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“This tragedy comes down to his access to guns of mass destruction. At a scrawny 112 pounds he was not much of a physical threat. With his Bushmaster AR-15 he was a killing machine. If anything, this report vindicates the passage of the tough new gun laws in Connecticut, broadening the definition of assault weapons that cannot be sold in the state, prohibiting the sale or purchase of high-capacity magazines like those used in the Newtown shooting, and requiring more in-depth background checks for all gun purchases.” – Editorial, Lanza report leads back to issue of guns [at]

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    • No kidding – Hitler was, physically and morally, a wimp too. His weapon was his voice. Perhaps we should start removing tongues as a “precautionary” measure.

    • His point is valid- a gun can serve to equalize physical disparity.

      The 85 year old lady who defended herself from a burglar would agree.

  1. I was an officer of Marines at 115 pounds and I was pretty damned strong. I carried my load and helped push others up hills along forced marches. Do not dismiss his physical presence so easily.

    Also, if the premise that he was a weakling is true, it shows how the weak should have firearms to defend themselves.

  2. The tragedy comes from his parents not paying enough attention to their son. If they had they would have realized he was dangerously unstable and his mom should have taken more precautions toprevent his access to the guns, not teach him how to use it.
    And broaden the definition of assualt weapons? Please tell me what that means….. sounds like it means anything they don’t like.
    High capacity magazines??????? I do believe they are called standard capacity magazines.

    • I believe the problem comes form parents who are unwilling to admit that they have spawned defective offspring and then continually, even in the face of obvious social backlash and psychological damage to the children, attempt to force them into mainstream high school cultures.

      At some point you may have to admit that YOUR kid, however unfortunately, may not fit into the highly charged social atmosphere of high school teens and remove them for their own safety and sanity. It would not surprise me in the least to learn that Lanza had Asperger’s Syndrome which would have made it nearly impossible for him to socialize in what has come to be known as the “normal” way, even if he did not look like such a non-attractive geek. Forced into a society where he could not compete and could not hope to win and could only expect ridicule and rejection day after day, it should have been obvious that it was only a matter of time before something had to snap.

      The fact that his mother failed in this and failed in properly securing her weapons tells me that she probably was in full denial that there was anything wrong with her son and the problem was society’s unwillingness to accept and embrace him.

  3. Lets speak plainly:
    WE the the legal gun owning public should not be punished or be treaty as criminals because of the NUTS that would do such things. If WE shouldn’t judge all __________________(fill in the blank with whichever Religious, Racial, National, or any generalization you want) for the actions of a few, then why are WE being treated that way?

  4. Because the freaked out, mental stare on his face and ten second look into his past doesn’t say it all. Its not guns, its your inability to pay attention. It could have all been avoided if someone would have looked at the kid and said, “I think he may need (more) help…”

    • Yeah, the photos are just creepy. And while any kid can mug for a photo or two, I have yet to see a single “normal” photo of this kid, a photo that didn’t have that vibe.

      • I saw one photo of Adam Lanza once on some web news story which showed Lanza to be a short, lean kid who didn’t appear particularly remarkable nor unusual. It appears the media prefers to show this space alien out there image of Lanza because it makes him appear crazed and anything but normal.; it fits their message and story line.

        Just like it fit their story line to repeatedly exclusively show an image of Trayvon Martin as a young 13 year old rather than a more valid photograph of him as the 17 year old he was when shot while pounding Zimmerman’s head into the pavement.

        • I’d love to see a normal image of him for comparison. I’ve seen several different ‘crazy eyes’ photos, but not a regular one…

        • I have followed this from the start and never saw a pic of Lanza that looked normal, several were school pics with other kids and he still looked like a freak. Whether that was intentional on his part, or simply his natural expression, is hard to say. How he looked is less relevant than what records show was his demeanor, and they show a kid who should have been under close observation, not running the streets unsupervised. His final actions show that to be the case. His mother’s mistakes cost a bunch of children and adults their lives.

    • Every single picture I’ve seen of this “kid” is freaking frightening. Its like its the same picture from that student ID cut and pasted over and over again. I understand not being photogenic, but its like staring into the face of an animal or something. Its thinking but there’s no understanding or empathy. Just like Holmes and Alexis there were giant flashing warning signs that went unheeded by friends, family, and even police.

