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“All I want to implore of you at this point is that you please be honest with yourselves and with the rest of us. Just admit it. Say it out loud. Your gun rights are more important to you than other people’s lives. Doesn’t honesty feel great?” – Nick Laure in Let’s Be Honest, Gun Control Opponents [at]


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  1. Yeah… They are… What’s your point?

    I’m supposed to care more about people who I don’t know and have done nothing for me than my rights?

    Take your messiah complex somewhere else.

    • Wow…says the guy who once wrote…”So do you then agree to holding the anti-vexers legally liable for their stupidity? You don’t vaccinate your kid and mine gets sick, we charge your ass with reckless endangerment? Deal?” If that’s not a blatant contradiction in logic, nothing is.

        • Wrong pg2… you’re guilty of using a false equivalence fallacy. The two topics have nothing to do with each other but the implied relationship you failed to define. If pwrserge had bothered to be verbose he might have said something like, “…the human right to self defense and self determination is of greater importance than any one life.” While he would certainly not have said, “Our privilege to live in a country free of rampant epidemics of childhood diseases is guaranteed only by widespread compliance with vaccination policies.” Since it’s not a human right to exist in such a country, it would seem appropriate that someone who willfully causes their child or self to not be immunized and who’s child or self is tracked as the source of an outbreak should be held legally culpable.” He didn’t because he’s not a pedantic jerk, just a jerk (sorry serge… you kinda are but so am I so take it as a compliment) and I’d assume that he made his comment with the notion that like minded people would be the primary consumers, rather than fallacy spewing argue monkeys with caveman stupid ideas about vaccination borne of the sort of moribund intellect found in the likes of Jenny McCarthy.

        • @Some Bloke

          Oh, I am well aware that I’m a jerk. I also have the ability to not give a shit about feels when they conflict with logic and evidence.

        • @Some Bloke

          I called surge out on his blatant hypocrisy, which you make no effort to address. If you fail to understand that surge and some other alleged gun rights posters are using EXACTLY the same false argument that is being used against gun rights, and how that these attacks on individual liberties have everything to do with each with other, then you are either not very bright, or outright lying to push an agenda. There is no 3rd option. Since you invoked the Jenny McCarthy straw-man, I suspect you fall into the latter category.

        • @pg2

          No, what you actually did was use a False Equivalence fallacy, which you then made no effort to correct. If you fail to understand that, then it’s actually only you, along other gun-grabbing mongrel, that uses exactly the same (non)arguments that you’re accusing pwrserge of using — which he isn’t. You are every bit the hypocrite you think pwrserge is, and you have exactly the same Messiah Complex than you think he does. When you throw knowingly false accusations around with absolutely zero evidence whatsoever to support them, you are already guilty of being and doing whatever it is you want to stick to others.

        • @excedrine

          I replied to your post below which was identical to this. No sense responding to nonsense twice in the same thread.

        • My kids are not vaccinated against the common cold so, yes, they still get colds. However they, like me, have been 100% free of polio, measles, pertussis (despite a recent outbreak here among un-vaccinated kids), and a dozen other serious diseases. Unlike me, they won’t have to contract chicken pox, and will be at a much lower risk for shingles, which can be very serious. Unlike my uncle, they won’t get polio in their youth and have it negatively affect the entire rest of their lives.

        • @JememyS

          Have your kids had Scarlett Fever Jeremy? Nearly all the diseases you mentioned were in significant decline prior to the vaccination campaigns. The associated mortality rates had precipitously declined for these diseases as well. And while chicken pox is on the decline, shingles is doing the opposite of declining, the rates are increasing, actually putting our elderly at greater risk. The pertussis vaccine is a dangerous failure, maybe you missed the news that fully vaccinated children catch this disease with some regularity. Putting all this aside, you should have the right to make an informed decision to risk the dangers of vaccinations and receive them, as should anyone else have the same right to make informed decision to not take the risk of vaccination and refuse them.

      • He cares more about his and his family’s rights than others. Explain how that’s not consistent.

