[h/t to Mikeb30200 for the link]


  1. No. There are some people who don’t want guns, some who are too irresponsible to own guns, and some who are societally/mentally deficient (which the current checks ween out as it is). It’s a popular myth with gun-grabbers that pro-2A people think every person in the country should own a gun, period. It’s no surprise that they think in absolutes like that, given their aversion toward individual rights.

    That’s the difference between us and them. We believe it’s a person’s right to choose whether he wishes to own and bear a gun. They believe it’s the government that should choose for you.

  2. Mikey’s video has convinced me, using the time-honored logical method of mocking your debate opponents. It would be great if NOBODY had a gun except me.

    I would rule wisely.


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