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“I would be willing to work to repeal [New Jersey’s smart gun] law if, in fact, the NRA and the gun owners of America would make a public declaration that they will not stand in the way of the research, development, manufacture and distribution of a child-proof gun.” – New Jersey State Senator Loretta Weinberg in ‘Gun control groups file lawsuit to force NJ attorney general to report on smart guns’ [at]

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  1. So she wants gun owners and the NRA to support the impossible. That seems perfectly reasonable…

    • Well Senator, hop off the unicorn, tell Santa, the Tooth Fairy the Easter Bunny and the male friendly lesbians you’ll get back to them and we’ll sit down and talk about it.

    • This is what the left calls compromise. I call it an ultimatum. Any good marriage counselor will tell you that ultimatums are very bad for a marriage. Here’s a quote of the day, don’t let the door hit you in the ass edition. “I will do everything in my power to unseat liberal politicians and I don’t need anything in return”.

    • No, she’s asking them to not stand in the way of researching the impossible.
      This is what she requested:
      “I do not oppose the rights of private firms to research, manufacture, distribute, or sell any firearms technology they choose.”
      I’m perfectly happy to provide that. And both the NSSF and NRA have said as much.
      I would suggest we emphasize the following addition:
      “I do, however, oppose any attempt to force any firearms technology on the industry or consumers, or to restrict the sale of any firearms not containing a certain technology, for any reason, including ‘safety’.”

    • I don’t know why anybody would trust a word she says. Aren’t those the same politicians who at one point were happy with the 15 round mag limit “compromise”? I guess they got bored with that one.

      And another thing. The NRA is pretty much absent in New Jersey, so what is Weinberg crying about? If she wants to mandate smart gun only sales or any other stupid gun laws within NJ, I’m sure she’ll do it anyway, no matter what the NRA says or does (and they don’t do much here).

  2. Childproof gun? Not so much.

    Childproof storage methods? Yeah I can get behind that.

    Heck, I can’t afford a safe big enough for my AR right now. So if kids were to come over, I would lock all the mags and ammo in my handgun safe.

    • You said it well. That is what I do as well. Lock up all the ammunition. On numerous occasions I forgot I still had it all locked up a day or two later. Now, I make myself notes to remember….ha!

    • Don’t forget the #1 method for gun safety – education. Eddie Eagle and similar programs FTW.

      • Precisely. With hundreds of millions of “non-smart” guns scattered hither and yon, doesn’t it make more sense to make “gun-proof” children than “child-proof” guns?

    • Or, just in case you missed some ammo, you could just take the bolt out of the rifle.

      • Locking up the ammo and mags sounds just as hard as locking up the guns. This ^^ is the answer. Remove bolt carriers (with bolts) lock in safe. But then all you have to worry about is kids messing up your guns with their grubby hands, since it’s become politically incorrect to teach children not to touch things that don’t belong to them.

        The real problem with our society is not that people don’t lock up their guns, or lock them up well enough. it that Parents don’t teach their kids about boundaries and ownership anymore. Let’s face it guns have been in homes with children in them for the whole history of this nation. But when I was a child the question was “son, why would you go touching things that don’t belong to you?” Not, “omg guns?! why would you have guns in your house that are not bound in chains, welded shut, and encased in carbonite!?”

    • Before I had a long gun safe, I would take my AR’s bolt out and put it in the handgun safe, and I’d put a cable lock through the mag well and ejection port, then wrap it around the bed frame (under the bed). has simple long gun safes for under $200, delivered. They won’t keep out a celebrity team led by George Clooney and Matt Damon, but they’ll keep out your common variety burglar or inquisitive child.
      And a very important step: secure it to the structure!

  3. is anyone on our side standing in the way of research into “safer” guns? i really doubt it. another straw man from the gun-grabbing left.

  4. This is EXACTLY what we want. Any company should be free to develop any technology they want. It just shouldn’t be forced upon us by law.

    Too bad she doesn’t actually mean this…

  5. Design me a childproof* gun that is functionally indistinguishable from what I currently have, and we’ll talk. No extra buttons, levers, codes, or anything else that requires a separate manual operation.

    *Because no such thing exists. Children, like fools, are notoriously innovative and creative at getting into things they shouldn’t.

    • I would say the average gun, unless its in condition 1, is already more complicated to operate than most “childproof” containers and such.

