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COR®BON Urban Response Load

AR-15 for home defense? COR®BON has introduced their new Urban Response Ammunition in .223 Remington. It’s a high-velocity (2900 fps) 55 gr pill with a thin copper jacket over a soft lead core designed for low to medium penetration and minimum ricochet. Designed for self-defense use in close quarter urban environments such as subdivisions, apartment complexes, and mobile home parks, it’s loaded with low-flash powder in Lapua brass, and is compatible with all AR-15/M-4 rifles chambered in either .223 Rem or 5.56 NATO. Pricing is $63.75/50 from COR®BON.

U.S. Park Police arrested a man at the World War II memorial Saturday morning for carrying an unloaded .22 rifle and ammunition. He was carrying the rifle in a black rifle case, and also had a black backpack. He was arrested without incident, and police have provided no further information.

A Virginia man has lost his concealed weapons permit and been fined $1500 after being convicted on appeal of brandishing a firearm while sitting at a stoplight, after the driver of a nearby private school bus saw him remove his Springfield .45 from his glove box and insert a magazine. The bus driver called authorities and said he felt threatened. So threatened, in fact, that it took him two days to make that call to police. The judge suspended the sentence when Corry’s lawyer noted that a further appeal would be filed. The Virginia Citizen’s Defense League is preparing a bill for the General Assembly in January to attempt to fix Virginia’s brandishing statute .

This is why you home carry. A Suffolk, Virginia man shot an aggressive pit bull in his front yard last month, in an incident police deemed justified. He was watching his kids play in his fenced front yard when two dogs began fighting outside the fence. During their melee, they broke through the fence and the homeowner attempted to spray them away with a hose, but they continued to act aggressively, and he shot one of them. Note that the story does not say he had to go into his house to get his gun.

The Young Americans for Freedom chapter at Texas Christian University ran into some issues recently when school officials disallowed flyers advertising the visit of a conservative commentator to the campus. The flyers, which featured a picture of an antique shotgun with the caption “Fully Loaded” along with photos of former President Ronald Reagan and the commentator, were allowed to be handed out, but could not be posted on bulletin boards or the school’s website. School officials also nixed the use of a free concealed handgun training class, a shotgun training class, or a skeet shooting gift certificate as raffle prizes. “Gun promotion is contradictory of the university’s policy to carry on campus,” wrote Lisa Albert, director of communications for TCU, in an email to The College Fix. “Producing a poster with a rifle on it and the words ‘fully loaded’ can certainly cause alarm in today’s environment.”

A little closer to the final product on Joerg Sprave’s full auto pencil shooter. Gotta watch that collateral damage, though.

Mobile users click here if the video above doesn’t render.

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  1. Wait. Are you telling me there’s still a YAF? Are there also still American Opinion book stores?

      • YAF was/is the youth wing of the John Birch Society, basically. Not dissing the JBS; there was an elderly couple back in the 60s and 70s that ran an American Opinion Bookstore; AOB was the publishing arm of the JBS, pretty much.

        They were a sweet and sincere couple that belonged to the JBS, and I visited there a number of times.

  2. $63.75 for a box of 50. I’ll stick to my powder coated reloads with soft lead and reduced powder.
    2900 FPS and home defense??? Hope the other rooms are empty and my neighbors aren’t home.

    The guy brandishing a firearm doesn’t seem to be brandishing at all. He appears to be loading a mag in the privacy of his vehicle. Or so he thought.

    • Surprise, surprise, a slower pistol bullet will likely penetrate more interior walls than a fragile little bullet that’s hauling at high speed.

    • re: Brandishing — that’s what I assumed as well, but there are two sides to every story. Read the article. It’s a he-said-he-said. Still, he shouldn’t lose his permit unless he’s proven “guilty.”

      • Not in today’s society… guilty until proven innocent, and even then, no permit or firearm given back. This goes along with the familiar public safety campaign, “Copz Rule, Citizens Drool.” adopted by most law enforcement branches.

  3. That CorBon sounds good, but ill just stick with hollow points.

    “Producing a poster with a rifle on it and the words ‘fully loaded’ can certainly cause alarm in today’s environment.”

    Not if you have a back bone.

    • More and more (so-called) Americans seem to lack that anatomical feature.

      As for the home defense loads, I’m interested. I load my AR with varmint rounds featuring ballistic tips with the goal of curtailing excessive penetration since I live in the burbs of SoCal.

