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 Charlize Theron Mad Max 4 (courtesy

“Everybody in South Africa has a gun,” actress Charlize Theron told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer back in the day. “And [when] those things are handy; terrible things happen. You shouldn’t have those things around because when people get irrational and emotional and drunk, terrible things can happen.” When Ms. Theron was 17 her mother shot and killed her father – who had just fired a shotgun blast through Charlize’s bedroom door. “I know that if my daughter was in the same situation, I would do the same thing,” Charlize said. Only she can’t now because A) she only has a son, and B) she’s living the gun-free lifestyle (except for her armed bodyguards). OK, so that brings us up-to-date. Enter Mr. Sean Penn . . .

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn are now an item. Charlize is anti-gun. Sean is a gun guy. tells the tale . . .

While Penn didn’t refer to Theron by her name, he said that “a strong woman who happens to be from South Africa” changed his mind about owning [at least 65] deadly weapons.

“Being provoked by this aforementioned strong woman and considering how liberating of bulls–t and ugliness it would be not only get rid of the guns I have in the continental United States but also to destroy them, Jeff Koons and I had a chat the other day,” Penn said.

He said, “The highest bidder gets every single one of my guns put in the hands of this iconic artist and sculptor…Koons will decommission [and] render inactive all of my cowardly killing machines.”

Sarcasm? God I hope so. But I doubt it. Here’s the twist ending.

And guess who won the still-to-be-made artwork for $1.4 million? Anderson Cooper!

He outbid his CNN colleague Piers Morgan who stopped bidding at $1.3 million.

A CNN anchor pays $1.4m for an anti-gun sculpture and the company’s OK with him reporting on gun control and gun rights? Anyway, as Lord Humongous said, no more games! And answer the question: would you give up your guns for Charlize Theron? [h/t Michael Holderer]

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    • LOL in my twenties I did just that for a woman. It was just a shotgun, the only one she knew I had. Had fun riding that for the better part of a year then just went out and bought the same gun back when it ended. All in all I’d say it was definitely worth it.

      • My integrity is worth far more than a roll in the hay even if it lasts several months…

        Of course that’s easy for me to say now. When I was in my twenties I didn’t have any guns and had no desire to get one (or more) like I do now.

        • I’ll keep my weapons but she can have my gun. This is my rifle, this is my gun. This is for killin, this is for fun

        • My integrity is worth far more than a roll in the hay even if it lasts several months…

          You’re supposed to call a doctor if it lasts more than 4 hours.

    • Though I understand why she is being put forward (good looking Victim) it was not guns that brought grief to her life, but her father, and it was her mother with a gun that saved her life.
      The US Constitution/BORs is the enumeration of God Given Rights and that is more important than a roll in the hay with an emotionally scared, drug abusing woman
      As always my answer is thus: ‘Bite me’/No/Hell No

      • Thank you. I was just thinking the same thing. A 20 year old might have a different opinion about this, but personally I think I’d pass and tell her to go to hell. Another hypocrite that has used guns in her movies only to say that it’s not OK for civilians to own because of what bad people do with them.

      • How would it have gone
        If nobody had a gun
        When Dad came callin’?

        I don’t know the particulars of the situation. I don’t know if her Father was frail or burly. But it is not unreasonable to suspect that he could have done whatever he liked to his wife and his daughter without having to use a shotgun. So it Charlize Theron’s perfect no-gun World, she and her Mother would likely be dead and he Father would be rotting in jail.

        I’m not saying that it was a red-letter day for Charlize Theron, but the situation could have been a whole lot worse if Momma had not been armed.

        God made Man and Woman, but Samuel Colt made them equal.

        • Took the words outta my mouth. Wonder if she could go back & take all the guns out of the situation if she would.

      • Exactly. The violence came from her father, not the gun. Had there been no guns in the house, her father could easily have killed her with a knife or his bare hands, or any of a million other ways, while her mother stood by helplessly.

        • She conveniently overlooks the numbers of people who no longer walk this earth thanks to machetes.

