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“Enough massacres, death, tears, and hate – it’s time to take action and save lives.” Those are the measured words of California’s oleaginous Lt. Governor and gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom celebrating the fact that left coasters will vote in November whether or not to require background checks on ammunition sales.

He said his proposal will give voters “the opportunity to keep guns and ammo out of the hands of violent, dangerous, hateful people. America has too many guns and too much hate. The result is the massacre in Orlando, and dozens of other gun deaths every single day.”

Never mind that the Orlando terrorist, like the San Bernardino terrorists before him, and almost every other mass shooter in the last decade, would have had no problem passing such a check if Newsom’s “Safety for All” initiative had been law. Don’t interrupt him when he’s on a roll.

Oh, and don’t get your hopes up about the ballot measure being voted down.

A Field Poll in January found 80 percent of Californians supporting background checks for buying ammunition and 58 percent favoring outlawing the possession of large-capacity magazines.

So along with the collection of “gunpocalypse” bills currently breezing their way through the Assembly, an ammo background check law would just be icing on the cake. Good times…good times.

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      • Over a few million dead bodies. Once you make it functionally impossible for me to buy ammo, that’s a sign that it’s time for me to use what I have available to make it functionally impossible for you to keep breathing.

      • Where is the N.R.A. ? — They Talk a good game , but refuse to battle at STATE level , N.R.A. – IS GUILTY of allowing this CRAP to become law un-challenged. !!! — YES — NRA Needs pushback by it’s Members !! NRA – Is – FAT and Happy – they will not change , unless WE – THE – NRA – MEMBERS – Bitch at them for being SOFT !!
        ***** JOIN G.O.A. – Gun Owners Of America , instead……… then the N.R.A. might ” GET IT ” ………

        • Sorry, GOA has done fuckall for California. They talk a big game but all they want is money and produce no results.

          Take your GOA shilling somewhere else. Im sick and tired of getting their spam too, even though I unsubscribed multiple times.

        • California is a lost cause. I would rather NRA and GOA spend their money on useful battles that they can win.

          The 9th CCW decision is proof of this. The people are fools and the courts are bought.

        • The NRA is dumping a sh*t-ton of money into anti-Newsom and anti-gun bill campaigns in California, primarily through CRPA and the Coalition for Civil Liberties. Check out the websites and other press generated as part of that opposition to confirm for yourself.
          That you haven’t been part of the strategy meetings for the NRA/CRPA’s opposition, given your obvious public relations savvy and nuanced WRITING –!!!!!– STYLE ******, is shocking.

    • Not in the open. This cesspool is awash in snowflakes. No courage, don’t care, just give me free stuff idiots.

    • This is actually great. It means the cartels will have a much easier time taking over California and returning it to Mexico where it rightfully belongs. Yankees get out – leave now.

      • Include many veteran gun owners, active and reserve military. We will have a civil war. The biggest threat to America are Democrat anti gun facists followed by Muslims followed by illegal aliens. WW2 veterans and before who passed away already including the founders are turning over their graves of all the traitors and enemies we allowed to take over state and federal government. The next step by facist democrats and their police is to round up and lock political dissidents by charging them with countless unconstitutional felony laws that no human can keep. Most Americans are dumb sheeps accepting all these impossble laws and enforcement. We are under soft tyrrany and soon all out facism. Both parties are guilty but the democrats are straight out tyrrants and all the morons who support them.

    • After it passes, that will be an illegal transfer.

      If you’re a Californian, probably you can kiss your gun ‘privileges’ good-bye…

      • How? Ammo boxes aren’t serialized. I know, I know, don’t give them any idea, but still. Is there even a manufactured date on boxes? Holy can of worms.

        • Ammo can have dates, I do know they have manufacturer’s lot codes on them, for recall (and *other*) purposes…

        • Geoff,

          That’s true. Ammo has Lot Numbers on the box/can. BUT…and it’s a big but, millions of rounds can be associated with a single Lot Number. I could buy a box here and you buy a box where ever you are with the same Lot Number.

          It’s just that…a manufacturer’s “lot,” not a serial number. There’s no way they could use the existing lots for any kind of tracking.