        • Of course he does, as he should. But he’ll then argue for FORCED vaccinations to allegedly protect other people. Keep in mind no medical procedure is without risk, with vaccinations being especially controversial due to safety concerns. On one hand he argues his family is first, on the other, he argues other people are first.

      • Since gun control increase homicide rates, preventing gun control incurs no responsibility for harm to others. Do Nino hypocrisy is create.

        In short, our gun rights are not in conflict with other people’s lives.

      • Hey pg2, do you know how to turn off your stupid for a moment? Vaccinations are fair play if you want public goods. You don’t want your kids to be vaccinated (because you have brain problems), then keep them out of the public sphere where there is a necessity for such vaccinations. And our rights (that includes yours too) are more important than our lives. You can choose to live as a slave. I will not, nor should you ever think you can choose for me.

        • Your comment lost credibility with the ad hominem. Exposing the blatant hypocrisy among some gun owners like yourself is unfortunately all too easy.

        • Actually, if you are capable of reading and comprehending the English language, there was no ad hominem attack. I said turn off ‘your stupid’ not ‘you are stupid’. I listed an unquantified quality that only you yourself can define. So if you feel it was an attack, then it only proves my point as you lambast yourself.

          See, this is why it is so much fun arguing with antis and/or fudds. They get bent out of shape when someone calls out their ignorance or defaults to feelings over facts. There is no hypocrisy in what I said at all. Vaccinations are an important element of public health. If you feel so inclined to not get stuck and afforded a level of immunity, please sit at home and pout. The rest of us already have enough dimwits bringing back MMR and polio to deal with.

          Quite frankly sir, you are the hypocrite. You feel it is imperitive not to entail the risk of a vaccination as it infringes upon your rights and presents a small (but still present) risk to your health, but you have no qualms risking everyone else’s health with your decision. Your rights end where the next persons begin in situations like these. I personally see people who avoid vaccinations (except for the few extremely rare instances of allergic reactions or compromised immune systems, etc) as no different than the lardos who expect me to pay for their expensive procedures because they refuse to put down the fork.

        • @Kroglikepie

          Funny stuff, you use ad hominem, then try to deny it, you use supposition and unsupported, condescending arguments instead of factual ones, then accuse me of being a hypocrite. You are exactly the duplicitous hypocrite that will destroy what remains of our Constitutional rights, either through intent or ignorance.

          • Quite the opposite. You just continue to demonstrate a lack a reading comprehension. I whole heartedly support the Constitution, but it is not a blank check to engage in activities that directly and demonstratably affect others. I don’t get to drive on the wrong side of the road because I have a right of free travel (not actually specifically in the Constitution) nor do I have the right to engage in incitement or slander/libel because of free speech. This is not a “I support the 2nd, but” argument. My rights end where another’s begin. Certain rights don’t infringe at all upon other people (like keeping and bearing arms as you have engaged in no direct action against another person, but that R2KBA does not permit you to shoot the pizza man just because), but some rights can in certain contexts (which is where there is conflict). You propose that your rights are whatever you feel that they are and to hell with a social contract, because feelings. You sir, are the type that will unbind us from the Constitution for your feelings trump your societal participation.

            Oh and by the way, our Constitutional rights are still 100% valid. It is the practice of them that has been unlawfully and immorally impaired. We are *NOT* granted rights by a piece of paper. They are inherent to all of us as people. No duplicity here, just tired of people acting foolish and thinking their feelings matter more than our rights.

            As for the original point of my disagreement with you: avoiding vaccination because your bruncle’s best friend’s sister has some anecdote or half-assed theory as to why it is bad is stupid. Don’t be stupid. Get vaccinations regularly. Until medical science reaches a point to completely delete a disease abd all relevant sub-types from existence, protect yourself and don’t put me at risk by being a disease vector. You don’t want to? That’s fine too, but stay home and don’t expose others to transmission. You have a choice and the freedom to be stupid. You don’t have the freedom to not face the consequences fo being stupid.

        • @Kroglikepie

          OK, so you feel comfortable using EXACTLY the same false argument that is commonly used against gun rights…engaging in activities that allegedly threaten the greater good. The rest of your post is regurgitated pharmaceutical industry talking points, none of it backed by fact or a shred of hard scientific evidence. Your attempt at confusing and changing the subject will not succeed.

