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“God forbid, if I ever am in (a self defense) situation — maybe it’s easier said than done, but I’d rather call 911 than shoot a gun, ever.” – Rima Shahid in One nation: Our relationships with guns [at]


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  1. Is this really a either or situation? I have a cell phone AND several firearms. I see no conflict here.I would RATHER use the phone, I’m willing to use the firearms.

    • I’m not going to look to the executive director of the Muslim Alliance of Indiana for my self defense advice. If she wants to die waiting for the police, that’s her choice. As they say, you can’t fix stupid.

      • Which brings us to the fact that she is Muslim AND female. Submission to the will of Allah, and of men, the most likely persons to be a threat to her, is part of her psyche. If she fights back it is an affront to Allah, “insha’Allah”, the will of Allah. If she fights back against men, and succeeds, she is just as likely to be shunned and/or punished by her community, for daring to contradict the will of a man.

        Damned if she does, double damned if she don’t/

        • Damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t? No wonder she is picking the easier option. If both options hurt but one requires conscience effort then the choice is pretty clear (especially if the hard choice may negatively impact my immortal soul).

      • Well, if she dials 911 she will at least leave a voice record of her passing. That has to count for something, right?

        • And if she is calling to report that she is being raped, and the phone stays on and the first responders include at least four men who arrive in time and are willing to witness that she was in fact being raped, she may not be stoned to death or beheaded as a consequence of being the victim of a rape.

          I do not wish pain and suffering on anyone, but if she wishes to be a martyr to non-violence, I will not try to stop her.

      • Seriously, this woman is a self-solving problem. It’s her choice, and she’s more than welcome to it. She’s volunteering to skim the gene pool.

  2. That is your RIGHT.

    Do not imply that because YOU CHOOSE 911 as your first and last line of defense that it should be everyone’s choice as well.

    Example: I’m Pro-Choice; I would HOPE people would choose life. If they don’t, it’s THEIR CHOICE.

  3. Gee, you know, I’d prefer not to be in a self-defense situation at all, as long as we’re talking about pie-in-the-sky hypotheticals.

  4. Someone told me something once that made a lot of sense. In a dangerous situation, when you’re calling the police, you’re not calling a guy. You’re calling a gun. Wouldn’t it make sense to have a gun seconds away rather than minutes?

    • Joe, you are absolutely correct, and when you dial 9-1-1 for the fire department, you are calling for a large truck filled with water and tools manned by 4 men. In either case you’re getting a response for the most part by men with tools for the job. But nothing should stop you from having your own tools (gun or your own fire extinguisher) close at hand.

      • The Fire Department usually have a faster response time then the police and typically you have about 2 minutes to get out instead of 10 seconds to do something.

  5. It’s her choice whether or not she arms herself. Given her line of reasoning, she has made it very clear that she prefers potential victim hood over self-defense. Victim hood is very much aspired to these days, and she is free to pursue that path.

    Towards the end of her section she also states near the end of the article that anyone who decides to kill somebody is a terrorist. Not sure if she means “kill somebody” as in murder, or means it more as an all-encompassing statement including SD shootings. If that is what she means, she’s crazy.

    • Agreed. Earlier in the article she talks about a traumatic experience where her cousin was paralyzed by a the mishandling of a handgun at a friends house. She clearly is a true hoplophobe.

  6. As others stated above, if Mrs. Shahid does not want to own/use a firearm, that is her choice. Do not force the same choice on me and my family.

  7. She should call 911 and tell them to send the coroner because essentially after the 15 min police response time, the odds are that she’ll be dead.

    • Yep. A mom here in Denver last year called the cops because her husband was freaking out on edible marijuana. ( Btw don’t tell me pot is harmless)
      The police took 14 minutes to get there. Unfortunately her husband killed her which was recorded by 911 at minute 12. Pick up the 1911 then dial 911.

  8. Another example of the failure of the US immigration system. We must close the borders and start deportations if we are to save traditional America and traditional American freedoms.

