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“It’s difficult to imagine her sitting in front of a congressional hearing or even meeting privately with lawmakers about the issues — the optics just wouldn’t be advantageous for the politicians in question — but what if we saw her out on the streets during BLM protests? What if she had more than one lunch with the moms of victims and found out what they needed from her,


beyond photo ops? What if she gave her millions of followers a list of the U.S. senators and representatives taking money from the NRA and got her fans to the polls in November? She might turn out to be an untapped resource of voter mobilization. Kim Kardashian might turn out to be the voice gun control needs.” – Sabrina Rohas Weiss in Kim Kardashian Is Taking On A New Role: Gun Violence Activist [via]

Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Gun Rights Are an "Abysmal Failure"">Previous Post
Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: It's Almost As If Big City Governments Want to Keep Their Poorer Residents Unarmed">Next Post


    • If you want to appeal to the most ignorant bottom-feeders among us, you call on Kim Kardashian, an empty headed media whore devoid of talent or morals. I guess when you can’t argue the facts, a donkey-sized ass will have to do.

      • You have just insulted every whore on the planet.
        Kardashian does not even come close to meeting the moral standards of whoring.

      • Speaking of media whores devoid of talent or morals, I remember a few years back when JC Penney was on the economic ropes and their new CEO decided it would be a brilliant marketing and PC move to hire Ellen Degeneris as their spokesperson, having heard that she had some 3 million “devoted” fans (and she was gay).

        It has never been determined how many of those 3 million fans ever changed their shopping habits to patronize (pun intended) JC Penney, but it would seem that the scheme turned many more than 3 million additional shoppers away since the campaign did not last very long and certainly did not improve Penney’s fiscal status.

        I submit that anti-2A organizations are likely to shoot themselves in the foot with these sorts of ridiculous celebrity campaigns and we should not oppose them, except, perhaps, with REAL celebrities of our own who actually know what they’re talking about and aren’t just touchy-feely emoticons.

    • I love that YT video (Conan O’Brien) where Denis Leary expresses his opinions of the Kardashians. “No Talent”. “What do they do to improve society? NOTHING.”

      • As occasionally amusing as Leary can be, I do find it rather ironic that a guy who’s entire schtick is at best a pastiche, and at worst just outright theft, of everyone from Bill Hicks to Louis CK, is commenting on “talent”. Other than, “Thank god you people have no idea what a talentless asshole I am”.

        There’s a great Tough Crowd where Giraldo and Leary really looked like they were gonna throw down, because Leary was totally unprepared, and Giraldo called him out on it. It’s on the youtubes for those interested.

      • Cult of Personality. They are personalities, and they have developed a cult around themselves.

    • I think she is mainly famous because her father helped prevent a racist cop from framing 1968 Heisman Trophy winner Orenthal Simpson for murder.

      The Internet really needs to agree on a sarcasm font.


    • They are not famous for any particular reason. Their family came into recognition when the late Robert Kardashian was part of the team that successfully defended OJ. So I guess that’s why the family is famous: dead attorney father defended OJ in a sensational Hollywood trial. And now, in 2016, to honor their father’s memory, the Kardashian children occasionally release sex tapes, cavort with insufferable douche bags and destroy the morals of the young women (and even men) of the country.

    • I would say that most people are confused about the difference between fame and infamy when they call her famous.

  1. I agree. The Kardashians are just what Gun Control needs: A fake, out of touch with reality, useless to society spokesperson, that only appeals to people to young to vote. Sounds like a perfect representative of the Anti-gun crowd.

    • That’s the problem, they’re too young to vote NOW, but in 3, 5, 10 years? We’re in trouble.

      Most pro-2A supporters are aging and we’re not replacing our ranks. How many grandfathers take their grandkids hunting? How many dads take their sons and daughters shooting, or teach them about guns? I’d argue that’s how most develop a love for guns (it’s how I did), they see the importance guns have in the lives of others. They learn how guns have turned the tides of history and built nations. Lastly, when that grandparent/parent passes on they’re gifted a gun, a gun that means more to them than monetary value alone, a gun that very well may have fed or protected their family. How often does that happen anymore?