  1. ALL RIGHT!!! Looks like a market is about to open up there 🙂 Gonna have to get my bootlegging operation up and running.

      • SoA is fiction.

        Prohibition really happened. Let’s use that as a model for how this sort of thing plays our long term. Consolidation of gangs / organized crime, increased violence and in the end…it will be repealed and nothing BUT those crime increases will have been gained.

        But that plays right into the Proggie game plan…always a problem to solve, even ones of their own creation.

        • In a disarmed society, a small group of 25 vicious thugs can take over a city of 100,000 people in a few days.Happens in Mexico all the time. Don’t expect the National Guard or Army to help, they are training grounds for cartel sicarios. Governor Newsom will be completely baffled as to how he can respond.

    • Sounds like I need to open up a chain of ammo-stores on the Nevada and Arizona borders with Cali.

  2. Wow. Most low information voters will pass this. They don’t see it as an infringement at all.
    I only hope gruesome Newsom goes the way of Leland Yee.

    • Outside the law’s violation of our civil rights, It’s not administratively possible to enforce this law.

    • If 80% truly support this, they are getting what they deserve. If they do not support this type of tyranny then they need to vote the SOB’s out of office. My guess is they are getting exactly what they deserve and the few caught in the middle need to leave and take their tax dollars with them.

  3. Normally I would be shouting stay and fight but what will they have left to fight with?

    • The same 95% of stuff that New Yorkers didn’t turn in after the SAFE act was passed….. At least things will be consistent across the board now; only criminals are going to have this stuff. And there are about to be a whole lot of us.

    • That’s a really good question. My guess is that the folks who wrote this bill probably don’t even know that reloading is a thing, but I’m sure the CA courts will be more than happy to declare that a felony.

        • By my read, yes it does. Read the text, it’s horrifying. It defines not only bullets and separately projectiles that can be used in a gun (I guess ramrods and ball bearings?) but clips, magazines, speed loaders, auto loaders and other non-ammo things as ammunition. You can’t buy/give/sell/trade/lend a magazine without a background check under that law. It also sets regulation forth that impacts out of state dealers and requires them to comply with the law. Basically, goodbye delivering to California. It interestingly does not define a cartridge case, primer or powder or any reloading equipment as ammunition so we can cast our own projectiles and we’re pretty well good to go.

          I’ll be going to Reno and buying my components there after the law. For now, stocking up on components. My midway order this quarter looks like it’ll be closer to 1000 than 200.

    • Reading through it, it says that “ammunition” is defined as a completed cartridge, clip, speed loader, magazine, bullet or projectile.

      • Curious as to how they justify calling a “magazine” ammunition.

        Silly me. There I go again, trying to use a rational metric to analyze Progressive “thinking.”


      • Completed cartridge, hmmm, suppose that means reloading will become a lot more popular, if you can find the components anywhere.

  4. I foresee many trips to Arizona, Nevada and Oregon from that State.

    And I have to wonder how they will enforce this with UPS deliveries from out of State, too.


    • The ‘reputable’ ammo sellers will refuse to violate state law.
      I might have to start buying bulk and shipping it to CA at cost in protest.

    • “And I have to wonder how they will enforce this with UPS deliveries from out of State, too.”

      The weight of the shipments will give them away.

      I wouldn’t put it past the California brown-shirts to train gunpowder-sniffing dogs to run through the UPS hubs.

      The would just *love* to make a few well-publicized busts to make an example of…

      • The boxes it is shipped in are marked ORM-D.(cartridges, small arms). They have to be by federal law, and can only be shipped out of and received at a secure facility. Which I found out when I had to ship some ammo back. So no, UPS will not help you sneak it into the state. And no, out of state bulk sellers will not imperil their businesses by making sales that are illegal under California law, because they will be liable for criminal sanctions. As it is, few if any will sell to an address within LA City limits because of ammo laws in effect there by local ordinance.
        BUT, they CAN ship to a licensed retail vendor under the proposed law, which vendor will do the background check (not only do you have to pay for a background check to get an ammo purchase license, you have to have a NICS check every time you pick up ammo from a licensed ammo vendor), of course charging a fee for processing and, presumably, storage of your ammo until you pick it up.So add at least $10 for every transaction. Plus sales tax. Which of course means that buying from out of state sellers, as I do, will be just as expensive per round as buying locally. Not only are all sales reported to the DOJ (in a department that does not exist, with all new computers and staff), but the law encourages large bulk purchases to save on transaction costs–meaning buyers of 1000 round cases will be on the DOJ radar. Which is what he wants. Terrorists and all. It is for the children.
        There is no joy in Mudville.

