takes more than chanting words. Like at a protest, say.

    “Hey, hey. Ho, ho. .” *expresses* a *preference* or an *intent.* It doesn’t *do* anything but disturb air.

    Magical thinking. A *law* to ban guns makes all the guns go away. No. Enforcing that law *may* have some effects. (Even if you are Q. Q can will a gun ban law, and will … get a law. To get rid o the guns, even Q must will to act on the guns themselves. Thinking making a law gets rid of guns doesn’t even pass the Q test.)

    Magical thinking. Electing a particular guy causes the seas to fall, the planet to cool, the world to heal … by his mere presence.(****) No, you gotta do something.

    TTAG and John Ross are exactly right. All the boring statistical and policy arguments around “gun control” are tedious, empirical thinking. That turns people right off.

    BUT, there’s also a lovely emotional slam and pivot. Rather than deal directly with the chanted invocations of the ghost of redrum, point to what they are doing. Formally, this is sometimes called moving to the meta-level. (I know. Nobody wants to say that because the kids have all gone so meta, or something.) What conversation are we having? We’re invoking unseen powers which will then make things happen by means unfathomable. Ok, we’re doing magic. Ceremonial magic. Did you bring your Alistair Crowley tomes?

    It’s magical thinking. Sometimes, it’s name magic. “Law” has become one of those powerful name-magic totems. We can make anything so, in the world, by declaring it “law.”

    Here’s the thing about magic. It doesn’t work.

    (*) I love a commentariat who will get the reference in that name.

    Indeed, Publius The Former fronted a public debate, by not a candidate, over how to organize US self-government, for our own – that is the citizens’ – advantage. We should maybe have more of that, even now.

    (**) One marvelous riff in computer nerd land is “dead chicken programming.” People with no idea what they are doing, waving a dead chicken at the problem, because that will “somehow” make it go away. Magic. Also, subject to The Gamblers’ Fallacy.

    (***) I had a bunch of other dust ups around that particular legislative, policy, and political train wreck. Independent of opinion on rights, obligations, role of government, or even efficacy, the way they went about it was so full of bad thinking and worse politics it was doomed from the start as a program for improving health care outcomes, delivery, research, costs, or any other damn thing. We’re still living those consequences, and will be for decades. Indeed, the then-majority party’s behavior in this issue was one giant leap down the path to Trump vs. Clinton. SMOD 2016, it’ll still hurt less!

    (****) This speaks only to screwed up thinking. That’s the point. While I may object, or not in any inventory of additional ways, screwed up thinking is it’s own problem.

    Sadly, it requires saying… Really, while I despise the current President’s policies, politics, and behavior in office, one can *also* and *independently* despise the worshipful nonsense that went along with his election. Tingle up the leg, because of the crease in his pants? Childrens’ choirs chanting and singing the Deal Leader’s name, in school, on “legit” news, to “journalists’s” squees of delight? Etc.

    It’s magical thinking. Electing a black guy gets us racial healing, because … magic. And now we have a woman running on the triple arguments of: “I deserve it.”, “It’s time we elected a woman.”, and “Women, better.” That’s gonna work out about as well as the last round, because magical thinking doesn’t work.

    And because it sadly requires saying … I’m not a great fan of the Strutting Texican, never was. (Less a fan of the first-Bro in the wings, but that private yacht seems to have sailed.) I would like our selected figureheads to be a bit less aggressively stupid. And I would especially like us to be a bit less aggressively stupid about who we select, how, and on what basis. Across the board. Ain’t none of them my clan, kith or kin.

    The ultimate argument against citizen gun ownership is how we participate in politics. People this dumb shouldn’t be trusted with dull squeegees, let along franchise. Discuss.

  22. Guys, you’re missing the obvious opportunity here — and it is utterly delicious.

    We have living proof that New York CCW/CHL holders are NOT dangerous. The Democrats are everywhere trying to portray Trump as dangerous, unhinged, insane, lunatic, etc. Yet, we know for a fact (well, inasmuch as we can ever know anything Trump says for a fact) that he has a New York concealed weapons permit!

    Isn’t that fabulous? The most dangerous person alive has a weapons permit, and he still hasn’t shot anybody (that we know of). We should be touting this from the hilltops. It’s proof that CCW/CHL laws work and that society is perfectly safe in such an environment.

    So, Cuomo, learn from Trump. Try free/open permitting. As Trump says, “what the hell do you have to lose?”

  23. How many shootings are there every year at the St. Patty’s Day Parade?

    Just wondering if there might be a variable besides guns.

  24. Pols say N.Y.’s tough laws can’t stop guns from entering state; urge feds for help following J’Ouvert shootings
    Obviously we need more gun control at the Federal Level.

  25. Andy, There is a secret we haven’t told you that will remove evil from the guns. We haven’t told you because we are meeeaannnnnn. OK ,all you have to do is suck the evil out of the gun barrel. While pulling the trigger to help. I can assure you this will remove evil. Don’t tell all of my gun nut buddies because this was supposed to be top secret. Shhhhhhhhh…

  26. Corruption and graft at the highest levels don’t help.

    “Members of the Brooklyn South Vice Squad raided two illegal nightclubs set up in junkyards this past weekend — then got told by the local precinct to let them stay open, The Post has learned. Cops burst into the open-air watering holes in East Flatbush at around 3 a.m. Saturday, law-enforcement sources said.

    When no one could produce a liquor license, the cops prepared to bust the bartenders and close the clubs, known as Tiki Village and Soca Village. But managers pleaded with the cops to call the 63rd Precinct — and when they did, they were stunned to hear that the clubs had been given a “pass” and could remain in business, the sources said…

    The Post has exclusively reported that cops shut down both spots about a month ago — but that Mayor de Blasio ordered that they be allowed to reopen ahead of the West Indian Day Parade, as a favor to City Councilman Jumaane Williams (D-East Flatbush)…”

  27. All being radically anti-gun does is give more money to the Mexican Mafia. If you really think that banning bullet buttons and the thingy that goes up are important gun-control measures, you should probably stop there because once the mafia takes over your marketplace, none of that bullshit will matter, Señor.

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