      Yeah, we can make our voices heard now, even if they’re seldom listened to, but what about the future? We’re getting to age where our opinion won’t matter, will be brushed off by the younger know-it-all types (to be fair this happens with everything) and we’ll be a relic of a time long gone.

      Only downside I see to the pro-2A group is we’re playing the short-game. The people that want to take our rights don’t take it all at once, they take it piece by piece and they’re playing the game for the long-haul. They’re winning the future generations point blank. It doesn’t matter to them how long it takes, only that it happens, and it seems to be heading that direction.

      • Blake, I’m not sure where you are living, but as a general rule, we are attracting new kids all the time.

        I will grant that it’s not as ‘just normal’ as it used to be. Unless you’re in the serious boonies these days, guns aren’t just an everyday, mainstream thing. But, they are coming around. Video games don’t always hurt – many of my 20-something acquaints are recently into the shooting sports – and are vehemently pro 2A.

        If you get a chance to interact with young people, you can help swell our ranks. Over the last few decades, I’ve taken dozens of people to the range for the first time, most of whom now shoot, own firearms, and know the importance of the 2A.

        So don’t sit on the bench. IF you have the opportunity, try to do something to really help the children. They’re the ones who face a likelihood of a genuinely oppressive regime taking over.

  2. Kim who?

    How about a picture of her with the heavily ARMED bodyguards…. A photo of her gated and heavily guarded home… vacation spots, etc. The audience these hypocrites preach to never see any of that.

  3. They’re too busy watching E! to be politically engaged.

    To put “Kim Kardashian” and “untapped” in the same sentence…whew!

  4. Far as I can tell, that woman’s only talent is attracting attention. If I wanted to motivate voters, no matter the cause, she would be the last person I would turn to.

  5. I love how the left knocks Trump for being a “celebrity” then proceeds to surround themselves with every B, C and D lister they possibly can.

    They know people are stupid so why not deride them for interest in celebrities while capitalizing on stupid people being interested in celebrities.

  6. Too much for Monday morning. Reminds me of the Hulu commercial where they’re talking about turning people’s brains to goo.

  7. Kim Kardashian Is Taking On A New Role: Gun Violence Activist

    Don’t those words in that order usually mean she would be an activist IN FAVOR of gun violence?

    • If there is an argument in favor of gun violence – the Lardassians and their useless brood of vapid fame-whores is most certainly exhibit A.

  8. So she’s going to,Tweet nonsense and post more porn shots of herself on Fakebook? That should really give the anti’s the boost they need.

  9. Well she has a spectacular butt…I digress. Sure-airheaded gals ‘r perfect. She’s got a gazillian twa…er twitter followers. I don’t see her idiot husband jumping in doing psa’s though.

    • Brucey did that to himself…I doubt his step-kid had a damn thing to do with it…

      • I don’t think it’s safe to stick up for either of them, but, I’m sticking with my comment, don’t let her get into your head.

  10. Guys guys…. its okay… every time she posts something pro gun control, her sister post pictures of herself shooting at the range. We need her to be a pro gun protection activist.
    Kardashian vs Kardashian. They will cancel each other out. Then kims special ed husband will say some stupid sh!t and we got it in the bag.
    On a side note i really wish he would stop telling people hes from chicago. Its bad enough here as it is.

  11. Traveling across the country, passing through Wyoming, stopped at Walmart noting two families of men and boys getting hunting licenses. Fire up TTAG for me daily dose and read Kim in play to help gun grabbers…yeah thats the ticket. Always enjoy a morning chuckle.

  12. Yea, that’ll add the gravitas and intellectual heft to the debate that the anti-gun movement has been missing all these years.

  13. Anyone who’s likely to support a political cause because of her is likely to forget to BREATHE, nevermind remember to VOTE.

    • Big fake boobs, big fake a$$, complete airhead, and has a lot of money…

      She’s not my first choice, by any stretch, but I’d go to town on her money and her a$$.

