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“What we did not allow was the image of a rifle and the words ‘fully loaded’ because such an approach is inappropriate in today’s environment.” – Texas Christian University director of communications Lisa Albert, University bans guns, gun safety events, even pictures of guns (!) [via]

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  1. Of course, today’s environment is created by brain dead liberals that think that pretending guns don’t exist will make them go away, so yes it is inappropriate to harsh their mellow.

  2. So they do not allow any pictures/paintings depicting the Revolution, the Civil War, any of the World Wars, or other conflicts I assume? Especially not in textbooks!

    In today’s environment, I have to seriously wonder whether they do or not.

    • So, I am under the impression that these images and publications not being good for the students and thus their parents must be destroyed. Wouldn’t want this material loose on the public!? So we must burn them! That is where we are going correct! An adult christian institution taking away God’s given Right of Freedom to Chose Right and Wrong.

      • Even though no guns were involved, are they also going to ban the depictions of the many HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of men, women and even CHILDREN wantonly slaughtered (by both sides) in the Old Testament of the Bible? Would they change their tune if God had decided to supply the ancient Jews with Tavors instead of swords and spears?

    • The board or regents at that school should take care of this problem fairly soon. I don’t know any of them, but generally people in power in Texas are pro gun. At least a majority of them are. Especially a formerly Christian university. (TCU has recently cut ties with being a religious university, SMU and Baylor have not)

      • Really? I haven’t heard that. I can’t imagine anyone will bother to attend at all in that case. Non-Christians were already not very welcome, and I’m sure Christians will look elsewhere now.

        If the board of regents is made up of former professors, don’t overestimate them. Those people live in a soundproof bubble, regardless of location.

  3. My kid told me last night that his school has banned Candy Canes now. I asked why?!?! I thought it might be in reference to Christmas and the fact that liberals don’t like Christianity and therefore want to ban anything Judeo-Christian. I was wrong. Apparently, you can suck on candy canes and make them pointy ended, and that is dangerous, because….. you can poke your eye out? I asked him what are they doing with pencils, pens, protractors, scissors? My God, what are they going to do about shoe laces because you could strangle someone with those.

    I have no idea if this is true, my kid is in 6th grade. So I need to verify this info but he’s serious and said the announcement came over that day.

    This is the liberal mindset – so yes, this woman is perfectly within her comfort zone to ban even the idea of guns, because it makes her FEEL safer. She isn’t safer but she FEEEELS safer now as a result. Get it? Your 1A rights don’t get any play when it comes to her emotions but the half-naked gay pride parade, now that’s ok. That’s acceptable.

    • I have seen in the past Christmas themed pens the shape and color of candy canes. If it were me in this situation I would scour the Interweb to find some and send my kid to school to pas them out to his friends.

    • Well, you’ve got State Democratic Senator Wendy Davis running for Governor in 14. What do you think?

      You know the media is gonna give her extra favorable attention. She may be “spitting in the wind” at first, but that’s how this progressive anti gun stuff starts.

      Like a cancer…

      It’ll take a resounding defeat to derail this movement at least temporarily, and I don’t expect that to happen.

      Too many ‘takers’, liberals and sympathetic female voters, even in Texas.

  4. While i get the feel good lib part, dont forget these schools have been suckafied(tm) by voters desire to cut spending on education and safety enabling this cycle of bull, ignorance, and fear that allows our knuckle dragging graduates to run to the polls like cattle, all we need to vote is “moo” or “bah”

    • Dirk go to Nevada and find the Bunny Ranch I think they got a Palin look alike maybe you’ll luck out and get a Shannon Watts one too.

        • Double-D, if you’re married, you’re paying for it — through the nose. And if you get divorced, you pay for it again, through an entirely different orifice.

        • told ya Ralph was gonna take issue. and yes, being married means you are paying but directly paying for it, nope.

        • Heard an interesting comment somewhere (long ago): With a professional you are not paying for “it”, you are paying for no argument before “it” and a civil “Goodbye and thank you” after “it”. Just sayin’.

        • Dirk if you’re dating a girl you’re payin for it the bill is just disguised as dinner movie drinks gas and other gifts. You pay pros to leave when done and so you don’t have to buy them crap beforehand or talk and cuddle afterwards.

    • This lady looks a lot more human than Shannon Watts. She could still be a ballbreaker, but at least she doesn’t have that look that says she eats human souls for breakfast.

      Besides, for all we know, she could actually be on our side — as gun owners, I mean, not mindlessly horny dudes. Being the director of communications, she has to explain the university’s position, regardless of her own preferences. So who’s to know what she really thinks?

      • “but at least she doesn’t have that look that says she eats human souls for breakfast.”

        Looks can be deceiving, my friend

  5. This is evidence that academia, regardless of location, has a CLEAR (left) bias.

    I have run across a few recent college grads over the years with whom I have had an opportunity to work, and it always amuses me to watch how their perceptions of the world and opinions change as they gain more life experience outside of the academic environment.

    That’s not to say that I believe that formal education is worthless or anything of the sort; but what I *do* believe is that many of the perspectives and solutions provided by our educational institutions are incomplete at best, and willfully ignorant at worst.

  6. So we send our kids to college, because they are now adults and must prepare for future success, yet we coddle them like children by removing evil images of guns. How stupid are we as a society.

  7. Many universities consider Christianity, displayed or otherwise,
    as inappropriate and often act openly hostile towards any
    semblance of religious freedom (except Islam, of course).
    I wonder how Ms. Albert feels about that. Though, since she
    and the uni admin are so willing to jump on the hoplophobia
    train, something tells me they don’t care that much.

  8. When I was growing up in TX, TCU and – to a lessor extent – Baylor and SMU was were you sent your kids to keep them safe (at that time, of course, that meant not having to rub shoulders with colorful people). Those schools absolutely played a near-parental role for their student bodies. They wanted to issue forth graduates who would go into professions, the Junior League, and suitable country clubs. Clean-cut boys in slacks (no jeans!) and good girls in proper dresses. If you didn’t have the money to send your kids to one of those schools, you sent them to Texas Tech because it was another safe play, and considerably less expensive. UT and A&M were a bit too rowdy.

    I can see that hasn’t changed much since I left my homeland 25 years ago…

  9. You got to admit though that her position is the same as the Texas Legislature and most Texans who can’t stand the idea of people open carrying.

  10. She has an undergraduate and a master’s degree in Journalism, so definitely, totally stereotypical. Expect to see her reading the news on PMS-NBC in the future.


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