    • That’s funny. When I read Penn’s last sentence, I thought “this reeks of sarcasm.” It sounds like something uttered by “a dude” who just wants to “hit that” and doesn’t mind saying good-bye to a bunch of guns he can easily replace. I mean, Penn is out there for sure; but “render inactive all of my cowardly killing machines?” Who says that?

  1. As hard-left as Sean Penn is, I find it very difficult to believe he has ever owned even one firearm.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Baghdad Sean being a gun owner hardly makes him pro-gun rights. Look at Micheal Moore and Bill Maher for further examples. Plus, being as rich as they are, they can just pull a Bloomberg and buy more guys with guns for protection.

      • Guys, my reaction is Mr. Penn is the typical elitist. He and his kind can own anything they want, but we hard working folk in flyover country must obey what they say.

        • He can also own Cherlize Theron if he wants to, which none of us even have a snowball’s chance of considering. And all it cost him was whatever he will pay to replace those guns when she moves on to the next “Bad Boy” on her list.

          And the further contempt of all of us, many of whom had no liking for him anyway.

      • Right. These guys don’t have to buy guns. They can buy people who have guns. (The rest of us proles are SOL.)

    • Not only did he own a firearm, he had a license to carry concealed in California, issued from a SF Bay Area city, which is very uncommon – especially for people with a history of assault, reckless driving, and marijuana use.

      At least at one time, he’s documented as owning a .38 Special revolver and a 9mm Glock, though they were both lost when his car was stolen in Berkeley in 2001.

  2. No. All the no. I’m married anyway. But even if not: NO. Heck no.

    I’m good, thanks. Bitter clinger and all that. ;p

  3. Short answer: Nope.

    I would love to have a debate with her though on the gun issue. Also, Sean Penn is about as insanely far left-wing as they come. I am surprised he owned any guns, but I do not think he was really a “gun guy” if he’s willing to give them up so fast because of Charlize Theron.

  4. Why? There is nothing she can do for me that my wife hasn’t.
    Plus, my wife loves guns.
    Sean Penn is a mental case.

  5. Negative…she’s probably only marginal in bed anyway. Now a harem of cloned versions subservient to my “needs”, well then yes, that’s a fair trade.

    Now that the snarky comments are out of the way, in real relationship the other person doesn’t try to change the core values of the person they love.

    Smooth off rough edges, yes, reshape completely, no.

    if they do, we’ll then they don’t actually love YOU now do they?

    • Heh, I’m sure lots of significant others would be happy to hear that that they are the emotional equivalent of a dremel tool . . .

    • But then, I would undoubtedly learn of this harem & relieve you of your Theron’s via armed force & reprogram them (to serve my needs) anyway. So… damned if you do, damned if you don’t. ;P

  6. Considering Sean Penn’s documented misuse of his firearms in the past, we should perhaps be grateful to Ms Theron.One less IGOTD waiting to happen.

    This also speaks to a broader problem I’ve seen .I’m not married, but many of my friends are or are in committed relationships.The problem is that once things get serious in terms of family building, their women turn into mini Sara Brady’s and demand their man disarm-and at once.No compromise, no negotiation.I’ve seen this effect on a smaller scale with an ex, who tried to tell me I’d forever be limited to two guns.Yet, during the first month she even went shooting with me when I did.

    Once the girl flipped she went back to the curb I got her from, but I wonder why women seem to do that .

    Any words from the older and wiser crowd here about Spousal Sara Brady Syndrome?

    • Because many women see men as tools and means to implement their life plan.
      Finding a husband is like filling an employment position for them.
      It’s not about the two of you. It’s about her.
      Whether that’s social conditioning or innate female nature is irrelevant to the fact that the way many women act can only be explained by what I postulate.

    • Haven’t had that experience with my wife; She’s a highly educated medical professional that works with children. In fact, she’s looking to buy a new concealment handgun. And, she encourages the teaching of our two children to shoot and handle firearms safely.