        • @pg2

          OK, so you feel comfortable with knowingy, falsely accusing people of making (non)arguments and using logical fallacies that were never made. All of the rest of your posts are simply regurgitated anti-vaxxer talking points, even though absolutely none of those are backed by a single fact or any single shred of hard scientific evidence. Your own attempt at confusing and changing the subject shall not succeed.

        • @excedrine

          There is no false argument on my end, and you know it. My position is crystal clear, pointing out the hypocrisy of some gun owners that use literally the same propaganda talking points against other individual liberties that are commonly against gun ownership. If you’re not intelligent enough to recognize this, then sad for you.

        • Constitutional rights are not a new category of rights. The constitution only contains prohibitions on violating basic human rights.

          Despite the language commonly used violating ones rights dues not eliminate them. Human rights are intrinsic to living humans, even under the most oppressive regimes, the rights are there but being violated.

          Therefore if fetuses are living humans, do they not have basic human rights that can be violated?

          If they have no constitutional rights does that but mean only that the constitution is unfairly not being applied to them?

        • @Peter Goznya,

          Not human beings until the third Trimester? That’s quite the claim!

          When the U.S. was founded, blacks weren’t considered to be human beings, either. That’s why slavery was felt to be justified. They only counted as 3/5 of a human. Aren’t you glad to have opinions similar to slave holders!

          Indeed, in Rwanda, when the Hutu murdered as many as 1 million Tutsi, they surely did not feel any guilt, as they saw the Tutsi as less human than they obviously were, due to the ethnic differences. Count the Hutu among your allies!

          When the Japanese invaded China and Korea in the decades leading up to WWII, they raped and murdered as they saw fit. For although westerners that have not traveled to the East often cannot tell the Asian races apart from one another, the Japanese knew that none of their neighbors were of the same pure blood as the Nippon-Jin, and thus their rape and murder was of no consequence. Banzai! You are bretheren! (Although they would have hated you for being Gai-Jin)

          Do I even need to invoke Godwin’s Law here?

          Declaring an unborn child to be inhuman to justify murder does not change the humanity of the child.

          It causes us to question the humanity of you.

    • Ran across these stats earlier today. Don’t know the source so I can’t verify their accuracy, but they seem similar to what we’ve seen before:

      Causes if death in the United States from 1 Jan, 2016 to 15 June, 2016 –

      1. Abortions 501,325
      6. Medical errors 115,439
      11. Hospital infections 45,449
      20. Prescription drug overdose 6,886
      21. Murder by firearm 5,276

      Skipped a few because I didn’t want to post the whole long list.

      So Bad Guys with guns killed 5,276 but good Progressive Liberals killed 501,325 innocent babies. That’s a variance of approximately 10,000:1.

    • But government endorsed killing of its citizens is OK. Just as Mexico or Venezuela now.

      in the totalitarian utopia Nick wishes for our nation, government power and control is more important than an individual citizen’s life or group of citizens’ lives.

      Given the attitudes of those like Nick, who gladly have the State kill citizens that do you subjugate themselves to the ruling elite, you bet your life our gun rights are the most important right now because without them, the State can take our lives whenever it wants for whatever reason it wants. See Venezuela and Mexico.

  2. My gun rights are more important to me than other people’s lives.

    Is a unicorn supposed to come flying out of my ass or something?

  3. Once again huff and puffington post completely misses the point of the 2nd Amendment. No surprise.

  4. Banning the internet would probably save more lives than gun control, but we live with terrorists recruiting, child porn, etc because Freedom of Speech and information dissemination is critical to a free society, and so are guns.

    • Indeed. Ideas have been responsible for more death and more suffering throughout human history than anything else, by a HUGE margin. Thus, one could actually make a VERY strong argument that the government has a responsibility to suppress the sharing of ideas for the sake of social utility, but that doesn’t make censorship any less immoral.