    • Not to minimize the issue, as even one child’s death is a tragedy, but the number of unintentional firearms deaths for children has gone down steadily over the years. In 1999, there were 88 unintentional firearms deaths of children ages 1 to 14. In 2010, that number was 62, despite that demographic growing by over 1 million and the number of firearms in homes increasing through the period. That’s 62 deaths out of 57,283,060 children (source:

      • Every day, I drive by a roadside memorial for a boy who was struck by a police cruiser and killed while riding his bike. This happened last year about a mile from my home. He darted out of his driveway into the path of the police woman driving the vehicle. I thought about this a few days ago; I can’t think of a single incident near me ,within 100 miles, of a child being accidentally shot yet I know several victims of traffic fatalities within 20 miles. How many of you know a child killed by an automobile accident and don’t know a child killed with a gun?

        • What are you talking about!? Cars aren’t dangerous! Don’t you know anything. Cars don’t kill people, Guns do. GOSH!

        • Kids on bikes popping into traffic, anything that distracts/impairs the driver (passengers, drugs, alcohol, text/phone) and simply not slowing down when you can’t be sure what’s ahead.

          Children and fools both have the ingenuity to find a way around any ‘safe’ design- everyone else will give up. RFID ring? Look what’s on the bathroom sink… fingerprint? Let’s see if the gelatin method works… Combination? Hours of patience while watching tv, or obsessive focus from the ADD meds.

      • I’d say that a child’s chance of being killed by a psycho mom is pretty good this year. Three more in CA today stabbed. The method/weapon of psycho mom choice this year still seems to driving car into water.

  6. I have no problem with this. I promise not to stand in the way of the development of child-proof guns. I’ll also allow unicorns to graze in my yard, and miniature fairy mermaids can swim in my birdbath.

    But don’t think for one minute that I’m going to support further arbitrary restrictions on real guns that actually work.

  7. If they have actually seen the light, and realize this is about choice, then fine. However, something tells me this is just frustrated acceptance that the “gun nuts are killing free trade” meme is failing, and now they are setting a trap.

  8. Just like the mandated child proof medicine bottles, where a five year old can open it but the 60 year old person who has the medicine can’t ! Why not just educate people on safe use and handling of guns! And not be afraid!

    • Hell, I’m 27 and it took me 20 minutes to figure out the spout of a child proof gas can. I now just screw the spout off and use a funnel.

      • I do that, too. Besides being entirely unintuitive, the mechanisms often break on me and do not function properly. I don’t have a funnel so I often end up spilling some while I pour. Talk about unintended consequences.

        • I completely agree. Ever since i made the mistake of buying a childproof spill proof can I have spilled more gas then the whole rest of my life combined. And with current prices it REALLY pisses you off to spill a lot trying to figure out the damn telescoping safety spout. It’s not an unintended consequence it’s results completely counter to the goal.

        • Type 2 safety can FTW. Perfect, fingertip control and a separate wide opening to fill it. Expensive, but I only use 2- one for 1:100 mix for the chainsaws and one for generators. Everything else gets a 7-gallon Type 1 can with an attached funnel.

      • I can’t stand those things!

        I have six 5 gallon gas containers, only one has the old school telescoping nozzle. I just move the old one to the container I’m using at the time.

        The child proof ones don’t even work when they’re band new… Maybe The Freedom Group makes them.

  9. I might think about not making you accept this technology, so long as you accept the technology later when you must accept the technology.

    Kind of sounds like if you want a gun you must be crazy, so you can’t have a gun logic .

  10. I really hope the NRA hops on this and calls her bluff. To bad they always seem to be a little slow…

  11. That’s slick… she’ll “work to repeal” the law fully knowing that none of the other legislators In NJ will support it. See how she did that? She offered nothing in order to get something she wanted. Or she offered something that was not fully within her control to give. Straight out nefarious. There is no compromise with these people. None.

    I hope the NRA stays as far away from this as possible. They will gain nothing if they buy into this.

    • I disagree. I think the NRA should jump on this. There is nothing wrong with what she is proposing and It will make the NRA look more “reasonable” to the average fence sitter, and will make Weinberg look like a liar when she doesn’t actually follow through with her promise. Remember, smart guns aren’t the problem, its the legislation that forces them on people.

      • Legislation which spends a trillion taxpayer dollars for Barry’s cronies to “research” this or anything else are very Chicago, and if the NRA is not opposing the idea, how do you think we’d find out about it? Like, let’s see, maybe spending $500 million on a web site designed by Michelle’s pal in freakin’ CANADA? The US had to go to Canada to get a web site developed? And it was a total failure? And no one is in prison?

      • You don’t compromise with the stupid, crazy or reckless. As soon as you think you can steer the situation to your advantage, they will just beat you down through their experience. There is no way the public will hold her accountable when she fails to uphold “her end of the deal”.

