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"Britney Spears packs heat on the set of her newest music video "Perfume" - Part 2" (caption and photo courtesy

I’d like to believe that Britney Spears is clever enough to exploit the Virginia Tech massacre for publicity. It wouldn’t be right (on any level) but it would indicate that the paparazzi-pursued pop diva possessed low animal cunning. Which is a form of intelligence. Alas, the fact that Ms. Spears wore a VT sweatshirt before shooting a shooting sequence in the video for her new video Perfume 2 is nothing more than a coincidence. The ensuing brouhaha tells us more about gun control mania and the movement’s media minions than anything else. “Britney Spears has once again chosen to wield a gun for a music video – and this time she’s filmed scenes with a pistol moments after wearing a Virginia Tech sweatshirt,” huffs. “The hoodie comes from an American university that saw 32 people killed and 17 wounded in 2007, in the deadliest shooting incident by a single gunman in US history.” A gun in a music video! A VT hoodie worn off set! C’mon guys. Get a life.

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  1. At least her booger hook is off the bang switch.

    And until Dirk comes back, ‘I’d tap that’.

  2. Well, you know what they say. A wise man speaks because he has something to say. A fool speaks because he has to say something.

    And if you use anything ever posted by anybody on the HuffPost website as a litmus test, they’re nothing but fools.

  3. I guess it might be notable if she was wearing it during the shoot, but does someone need to clear their warming apparel by the thought police before they put it on before ever handing an evil gun again?

    Is a police officer or service member “allowed” to wear one before going on duty?

  4. Wow, I wonder if all the VT students realize how insensitive they are being should they head out to the range… Ever!

    • Blacksburg is located in pretty rural Virginia in the Appalachian mountains. I was gonna ask how many VT students spent the last few weekends in tree stands?

  5. I seem to recall a certain crazy pop star who donned a machine gun bra, and I don’t recall her apologizing. Ball is in your court, Brittany…

  6. I think the real outrage is that Brittney Spears is recording more “music”. How about showing some sensitivity to those of us with taste?

  7. I went to VT. I have no idea why she is wearing one of my alma maters hoodies, to my knowledge she didn’t attend and has no affiliation with the university. Anyway, what does it say when I wear a VT shirt, hoodie, pullover, zip up, hat (of which I have many of each) or anything else VT related when I head to the range? Nothing, in my opinion. Are all the alumni of the university supposed to lay down our arms because this incident took place where we went to college? This makes no sense as usual, just the mainstream media’s brand of sensationalism at its finest. I only wish more people had been armed that day, maybe the shooter would not have ruined so many lives. We are Virginia Tech! And I for one am proud to have attended, to be a Hokie and even more proud to exercise my second amendment rights as protected in our Constitution. I’m just sad our media and our govt. sees our founding document as something to be destroyed instead of respected and defended as their oath would suggest.

    • “Are all the alumni of the university supposed to lay down our arms because this incident took place where we went to college?”

      Yes. Not only that, all recreational shooters everywhere are supposed to bow their heads in shame and turn in their guns because black on black crime, mass shootings, and domestic violence.

  8. I’ll just say it: I’ve got a thing for Britney. The fact that she is somewhat into guns makes her even hotter. Some of her music is terrible, but I don’t care.

    • Yeah. She seems to have actually become sorta good-looking, when I used to never give her a second glance. That’s interesting, huh? A late bloomer, perhaps.

      I’ve never been attracted to girls or women who look perfect. The flawed ones are always the best.

  9. 50 years from now we’re still going to be reminded that we can’t have VT associated witha firearms for any reason without being yelled at.

  10. Great celebrity camouflage, Britney. I would walk right past you in that outfit, without giving you a second look.

  11. Omg, and I bet she drove a car to the set, one like the type that killed thousands of Americans last year. Omg.

  12. 32 dead! Must have been an evil assault rifle. Oh…a pistol, you say? Stupid libtards (democrats). If you vote for democrats, you deserve to have your firearms (freedom) taken.

    • Didn’t you pay attention? It was a semi AUTOMATIC ASAULT HANDGUN designed for one and only one purpose, TO KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE!

      • Shhhhhhhh, that’s the next step, after they get their claws on the sporting rifles….I mean “Baby Killing Machine Guns”, they will go after the REAL culprits of carnage (compact handguns of horror). When its all over, a plastic spork will not be legal to own.

  13. I must agree with the critics. It is utterly inappropriate for a pop star, who has tremendous sway over the attitudes of young children, to be glorifying firearms. She might as well have been wearing a “Sandy Hook Elementary” shirt.

  14. Maybe it’s just me, but girls that are carrying around a couple of extra pounds (just a couple) look pretty hot in over-sized sweatshirts.

  15. This may sound dumb. But is Britney even allowed to possess a firearm? She was involuntarily committed at least once for mental health issues.

  16. I may be wrong, but I seem to recall her now longtime boyfriend is a Hokie…not sure when he graduated from VA Tech but I am pretty sure, I’ve seen pictures of them together before like shopping or whatever and the guy is always wearing some VA Tech garb, hat or shirt. Don’t ask me why I know this crap. I blame my wife who is celebrity-obsessive. God help me…

    And yes, I agree, she is looking better these days…

  17. Hey guys long time lurker figured I would check in on this. I know that her bf is from this area, due to the local radio station going nuts about her coming to his cousins wedding.

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