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Jeremy Alcede owns Tactical Firearms in Katy, Texas. Click here for a recent interview he gave a Houston radio station. The subject: Lautenberg and McCarthy’s Stop Online Ammo Sales bill. And here’s the ostensible reason he’s concocted for giving two of Congress’s most dedicated gun-grabbers his support: if we give them this one – let them ban on-line ammo sales – they’ll go away and leave our guns alone. Relax, he isn’t really that dumb. Actually it’s much worse than that . . .

Jeremy knows damned good and well that the only way people like Lautenberg, McCarthy, Schumer, Feinstein, the Bradys, et al. will be ultimately satisfied is when firearms and ammo sales are restricted to police and the military. Period. Alcede isn’t so naive as to think they’d go away and he says as much:

I mean, they’re never gonna stop. This is just an ongoing thing that, you know, I don’t agree with anything, you know, you give ’em an inch and they’ll take a mile. But if this is gonna shut ’em up then give it to them.

So if he knows regulating online ammo sales out of existence won’t begin to mollify the anti-2A forces, why is he willing to get behind their bill? Because it would be good for business. His business.

No, the only good thing that can come out of this is, you know, it’s gonna not allow these big online companies to purchase ammo from the manufacturers. So the manufacturers are gonna be overloaded with ammo so guess what that means. They’re gonna be calling me saying look, I’m gonna give you an extra $1.50 off a box, please buy it, please buy it. So it might actually lower the cost for you, the consumer. I know if I get it lower, I’m gonna sell it lower to you.

See? All those pain-in-the-ass online sellers like Lucky Gunner, Cheaper Than Dirt, Brownells and the others are only costing you money, Mr. John Q. Gunowner. If we can just eliminate some of Jeremy’s competition, it will actually save you a few Samolians!

That’s right. In Alcede’s world, where the sky must be an interesting shade of chartreuse, more competition means higher prices for consumers. Adam Smith, please call your office.

Make no mistake. Jeremy’s only too happy to throw a bone to people who’d like nothing more than to take your guns away – and give them an incremental win – if it means a few extra bucks in his collaborationist pocket. As Alcede makes a point of saying when asked about large quantity ammo sales from his store, “we don’t sell personally to turds.” The question is, as someone who values their Second Amendment rights, why would you give any of your money to one?



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  1. “I’m gonna give you an extra $1.50 off a box, please buy it, please buy it. So it might actually lower the cost for you the consumer. I know if I get it lower, I’m gonna sell it lower to you.”
    Yeah friggin’ right. That ain’t how its gonna work at all. pudthumper.

  2. Cool store, crappy interview. Matt Patrick does this sort of interview all the time, but what are you gonna do? Conservative radio show hosts can be a bit….idiotic at times, I have heard all kinds of nonsense on his show.

  3. “…more competition means higher prices for consumers.”
    Makes sense if you don’t think about it. Remember: you can always tell when a salesperson or politician is lying. You’ll see their lips move.

  4. He’s not an appeaser, he’s much worse. He’s putting his own profit above both the 2nd amendment and free trade. I don’t even know what word describes him best, maybe scumbag?

    • “Idiotic” is the word that comes to my mind. Becasue he’s not just putting profit first, he’s putting temprary profit first. Sure he may make more money now, (and don’t buy the “I’ll pass the savings on to you” bit… he’ll raise his prices cause ‘where else you gonna buy it? Can’t get it online anymore, guess you’ll just have to buy from me’), but in the long run these people are trying to shut his business down for good. And he’s supporting them.

  5. Looks like every generation has its Bill Ruger. But things are getting better. The last Bill Ruger ran one of the nation’s largest firearm makers. This generation’s model just runs a single gun store. If things keep going in this direction, the next wannabe collaborator will be the guy with the hot dog stand in the parking lot of the range. Shooters are becoming less and less tolerant of getting stabbed in the back.

    • At least Ruger, as a company, came around and built the SR-556. Smith and Wesson also capitulated some, and then made the .500 Smith.

      That being said, I don’t see this guy making a turn for the better.

  6. The people who frequent his business should give him exactly what he asked for….”stop buying from me” Once he is out of business he will no longer have to worry about the issue….problem solved….very simple!