    • You still haven’t answered how you want the .gov folks, that you insist on being disarmed, are supposed to close a border and do the roundups without guns.

      • Wherein did he say he didn’t want gov agents to not have guns, or that gov needed to be the one to enforce the border at all? Do you see what happens when you assume?

        • CM has hardly let a thread go by without calling for the disarming of all .gov employees. As for closing the border without .gov personnel, I’m all ears.

    • Non sequitur. There are plenty of Daughters/Sons of the American Revolution eligibles who feel the same way.

      And FYI all that it takes to join those organizations is to have an ancestor who fought on our side. My wife, who was born a few weeks after her parents arrived as refugees in 1950, is eligible because one of her ancestors fought in the Polish contingent that came with Casimir Pulaski.

  9. Dang! I read the headline quickly and thought she meant a 1911. That would be my first choice in a self defense situation. My wife prefers her Ruger .357. To each their own, but this young lady just offered herself up as a victim.
    Good luck with that.

  10. But wait! I thought the police were racist pigs who should be “fried like bacon”! I thought police violence was out of control in this country! Why would I invite one of those people into my house?

    • Any time you can highlight the cognitive dissonance of the left do so loudly and smugly.

      Cops are bad but only they should have guns.

      Feminism and LGBT go hand in hand with Islam

      Bad things never happen in Europe, and then they do you are racist.

      Eat only healthy, free range organic meat but for the love of Tyson don’t hunt you Monster.

      The list goes on and on…

  11. I live in a relatively large metropolitan area. The police have an average response time of three minutes. The best reported response time is 87 seconds, a minute and a half f you prefer.

    Now try this little thought experiment… Set a timer for 87 seconds and start the clock. Now go to any opening in you home, door or window it doesn’t matter, open it, stick as much of your body through that opening as you can (lean out of the window or walk through the door) and count to ten. Now pull yourself back into your home and walk through your home at a brisk pace and touch everything of value that you could fit into a very large bag. Now go back to that same door or window you started with and see how much time is on the timer. Every second left on the timer is a possible punch or kick or shot you could suffer before the police arrive. And that is a best case scenario because it could be another 60, 90, 150 or more seconds until help arrives.

    You don’t have to get a gun, that is your choice. If, however, you even hint at your choice is something I should abide by you can just go straight to hell because I am not going to wait around for help to arrive when I can use a very simple device that does a very simple thing that could be the difference between life and death for me and mine.

    • Average response time three minutes? Unless you live in a truly unique city,I suspect that you have been snookered by misleading statistics offered by the local officials. I have lived in a variety of areas, and have yet to see such an efficient response.

      • Most big cities response time is over 12 minutes. If you live in the country the sheriff might take an hour or more to show up. 911 is not a guarantee of your safety.

        • I get this all the time from city anti gunners. I live in time mountains and an optimal 911 response – I’ve measured because I’ve had to call twice – seems to be 25-35 minutes. And we’re considered lucky because we have a satellite sheriffs office relatively (10 miles) nearby.

          “911 is my gun” antis who say I shouldn’t have the ability to own a gun tell me “well it was your choice to move to the mountains.” – Really… if you don’t live in a loft in lower downtown “well thems the breaks” I guess? At 35 minutes we might as well not have police response.

      • Snookered by fluffy data or not, it doesn’t change the thought experiment. Three minutes or thirty… It is an eternity if you can’t defend yourself.

    • Making a choice is irrelevant, living or dying by that choice is the measure. The injustice is others making that decision for you.

  12. Her cousin was paralyzed by a kid showing off his dad’s gun. How many cousins have been maimed showing off dad’s power tools, sports cars, swimming pools, etc? More than guns, that’s for sure. Still nowhere near as dangerous as not having a man in the house, in the first place. Yes I said it.

    • There are plenty of men (Fudds) who think just like her. If you have two of them in the house, they just reinforce that belief between them.