      Choose wisely and carefully up front is the best advice I can give. Can’t say why they’d change, though.

    • You want to avoid that? Marry the daughter of a gun guy. My wife grew up helping her dad handload ammo. She once came up to me drooling over a Ruger Service Six and she told me “If you don’t buy it, I will punch you”. Her favorite Christmas present this year was the new 9 round mags for her LC9. As long as I’m not skipping the mortgage payment or running up a credit card, my wife has no problem with more guns, as long as she gets to pick what we buy from time to time.

      • X2! Married the daughter of an ffl. Great plan. Only, I NEEEDED to buy a modern sporting rifle to not be outgunned in my own home! Tough life, isn’t it!?

        Love it when I ask my wife if I should buy more ammo/guns/accessories and she says “you can never have too much”!

    • ummm, my wife doesn’t care where I smoke cigars (even in the house), is ok with my guns (and went and got her CCW so she can shooting with other stay at home moms), and called me a wuss when I didn’t go to her cousin’s bachelor party years ago (I was sick) since there were gonna be a lot of high class strippers. She doesn’t care about what I buy as long as the bills get paid and she can fly home to see her mother every other month. No – you just need a better selection process.

    • My now wife, then girlfriend, got onto me about guns a couple of times while dating. I didn’t take it personally and she eventually went shooting with me and the buds several times. She still doesn’t enjoy it, but tolerates the money and time I spend involved in shooting. That is good enough, sometimes. We are about to celebrate our 30th anniversary. One thing I have learned is that accepting a person does not mean agreeing with them about everything. As long as both parties can honestly tolerate each others interests, things can work out just fine.

      At one point – I was down to only one rifle, a Ruger 10/22, by then having sold off all the others to pay bills for kiddos and such, and she tried to hardball me with a statement along the likes of “choose one, me or the gun.” I just looked at her for maybe 30 seconds, saying nothing. I recall my eventual response was something like, “do you really want to find out which way I’d go?” It still comes up sometimes when I add another gun to the horde I have (they get lonely and need company), and I just give her that cold look when she asks me, “when will it be enough?” I admit I did get angry once and then pilled every pair of shoes and every handbag from our closet onto the dining room table and asked her the same question.

      The odd thing is that many women, my wife included, simply do not, or cannot, respect a man that lets them push him around. I think that is most particularly true of strong women. That doesn’t mean that anyone must be subservient to anyone else, but who the hell can really respect someone who’d give up on the big things? I think strong people do best with strong partners, as long as they aren’t celebrities, though that doesn’t mean smooth sailing all the time.

    • We did just the opposite when the “bundle of joy” was on it’s way. We gunned up, bought a new (larger) safe and got my wife up to speed with a CCW. When the second arrived we moved to the country so the whole family could enjoy shooting and hunting off the back deck…

  7. Any predictions on how long these two will be together, and how long before all the “sacrificed” guns will be replaced after the breakup?

  8. No.

    She is too old and not that great to begin with.

    …And that is one hell of a life style change to require of someone else just to continue a relationship.

    I know girls who have dumped guys for saying they’d like if they’d (the girl) would wear a skirt once in a while…

  9. Soo….Her mother used a gun to save her life? But she doesn’t like them, because that killed her unhinged dad. Celebrities are confusing.

    Sean Penn turned in an absolutely amazing performance in Mystic River, and I don’t think I’ve seen him in anything since. Therefore, Sean Penn——————————————Radar.

    I can’t judge him too harshly, though. I’ve done some pretty stupid stuff for the nookie. Just not this stupid.

    • yeah, imagine no guns and Dad breaking through the door with just his bare hands, or hammer, or knife or ‘blunt instrument’ or whatever. I don’t think it would have turned out as well for the ladies…

  10. I would give up all my guns, no second thoughts, for $1.3 million from Piers Morgan. Because, lots more guns!

    • Yeah, didn’t say he was donating that money to any cause, did he? That’s vaguely implied, but not stated.