        • An out of state vendor can be prosecuted for making a legal (in their state) transaction if it violates another state’s laws? How the hell does that work?

          For instance: I took a basic tactical pistol course in Las Vegas. During the day we fired over 400 rounds each of 9mm ammo, which I purchased beforehand at The Range 702 in Las Vegas. So far as I know this would have been a perfectly legal transaction under Nevada law even if I had come from California, Nevada, New Jersey, etc. for the class.

          So if someone had purchased 500 rounds and only used 400 and then drove home to California with the 100 rounds left over, how could The Range be charged with any violation of California law?

        • Yup, I see a big business in setting up a gun store right across the state line and giving the middle finger to the CA dictators when they can’t do jack about me selling crates of ammo to anybody who walks in the door.

        • “Yup, I see a big business in setting up a gun store right across the state line…”

          And I can see the Cali brown-shirts setting up surveillance on those stores and then subjecting cars with a Cali license plate a ‘courtesy safety inspection’ when they cross back into Cali…

          It is going to seriously suck for you folks out there…

        • All these sound great in theory, but there is precedent for California DOJ threatening criminal action against out-of-state sellers for some amorphous “conspiracy to commit violation of California law.” The Gun Store in Las Vegas was so threatened for sales of 10+ round capacity magazines, and now they check IDs whenever the sell standard capacity magazines. Yes, this is at their retail location in the State of NEVADA.

          I don’t know how this passes Constitutional muster, but when you’re a small retail operation, the power of the California DOJ, even outside their jurisdiction, is too much to fight.

        • The question you pose is one of jurisdiction, and it is a valid question. But under well-established legal doctrine going back forever, any business that has “substantial contacts” with the forum (i.e. the State of California) is subject to the forum’s laws with respect to business conducted there. Someone selling and shipping products into the state is, under this doctrine, subject to jurisdiction of the state courts. This is how California forced sellers of AR mag “rebuild kits” (that could be used to convert pinned ten round mags back into twenty or thirty round mags) to stop selling in California, and would be the same way sellers could be prosecuted for the illegal business they conduct in California. It doesn’t matter whether the conduct is legal in the seller’s home state, only that it is illegal here. No vendor is going to risk it, and I have little doubt that if they asked an attorney, the attorney would tell them to definitely not do it.

      • They already have dogs who are trained to sniff out organic material, then the handler attaches a sticker or removes it for inspection. Would take a week to implement. Saw QA personnel fall over themselves when ammo & firearms shipped through Fedex warehouse locally. That was nearly 3 years ago, with the Gruesome Newsom slate, can’t imagine what new depths popular shipping companies will sink to.

  5. The only thing this is going to do is drop sales of bullets. Don’t these idiot’s realize the more you tax something the less sales happen. The tougher you make it to buy things in your state, people will go to other states to buy.

    • Newsome does not care. As far as he is concerned, more guns equals more gun crime, and if he can make it difficult and expensive (if not quite impossible) for people to own and shoot guns, that is a good thing.

      • “As far as he is concerned, more guns equals more gun crime,”

        I doubt he is concerned with “gun crime” at all.

        What he cares about is Statist Control….power. Guns are just the flavor of that power today.

        • While what you say is probably true, that is not inconsistent with being a true believer in gun control, and he has been banging that drum for many many years.

  6. Cali gun people, you are fucked. Now I see why folks carry illegally out there. Hopefully, the cops will let you off easy. That’s the only way to keep your gun rights intact. I see a lot of antique sales in the future.

    • Supreme court just confirmed that AWB’s and mag bans are legal. Never trumpers have their way and CA will be going national very soon.

      Oh well. I don’t own an EBR.