      There are plenty of women who have more balls than many men — wanting to defend yourself or having the skill are not the exclusive capability of men.

      • Fudds usually have a shotgun loaded with 00 buck lying around the house which many think is the ideal time defense weapon.

        Apparently Fudd has become a PC term of scorn for anybody who doesn’t own an AR.

        • Negative.

          A Fudd thinks you shouldn’t own an AR and that ARs should be banned.

          Also, the Fudd believes his shotgun isn’t next on the no-no list.

        • Fudd is a term used to describe a gun owner that possibly believes the 2A is about hunting, probably believes hunting is the only legitimate use for a gun outside of military and law enforcement and positively believes that because they don’t want an AR, nobody else should have one either. Fudds are typically only engaged in politics or are aware of what’s going on at any level of government for roughly three weeks during every fourth year. They’ll vote their pensions, SS, medicare or their 30 year old basement dwelling kid’s food stamps long before they’ll begin to consider voting for 2A candidates.

        • I must be a Fudd because I hold the AR in disdain and think the only semiautomatic rifles that you should have were based on John Garand’s design.

        • If you believe because you don’t like it people shouldn’t own it, then yes, you’re a full on Fudd.


        • Once again sarcasm goes over some people’s heads.

          Colion Noir posted a video attacking tribalism in the gun community. He is spot on.

        • Yes Tribalism is bad, but fudds aren’t friends of gun rights. They believe only cops and criminals should have handguns, only terrorists and school shooters want MSRs. They are willing to sell out gun rights in a new York minute in the vain hope their thurdythurdys and duck guns will be left alone.

          The FUDD is no friend of gun rights or individual liberty so there is about as much harm to the movement in disparaging true dyed in the wool fudds as disparaging the borderline psychotic rabidly antigun leftys. They are no friends of ours.

          (of course when speaking of FUDDs I mean the ones who see nothing wrong in selling out others’ likes hoping to protect their own, the ‘useful idiot’ ; NOT the older gentleman who wasn’t taught anything outside his durr rifle and duck blaster who is willing to listen and while maybe not necessarily embracing pistol and black gun culture at least willing to understand others preferences and realize their fate is intertwined with ours. This a different thing altogether and should be taught and brought into the fold.)

  13. IMHO, this is a learned response. The way our schools teach, they are developing victims for the sole purpose for people to be completely dependent on the state.

    There was a time when the news had a story of a rape, there was a call for women to learn martial arts or some form of defense so as to not be a victim.

    In a recent rape at a state park, the commentator recommended that women not jog alone and always keep a cell phone with them.

    We no longer want people to defend themselves — it is how they want people to think — be a victim, if your not killed we will send a support group versus fight back and we will help you fight.

    • I have heard this “don’t fight, just call the cops” tripe spouted consistently by Americans of every political persuasion. It wasn’t long ago that the line between civilian and soldier was thin. Most boys knew how to exercise, shoot, fight, and hunt from playing outside all the time. Possibility of combat and strict rules aside, military training and boy scouts weren’t all that different. Once people started getting fat and hooked on technology, the line widened immensely. Now everyone’s fat, lazy, and weak so the dependency mongers have come out in spades. It’s similar to the mentality behind feminism; don’t actually push yourself to succeed, be dependent on the state.

  14. Sure, Rima. When seconds count, the cops are minutes away. I hope you at least have a knife to defend yourself with.

    • Don’t be silly. She has the good intentions of bad people, a whistle, and a willingness to urinate on herself to keep her safe and warm. Well warm anyway… for a bit.

  15. That’s fine if she wants to do that for her and her family. Now if she wants me to make the same decision, then there is a problem. That is the problem with do gooders and leftists. They think their ideas are the best ideas and you should be forced by the state to comply.

  16. Based on my experiance. Calling 911 will get you placed on hold, the wrong department, placed on hold again, then finally the right department. By the time they answer she will be dead.