  11. Already found my soulmate and shes not a koolaid drinking liberal Cee yoU Next Tuesday 🙂

    Sean Penn, man of no spine or intestinal fortitude, please explain to me how an inanimate object can have any sort of emotion, cowardice for example?

    Could it be that Ms Theron’s father was a POS human who decided his family’s life was forfeit? Might be be the kind of turd that would chose a knife, hammer or bare hands if he was already motivated to terminate his offspring if the first place?

  12. I won’t give up my guns, my dog, my motorcycle, or my alcohol for a woman.

    Why yes I’m single, why do you ask?

    • I have guns, a dog, a motorcycle, a bunch of booze in the cabinet… and a woman.

      I guess I am living the dream, eh? lol

    • Any woman worth having would not even dream of asking you to change any of that. If she’s into you…that’s you, so that’s what she gets.

      Said another way:

      You don’t ask, “Honey, may I go shooting today?”

      Instead, you say, “I’m going shooting today. Would you like to come?”

      Don’t mean that in an ugly, obnoxious way, just…”Here’s who I am and what I like to do. Take it or leave it.”

      My wife and I have been together over 20 years (married 17). Our first date was going shooting at an indoor range. Though she grew up shooting long guns, she had never shot a handgun before that day. A few months later, I took her to buy her first handgun.

  13. Not a chance. No way.
    Never. Huh-uh.

    Isn’t this putz one of the morons who said he would move out of the country if bush got re-elected?
    Why is he still here?

  14. No.

    If you have to give up the things you like for another person, then maybe they aren’t the right one.

    Besides I can do better, maybe not in the money department but in the looks department definately.

  15. She must have a magical vagina. For a man to 1. change his ways 2. get rid of his gun, it must be really special or she is into some really freaky and I mean freaky stuff.

  16. No.

    And arms that were in the hands of a hard-core leftist have been destroyed? I won’t lose any sleep over that.

    • I’d give up an RG- because it was the only gun I’ve been around that was so unsafe and poorly made I couldn’t have sold it to someone and still looked myself in the mirror.

      But she’d have to accept that I’d never turn in, sell, or dispose of any others. Ever.

  17. I think we should make a new law that any celebrity/politician claiming they are living a “gun free” lifestyle should have to do so by parading down MLK Boulevard in the nearest city holding a big billboard stating that fact WITHOUT the luxury of armed bodyguards 3 feet away from them.

  18. Give up my guns for Charliz Theron? NO. Any man who would give up his guns for that whack is already 1) out of his mind and 2) effeminate.

  19. No way, she’s flat chested. Now, some other celebs out there yes, but not her. She’s starting to look haggerty and old.

  20. cowardly killing machines??????????

    So I guess all the men that landed on the Normandy and Pacific Islands were facing and using cowardly weapons???

  21. There are enough alternative celebrity fantasies that are known to like guns that I could pass on Charlize so why compromise?


  22. Give up my guns? For her??? LOL!! Heck, I told my own girlfriend to go screw herself when she begged me to get rid of them. Then I said she could learn to shoot and will most likely enjoy it, or she could stay the Hell away from my hobby and not say a word. It’s been 2 years, she hasn’t said a word except that she will go shooting with me soon, and we’re still together.

  23. 1. Married to someone who supports my firearm ownership, so no.

    2. Even if I was single, she’s too old and sorry, the guns don’t go. I might hide them or pretend they’re not around if I was young and dumb and not looking for anything serious, but the guns stay.

  24. I too experienced the whole ‘I’m going to take over your life.’ thing. Not once but twice. Both times the answer was no. You can’t be happy if you lose who you are, and that’s true for women as well as men (cause men do it too, just about different things). Mr. Penn has just proven himself to be the fool we already believed he was. (Speak and remove all doubt and all that stuff…)

  25. No.

    And…meh. I can’t bring myself to care much what two celebrity thesps do with themselves. I’m sure Sean Penn can buy all the “cowardly killing machines” he wants after they break up.