  4. In regards to the brandishing story, this is why it is worth it to pay the tint tickets one a year or so and put tent on your vehicle windows. Also keeping a heads up to any close vehicles, especially taller buses and trucks, that may be able to see a must.

    • Heavily-tinted windows are illegal in a number of states, including Virginia. Having windows dark enough that the cops can’t see what’s happening inside a vehicle is a sure-fire ticket magnet. They “need” to know if you’re smoking weed in your vehicle.

      • There is a long way from blackout to no tint. With the back and rear windows tinted dark and a mild tint on the front (40-60%), you are not invisible but it takes more than a quick glance to see what is going on. It is a personal decision based on your your states laws, what you drive, and if the additional addition from police is better than being in this guy’s situation.

        You can also leave the gun on your hip instead, and not end up in this situation, but may have issues getting to it in a carjacking situation, etc. or when you have to remove it to go into an establishment that bars carry. I have been in situations moving across state lines from a no carry to a carry state (PA to OH) or reversed and have not been able to find a place that I was comfortable making the switch unseen. Tint made all the difference for me.

        • Some states (Ohio for instance) have a peculiar situation where you are not allowed to wear your gun in your car (unless you have a concealed carry permit). So you have to keep the thing in the trunk.

          As for transitioning from carry to not-carry, I use a holster and mag holder that can be removed without undoing the belt. It can still be a pain to deal with but at least I can remove it before I exit the car. Or in some cases I simply remove the gun and secure it (luckily I am not in Ohio), and walk in with the holster and remove it more at my leisure. (I have yet to see a policy against concealed empty holsters. Or unconcealed for that matter.)

    • While that’s a fair point, and worth considering, also worth considering is you should load and/or check your load on your pistol in a location other than at a stop light! Does he deserve to lose his CPL? No. Was it a somewhat dumb move that could have been averted by thinking ahead? Yes.

      • In his mind, he was thinking ahead. He was doing it at a stoplight where he thought he was alone and unobserved instead of doing it in the parking lot of the dinner meeting he was going to, where there would likely have been more people around.

        Keep in mind that according to the article, the bus was behind Corry. Everything the driver witnessed was in the reflection of Corry’s sideview mirror. He said that Corry held up the gun “in plain view” in the mirror. He said that Corry glared at him in the mirror. Corry drives a Subaru. That mirror is probably 4″ x 6″. It might be 5″ x 7″. That’s a lot of detail to see in a mirror.

        Also, this never could have happened in my car. My mirrors are swung out about 30 degrees using the “no blind spot” technique. Someone directly behind me would never see me in my mirrors.

  5. OK, I’m confused about the Cor-Bon product.

    How are these rounds substantially different than well-established varmint pills, such as the Hornady V-Max?

    • I dunno. The low-flash powder? The “thin copper jacket?” The cool packaging? The language came from their press release, more or less.

      • That’s what I’m getting at.

        Low flash powder: OK, so all you do is use a somewhat faster burning powder so that it’s all burned up in, oh, 14″ barrels. Not exactly black magic there. This isn’t a huge concern if I have to use a rifle at indoor social distances.

        “Thin copper jackets:” This is exactly what well-established varmint rounds have, along with a plastic tip to force the jacket to explode off the lead core in the first, oh, two to three inches of tissue penetration.

        “Minimum ricochet:” OK, now we get into a really fuzzy area. Define “minimum.” Varmint pills tend to shatter on impact with just about anything. My .17HMR has substantial ricochet reduction over .22LR lead pills – because the little 17gr VMax blows up the moment it contacts anything as substantial as an alfalfa stem. First contact with anything remotely solid and a typical varmint pill blows to bits.

        “Lapua brass:” OK, here’s where things get a bit… odd. I love Lapua products. Theirs is absolutely lovely brass. Lapua’s stuff is very, very nice, and the only way they could improve it is if a certain charming member of their shooting team delivered their products to my shop door in her perky person.

        But such really nice brass costs more and makes a difference to your accuracy only at much longer ranges than urban ranges. Run-of-the-mill Remchester/Federal/Lake City/etc would do just fine here – at substantially lower prices.

        Here’s my take on it: If people want to use a reduced penetration/ricochet round indoors, then go check out the results of varmint pills like the VMax in 55grain loads. I seriously doubt that a 55gr VMax pill would go through four sheets of typical indoor sheetrock. The rate of expansion on VMax pills needs to be seen “in the flesh” (of varmints) to be appreciated. If you shoot a cottontail with a 55gr VMax, what is left looks like a bunny that swallowed a frag grenade. It’s hamburger with tufts of fur in it.