      “Yeah, yeah, Kim, I love you for your mind. Now, about that new Range Rover to match my boat.”

    • She is dumb as a post and as disconnected from everyday life as you can be. She is also married to a real overhyped racist jackass. Never the less she is a beautiful woman. I mean damn, that is hard to dispute if I am honest.

  14. Thankfully, her fans are too dumb to find their way to a polling station so I’m not too worried about this gaining traction. I’ll file it in the same folder as “College freshman comes home for Thanksgiving dinner and lectures family on why she’s now a vegan.”

    • I’m happy to say that I didn’t recognize the picture.

      I know more about her from reading this thread than I did before.

  15. If the Old Crone is defeated in November, this insanity — the purpose of which is to get her elected — will run out of gas. If she wins, it will only get worse. Much, much worse.

  16. So we have Chuck Norris, Clint Eastwood, and Tom Selleck….and they have a kardashian.

    Man if that’s not winning, I don’t know what is.

  17. If a woman’s b**bs on prominent display cannot convince me to purchase a hamburger, or a new car, or a specific brand of beer, or any of the other myriad consumer products that are promoted by female human t*ts, would someone explain to me how those same mammaries accompanied by a HUGE a** and inflated lips are going to convince me in some magical way that g*ns are bad, particularly when they are affixed firmly to a vapid person without any discernible intellect or knowledge in the field?

  18. There are two problems with the hypothesis that she’s good for gun control.

    First, is what I call the “Kardashian Koma” which basically prevents her fans from doing anything useful. Instead they watch her twitter feed for the next nude selfie she puts out.

    Secondly, gun control doesn’t do well with younger folks. A recent poll of ladies 18-24 found that reproductive rights and access to firearms for self defense tied as the #1 issues for those girls. Now that’s just one poll and it could be wrong, however gun control doesn’t poll well with millennials in general. They’re far more interested in jobs and the cost of college than they are in gun control.

  19. i can never pay attention to her anyway. The eyes and ears can be mutually exclusive at times.

  20. The only respectful thing I can say about Kim Kardashian is . . . .nice tits.



  21. As far as I am concerned, she is to be considered “untouchable”…that “coal-burning mudshark” should disgust every right-thinking civilized male…

  22. This is yet another morally reprehensible step by Gun Kontrol, exploiting a mentally deficient youngish woman for her physical appearance, most of which is constantly on display everywhere anyway. If they had any sense of shame this idea would not go beyond a late night drunken brain storming session. To pursue this concept as an active policy demonstrates the desperate lengths they are prepared to go to. Bet they won’t let her open her mouth. Too much stupid waiting to come out.

  23. In the name of all that is holy, please don’t ever put another Kardashian face on this website.

    I thought I had found a safe space.


      • Hillary is a person not to be ignored. A tangible threat looming atop cankles, shrouded in a pantsuit. We would prefer to look away, but we do so at our own peril.

        Kardashians…are just to be ignored. Their careers only get the oxygen needed to survive because the media keeps manufacturing relevance for them.

  24. Why y’all are taking the misogynistic route to discount other views is simply not surprising. The Republican standard bearer certainly takes the same route. Distracting from the core issue is the standard operating procedure. Solutions or ideas to make all sides comfortable seem so foreign to both sides. So sad

    • Solutions or ideas to make all sides comfortable seem so foreign to both sides. Why can’t we just sit together and sing Kumbaya?

      Ideas and solutions such as…?
      Sorry to disappoint you but there is no such animal. Just look where compromises got us since 1934. Not another inch!

  25. I don’t think she would publicly side with gun control because both of her parents are declared conservatives. Not to say she would side against it either. I think she is fine with just raking in cash for being herself, rather standing behind something that requires a great deal of effort and doesn’t really have much cash returns.

  26. Jeez, enough on her, we have Gun controllers on this sight and need to expose who they are. All libs. and persons that don’t like the USA Constitution, another words, Commies/Marxis!!!

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