    • Shit called and wants to make it perfectly clear that it wants nothing to do with what is in Mr. Alcede’s head.

  7. 1. Banning online ammo sales kills his stiffest business competition. Benefiting him and only him financially.
    2. Banning online ammo sales creates practical scarcity which will drive up ammo prices. Benefiting him and only him financially.
    3. The real or perceived threat of impending gun control causes a mad rush on gun stuff. Benefiting him and only him financially.

    What an A hole.

    The Brady people had their grand experiment in the 90s. The data doesn’t support their case, the evidence that they are wrong is overwhelming. They’re not going to “eventually win”. They don’t need to be appeased. There will always be a few deniers of reality that exist but who cares? There are still people that don’t understand the overwhelming evidence for evolution or climate change. Deniers of reality eventually become non-influential, so who cares?

  8. I can’t say I’m surprised and I’ll bet we’ll see more of this kind of thing. Brick-and-mortar storefront retailers have to be salivating at the thought of a law that will kneecap their online competition. What they don’t realize is that if the gun-banners get their way, the brick-and-mortar dealers will be the next target.

    Still, seeing a gun dealer get into bed with the prohibitionists for short sighted financial gain makes me sick. What’s next? Will we see FFL holders supporting an end to the “private sale loophole” so they can benefit from being the conduit for all private firearms sales transactions?

    I hope this numbnuts’ customers take note of his stance and make the choice to shop elsewhere.

    • What they don’t realize is that if the gun-banners get their way, the brick-and-mortar dealers will be the next target.

      Not to mention fewer people will get into shooting and many won’t shoot nearly as often. I can afford to shoot a decent amount on my income because I can get my ammo pretty cheap online, usually 25-50% less than in a store. If online ammo sales are banned, stores will jack prices (because where else will you buy it?) and it’ll probably be three times more expensive to buy in a store as opposed to current online prices. I know I can’t afford that and neither can most people.

  9. Why is he dressed up like it is Halloween?

    There is no reason why anyone should have to show ID and for a store to keep records on ammo sales. Banning mail order is a violation of the free market since ammo is not a physical danger to the shipping companies while in transit. Boycott his store.

  10. I can see some of the sleezier local gun shops supporting a ban on mail-order ammo sales, simply as a matter of business. Imagine how many of those same shops wouldn’t exist had the GCA of 1968 not passed! If mail-order gun sales were still allowed today, the firearms market would probably look much like any other retail segment (a handful of “big-box” stores struggling to compete against internet retailers).

  11. Online ammo sales were commonplace in Massachusetts until a local FFL, whose name I won’t mention, started a letter-writing campaign to ban it so he wouldn’t lose sales. He succeeded because he had a willing accomplice in the then-Attorney General. Needless to say, I won’t patronize his store and hope he loses his FFL license over something stupid.

    Lenin once famously observed that capitalists would sell him the rope that he’d use to hang them. Lenin would love Jeremy Alcede.

  12. So, A piece of silver, for this turd, is all it takes.
    What a low-down, dirty, rotten piece of s…(turd).

    Tactical Firearms will get no business here.

    Nous Defions

  13. Gun owners have always allowed encroachment by government. Gun buyers today support sellers who report them to the ATF/FBI in accordance with the federal gun registry. I can’t remember the last time I heard anyone protest the gun registry or any of the associated regulations, and the gun registry is 1000x worse than what this shop owner is supporting. The gun registry is what will ultimately lead to confiscation, yet gun owners, republicans, the NRA etc. fail to put up any fight against it. This is the failure of politics to solve a politically caused problem and the failure of stupid hypocrites to see how bad the legal situation already is and has been since the 1960’s and even previous to that.

  14. Dan, why isn’t there a “No-Buy Zone” list on this site. That way RKBA supporters have a one stop place to check for retail friendlys. I hate finding out this kind of stuff after the fact.

  15. Slight deviation here, but this is (kinda) the reason the Hughes amendment will never be overturned. If people could register new select fire AR’s, or register and convert them, suddenly all the $15,000, 30 year old M-16’s would lose their value. I think most of the industry wants to keep things, as far as machine guns go, the way they are…

    • “I think most of the industry wants to keep things, as far as machine guns go, the way they are…”
      You don’t think Colt, H&K and all the rest would like to sell brand-new machineguns to people? You’ve GOT to be sh!tting me.