  5. I’m all for gun control. I’m in favor of firm grips, proper cheek welds, VFGs, and enhanced trigger presses.

  6. Same argument could be made against literally everything that kills or injures people when misused. Cars, cigarettes, unhealthy food, stairs, doctors, cellphones, beds, plastic bags, etc

    • “…unhealthy food…”

      But not Bacon, never Bacon…Bacon is great, Bacon is kind, all hail Bacon.

      Not being able to consume Bacon is why the Muslims are so angry..

        • I do agree with Bacon statement and add muzzies are uptight because as a population they have less sex and don’t enjoy it as much as the rest of the world.

  7. If their lives are so important to you, then why don’t you tell them to defend themselves?

  8. Hey Nick, aka cupcake, my gun rights are more important than other people’s lives. Want to know why? Because your team doesn’t uphold the law, gives criminals a pass, and your ink on paper doesn’t stop a murder or rapist. I know it’s hard for your neurons to process the concept of lawful self defense and evil actually exist in your neighborhood. Finally if you choose not to carry, that’s well within your liberties. Imposing your values on others by denying peoples constitutional and natural rights is not.

    Please continue your interpretive studies aligning pretty stoned along paths and dance around trees. Leave the protection of women and children to real men and women who bear arms.

    Peace out bro ?

      • It’s an illegal unregistered emoji that Gavin and Harris want to confiscate.

        From my cold dead thumb tip.

  9. Good lord, this poor schmuck got his ass handed to him in the comments. At huffpo, no less. Now he gets to wake up to Brexit. Poor kid, he was probably thinking this was the epic virtue signaling that would finally get him laid. Instead he gets to be triggly puff for a day.

    • “… he gets to be triggly puff for a day…”

      That is genius. I can’t stop.znerking.

    • There is no substitute for original Triggly Puff. He’s maybe a third of a TP – mass and hysteria wise.

  10. Well honestly, and I know I differ from a lot of gun owners in this, but they have a right to their own reasons, but I see gun rights as a societal thing. So I own guns to protect society as well as myself and loved ones.
    I believe that the U.S. government is a government of the people, by the people for the people. Leftists believe that only the government should have guns. Well, WE are the government.

  11. How about you go first. Say this:

    “I pretend to be a journalist so I can claim to know everything about you as I shove you into a boxed stereotype to make you into the enemy instead of seeking to understand your actual viewpoint and represent it fairly.”

    • Here’s a gem:

      “Nobody thinks gun control will stop all shootings, but I refuse to believe anyone could think it wouldn’t stop any shootings.”

      And yet you also refuse to believe that gun rights stop any shootings or protect any lives in civilian hands. Huh.

  12. My right to protect MY life with the best means available to me are more important than security theater so that you can feel safer.

  13. This is a bullshit dichotomy. It begins under the false premise that gun control actually saves lives. It also perpetuates the myth that human beings actually care about people they’ve never met, which we don’t. We just don’t. If we did, we’d be swimming in our own tears 24 hours/day, we wouldn’t be able to sleep, and we’d never be able to function in our day-to-day lives, because people die CONSTANTLY. Raise your hand if you are currently crying for the 50 people who died while you were reading this article. Yeah, I didn’t think so. We’re hard-wired to care only about the people we’re personally connected to. The anti-gun crowd has been so thoroughly manipulated by the media that they actually think they care. It’s astonishing how little self-awareness they have.

    • I second the motion of not caring about people I don’t know. All for say Aye, motion passed.

    • You beat me to it Mike, and well said.
      Indeed, I would suggest that gun control gets more people killed than people exercising their right to keep and bear arms. So, does he not care about people dying due to gun control?

  14. A million people have died to give me these rights, from the Revolutionary war to today. Why would I give them up because you are too politically correct to solve societies problem?

  15. Well little Nicky, yeah. My rights are more important than you.
    Huh. That does “feel” better.

  16. Nick, you have gun rights too. Use your freewill to make choices for yourself and leave me to mine. I am NOT responsible. I will NOT comply.

  17. Other peoples’ live are very important to me! However, our gun rights need to be protected, so I can protect myself and people I love. I already served to protect the freedom and lives of people in our country. I feel that Service extends into civilian life for the rest of my life.

  18. “But you have to be realistic enough to know that the average person is going to have a great deal of difficulty obtaining weapons on the street.”