    And I don’t give a damn how famous or rich or pretty…no, actually, I do, because you put all three together, and it’s a recipe for crazy…but a woman that demands that I change who I am and give up what I love to suit her tastes isn’t worth the tiniest bit of my time.

  26. I wonder if he still has his Marin County CCW permit, or if he gave it up after some of his guns were stolen out of his car?

  27. Nope. Not for any woman. Made that clear with the wife while still dating. She never had a problem with it, which was good, because that was a dealbreaker.

  28. To answer the question, No. But to be fair to the magnificent Ms. Theron, she does not seem to have demanded that Sean get rid of his guns, he volunteered and it seems that he is keeping all of his guns that are in other countries. It seems more of a publicity stunt.

  29. I think she’s rather ugly, especially after she’s the movie monster. Number two, giving up my guns AND getting my nuts put on the chopping block, loose loose situation. Lastly, she is a first class hypocrite, anyone who profits from a “gun movie” and proclaims to be anti gun, Arnie , sly, ECT, is a first class hypocrite!

  30. Ha ha, that has to be a joke. Would I give up my collection of shooting irons that took me years and thousands of dollars to accumulate, many of which have significant sentimental value for a leftist actress with annoying accent who’s not even as hot as the chick I’m already married to? No. Hells no.

      • Ha ha, no, she reads baking blogs and entertainment weekly. She actually for really reals is (IMO) hotter than Charlize Theron; she’s 6 feet tall, German, blond hair blue eyes, size zero with 36 Ds. She can also out shoot me most of the time, even with a Mosin carbine. Her accent is for the most part less annoying than a South African’s.

        …I might give up a brick of .22lr for a three way though.

        • A brick of .22lr can buy you a wife in some places. Won’t even have to give her back to her husband even when the ammo’s gone.

  31. Like most I choose option C) I married a lovely woman who enjoys my hobby and believes in self defense.

    I would not give up something that mattered to me for anyone or anything.

  32. I see it this way: Anyone who would sleep with Sean Penn is not someone with whom I would wish to exchange precious bodily fluids. I would thus not be willing to give up anything at all for said person.

  33. Sean Penn is a communist and an IQ waiting to happen. Theron ahs fallen into the logical fallacy that Mark Twain warned of: ” We should what there is to learn from an experience-and no more. A cat that sits on a hot stove lid will never sit on one again. But, she will never sit on a cold one either!”
    My rule: If a woman can’t think, the looks don’t count.
    I’ll keep my guns Charlize.

  34. “I know that if my daughter was in the same situation, I would do the same thing,”

    More proof that hot=crazy.

    • This has proven true in all of my conquests as well. I think it destroys their brain somehow when they get that control over men.

  35. Absolutely not, because the kind of women that would ask that kind of thing are a bad choice anyway. These are the kind of people who piss and moan about how their boyfriend/husband does all these “guy-things” at the beginning of a relationship, then once they’ve brow-beaten their significant other into caring about coasters and getting some sorry excuse for a dog that he’s ashamed to walk around the neighborhood, piss and moan again about how emasculated their boyfriend/husband is. Pick a real woman with a real personality. I think Ron White said it best:

    “If her belly gets too big, she can get a tummy tuck and have a belly like a cheerleader. If her vision goes bad, you can have LASIK surgery and have 20/20 vision. If her hearing goes bad, they can install a device in her ear that will give you hearing as clear as it was the day you were born. But let me tell you something, folks: You can’t fix stupid. There’s not a pill you can take; there’s not a class you can go to. Stupid is forever.”

  36. Once upon a time, a man asked an extremely beautiful woman to marry him. The woman said NO. So he rode motorcycles, hunted, fished, raced cars, dated ladies half his age, and drank scotch.

    He never heard b!tching, he never paid child support, or alimony. He banged strippers, kept his house and guns, ate spam, potato chips, and beans; and farted whenever he wanted to. He was never cheated on while he was at work. He had tons of money in the bank and he left the toilet seat up.

    …and the man lived happily ever after.