        But (and here’s the important part): If you have shot rabbits (jacks or cottontails) with these rounds on dusty western ground (as I have), you see almost nothing exit the far side of the rabbit. Just tiny little specks of dust on the far side are there to indicate small pieces of lead and jacket made it out the far side of a rabbit. And Hornady’s 55gr Vmax product runs less than a dollar a round online. You can load it yourself for substantially less than that.

        • I posted above without reading your comment, but I’m glad I’ve got some backup on this one. I figured that rounds designed to expand/shatter on impact would be good for stopping a threat without going through the next 3 houses. Thanks for the knowledge.

        • Dyspeptic,

          I have a feeling that knowledgeable shooters, reloaders, and mechanical engineers are not the target market.

  6. Dyspeptic, I also wonder-

    This seems like repackaging something to take advantage of the current buzz, like what was the rage in Zombie branding last year and before.

    In all the debate over over-penetration, shot vs rifle vs handgun, I dont recall any discussion of

    frangible rounds of the RRLP type, originally spec’d for use on ships, etc-

    and more recently, a similar construction in a hunting application-

    I’m guessing anything with a copper jacket is going thru at least a couple boards of drywall.
    But what happens to the powder, after, vs something made of copper jacket and soft lead?

    Time to donate some boxes of ammo to the Box-O-truth?

    Or something similar built for the
    “Tyler and Nick in the TX Wild-Lands” show
    now that the weather has cooled a bit…

  7. So somebody, ‘shot an aggressive pit bull’, huh! Yeah, yeah, yeah! We live in an age when every dog that does something wrong is, all of a sudden, a Pit Bulldog!

    I really get sick and tired of all this generally unverified and always sensational, organized news media crap.


    When are Americans finally going to catch onto the fact that the very same people who want to take away their guns are also the people who want to take away their, ‘protection and home defense’ family pets, too?

    These exceedingly rich socialist/communist turds don’t just want your guns; they’re not just against the ownership of large protective canines, either. What these evil minds really want is to protect and maintain THEIR OWN HUGE PERSONAL FORTUNES by creating entire societies – entire nations – of socially tractable and intellectually passive, ‘sheeple’. (How many people reading this have already, ‘twittered’ today?)

    It’s just another version of the same old trite and well worn news story: Guns are bad; any sort of Judeo-Christianity is bad; SELF-DEFENSE IS BAD; but all forms of sexual perversion and encouraging people to, ‘play with their genitalia’ are good.

    Look, just because enormously wealthy men and evil politicians prefer to tell themselves that, ‘God is blind.’ (That He does not see, and that He does not hear.’) does NOT mean that God is either impotent or unconcerned. Sacred Scripture has warned mankind – well in advance – that we’d see these days and be required to pass through them.

    Universal social disarmament, presently myriad forms of socially forbidden self-defense, and the organized news media’s antipathy towards large powerful canines is all just part of the ongoing descent of mankind into (almost) overwhelming evil.

      • Yeah, but, let’s remember that some people’s opinions are worth a lot more than others!

        (I’m curious. Besides being snotty and, ‘making waves’ what are ya doing on a gun forum, anyway?)

      • No, I’m just tired of internet skuts and their inane dumbass comments.

        I do realize, though, that you jerks are among the very last people on Planet Earth, to ever dare make the types of remarks you seem to specialize in face-to-face.

        THAT would take courage; and, ‘balls’ is something you internet pussies never have. I’m going to leave this one alone, now. If you’re not smart enough to appreciate what I’ve offered then you’re just going to become mired, ever more deeply, in the ongoing social dilemma; and, truthfully, that’s actually fine with me.

    • So, if I shoot a threatening pit bull I’m not a good person? I’m supporting the msm and the nwo by defending myself?

  8. “U.S. Park Police arrested a man at the World War II memorial Saturday morning for carrying an unloaded .22 rifle and ammunition. He was carrying the rifle in a black rifle case, and also had a black backpack.”

    Was it Leonard Embody?

    “He was arrested without incident, and police have provided no further information.”

    Nope, Not Leonard. If it had been him we would be able to watch the YouTube video and his commentary of back talking the Police.

  9. People should think very long and very hard about employing 5.56 for home defense. The sound of a AR15 going off in a room would be absolutely deafening, for you, the bad guy and your family in the house. You had better have a pair of electronic hearing muffs right with your AR if you decide to use it in a HD scenario or you will totally incapacitate yourself after the first shot.

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