  12. I don’t have a problem with the research, manufacture, and distribution of such a weapon. I will NOT be required to buy one! If she’ll agree to that, then we’re good.

  13. I don’t want a child proof gun because then a child could not protect themselves with it. Old hag the NRA and gun owners never stand in the way of research and development. It is the ridiculous NJ law that makes us stand in the way of the technology.

    • Sorry, we don’t have time to worry about a child proof gun when we are spending all our resources trying to install a child proof government.

  14. Well its a good thing the NRA controls all gun owners.

    Your wish is my command master.

  15. Since when to “representatives” get to dictate the terms of what they do in office? She’s there to do the will of her constituency – not exert her will on the rest of the people of NJ.

    If her constituents are telling her “get rid of this stupid law” then that is exactly what she should do whether she likes it or not.(*)

    The arrogance most elected office holders (I refuse to call them “officials”) demonstrate has long since grown tiresome.

    (*) That said, I have no personal idea what her constituents on the whole think about this law. But my point is that THAT is never mentioned…why isn’t she saying, “The people I represent want | do not want so-called smart gun tech”? No, she’s bargaining for her vote separate from the will of the people she represents.

    • You know exactly what her constituents are saying, or she would not be making statements like this one, trying to convince them that it is “someone else” who is being unreasonable. Are they dumb enough to believe it? We’ll see come election time.

  16. How about we develop criminal proof guns too while at it?

    See there is a child proof gun already. It’s any gun locked up when not carried. I’ll stand over here and wait for her to submit a bill repealing the nanny state law they have now.

  17. Ok, I’ll bite.

    “I will not stand in the way of the research, development, manufacture and distribution of a child-proof gun.”

    “Dude, you know that not possi-”

    “SHHHHH stfu, they don’t know that. Just let them research themselves silly.”

  18. Wow….you’d think that these people would at least try to learn a bit about firearms before they start talking about them, but then again…I guess not.

    • Why start now? Pols and the media have long been experts on things they have no knowledge of…never been an issue before…

      • That’s disposable clips, thank you. We’ll also accept assault clips or 30 automatic clips per second.

  19. guys.. this is awesome.. she’s asking for a public declaration… nothing more, so say it, then retract it a year from now once they repeal the crap they passed previously.

    • They will never repeal anything, they’ll just scream to the moon that even the NRA agrees with their common sense lunacy, look we’ve got even MORE bans the NRA will approve of.

  20. “…they will not stand in the way of the research, development, manufacture and distribution of a child-proof gun.”

    You know what? I have zero problem with this.

    Mandating such a gun is another matter, however.

  21. Just come out and make the declaration so they repeal the law and then never follow through with it. How many times have the democrats done that? Amnesty in 86? We were supposed to get border security and never did and now we are dealing with it again and we still can’t get them to secure the border.

    • Yeah, but they ARE stopping people on the interstates 70+ miles from the border. So the highways are safe. From citizens.

  22. Is anyone getting in the way? Other than public outcry over the sale of such a device because of NJ’s law I mean. Actively blocking a thing is not the same as the free-market just not bothering to bring a dud to market. So the only real blocking I see is rooted in NJ’s law. Any other lack of development that exists is simply because as the tech currently stands the only market for such a gun would have to be a mandatory one.

  23. This is ridiculous. If Weinberg understood and bellieved in the free market she would understand that the ” child-proof” gun will be developed when the practical concept and technology exist. Her comment about the NRA reminds .me of similar comments in the 1970’s when petroleum companies were accused of blocking the technology to manufactire cars that would go 100 miles on a gallon.

  24. Distribution? She’s gonna give us free guns? This is sounding good! When exactly did the NRA oppose this woman buying guns for me? I may need to speak with them!

  25. Child-proof huh? So she’ll cave? Trust me this shower will make you feel better. What’s it’s definition of a child? Trayvon Martin? LOL

    • That was my first question also, whose definition of “child” are we using? Are we talking about 8 year olds? 12 year olds? or 24 year olds that get included in gubmint statistics? And what is the definition of “child proof”? That an 8 year old kid can’t pull the trigger and make it go bang? or that a bright 16 year old can’t open it up and “unlock” it like he did his own cell phone?

  26. Maybe you should work on the gun proof child? Or stated less facetiously, raise a child in a fashion that they respect property that’s not theirs, and that the have the proper respect for dangerous things.

    Oh right, that would effect you then, and we can’t have you admitting your shortcomings now can we?