  37. Well Sean was always crazy. Now we find out he’s a bigger pussy than Charlize. No, I don’t give up my guns or any of my freedoms or rights for a woman. Fortunately my keeper wife hasn’t made any such foolish demands.

  38. “Everybody in South Africa has a gun,”

    Really? My father and I took a trip to South Africa last year (photo safari), and the owner of the company told me that he’d been trying to get a permit for a .375 H&H for over 2 years, and still wasn’t allowed to purchase it because the paperwork hadn’t gone through yet. One of the guides told me that his wife & baby experienced a home invasion just a week before I’d arrived, and that he’d been trying to get a permit for a pistol for the last year…to no avail.

  39. The woman whom I eventually married gave me the ultimatum “your guns or me.” I said no and turns out she was bluffing. Since then she has grown more accepting.

    • Why do they DO that? And I’ve seen and experienced this thing – “you’re perfect; I love you just the way you are!”

      Until you’re married, and they IMMEDIATELY set about trying to change everything about you.

  40. I just realized this is about sean penn
    Sean’s dad was a proud, gun owning, Soviet Agent (and Traitor) who was Black Listed

  41. F no.

    The woman is obviously mentally irrational as she hates guns even though her life was saved by one as a child.

    In my experience in my younger, single years, wimmenz with supermodel good looks are often nuttier than squirrel turds and that describes Charlize to a “T”heron.


  42. Not worth it. Giving up weapons is beyond the line know matter who the girl/woman is.

    She’s also very good at talking out of both sides of her mouth. I wonder what her other talents are.

  43. No.

    I don’t date leftists and I’ve never dated an anti-gun conservative or independent girl.

    Plus, I don’t listen well. I do what I want to do when I want to do it and I’ve really never had a complaint.

    Women like independent guys who have a spine. Crazy bitches, on the other hand, like whipped house slaves they can control and cheat on.

    I have neither the time nor the patience to deal with someone who wants to control me. If a woman wants to be my partner I’m completely fine with that, but I don’t change who I am for anyone.

    • I raised my kids never to date leftists or anti gunners. Besides the vast majority of left wing women are butt ugly. Even if there is a attractive one here and there, their ideology makes them ugly to the bone

      • They are also typically self-absorbed neurotic messes.

        I agree with you, they can be physically attractive but as soon as they start up with their insane secular religion nonsense I am out of there.

        I have had much luck with both politically independent and conservative women.

  44. When I met my wife, before things got going heavy, I told her “I’ve got guns and I’m in the National Guard, you got a problem with either one you can leave now.” Miss Theron can take a hike, but I thought Sean Penn is a douche before I knew he would give up his guns.

  45. Everyone is all like “if I was in my 20’s my answer would be yes.”
    Guys…I’m 23…and straight..and would go after a Dame with the best of em.
    But not no, not hell no, but F–K no. My guns aren’t going anywhere. If the government ain’t getting them, what chance in Hades does a woman have?!

  46. I can have Charlize Theron any time I want (and I don’t have to give up any possessions). I just close my eyes, and she’s there! I think it was a Ray Romano bit from his stand-up days, “I’ve got a cast of thousands in there.”

  47. While I do think she’s attractive, no. I’ve dated women I thought were more attractive and didn’t mind the fact that I had a slight ballistic addiction. Plus, why would you start getting serious with some one who obviously believes so differently.(obviously not an issue between those two) My guess is he’s never come back from I Am Sam

  48. When the s@#! hits the fan is that woman gonna protect you, no! So why the hell do I need to give up my tool because she’s has a fear of what I have? As for Sean, he’s should get sex change stat!

  49. How come that clon gets to even on a gun? Felony domestic assault, plead down to misdemeanor domestic assault.

    domestic violence. In California, you need a governor’s pardon for restoration of gun rights…guess he is privileged after all

    Oh, and the answer is no. She is too old for me anyways,

  50. Annnd no.

    Guns will get you through times of no pu$$y better than pu$$y will get you times of no guns.
    [apologies to Freewheelin’ Franklin of The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.]