    • I don’t believe that the pic at the top of this article is an actual photo of an actual person, but if anyone knows if/that it is, please enlighten me. The thing in that pic looks more like a crop circle alien than a human.

  5. Anti-gunners seem to forget that with a well equipped chemistry lab, a collection of old 12th grade textbooks, THE INTERNET!!! and half a brain, somebody could cook up a decent nerve gas or explosive compound. With which they could gas everyone to death using the ventilation system or just blow up enough structural supports to collapse the building in on itself, both of which could kill everyone inside.

    Or just blame guns, that’s good too.

  6. He may have a point. It’s possible that what drove him to kill was being beaten up for his lunch money by a bunch of 1st graders. Still I’m not sure how being 112 pounds is significant since many women weigh about that. The difference is that woman aren’t generally crazy. Well at least no the same kind of crazy. I don’t see how being weak makes you predisposed to violence.

    And the death toll would have been just as high if he walked in with a couple of revolvers. The first LEO was on the scene 90 seconds after the 911 call came in…well sort of, he parked a quarter mile away and waited 8 minutes for backup. So who needed a firearm more, the cop or the teachers inside being slaughtered?

    • You know what, my childhood was hell too. I was bullied for being what my mother insisted on calling “stout” (I was fat – let’s be honest), and for being bookish, unconventional, and outspoken. In my case, the bullying extended to adults outside my immediate family, as well as their brats. However, unlike Lanza, I was, and am, sane – I got over it, like most goofy kids do. I’m getting tired of kids being excused for all manner of horrendous acts because they were “bullied”.

  7. This is typical of gun grabbers and progressives. They can always find some object or something else to blame versus the true people to blame. The blame here is squarely on the parents — more specifically the mother.

    Background check would have done nothing, all the guns where purchased by the mother
    Gun registration and magazine registration would have done nothing.

    No law will stop a determined crazy person who planned and plotted for some time.

    This will happen again, some day, some time, some different place because pieces of paper with magical words we call law mean nothing to determined people who are insane, emotionally distraught and feel they must act out, or are terrorists like those in Boston. There is some serious dissolution that by passing laws that evil will disappear or that evil will not have access to the devices that can cause harm — evil or any determined killer will always find a way.

    Those who report stories like the one in this post are delusional beyond comprehension. They have been brainwashed to think in a collective way and have lost all sense of reality and reason. They seem to believe if you keep repeating the same BS over and over again that some day it will come true — but it will not nor will it ever.

    • Exactly. BTW, it was an editorial, not a story. But the writer WAS/IS delusional if they think that crime will be reduced by passing “yet another gun law.” We here all know it’s fantasy to think that will have any effect on those who ignore the law for any reason. Like in the other states and countries with restrictive laws on the books.

      The blame rests squarely on the mother (murdered), the father (the executive who had nothing to do with his son), The brother (ditto), his teachers (who said NOTHING so they could go home on time), and the mental health lottery of New York State and Connecticut. I don’t think we’ll see a liberal editorial biased toward “fixing” that any time soon.


    • NO! NO! NO!

      The blame lies squarely on the one who pulled the trigger. If somebody doesn’t know by the age pf three or four or five that killing people is wrong, then there’s no hope but summary execution when he starts shooting.

  8. So this justifies laws against all? They really need someone to blame because mom is dead and dad has an excuse.
    Sorry but the USC doea not have a clause allowing the state to take things away because people failed.

  9. The article shows exactly why schools need to have armed security:

    “Mr. Lanza killed so quickly that police had no reasonable chance to intervene.”

    No one in that building stood a chance until “a good guy” with a gun showed up.

    Most Boards of Education, teachers and administrators still don’t get it. Unless we are going to rebuild our schools to look like prisons, the only way to prevent this sort of thing from happening again is ARMED security.


  10. This report vindicates no such thing, unless they can prove that, but for access to a Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle, a tragedy of this magnitude would have been impossible, which is utterly asinine.

    Numerous other deadly means, including just running people down with a vehicle, as has been known to happen, are readily available to a would-be killer.