  27. How fast do you think that bill would be reinstated should a “smart gun” become available in stores? Knowing the corrupt politicans like State Senator Loretta Weinberg it would take a nanosecond for them to re-instate an all encompassing gun ban… Just last ELECTION cycle the 10 round magazine legislation was tabled… only to rear its unconstitutional head once the election was over and the gun grabbers were re-elected… you can not trust the corrupt snake oil salesman we have here in NJ.. they call themselves politicians..

  28. How about focus on developing “gun smart children rather than smart guns?
    If your kid gets hold of my weapon and something tragic ensues, how is that my responsiabily?
    It does not “take a village” to raise a child” It takes mature, responsiable parents!

    • “If your kid gets hold of my weapon and something tragic ensues, how is that my responsiabily?”

      Because you’re accountable, and responsible for your firearms. The more you post, the more I wonder if you should be able to own firearms. Seriously.

      First you post the other day about wanting to open carry an unloaded revolver so you can handle it in public and hand it to people, now this.

      Do you secretly work for MDA/Shannon Watts?

      • I approach what she said, the part you quoted, from the perspective of that being a person who is in my house without my permission. If they are there against my will or permission and get hold of an unlocked gun, that’s not my responsibility, because I had no reasonable expectation of them being there.

  29. Research, develop, and manufacture as much as you want. I won’t stand in the way of that. In fact, I don’t know how I could even stand in the way of that. Of course, that doesn’t mean I will ultimately purchase whatever flawed product comes out of all that research and development.

  30. Guns shouldn’t need to be childproof. No child can purchase a gun. No child should use a gun unsupervised. I never hear people say car ignitions should be childproof, even though several stories have made the news of children stealing parents’ cars. Every gun belongs to some adult. Children should be taught not to play with things that don’t belong to them.
    Safes are good, locks are ok, but a gun box snapped shut should be enough to show a child they are getting into something they shouldn’t. If a child goes into a room of your house they haven’t been given permission to (Like an adult’s bedroom), searched through it (under beds, in closets, and through drawers), and retrieved a gun (condition irrelevant), then that child has done more wrong then the gun owner. Before recoiling in shock, think about it, If an adult went into your house, into your bedroom, searched it, found and removed a gun, that would be robbery. But for some reason if a child does the same thing, it’s not the child’s fault or the parent’s fault its the your fault.
    The world is a dangerous place, full of all kinds of machines that can hurt you. Children should be taught from an early age not to go sticking their noses where they don’t belong. It’s a useful life lesson. I would never say don’t lock up your guns. Lock up your guns when you aren’t using them, it protects the GUN, from rust, from damage, and from being stolen. But if we as society want to protect children, TEACH them. Running around putting safety caps on everything is only going to create a future full of fools.

    • My god man think about what your saying! We can’t just go about teaching children about their rights and the rights of others! What’s all this about children being responsible for their actions and parents being responsible for raising children? Balderdash! Why, if we were to go down that road we might end up with self reliant, respectful, empowered adults! Now just how is the state supposed to control people such as those eh? I thought so!

      (God help us if this needs a sarc tag)

  31. I still say the way to put the kibosh on this whole “smart gun” thing in NJ is to insist that there be no LE exemption. Someone should even make a “counter-offer” to State Sen. Weinberg: “I’ll go you one better–I’ll support the NJ “smart gun” law exactly as it is just as soon as you amend it to remove the LE exemption, and mandate that all LE agencies purchase their weapons in-state.” The resulting outcry from the police unions, chiefs, officers, etc, and the backpedalling from the politicos would be something even the lickspittle media could not ignore and would kill all the crap about “smart guns” being a viable option for gun owners for the forseeable future. If I were a NJ legislator, I would do exactly that, armed with all the control-proponent’s own propaganda about how safe smart guns are, how reliability is not an issue, statistics on how many officers are shot with their own guns, how many officers actually have to resort to DGU compared with how many “civilians” have to, etc, etc.

    • The very best part is that YOU are not resisting anything, you are actively embracing and even pushing this wonderful technology forward. Which reminds me, those guns are so fantastic that all police agencies should have them RIGHT NOW, not simply as replacements down the road! Them and no other! For the children!

  32. I’f people want to manufacture ‘smart guns’, I say go for it. Same for owning them. They just shouldn’t be mandatory, that’s all.

  33. (sarcasm) My Lucznik arms P-64 might just be childproof in DA with it’s 25+lb trigger pull. heck, it might even be adult proof for a lot of folks.

    • Actually I was kind of thinking the same thing–Glock wants to talk about their “safe trigger’, they got nothing on a P-64–LOL!