      • Not exactly. They refused to hear an appeal allowing a lower courts decision to stand. If would have been inch worse and they heard the appeal and it ended up a 4-4 tie. At least this way it can be challenged again if there is avoid judge appointed by Trump should he win.

    • Bullshit. Absolute bullshit. With regards to gun rights, the vast majority of the country has been headed in the direction of gun rights rather than gun control for the last decade, and that rate seems to be accelerating. Wasn’t it just a few years ago that only 4 states had constitutional carry? Now we’ve got, what, 10? Yeah, the liberal strongholds have gotten worse, but most of the country has gotten better (notwithstanding the occasional loss in places like Colorado, or more recently, Washington State). To say that California dictates the direction of the nation is idiotic and shows an ignorance of reality that even a liberal would envy.

      • I agree. What you see is red states getting redder on guns and blue states going full Libtard. I see the trend continuing until someone at the federal level stops this bullshit.

        • Or until we decide to go our separate ways. Which is beginning to look like the more attractive option.

        • Not even blue states – blue cities. There are only 5 states that I can think of that are implementing state-wide gun control successfully – CA, NY, MD, CT, and NJ.

          Illinois just got slapped with a federal “Shall issue” ruling, and pretty much the rest of the country is going to be Constitutional Carry within a couple decades.

          Suppressors are coming off the Federal NFA list this decade (Statist States will undoubtedly still have bans).

          The only way the tide can be turned against Gun Rights now is through a Hillary-appointed Supreme Court.

        • @ Next Pres picks the Supreme Court
          I wouldn’t exactly say CT implemented gun control successfully. There is a lot of do it the old way type stuff going on here as well as police turning a blind eye unless they are forced into a position where they can’t and the non compliance in registration. They also left prebans open and we now have confirmed by DESPP the firearms are a-ok. Basically I’d say the result was almost nil in success. The only thing I can see the law successfully doing was drive up the cost of “modern rifles” for those who care to follow the law and that hasn’t really slowed anyone down to my knowledge.

  7. You know the more I read twitter, i.e. the Democrats House Floor Hissy, and the woman that thinks Gun Control should be passed because a tire popped, and the “NRA is responsible for terror attacks – but terrorists aren’t”… I think we are seriously at a national impasse. I mean these people actually believe this stuff, I just don’t see how there is ever going to be common enough ground on these issues to govern this country effectively. It almost like we are headed toward a civil split of our Nation. Sad.

    • Your absolutely right. And the fact in the matter is that terrorism exists but nobody wants to believe it because gun control would prevent everything… Blphh… There is no common ground and there never will be. Its actually pretty sad when you think about it. As an American, I feel pretty uneasy that my own “leaders” want to go out of their way to put us in more danger.

      But what do I know…

  8. Time to buy or lease property in Ehrenburg, AZ, Primm, NV and/or Reno, NV. Set up shop selling ammunition – specialize in quantity sales of the most popular calibers.

    If California is as successful and diligent at catching folks returning to their state with a trunkload of ammo as they are with their supposed fruit & vegetable “Bug Check” stations then there should be no problems with a brisk tourist trade.

    Cali’s only hope then would be to make it a felony to be caught with ammo that did not have a “tax stamp” like packages of cigarettes. Good luck with that.

    • Under this proposal, the penalty is a misdemeanor, with increasing fines for each subsequent offense. And if they catch you, the ammo you have will be contraband and will be seized. At least you will know that you will be reducing the police annual ammunition costs, making more training possible. Doesn’t that make you feel better?

      • To be fair, and consistent, not strong points in California politics, any ammunition seized as contraband should be treated the same as firearms seized – it should be destroyed by melting down and the brass distributed to leftist sculptors to create monuments to gun control.

        No way it should be distributed to law enforcement for actual use as intended.

        • What would happen if some of this “confiscated” ammo was spiked with overloaded handloads and law enforcement weapons started blowing up in their faces??

      • No grandfather clause?

        Like (previously) “large capacity” magazines exception, since there was no date or serial number on the mags, how does the state know whether or not you acquired the ammunition before their stupid law went into effect unless they actually catch you crossing the border with it in your car and do an illegal search?