    They only time I’ve gotten a quick answer, still about 2min and wrong dept and had to be transferred, in the country however they are 10 min or more out.
    However if you dont call or even can’t you will be the one charged by the police even in texas.

    • I thought what guarantees rapid police response is to state your emergency and add, “I’ve got a gun in my hand and I’ll shoot if I have to!”

  17. Sounds a lot like the women in Europe, enjoying Angela Merkel’s new and interesting Muslim Rape Scheme…apparently one of the prevailing opinions is “we’d rather be raped constantly by diseased Goat-fuckers than hurt peope or be thought of as bigots, by the goat-fuckers”.

    Fine…if thats what people want. Freedom and all. Maybe they like being victims. Some people have weird needs. That’s not my thing. As long as they can refrain from forcing the rest of the planet to be unwilling victims, then I am willing to ignore their “choice”, and merely assign the label of “nuts” to the people making that “choice”. However, they can’t seem to keep it to themselves, and want to use the State to do it for them. Not gonna work for me or anybody I know…

  18. Rima Shahid:
    “The accident cemented her fear of guns.”

    “It’s something that’s used to hurt other people,” she said. “Whether you want to justify to yourself that it’s for defense, at the end of the day, the purpose of a gun is to hurt someone”

    “God forbid, if I ever am in that kind of situation — maybe it’s easier said than done, but I’d rather call 911 than shoot a gun, ever”

    These are some very interesting statements from Ms. Shahid that really go to the matter of how people like her think. Quite frankly I don’t believe we’ll be able to change or influence someone like her (or them) ever. This is also the mindset of the majority of Democrat voters and to a very great extent single female voters which are a core constituency of that party.

    • “Whether you want to justify to yourself that it’s for defense, at the end of the day, the purpose of a gun is to hurt someone.”

      This is why our sides are worlds apart. Yes, I own the most effective way to defend myself and my family and I understand that using it in that capacity can hurt or kill someone in order to stop a threat. I am 100% at peace with that possibility. Next question please.

    • But, we should also make damn sure people like the good Ms. Shahid never, ever, gain the kind of political power to influence gun policy.

  19. My fellow TTAG readers, you seem to be missing the point in this particular case. Rima Shahid happens to be the executive director of the Muslim Alliance of Indiana, a C.A.I.R. group. They seem to have no problem with guns, IEDs, bombs, suicide vests and, for that matter, any tool that can kill people. In fact, they specialize in that business. However, their job would be much easier if the victims are to be disarmed, which is exactly what she’s working on.

    • For those unaware, C.A.I.R. is the Council on American–Islamic Relations.

      In my opinion, a very dangerous organization.

      They have ties to The Society of the Muslim Brothers (The Muslim Brotherhood)…

      • “In my opinion, a very dangerous organization.”

        Yep. And all you have to do to find out what they really think is just ask them about Jews. Suddenly the faux humanitarian unction will disappear in a flash of blinding realization.

  20. I would rather call the cops, too.

    But, I’ll still have a smoke wagon with/on me while I do it.

    It’s always a better option to let Johnny Law do your dirty work for you.

  21. Gun in hand. Cellphone at hand. Call 911 first if there is time. If not, call immediately after the DGU. And be sure to tell 911 you are or have been armed lest overreaction creates a second casualty. As taught in the CHP classes I took in two states.

  22. Good to hear. I figured as much. It’s almost like she’s a Moose-lim plant who wants us all disarmed 🙂

  23. She does not fully understand the decision she is making. The real question she needs to ask herself is would she rather die than shoot a gun in self-defense. Given only those two options, which would she choose?

    That would be a good question for all anti-gunners; given only those options, are they willing to die or let others die rather than defend themselves……

  24. Where RT is response time of local law enforcement, and EM is time from entry to me by Billy Badass, if RT<EM, that is an excellent option. Otherwise, MV (muzzle velocity) should enter the equation. Home carry.

