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0% lower courtesy 80percentarms.com80% Arms, who as their name would suggest, make their money selling 80% lowers and milling jigs, has announced a new product that they’re sure will make a splash (if you throw it in a lake). Their new 0% billet AR-15 lower receiver is ready for you to turn into the rifle of your dreams, with just a few easy steps. 80% Arms notes that these solid bricks of aluminum are heavy and have sharp edges, making them a useful weapon if thrown at an attacker. They’re available for only $28.99 (plus shipping) over at their site, and are in stock as of this writing, so don’t miss out. Read on for the Lockdown of the Day™ and other news from around the world and around the web . . .

Your Lockdown of the Day™ comes from Roseville, California. Heald College and a nearby charter school were both placed on lockdown this morning due to a rumor that a student wandering the hallways had a gun. One student was quoted as saying, “They said some girl had a gun looking for a teacher or someone. She was knocking on classroom windows and looking in classes.” The woman wandered her way into a criminal justice classroom where she continued “acting erratically.” She was detained by one of the criminal justice instructors, a former police officer, until law enforcement arrived, at which point she began sticking her tongue out at the cops and “flipping them off.” She was taken into custody and will undergo a psych eval, and while there won’t be any criminal charges, her future at the school is subject to review, due to a student conduct policy that includes threats to the school campus.

The Beaufort (SC) Observer republished an article on traveling with firearms from U.S. Law Shield, originally published on USLS’s blog, the Gun Law Gazette. The article specifically addresses the federal statute that is supposed to cover folks who are traveling, but notes that it’s not always the case with the following paragraph:

To make matters even worse for firearms travelers, even if a person qualifies for protection under the federal Safe Passage provision, New Jersey and New York seem quite proud to treat this protection as an affirmative defense. This means that someone can be arrested even though they were meeting all of the requirements under the federal statute. Then, they would have go to court to assert this defense. In other words, while a person could beat the rap, they will not beat the ride! This becomes even more troublesome in the instance of someone who is legally flying with their firearm, and then due to flight complications must land in New Jersey or New York, as many have been arrested or threatened with arrest.

Isn’t it awesome when entire states can blatantly and flagrantly flout the law with zero repercussions? Makes you wonder why anyone would ever want to have anything to do with them. Well, it makes me wonder.

GunBroker recently released a list of the Top 5 best selling firearms on their site for the month of April, broken out by New and Used condition, as well as combined for some categories. SIG Sauer did well last month, holding 3 of the 5 slots for new semi-auto pistols, with their 1911 holding down the #1 spot. Interesting to me was that the much beleaguered of late Remington 700 held the top Bolt Action Rifle slot for both new and used. It appears that the recall hasn’t hurt their sales yet. The venerable Ruger 10/22 held the top spot in both new and used semi-auto rifles, and the Ruger GP-100 took top honors among new revolvers. You can find the rest of the list here.

From The Tactical Wire – Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE-RGR), announces an all-new Predator version of the Ruger American Rifle® – the 100% American-made rifle that set a new standard of excellence among full-featured, bolt-action rifles. The Ruger American Rifle® Predator model includes all the features of the original Ruger American Rifle®, plus a moss green stock, a heavier tapered, threaded barrel and a factory installed one-piece aluminum scope rail. It is available in six calibers – .223 Rem (featuring a 1:8 Twist), .204 Ruger, .22-250 Rem., .243 Win., 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Win. The Predator retains the Ruger American Rifle’s three-lug, 70 degree bolt that provides ample scope clearance. The bolt also utilizes a full diameter body and dual cocking cams for smooth, easy cycling from the shoulder. The reliable four-round (five-round for .223 Rem. and .204 Ruger) rotary magazine fits flush with the stock and offers the smooth feed that has become the hallmark of Ruger® rotary magazines.

Demolition Ranch brings us the Manliest Way to Blow Bubbles. Because a 12 gauge makes everything better. And more manly.

More than anyone else on YouTube, these guys remind me of me and my friends, just goofing off and having a good time doing it.

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  1. Haha!
    Our last forest trip, we took 5 gallon buckets of rancid pickles we got from a restaurant. Set them on different quantities of tannerite.
    That was great fun.

      • We need an immediate ban on all metals with high-capacity crystal structures! There is no valid reason that any private citizen should need more than two lattice points in a single crystal unit cell!

  2. Heck yeah Matt. DR guys remind me of the last range day you were up here for on the farm. Need to throw another one soon. And maybe give you the tannerite/sodacan pyramid pics to use in the Digest some time.

  3. Well, 80% Arms is waaaaaaaay behing the curve with its 0% lowers. I just started Minus 100% Arms. For $22 dollars, I’ll send you one share of Century Aluminum Co. common stock. You can take it from there.

  4. Wow! Aside from making an AR-15 lower, imagine what else you can build out of that 0% lower. The possibilities are endless.

  5. 0% lower! I love a company that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This would have made a great April Fools joke.

  6. Finally a 0% lower… now i can build a shoulder thing that goes ‘up’. That is if i can get a tax stamp and my CLEO to sign off on the ATF form.

  7. Wait a second, the Sub2000 made the best seller list for semi-auto rifles? Did Kel-Tec magically start producing firearms at levels that meet actual demand? I call shenanigans.

  8. That New York/New Jersey thing is beyond annoying. The Because We Say So states. Jackholes.
    What brand of shotgun was Bubble Boy shooting? I say Mosseberg 500, based on absolutely nothing.

  9. Fun fact: their is significant value in the scrap aluminum that one would remove in the process of making an AR15 lower receiver. I would be curious to see how much that would offset the cost of the aluminum billet.

  10. Can someone please contact those guys (at Demolition Ranch) and tell them how foolish it is to post a video which shows them in possession of anything that Big Brother could construe as a suppressor?

  11. I think the important point this 0% lower makes is that there is no logical place you can draw a line on what is considered “firearms components” and should be regulated

  12. There is just so much awesome about this….I bought one. My plan is to use my wife’s fingernail files to carve my own child-proof handgun out of it.

  13. Here’s a very naughty, very legalistic, completely Swiftian idea.
    Let’s give the ATF the benefit of the doubt on just how complete a billet has to be to make it a “firearm.”

    Assume the worst — serialize TRUCKLOADS of barely tooled billets (or perhaps just chopsaw some hollow aluminum tube) AND sell them to willing Armed Intellengentsia — for a decent list price — but a STEEP shop discount — and thus create a whole manureload of craptastic serialized “firearms” in the system. Charge enough to cover the paperwork and FFL transfers.

    “Jetez les sabots dans les travaux!”!

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