    That, right there is the problem and I guess he unknowingly told on himself and the gun control agenda. Why are they so hell-bent on disarming the “average person”? Average people do not commit violent crimes. Average people are not demented/mentally ill enough to undertake a mass shooting.

    “Let’s consider a kid in Connecticut that wants to shoot up a school. Do you see him talking to arms dealers in a dark alley downtown? Or would it be more likely to see him taking an assault rifle that one of his parents already legally owns?”

    You mean the mentally disturbed lunatic who illegally obtained a legal firearm by murdering his mother? The same mother who didn’t see the writing on the wall? Yea, that happens all the time…psych.

    “Yet even though it might potentially stop a tragedy, you oppose gun legislation because some people could still get guns illegally. And that has worked out so well so far.”

    Oh…and gun control has worked out so well? We live in the world of reality, not potential-ity. Some people do get guns illegally, not could get.

    “Yes, a bomb could do considerable damage. That’s why we don’t sell bombs at department stores.”

    That’s why many terrorists, criminals, and just plain nutjobs MAKE their own bombs. Some people, especially us peasants not part of the intellectual elite, acquire things outside of department stores, and heck even make things ourselves once in awhile…like my AR, I made that $hit, from an 80%. OMG! Ghost gun!

    Finally, I agree with pwersurge…my rights are more important to me. I hate anyone has to die, I really do. However in this world of reality that I speak of, if I felt obligated to attempt to right every wrong in the world, I would be poor, insane and really super annoying. Tell Nancy to put his money where his mouth is and quit his job at fakeonlinenewspaper and move to inner city Chicago or somehwere and do all he can to prevent the fellas from obtaining weapons illegally.

  19. If it makes anyone feel better he’s getting hammered pretty hard in his own comments section, so either we got there quick or it really was a terrible argument.

  20. While I know carrying a gun doesn’t allow me to be a vigilante, I do feel that I have a responsibility for those around me when I do carry, therefore my gun requires me to cherish every life. That responsibility is not causing them any harm, and if able, stopping others from harming them.

    • From webster – Full Definition of vigilante
      : a member of a volunteer committee organized to suppress and punish crime summarily (as when the processes of law are viewed as inadequate); broadly : a self-appointed doer of justice <== ding ding ding

      So Nick is the vigilante. Who da thunk it.

  21. Sure Nick, I’ll even do you one better.

    “Your gun rights are more important to you than other people’s lives.”

    My gun rights are more important to me than your life, and the lives of anyone you’ve ever met.

    “Admit that your gun rights are more important to you than preventing even one mass shooting.”

    My gun rights are more important to me than the lives of every person that has ever, and will ever be killed in a mass shooting.

  22. Yes my gun rights are more impotent to me then other people’s lives. The lives of anyone who would harm me, my loved ones, and anyone around me. Your damn right my gun rights are more impotent then them.

  23. I’m seeing this rant as an attempt at shaming. And it won’t work.

    Here’s the thing. Shaming campaigns re smoking and, to a lesser extent, drunk driving, have been successful largely because they focus on the actions of the people being shamed, not everyone who owns the same things the shamees do.

    Shaming drunk drivers, for instance, puts the blame on the person who drives drunk, not the car he drives; AND holds up as counterpoints the people who either don’t drink or call a cab.

    Shaming gun owners might work when the would-be shamers start focusing on the ones actually committing crimes or being stupid or careless. And they NEVER praise responsible gun owners, so they don’t generate any real peer pressure from those whose opinions a gun owner may actually care about.

    Why, after all, should I care about this guy’s opinion? Especially if I’m a peaceable gun owner who’s never fired a shot in anger or for criminal reasons?

  24. My gun rights are more precious and important to me than the lives of people who would deprive me of my Liberty, life, and private property. This includes law-breakers, miscreants, politicians and bureaucrats who have an altitude towards tyranny.

  25. You want honesty, Nick?

    If I honestly believed that my gun rights endangered people’s lives, I would melt them all down tomorrow.

    But my guns, and the right to own them, endanger no one except the person who would threaten my life first. My guns protect innocent human life. If that were not the case, I would spend my money on something else.