        Wasn’t there some ruling no long ago that a drug dog alerting outside your car was not sufficient probable cause for a warrant to search inside the car? Even if they have explosive sniffing dogs this could be not probable cause unless you are foolish enough to give permission for the search.

        Anyone who has tried to drive from Las Vegas (through Primm Nevada) to L.A. on a Sunday afternoon will know how impractical it would be for law enforcement to search or have their dogs sniff every vehicle westbound on I-15.

        • As of yesterday, you can now be arrested and charged on the basis of evidence discovered during a completely illegal search. There no longer is “fruit of the poisonous tree”. All the cop needs is some “feeling” that you should be searched. No probable cause needed as long as it’s just the cop being ‘negligent’ but not ‘deliberately violating the 4th’.

  9. Part of Newsom’s package prohibits any form of giving or lending ammunition to anyone else, or accepting any gift or loan of ammunition. Also, no internet purchase of ammunition and no out of state purchase and import into California by individuals. All ammunition purchases must be “in person” from a State licensed ammunition retailer by State licensed ammunition buyers (every person who wants to buy Ammunition must obtain a State issued permit to do so). There is no information on reloading supplies (cases, bullets, powder and primers) that I have been able to find, as yet. A licensed buyer may buy ammunition at a shooting range, but cannot take any unused live rounds away from the range.
    I cannot pretend to predict how the California firearms community will adapt to this tyranny. It may be more damaging to the shooting sports here than anything in the gunpocalypse.

  10. Yeah the WAR ON DRUGS has been such a resounding success… Mexican cartel anyone? BTW I remember when LOTS of salt of the earth types would NEVER think of growing pot as a cash crop (to save the farm)…Battleground Commiefornia.

  11. “Some say a comet will fall from the sky.
    Followed by meteor showers and tidal waves.
    Followed by fault lines that cannot sit still.
    Followed by millions of dumbfounded dip shits.

    Some say the end is near.
    Some say we’ll see Armageddon soon.
    I certainly hope we will cause
    I sure could use a vacation from this…

    Stupid shit!”

  12. They do not have room in their prisons for the real criminals – where are they going to put all the people who will ignore this unconstitutional piece of bullshit?

    • They won’t need extra room in the prisons. They’ll make a few high-profile arrests to show they’re “tough on (gun nut) criminals” but like all gun control legislation in this country, this never was, is not, and never will be about the prevention of criminal behavior.

      It is low-hanging legislative fruit to mobilize the base, promote fundraising activity, and look attractive to low information voters that you’re “tough on crime” without actually incarcerating anyone from the groups most responsible for the crime. Because THAT would be “socially untenable.”

  13. gavin is mentally ill, as proven by he being gay. Too bad he doesn’t put himself out of his misery with …..

    • Gay? Never heard that before. He has a wife and I think three children. Plus he got caught humping the wife of his best friend and chief of staff. He is not doubt an egotistical preening asshole who thinks that he is the cat’s meow, and he has been described as dumb as a stick, but gay? I doubt it.

  14. CA would not be different from IL and their FOID card. You can’t buy a gun or ammo legally in Illinois without a FOID card (Firearm Owner ID). But I would imagine that possession of an ID card would allow you to breeze on through the checkout counter, unless they want to run another background check at the time of purchase, in which case, what the eff is the purpose of the ID card?

    Stupid states. Thankfully I have enough ammo for a thousand liberals.

  15. The background check initiative isn’t what upsets me so much as the semiautomatic long gun ban. The other bills are a big pain-in-the-rear, but the semiautomatic one is like the nuclear option.

  16. If drugs are entering the country by the truck and container load, I don’t see how the ghetto rats are going to be inconvenienced by the ammunition ban.

    1000+ rounds of rifle ammunition would fit into a box that would sit in the footwell area of almost every car made today.

    • “But no one would do that, that would be a crime!!!”

      You are of course correct, which goes to prove that this proposed law has nothing to do with crime control. Its intent is to make owning guns prohibitively expensive through what amounts to taxation and a new government bureaucracy paid for solely by gun owners. It will amount to a minimum $10 surcharge on every purchase of ammo, not including the additional $50 cost of the two-year license. The dollars are mind-boggling. If there are ten million gun owners buying ammo, the license fees total $500 million every two years. And then there are the fees for the ammo vendors as well. I think (actually I don’t recall right off) that the licensing fee is $200 for each owner and each employee who sells ammo. Along with the requirement to run a NICS check on every purchaser, there is a record keeping and electronic submission of every ammo purchase to the state. So every ammo purchase is a half hour ordeal.