    Will be there with an updated editorial that this report incriminates CT’s unconstitutional new laws after the next victim brutalized by a three-man home invasion crew has zero effective means of defense for having forfeited their formerly legal AR-15?

  11. Compare the mindset of this editorial with the mindset of the NFL-banned Daniel Defense commercial and they are polar opposites. These mindsets are rooted in the BIG government (i.e. nanny state) vs. small government (i.e. individual responsibility) debate.

    FYI – I’m pulling for the small government mindset

  12. Everything I have read concerning this, individual, indicates he should have been under close observation in a medical facility at a young age. Had he killed his mother and then used her SUV to run over 20 people out front of the school would these same leftards be screeching for stricter laws on possession of motor vehicles? Some how I don’t believe they would.

  13. His mom could have/did pass background checks. The scary guns are out there. Laws and locks are very effective on honest people with good intentions. Facts and logic have very little impact on emotionally charged issues. Still. Some more. Again. Forever.

  14. Progressives always blame a gun when one is used in an evil act. We’ve all seen this for years. I’ve always wondered why they do that. Hoplophobia is one explanation, of course, but it seems too pat, too clean. I’m sure that there is some of that in the progressive argument for gun control. Why do they never seem to blame the person? Why is their vitriol against guns so extreme?

    After perhaps the most in-depth examination, and search for motive, ever performed by law enforcement, the killer’s motive remains a mystery. He was certainly to some degree mentally ill. But there are probably millions of people in the US that are similar or worse that would never harm anyone. So what was different about the killer in this case? Is it possible that this is nothing more or less than a story about the evil heart of a man?

    I suggest that the reason for the extreme progressive reaction to Sandy Hook, as well as to our determination to be responsible for our own safety, is that reaching a true understanding threatens their mental and emotional survival. They say that if we could only put into place the right set of laws and regulation and social structures then we will attain that truly happy place, utopia, full of rainbows and unicorns.

    I suggest that Lanza was an evil man. He acted from his black heart and would have done so regardless of laws and restrictions. As another commenter said, “bicycle locks, gas cans, and a bic” would have been sufficient without firearms and probably killed many, many more.

    To more fully understand this tragedy, we would have to move into an exploration of the Nature of Man, which is the territory of religion and philosophy, where no progressive will tread. To accept that man can be capriciously, unexplainably evil means there will be no land of rainbows and unicorns.

    Sorry for the length; it’s a wordy sort of day.

    • Good insight here. It’s not just about the guns — guns are a stand-in for the things progressives hate. They’re physical and symbolic manifestations of all the obstacles that stand in the way of their perfect society.

      There’s also an element of self-loathing that makes their hatred even more extreme. The liberal progressive peaceniks hate violence; to them it’s the pure essence of evil. And yet violence is everywhere, and in everybody. Heck, even Jesus, the world’s only perfect human, cleansed the temple yard by use of violence. They hate violence, but can’t get away from it. It’s a biological fact of being human. The evil lives inside them and will never go away, so they have no choice but to hate a part of themselves.

      Their violent hatred of violence is a soul-scarifying contradiction. Every time these people see a gun, it’s like pouring salt in their self-inflicted wounds.

      • “Their violent hatred of violence is a soul-scarifying contradiction. Every time these people see a gun, it’s like pouring salt in their self-inflicted wounds.”

        Actually, those on the political left don’t hate violence, they love it. They use it as an effective tactic in pushing their political/social agenda. And they love pouring salt into their self inflicted wounds. Their guilt complex drives them into self destructive behavior, which they then use as justification for pushing their ideology on everyone else, most especially all people who vocally and electorally oppose their sick, anti-human ideology. A self sustaining cycle which they refuse to publicly acknowledge, and yet can not escape from even if the want to.

  15. He could have just as easily done this with a Biden special. People act like a reload is a gigantic window of opportunity, but really it’s only a few seconds and most people aren’t going to be able to retake the initiative like that unarmed.

    • Yes. Especially in this case. Little kids, cowering, just waiting. Makes me sick to think about it, but if Lanza could get past the teacher, a machete would have been just as effective (as others have said).