  26. Check this out from the comments section under the article. Written by Roberta Bell (University of Maryland):
    “I’m so so sorry, David Patrick, but i can’t critique your comment.
    But how about this for starters. Those of us who do not believe that the Second Amendment grants every single one of us the Divinely Guaranteed Unalterable Right to pack our garden shed with enough guns, of every level of lethality, to arm a nation the size of, say, Grenada (or maybe Cedar Rapids, the third most boring city in Iowa) so that we can overthrow the government or shoot the neighbor’s dog, those of us who do not believe that are no longer going to speak to you. Since we outnumber you, we are going to out-organize you, out-vote you, make ourselves every bit as scary to our gutless politicians as is the NRA. And then we’re going to take away your guns.
    People as shameless and stupid as you should not be allowed to have anything in your house more dangerous than a butter knife.
    Want to keep your guns, or at least some of them? Learn what the word “compromise” means. Accept the fact that all evidence points to the fact that it it impossible to shoot someone if you do not have a gun.”

    Yikes, something tells me ol’ Roberta is probably a shrill shrew. Again, the libtard SJW telling on themselves. She literally says that “we” will take your guns away…but then goes on to self-righteously tell the other commenter to learn the word compromise! By the way, who is this “we” that she speaks of? I doubt many in this crowd have the cajones to go take away any guns. I bet they’ll accomplish this confiscation by…calling on men with guns.

  27. Just admit it.

    Your ignorant prejudice is more important to you than my right to protect my life.

  28. Feelings………nothing more than feeeeeeeeeeeeeelings.

    Which I care not one iota about.

    Molon labe.

  29. Ah, Nicky… if anyone needs to be honest with themselves is *you.*

    The agenda you’ve been spoon fed is not just about controlling the 2nd amendment, it is about controlling ALL that you do. Think about it.

  30. So it’s safe to say that anyone who agrees with this would also agree that people consider their own child’s safety more important than herd safety; nullifying any argument for forced vaccinations for alleged herd immunity.

  31. Dear Nick: “Your gun rights are more important to you than other people’s lives”. Of course they are – that’s the primary means by which I will preserve my life. You are responsible for preserving yours. If you want to delegate that to our incompetent government, by all means do so, just don’t ask me to as well. If you somehow believe that a gun (an inanimate object without agency or malice), is the bad guy, you have a very precarious grasp on reality. Next you’ll be saying that “Christine” really happened and that’s what’s behind drunk driving deaths. If faced with defending my life or losing it, I choose defending it and your useless ass is on your own. Thumb suckers like you fail to realize that some people simply don’t negotiate – they are committed to killing you. You’re not capable of that, so your normalcy bias overtakes your objectivity. The committed will always find a way. In all truth, I will probably need a firearm in the very near future to defend myself because bitchy beta males like Nick would rather surrender the entire country via emotional “understanding” of our enemies rather than vanquishing them. You inject a false moral imperative of “common sense” yet you possess no objective comprehension of the realities. Please share your vast insights on asymmetric warfare!! You want to depend on the all powerful state to protect you, yet the state fails dramatically every day in doing so. Know this: you are on your own and nobody is coming to save you. You go right ahead and be a subject rather than a citizen, but when someone else is murdered simply because they’re seen as different, or ISIS lops your empty head off because you wouldn’t show your fealty to sharia law, remember that is how you want it. You didn’t fight, you laid down.

  32. I’ll give “Triggly Puff for a Day” one better.

    My right to arms is so, if needed, I can #shootback. My right to arms is exactly to potentially get somebody killed … the guy who decided to shoot up a gay dance club in Orlando, for example. If TPfaD can’t tell the difference between #shootfirst, and #shootback, well, he should get out more.

    And, just to be “reasonable”, I’ll be willing to discuss surrendering my ability to #shootback, when TPfaD can demonstrate noone will ever #shootfirst at me, or people I care about. You make me safe, and then we can talk about maybe limiting the ways I can make me safe.