  17. Sounds reasonable and sensible…..for the children….
    Maybe Brexit will inspire the USA?

  18. Several million California gun owners converging on the statehouse would change a few minds. Naaaahhhhhh…it will never happen. Gun owners are too busy to take a few days off to march for their rights.

    • I think you meant to type …
      “Several million ARMED California gun owners converging on the statehouse would change a few minds.”

      • Unless they all have CCWs (which under a bill proposed yesterday will become unobtainium) that would be felonious.

        • And what the legislature is doing is not?

          If your state government passed a law that prohibited consensual sex between spouses and prescribed 10 years in prison for violating that law, should everyone just sit around and wait for the police to arrest them?

  19. Silver lining…. very very thin sliver of a lining…..

    If this passes and doesn’t reduce the crime rate in the first year or two the other free (er) States can point out that the feel-good law didn’t do anything. See, it was tried in California and didn’t work so quit suggesting we do it here.

    • Nope. Never happens.

      Despite all failures one can point to, they STILL promote “Socialism” or “Marxism” as the solution to all of man’s problems.

      At best, you can classify this as a step on the incrementalism slippery slope. They will try this, it won’t work, so that will be their excuse to try the next step.

      History is our guide, not wishful thinking.

      • JR_in_NC is correct. Every time someone points out a failure of Socialism/Communism, the defenders of Socialism/Communism reply that the only reason that Socialism/Communism did not work is because it wasn’t pervasive enough … and that it will work this time around if we give ourselves over to it even more than we have already.

  20. I got out of reloading a few years ago and sold all my stuff on ebay. Every single buyer except for one was in CA. I think some people saw this coming.

  21. If California passed a law and/or ballot initiative that had the following repercussions with respect to Christians:
    (1) Christians must pay a fee to acquire a special license.
    (2) Christians must pass a background check in order to get the license.
    (3) Christians must pass a background check before all purchases*.
    (4) Businesses who want to sell to Christians must get a license.
    (5) Businesses who sell to Christians must keep a log of all sales*.
    (6) Businesses who sell to Christians must install $40k surveillance systems.
    (7) Businesses must conduct a background check before every sale* to Christians.

    * Sales/purchases of religious items

    That law and/or ballot initiative would be totally okay since it was “the will of the people”, right?

    Now, change the context from Christian to Atheist and it would still be totally okay, right?

    Finally, change the context from Christian to Republican and it would still be totally okay, right? After all, those damn Republicans espouse policies that directly lead to death and injury which is a “compelling government interest” and huge factor in “public safety”, right?

    We have to stop looking at sharp dressed politicians as infallible. When they make GINORMOUS mistakes such as this, it is up to us to show them the error of their ways. Uh oh, with comments like that, a large group of people might say that I am “anti-government” and require a bunch of expensive licensing before I can exercise free speech.

  22. I’m not normally into the reptillian conspiracy, but Jesus, that dude looks like a lizard man.

  23. Dear God.
    Oh how it sucks living in a FASCIST hell hole. Outrages what a one party rule does. The overseers that have rule over us, say its for “our Safety”. BULL POOP! This curd is all about control of their serfs, cash cows, unwashed piss ants. We use to be citizens. NOT any more. Thanks you idiot voters. Welcome to N Korea.

  24. “..out of the hands of violent, dangerous, hateful people.”

    Good thing these people aren’t just on a meaningless list, and are properly incarcerated away from society, and not living next door to you and your family or standing in line with you at the grocery store, or sharing that long, dark walk to your car in the desolated parking garage. Oh, wait….