  25. As 1 or more posters have already alluded to, part of the agenda of flooding the U.S. With 3rd world immigrants who have little or no expectations of individual rights is tip the balance here where the majority of people do not understand or expect rights.

  26. So this muslim woman wants all Americans (especially women) disarmed and unable to defend themselves.

    Guess she wants her husband and his friends to have it easy like in Europe.

  27. Fantasy vs. reality.

    Fantasy is believing you have the minutes to calm 911, articulate your situation, and the police will magically appear in seconds and the bad guy won’t be able to harm you.

    However, I live in reality. And it seems I value my life more than you value yours do as I’d rather have all the options and advantages in my easy reach to maximize my survivability.

  28. ah like it when they have pictures. a ‘nuther squish ah ain’t gonna waste no time on defending.

    a’ course if’n a gal thinks lack that, she shore doan need to be havin’ a gun aroun.

  29. I choose both because I choose life over an elitist fantasy. I hold the value of my life and the life of my family above all else.

    Seriously, where do we get these flower children? If this crunchy prefers to die because of her fear of taking responsibility for her own life, why should we the people respond to her 911 call for help?

  30. these are the same people who say you should acquiesce to a robber because they ‘probably don’t want to hurt you’. they have decided that their personal safety should be left up to the whims of others. Their strategy for a bad situation is basically:
    1. call the police, pray they arrive in time
    2. If the police fail at that, rely on the indulgence of a criminal to keep the damage to a minimum

    if only we could all be so enlightened and sophisticated as to be completely passive about potential life and death scenarios.

    • There was an article I read after Hurricane Sandy about how horrible the people in Rockaway were for threatening to shoot looters because the looters just were trying to survive or some such nonsense. (Essentially ignoring those Rockaway residents were also trying to survive, but without being shitbag looters.) Must have been easy for that reporter to say from their upper west side ivory tower.

  31. What are we supposed to do with people like this? If they don’t want a gun, fine. It is their choice. But they raise children, and vote. Their fantasies have no bounds. I think they are dangerous people, propagating more dangerous people. Sometimes I think they should be put in camps where nothing bad ever happens, where they have no responsibilities, and where they never have a disappointment. Then again, some people just don’t like chocolate ice cream.

    When it comes to figuring this stuff out, I am always lasttoknow.

  32. Gun, all the way. EMS takes a few minutes. Gun fires bullets as quickly as you can pull the trigger.

    I’ve killed cute little animals in the woods during hunting season, just so I could cook and eat them. I can certainly kill a homicidal maniac who kicks down my door and tries to hurt my family or me.

    One final note: about 99 percent of dgu’s involve no shots fired, or the attacker gets injured, and is arrested at the nearest hospital.

  33. What other species alive on this planet would reject measures to protect it’s young? Maybe some species that actually eats its own…..?

  34. I couldn’t be happier that Rima would choose 911 above a gun. And Darwin would agree with me.

    The preternaturally stupid should not reproduce.

  35. I hope you 911 too, you becoming a statistic might save lives. The Titanic sinking was a tragic huge loss of life, but shipping is safer because of it.

    Just don’t, nor have any of your family or friends bitch about the outcome. The rest of us will be too busy convincing the rest of the world, and the bad guys, that your fing dumb ass was an outlier, and the rest of us are instead chomping at the bit to f sh_t up long before the adrenalin subsides enough for us to fat finger dial the local PD.

  36. Congratulations! You have just chosen, of your own volition, to become prey. Move outside, sleep in a field, and crap where you stand when the need strikes. Eat vegitation, wait for a predator to choose your fate. Way to step down from being human. You suck!

  37. She’s not even wearing a Hajib. She’s director of a regional Muslim organization and apparently a Muslim shill for USA Today. I hope she does just call 911, and I hope the “attackers” are from the local ISIS cell outraged by her nationally published violation of “Sharia” law. Justice from her own people. Irony can be so sweet.
    The original Ten Amendments to the U.S. Constitution collectively guarantee each American a right to “self-determination” even if only by inference. I do not care what anyone chooses for themselves, but when other people propose to dictate to me what I “must” choose they have crossed a line I will never accept or tolerate.