    Here’s a hint, for free about how to advocate for citizen disarmament, beyond “be less blatantly stupid yourself”…

    A bunch of “No guns for you!” in-sitters, 26 of whom report themselves as gun owners, protesting from a secured building guarded by guys with guns aren’t your best advocates on this. Neither is the poster-child rep who got brain injured when her under-secured political event was shot up … shot up until the guy was finally stopped. Should somebody #shootfirst at me, I want a better optjon than Giffords’ attendees, or the folks who just came to dance. I want an option like the “No guns for you!” folks insist on for themselves.

    TPfaD might want to pick advocates who don’t undermine his argument by their existance.

    Just sayin.

  33. “My rights are greater than your baseless lies, made up ‘facts’ and knee jerk emotional reactions”. There FiFY

  34. My rights are more important than your “feelings”. And I have guns to protect my loved ones too. Yeah interesting to see the brexit fallout-MORE freedom for brits? Or just a slide into a worse reality?

    • We could use some european presence to keep the EU in check

      Time to embrace our former overlords and ride them like the fat chick

  35. Any number of things are more important to anyone than the life of somebody they’ve never known or ever met.
    I can say with absolute certainty that the awesome sandwich I will have for lunch to day is infinitely more important to me than any one of the 150,000 people who will leave this planet today or tomorrow or the day after that.

    These lunatics claim to wallow in sadness at every loss of life are either mentally deranged or living a lie. Otherwise they would cease to function as human beings being that to grieve for every life lost would occupy more time than they have.

    • Don’t forget they false dichotomy. Proggies can’t speak or write without throwing in a false dichotomy or two.

  36. Once upon a time, Americans heard news of tragedies like Orlando and said “Are me and mine safe? Yup. Alright, back to work.” People were too busy to care about what happened to those outside their friend and family sphere.

    Thanks to decades of awful parenting, proliferation of socialists in the education system, and Generation Snowflake shrieking at the thought of ever having to work hard, we get shit like this. Caring about your friends and family alone isn’t acceptable now. It’s all about the “collective good.”

    This is the kind of anti who gasped in horror at the fact that we weren’t gleefully tossing our AR-15’s into government furnaces after Newtown, just as he and his ilk would have done had they been gun owners.

    • Rubbish.
      We have always cared about our neighbors. We have always cared about our fellow Americans. Such is the bond we have shared that we created volunteer fire departments, militias, and have joined together as a nation to fight a couple world wars.

      I submit that we truly care less about each other today. Back then, we would have grabbed our guns, formed a posse and rode out to help apprehend the evil doers, at significant personal risk and sacrifice. Today, all we can muster is a whiny scream that says, “The government should do something!”

      • Let me rephrase that. I have zero problem with neighbors informally banding together as prepper groups like they used to, wherein everybody knows everybody else. Fixation on electronic gadgets destroyed that want to interact outside the home, but the 24/7 news media has created generations of sheep. Reports on crimes coast to coast make people think there’s a pedophile or school shooter behind every tree, even though crime has plummeted since 1990. It gives off a dystopian vibe, and when things seem that way, useless idiots seek utopian solutions from the nanny state because “X happens and everyone in the country needs to do something to stop it.” Americans need to go back to thinking much more locally, but I don’t know if that’s possible anymore because the idiots are breeding in droves.

  37. My (our) gun rights are more important to you than other people’s feelings (I won’t use the “lives” straw-man).

    Yup. Felt great!

  38. If everybody just takes care of themselves the world would be a perfect place.

    You dont dick with me, i dont need your help

    I dont dick with you, you dont get freebie from me

    Just how simple is that?

    • It’s not simple for all the professors, gender-studies majors, and bureaucrats who got us into this mess by pushing rampant government involvement in every aspect of our lives and businesses so they’re never out of a job. These are the same people who wouldn’t have survived two weeks in pre-FDR America because they have no real skill sets.

    • James, the human race would have perished thousands of years ago with such an attitude.

      We humans join together in communities. We can accomplish more that way, and we can protect each other better than we can protect ourselves. We can care for our sick and our elderly. We can better educate our children.

      Please note that there is a difference between a community and a commune. There is also a difference between a community and an inner-city ghetto kept alive by continued suckling on the government teat.