  25. Newsom put this on the Ballot as a Proposition because he intends to run for Governor when Jerry Brown’s current term ends. Also the Proposition System does not require Brown’s Approval, only a simple majority vote to pass. It can be challenged in Court, though. Newsom only needed 366.000 valid signatures to get it on the Ballot, which in a State with an abundance of raving Libtards that wasn’t too much of a challenge. BTW Newsom is a strong backer of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act 2016, which will also be on the Ballot as a Proposition and is given a good chance to pass. Both Propositions are calculated to garner political scrip for Newsom’s Gubernatorial bid.

    Investment opportunities in California will blossom with new retail operations in Ammunition Warehouse Stores and Weed Boutiques. Californians may have to stand in long lines to buy ammo, but won’t care much after a quick stop at the weed shop. /sarc

    • Newsom is a greasy hair scum bag. This is nothing less than TYRANNY on a grand scale. Yet, stupid kalli voters kiss and worship his behind. I don’t get it.

      • Newsom has become the “golden boy” of the core of radical Democrats who rule in California. He has been groomed to become the next Governor and likely will be since no “not Democrat” party can produce a viable candidate to oppose him. Central California (Sacramento, Marin County, San Francisco, San Jose, Silicon Valley) is majorly dominated by far-Left Progressive Democrats who are expatriate Hippies and disciples of Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers and Ward Church. IMO once the Alinskyites figured out his “grassroots” approach wasn’t working and the path to re-making America into their essentially Marxist vision was by getting into Government and controlling the Universities, California became their experimental laboratory for working out the details. That, my friend, is why California has become the “Mentor” for tyranny and the dissolution of the American Constitutional Republic. If this ammunition control proposition works as they hope and expect, you can bet the farm it will spread to other States like a plague. It is not feasible to regulate guns themselves out of existence, but a firearm with no ammunition is useless, and a large rock bound to the end of a stick makes a better club. There are other factors at play in California but I think the core is what I have said above. YMMV.

  26. Newsome is is a weasel, I can’t abide a fella who shags his campaign managers wife on the DL.
    Just a scumbag move.

  27. Folks from California, come to Texas. I will sell you ammunition. Quality hand loads. No price gouging. No, I’m not driving to you.

  28. It will pass as long as the ballot initiative is written in the official language of California — Spanish.

    • They will publish it in Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, and Japanese–just to be culturally sensitive to everyone else–in addition to Spanish and Portuguese. The real official language in CA is the almighty $. Unfortunately, there is plenty of it flowing from Silicon Valley and San Francisco into Sacramento to support these ridiculous initiatives.

  29. After the 9th court ruling against shall issue ccw”s the state can count as an complete lost ground.
    Same for hawai and new york.
    The problems is the anti gun hardliner states of arround 8-10 have in relation an 3,5x higher population arround and the gun friendly states lesser in population arround ………..

  30. Ammo background checks are a part of NY safe act. Only they can’t use NICS and setting up a state background check just for ammo proved unworkable for the last few years .

    If Calf. Thinks it’s gong to use NICS , well the haven’t been paying attention.

  31. All I can think about right now is getting a few million of my fellow gun owners to send one small box or envelope containing one bullet or shell casing to the governors office, the senate, and the house of California. On a specific day. One month before the election. The resulting disturbance to the shipping logistics would make big news and make sure our side gets some (biased) coverage to get the word out. If the proposed law passes, everyone repeat 1 week before it becomes effective by sending one bullet to each assembly person and judge in the state. Again mass chaos. Add one anonymous tip that xxxxxx senator/congressman/judge has obtained illegal ammunition. Now local authorities are ticked off at the workload, and can’t justify enforcing the law. So it gets unofficially nullified, officially dropped, or politicians go to jail. Repeat as necessary.

    Hardball civil disobedience. No violence. Desired outcome.

    Follow up if necessary by walking around the capital building dropping shell casing out a hole in your pocket again as many people as possible, on the same day. Chaos. No violence delivers a message.

    And if it escalates further I guess dump trucks could get involved for a particularly effective display……oops I bumped that hydraulic lift lever……

  32. …oleaginous…

    I had to look that one up. Nice.

    And look at his freakin’ teeth. There’s some money in that mouth.

    But the pomade hair… whoa.

  33. Dear Decent Californians,

    Move, and let the liberal shithole fail and become the proof of what we all know. Liberalism doesn’t work.

    Sincerely, Every Other Gun Owner

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