  34. Silly old progtard politician. Add this one to the classics; child-proof gun, along with shoulder-thingys, ghost-guns, etc

    This is Debbie WassernanSchultz in a couple more years. Stupid AND old. What happens to every progtard who cant examine the facts and insists on imposing their own belief system upon others by force.

  35. She seems to realize she’s in a bad position and wants to bargain.

    She doesn’t seem to realize she’s in a bad position for bargaining, too.

  36. And besides, we all know where this is going. She showed the hand of the anti-gunners too soon, that’s all. They’d be happy to repeal this law- for now- if it meant these government approved guns could fester like a boil to a point where they are more developed than they are now. Then when they reinstate the law it won’t be as ridiculous. Hey everyone, these guns are clearly working and available, time to ban all others!

    Sorry sally, no sale. Go ahead and repeal the law if you want, it might help these guns. But if you really want gun rights people to support them go ahead and pass a federal law based on the commerce clause that says no state or federal body may make any law requiring or preferring smart technology.

  37. I have another deal for ya…I accept your smart gun as long as all other guns remain legal and you have to declare abortion as murder. It’s for the children.

  38. If CA and NJ (and other states?) didn’t have laws mandating the sale of nothing but so-called “smart” guns and the smart gun requirement was off the table throughout the US, I’ll bet that the NRA would be funding the research.

    It’s the gungrabbers who have made smart guns a pariah, not the NRA.

  39. A 5 year old can run a computer better than she can, heck there are 5 years old hackers, just ask X-Box. They sure won’t be successful at “making” a “child” proof gun, that is like saying “gun” free zones work. This is the chicken schit angle of gun confiscation, give them an inch and they take a mile. Is she stupid or just dumb?

  40. What is smarter than believing in politician’s and “smart” guns? 5 million plus NRA Members!

  41. Loretta Weinberg is a serial liar and we cannot trust her. She is the person caught on an open mic saying “confiscate, confiscate, confiscate”.

    • Damn in the time I was typing you got in the comment I was going to post.

  42. State Sen. Loretta Whine-BOIG is the same gun-grabbing beeatch that was caught on a hot mic at last years gun hearings saying she wanted a bill that would “confiscate, confiscate, confiscate” firearms from law-abiding N.J. residents. She’s also a pal of convicted fraudster Bernie Madoff, as a legislator she helped engineer an exemption that permitted her and her cronies to withdraw their pension funds (unlike the states blue collar workers) and invest “outside” the system.

  43. Whoever said that the NRA or the GOA was against the development and distribution of so-called “smart guns”? Oh wait. They didn’t ever say anything of the kind!

    What they’re against, and the vast majority of us (in present company anyway) for that matter, is the mandating of such knowingly unachievable drivel.

  44. It is IMPOSSIBLE to child proof a firearm. It IS POSSIBLE to gun proof a child. It is called respect and training!!!

    • There are plenty of parents with dead little kids who thought they were something-proof.

      Kids can not be proofed.

  45. How about you take some classes on firearms and learn about guns and stop committing TREASON against the 2nd Amendment.YOU are a paid public official who swore and oath to the Constitution of the United States. Americans DON’T HAVE TO AGREE TO ANYTHING YOU PROPOSE OR SAY,AS YOU DID NOT WRITE THE CONSTITUTION……….PERIOD!!

  46. Is there anyone here that doesn’t think as soon the first smart gun is sold, she would reintroduce a bill to pass the exact same law?

  47. Ah, yes, the leftist definition of compromise. “I get everything I want and you lose everything.” I don’t compromise my natural rights.

    The only “compromise” the American people should ever have to make with government is, “You don’t act against the Constitution, and we won’t overthrow you.”

  48. Your time and money would be better served trying ways to make the hundreds of other commonly used devices more safe for children that are 5-10x more likely to be lethal to children on a daily basis. Like cars. Or pools.

    Firearm deaths are so miniscule compared to the other ways children can die.

  49. I don’t want a child-proof gun, anymore than I want a childproof car, childproof swimming pool, childproof 5 gallon bucket, childproof , childproof matches, childproof bleech, childproof stairs, childproof electrical sockets, childproof internet, childproof chainsaws, childproof bicycles, childproof medication, childproof ANYTHING.

    When I was a child, my parents taught me to avoid hazards, and disciplined me if I disregarded their sage advice. I never wore a helmet, and never sat in a car seat. These days, libtards would rather we strap helmets, pads, and straightjackets on our kids, and lock them in a padded room, where the only thing they can do is watch television through a lexan window.

    And we wonder why they can’t handle the real world when they turn 18 and are on their own.

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