      The bottom line is that throughout the course of human history, lone individuals and families have been the exception. In every culture, on every continent, communities, small and large, have been the common thread that has helped preserve the species.

      • Curtis, to clarify, I’d be a lunatic to be against mutually beneficial exchanges among humans (doing a favour here and there for my neighbours and them keeping an eye on my house when i’m away… etc).

        What i am against, as in my comment above, is behaviours by people like Nick Laure, who has no regard for the actual well-being of other people, and goes to great lengths to “help” others with the goal of self-gratification instead of mutual benefits, which as you’ve said, humans very much depend on. And, of couse, since i wasnt born to be a charity, i dont enjoy helping people who dont give half a turd about me and mine (cuing the useless and dangerous “guests” in this country that waste our hard earned tax money and resources). Thus, “no freebies”.

  39. Wow just wow. Simplistic thinking. Okay, just simplistic.

    Get with your fears. They are obscuring your vision. People died so you can say ignorant things like they are truth. So where are their rights? If it wasn’t painted that “those people” aren’t like you you wouldn’t think this way. Different versions of I want to be safe.

    This way? You think you’re safe. When people are going to the grocery store mixing up their own explosives so govt. food is delivered to your house because “we can’t trust you with choice” you will say “Yay I’m safer still”?

    Read some history and some old/new fiction. A little 1984 for starters. Then watch the Hunger Games. How did the govt get that control? You gave it to them. Why do the people live so badly? Why do some of those people live so well? Hmmm…….

  40. Bottom line, your life ain’t worth half a wet tick-turd. It’s got nothing to do with guns.

    Now, think about trying to convince me otherwise (in a stressful situation) without a gun.

  41. My rights, including but not limited to my gun rights, are more important than my life or any other people’s lives. There. I said it and I feel good about saying it….really good! But I have been saying it for 60+ years. Now go back to your safe place and continue your usual routine of crying and self-abuse, Nick. Well, you look a bit Zombiefied, so maybe just resume the crying.

  42. Sorta like Fifth Amendment rights are more important than some murder victim’s life, right? So, yeah, that’s the way it works.

  43. I don’t think the author has thought his through. Or perhaps he has forgotten the origin of the country where he lives.

    He seems to claim that placing more value on rights than on life is a bad thing. Oh, how he cheapens rights.

    If rights are not more important than lives, what was all of that hubbub in 1776 about? Didn’t many then place the value of rights and essential liberties above the value of lives, families and substantial personal fortune? Many then and since have given their “last full measure” to secure and preserve our rights and freedoms.

    I, for one will not be party to giving them away now. Certainly not in exchange for the author’s delusions of safety. That said, if he is the bravest and most thoughtful on the side of the disarmists, we have nothing to fear.

    Somebody needs to show him a “Life Free or Die” flag.

  44. You can’t fix stupid so better to avoid it, which is why I didn’t click link to full article.

  45. First of all – false choice. Also, yeah freedom is worth more than anyone’s life. Yours or mine.

  46. Our freedom are worth more than anyone’s life. Our freedoms are worth any sacrifice, and it is our duty as Americans to do whatever it takes to keep them, even war. I am not sure why Progressives cannot comprehend that.

  47. And this is why progun and antigun will never agree. Both sides want to save lives, but the strategy to do so is complete different and opposite. The antigun by banning guns so no civilian (including criminals, in theory) can use them. The progun by defending themselves and their families from criminals.

  48. I don’t get it. How is this even a question? Of course any of my rights are more important than the lives of people I don’t know! They’re more important than my own life, too! That’s why I and a host of others continue to raise our right hand in order to swear an oath to defend the Constitution of the United states, against all enemies, foreign AND domestic.

  49. I ran into that charge online today. I responded that no, I hold my gun rights to be more important than the arrant and arrogant stupidity that condemns 31 people to be shot to death packed in a bathroom because “gun control” advocates decreed they be unable to shoot back.

    When I’m feeling less passionate, I just say that I hold my life to be more important than your comfort. Were it not for being armed, my life would have been cut short a couple decades ago, so I support gun rights because they demonstrably save lives.

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