  51. I’ll admit that I wouldn’t mind getting to know her a bit better, but I wouldn’t give anything up to do so. Besides, I’ve always been more interested in Milla Jovovich, and it looks like she is fairly pro-gun as well. No contest there.

  52. No. Any woman who puts these kind of conditions on the ability to spend time with her should send a man’s red flag detectors going crazy. I don’t care if it’s motorcycles, guns, or spending time with your buddies. Somebody who truly cares about you does not put conditions on their love. That’s the kind of thing manipulative children do.

  53. I would rather sleep with an ugly girl that likes guns! I can’t stand most of the hollywood assholes, just can’t stand them.

  54. I hear she’s difficult to work with, in terms of diva behavior, so I’d pass.

    I’d pass, anyway, though, as firearms represent far more than the implements themselves. If we’re incompatible on that, then we’re guaranteed to be too far apart philosophically across the board and wouldn’t be worth putting up with.

  55. I like how he qualifies the statement that it’s just the guns here in the “continental United States” apparently she will let him have guns in foreign lands.

    For someone who hates capitalism selling 65ish guns (even in statue form) for 1.4 million is a pretty high markup (each gun worth about 21,538.46) and no mention of donating that money to charity. This man’s hypocrisy has no bounds.

    Plus it seems the cops are just waiting around to escort him from place to place so he doesn’t “need” a gun now does he?

  56. Sean’s as far left as a commie sympathizer can get (buddy’s with Hugo Chavez and all), he’s worse than Rodman and North Korea.
    I like how he qualifies the statement that it’s just the guns here in the “continental United States” apparently she will let him have guns in foreign lands.

    For someone who hates capitalism selling 65ish guns (even in statue form) for 1.4 million is a pretty high markup (each gun worth about 21,538.46) and no mention of donating that money to charity. This man’s hypocrisy has no bounds.

    Plus it seems the cops are just waiting around to escort him from place to place so he doesn’t “need” a gun now does he?

  57. Any time someone wants you to give up your guns–and it doesn’t matter who they are or what they say their reasons are–you need to stop and ask yourself, “What does this person intend to do to me that he or she wouldn’t be able to do if I was armed?”

  58. LOL, hell no.

    To quote the ever quotable John Witherspoon:

    “Now Sean, I hear a girl down at the office got you p*ssy-whipped…
    You got to reverse it. Don’t be p*ssy-whipped, whip that p*ssy. Like this here, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.”

  59. Nah. I’ve never been a fan of her. Now that she’s with that stupid lefty who thinks that lefty dictators are a-ok, makes me even less willing to see any crappy movie with her in it.

  60. Back in the 80s Sean Penn posed in front of his burnt out Hollywood hills home with either a Mac 10 or Uzi with a can on it. He claimed it was full auto and he would defend his property from looters who wanted to take advantage of the fire that burned dozens of high end homes. He was living in a camper on the site and flashing his fancy zip gun back then, because back then it was cool to defend your property and now its cool to pay bodyguards to do it for you.

    Good luck finding that picture, I have scoured the internet for it and cannot find it. It was in People magazine I do remember that.

  61. If my girlfriend asked,
    I’d get a storage locker,
    ‘Cause it will not last.

    A request like that is the thin edge of the wedge. It is the first round of neutering the independent male. If that is her agenda, eventually she is going to ask for something that you would not be willing to give up, even for a little while.

    When that day comes, your old friends will be waiting for you in that storage locker, no hard feelings and none the worse for wear…

    • It’s human nature. Male is alpha and attracts female. Female tries to make male Beta. Male becomes beta. Female loses interest.

  62. I wish that skank Charlize would go back to South Africa. We have enough homegrown liberal filth to deal with. She could take Penn with her and be rid of another libnut.

  63. I can jack off to her pictures and keep everything I own right now. Not sure if the original question was a serious one.

    Much cheaper in the long run….just as good.