  16. “This tragedy comes down to his access to guns of mass destruction.”

    “GUNS of mass destruction”??? Does that also have an acronym, GMD?

    Is this neologism an admission of failure on the part of the gun-grabbers that their attempt to conflate the term “assault rifle” to include semi-auto “military style” rifles (with such deadly devices as the bayonet lug) did not work?

    • Naaw, that was just another example of a progressive trying to out-do a “me-too.” Further indication of educated ignorance.

  17. How it should have been: “The schools women and children seemed a simple target, however when presented with their coordinated armed response the gunman retreated and took his own life with no other loss of life occurring. Police arrived 10 minutes later to take the hero’s statements. The police chief stated “This is a perfect example of why we have the 2nd Amendment. If not for those armed teachers a real tragedy could have taken place here. This is a true teaching moment for the children on why armed self defense and self reliance is so important. My fellow officers and I do all we can, but we simply can’t physically be everywhere, nor should we lest this great nation devolve into a police state.” The President will be honoring the heroes at the Whitehouse at a special reception and awarding each of them the Presidential Medal of Freedom. At a press conference the President called for more people to take advantage of their natural rights to self defense by getting trained and arming themselves. He also specifically called out Mayor Bloomberg and NYC’s gun laws as being “draconian” and wholly “Anti-American.””

  18. The numb skulls seemed to froget that Adam Lanza wasn’t able to purchase weapons. He was willing to kill his mother. What makes them think he wouldn’t be willing to kill a LEO like the Boston brothers did to the MIT police officer in order to try and get a 2nd gun for the little brother?

  19. The new gun laws in CT do nothing. NOTHING.
    In a room full of unarmed people, a guy with a shotgun and a bunch of buck shot is just as dangerous. The Navy Yard shooting proved that. How many times must people be given the same lesson before they finally figure it out and learn from it?

    They can go ahead and pat themselves on the back, but when this happens again, and it will, then what will they ban? Eventually they’ll run out of laws to pass and inanimate objects to blame, but they won’t run out of psychopaths with the means and intent of hurting innocent people.

    • I am not sure he was on any meds or if any would have done him any good. He may have been straight jacket & rubber room material.

  20. Did none of you guys read the actual report? The report had a line that said had there been someone on site that was trained the whole even could have been stopped.

    I don’t know what the hack that paraphrased it said as I don’t read those reports as they give me the creeps.

  21. Anyone that beleives there even was an Adam Lanza is proof America is doomed. Mlitry Intlgnc cntct infrmtin… no such dude, sorry sheaple

  22. So after the event we have all this evidence, all these signs, that the shooter was nuts.

    Should I point out the obvious? AFTER the event.

    And to the morons who penned the linked article…..

    First, …. what? “.. battlefield-type firearms designed to kill quickly” and my other favorite “… guns of mass destruction.” Are you just making this shit up as you go along? Have you absolutely no shame or journalistic integrity?

    And second, what kind of monsters are you to call killing a parent and then stealing her guns ‘easy access?’

    • Dude, don’t you get it? You’ve been baited.He’s not real. No such guy. Mercenary killing, no kid, no such guy. Evidence of that fact is overwhelming. Leaked information from mility intelgnc. Don’t you understand the lengths this beast in the white house will go to. Come on dude wake up

        • Info reported states he is the illegitimate son of Malcolm X Bari Shabazz. All the controversy about Hawaii, Kenya and Indonesia is designed to create diversion to confuse. The more accounts on the street the more the crazies now you get it

        • Blue? This is yet another indication of someone who needs to be in a controlled environment so they take their meds. Wow. Just, wow. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I see stuff like “niceguns” posts. Ah, who are we kidding, laugh till cry, rinse and repeat.

    • Actually this kid’s past record showed him to be highly unstable, his own mother was afraid of him and worried that he would do something crazy, she just did not push hard enough to get him the help he needed at the very least. Thank the ACLU for making it so hard to put someone who is clearly in need of a controlled environment into said controlled environment. His mother tried, got him on meds and counseling, but without the ability to make him continue taking meds it did little good.

  23. Stupid libturds. The smaller ones size, the LARGER the reason to own a firearm. What does any of this have to do with insanity?


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