    • It probably doesn’t matter, but I looked up “Sharia”. It is Arabic for “law”. So, Sharia law is actually law law.

      Like I said, it probably doesn’t matter, but if we want non-gun people to know the proper terms for guns and gun parts, maybe it would be proper for us to know Muslims don’t have “Sharia law” as a comprehensible phrase.

      • “Muslims don’t have “Sharia law” as a comprehensible phrase.”
        No, they don’t, but in English the translation you are questioning is common usage and a legitimate term for which “Islamic Law” can also be used. Islam makes no distinction between church and state and “Shari’ah” applies ONLY to Muslims. Translation from one language to another often takes liberties for the benefit of those speaking the “translated to” language. Kind of like “Sturmgewehr 44” literally translates “assault rifle 44” and makes sense to German speakers, but we do not translate “AR-15” to “assault rifle-15” because it’s “Armalite Rifle-15” and reject the “assault rifle’, “assault weapon” nomenclature.
        So, I would contend it is as legitimate to use “Sharia Law” in an English context, or just “Sharia”, as you contend, depending on how much you care who you may confuse/offend.

  38. I like guns. Like to shoot guns. Like to collect guns. Like my range sessions. Like to watch gun competitions. She is welcome to call 911 and wait the 10 or 15 minutes for the police to arrive, but I hope she doesn’t expect me to change my lifestyle, my culture, or my defensive home plan.

    • I wonder how many times a home invader could stab a victim in 15-20 minutes.

      If I want my picture taken, I’ll do it with my DSLR on timer, and not by crime scene techs, and minus the stab or bullet wounds…

  39. He tried to rape my dog, I shot him with my five seven then the dog, a male started to make a meal of him, sorry 911, I couldn’t stop him, his collar broke!!!

    • Actually they don’t HAVE to.

      Abundant legal precedent says they DON’T.

      Look up Castle Rock and other decisions.

      What happened to the Milwaukee cops who gave the Hmong kid back to Jeffrey Dahmer?

      What happened to the Cleveland cops in ’86 who said they couldn’t see a race riot?

  40. I skimmed the original article. A lot of blah blah blah…….emotional vomit…….blah blah blah……..”I’ve use at most two brain cells to reason through this issue”…….blah blah blah…….guns are bad……blah blah blah……….

    I’ve heard it all before.

  41. If you ever find yourself in a self-defense situation and you have the luxury of calling 911 and waiting for help to arrive, rather than actually, you know, defending yourself, you weren’t really in a self-defense situation in the first place

  42. After a brief glance I thought it said choose 1911 over a gun, I was thought that was resonable advice… Then I reread it and I’m still going with 1911.

  43. Dear Rima,


    * Police have no legal duty to protect individuals.
    * Police have no legal liability when they fail to protect individuals.
    * The above two are moot anyway, since police not assigned as bodyguards have virtually no ability to protect individuals.

    Police don’t protect individuals, they draw chalk outlines around individuals unwilling or unable to protect THEMSELVES.

    Rima, I wonder what you’d do if you called 911 and they demanded that you put your assailant on the phone the way Detroit 911 did with a woman whose husband had just shot her.

    If you’re not willing and able to protect YOURSELF, you’re just not going to get protected AT ALL. Anybody who tells you different, is LYING.

  44. This whole argument is a troll piece as every Gun owner knows that using a firearm is a last resort if possible situation!
    Civilian shooting generates a headache of Paperwork, anxiety, sleeplessness and apprehension, have missed a few!
    still better than being Bagged and tagged !!

  45. So she would call somebody with a gun to protect her, potentially shooting and killing her aggressor, yet she is completely unwilling to shoot an aggressor herself? Interesting.

    • Somebody needs to tell her that hiring mercenaries to do her killing for her doesn’t confer upon her one iota of moral superiority.


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