  64. He’s probably got a stash down in Venezuela that he got from Chavez that she knows nothing about. They deserve whatever misery they can inflict on one another. I give it six months.

  65. That would be a resounding NO. No woman is worth that. I would leave the one I have had for 28 years if she said the guns go and she knows it.

  66. Very disappointed with Charlize. But, its a free country and her choices are her choices.

    As for Sean Penn, he’ll feel pretty foolish about the time she dumps him….

  67. She’d have to agree to and sign a high performance, low maintenance contract which would be unenforceable, so the answer would be…no, hell no.

  68. A gun costs $600+ and lasts a lifetime.

    Sex costs $200-$250 for an hour on the American market.


    • +10

      I was just about point out that I can walk into any given shopping mall and find at least ten women who look exactly like Charlize Theron. Not to say she isn’t beautiful or anything; she is, but I wouldn’t give up a stale donut hole to keep someone like her happy, let alone my guns.

  69. I had no idea Sean Penn was pro gun, but he is an idiot in many other ways.
    Give up my guns for a woman? No, I would just lie to her to get her, then tell her I still have them

  70. No.

    In fact, Hell no.

    My integrity is not for sale, for one thing, and for another I definitely wouldn’t give it up for some Boer Hollyweird hypocrite who cannot see the fact that it was indeed a gun that saved her scrawny little hide to start with — and it is in fact more men with guns that continue to protect her sorry ass. She probably pays them all of jack shit, too.

    I wouldn’t sell myself short for a weak-willed and willfully ignorant “strong” woman like her that purposefully debases herself with such blatant intellectual stupidity and dishonesty.

    Sean Penn is a fucking idiot all ’round to begin with, and just as big of a loser hypocrite as she is. Two conceited morons being a perfect fit for each other? No surprise here.

  71. Nope!!! I will bet she will leave him in 6 months of less. He’ll beat her up and she’ll wish she had a gun. Penn hasn’t been in a long term stable relationship in years and with he notorious temper……..

  72. When we were dating, my wife didn’t mind me shooting, reloading, hunting, etc.
    When we were newlyweds, everything was great.
    One day I was in the reloading room, finishing some rounds for a match the next day. She steps in and says, ” Honey, now that we are married, isn’t it time you sold your guns and safe and reloading stuff and bullets and fishing poles and reels, and stuff?”
    I guess I had an absolute look of horror on my face, cause she looks at me and asks “what’s the matter?”
    I says “for a minute there you sounded like my ex-wife”

    She screams, “you didn’t tell me you were divorced!!!”

    I said, “I’m not…”

  73. If you’re willing to give up everything for a woman, you got it bad… but what do you got… a case of overactive hormones willing to do anything for a roll in the hay? Feeling that way is one thing, she demanding it is another.

    If a woman wants you to give up your firearms, and you happen to LIKE firearms in the first place, and she knows it, just may not be the right one for you. She seems to be more interested in herself than you.

  74. No, and she isn’t living in South Africa nor intending to return there soon, is she?

    She acts well, looks fine, but she has only the fool reasons for worrying about guns, very personal ones. My mother never shot my father, and my father never tried to shoot me, nor any of my siblings. We have always treated firearms with respect, but treat humans with even more respect. Try to find that respect in South Africa. There are little patches of it.

  75. For $1.4 million, I can’t think of any combination of “at least 65” guns that are not replaceable with gold plated versions.
    Just saying…

  76. “would you give up your guns for Charlize Theron?”

    I wouldn’t give up half a cup of lukewarm coffee for the liberal bitch.

  77. Hell no! My guns would in all probability age better than she does. Also, didn’t Sean Penn get eaten by a giant cat in Team America?

  78. “Cowardly killing machines” Huh? They certainly do not kill anybody unless some out of control loser coward decides to load take aim and irresponsibly fire the ‘machine” — But since you are such a changed man now Penn, it is my hope that we will not be seeing any further phony pseudo tough, hard drinking murderous guy roles thank God!


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