      • I’m guessing that Colt, H&K, et al. don’t really care much either way – I’m sure they sell far more full-auto firearms to police and military customers than they are likely to sell to civvies if the Hughes Amendment were reversed. Sure, additional civilian sales would be nice, but certainly not worth enough to risk any political capital.

        It’s the current Class III owners that would throw a shit-fit if their uber-expensive $15k collectables were suddenly reduced to a $2-3k commodity overnight.

      • I’m most certainly not shitting you – in fact I guarantee you that under no circumstances would HK sell civilians select fire firearms no matter how legal they are. My guess is that Colt would not either – the potential liability it too high and the market is far too small. As far as I know, most full auto, pre ’86 firearms out there are conversions for this very reason.

      • Probably wouldn’t change their bottom line much, as the full-auto sales would just displace semi-auto sales.

        It’s the ammo guys who would be in clover – 2.7 seconds to empty a 30 round mag, baby.

        The liability thing is easy – just set up a new outfit that purely makes and sells full-auto lowers and bolt-carriers. When they get sued fold and start again.

        • I’m sure the little guys would manufacture/alter MG’s, but I assure you that the major manufacturers will never participate in any way.

    • BlinkyPete,

      Its not off subject I was thinking the same thing, When you bring up NFA laws I see feedback saying owners of NFA weapons will loose value on their firearms. Greed is aiding in the assault on our rights which are getting fewer everyday. Thank to Sh*t heads like that guy.

      • I agree with you on the NFA thing, but not on our rights. In particular regard to firearms legislation I see things continuing to get better. Every now and again some monster takes national spotlight by harming innocents and opportunists on the gun control take advantage, but the past ten years has seen a slip in federal gun control, and the crime rate has been sliding for 20; I don’t see the control side getting any more popular any time soon.

  16. We should report people buying more than 30 cans of beer at any time.

    Uggg.. this whole ammo thing is such a joke. “6000 rounds!” So what.. He was running low… I went to the range and picked up a case of .223, they know me, no ID, no questions, frack it. 1000 rounds is nothing, neither is 6000. Holmes had 20k worth of equipment, where did the money come from? He was seeing a psychiatrist, that means he was on drugs. No one goes to a psychiatrist for valarian root and herbal sleep aids. How come no one has asked when he started or stopped taking medications? Hmm? Anyone?

    “oh well those a safe drugs” right… psychotropic drugs… OInly drug I know that’s sade is Marijuana. All that other crap, is out of control. It’s designed to alter your brains chemistry. How can that possibly be 100% safe. We hear about kids committing suicide when they start/stop taking these drugs. Safe my ass…

    • THC, the active drug in cannabis, alters your brain chemistry as well. That would be why its a “drug”. So your argument for “safe” vs “unsafe” drugs is invalid. The nature of a drug is its ability to alter some chemical reaction in your body, producing the desired effects.

  17. This is truly disturbing news, since Tactical Firearms is my favorite LGS here in the Houston area. Dammit. Guess its time to see how the management at Carter’s Country feels about the 2A. This is one customer Alcedes has lost for good.

    • Im in the same position. Pruett’s is close but it is insanely expensive. $200 for a mosin. I walked out the instant I saw that.
      Gonna check out Cypress armory when I get enough money to spend.

  18. Well he has a right to believe what he wants, but I think it is miss guided. Ok I am being PC, but seriously we know that antis are going to take bites, and continue to do so until none of us have anything left. That is why they call us unreasonable. That is why we are so staunchly adamant about things.

  19. I emailed him on their contact us form on the website. He replied as follows. Thought i’d share it fwiw

    First, I want to get it out there that I DO NOT support an ammo sales ban. I am never comfortable with any idea that puts “firearms” or any “firearms related item” and “ban” in the same sentence. I am not a traitor to the 2nd Amendment. I believe all law abiding citizens should be able to possess as many firearms as they want. Fear is used as a tactic regularly and after the most recent scare with the UN Treaty, I must admit that I felt threatened. Threatened that they would sign something into law that banned firearms and this ammo deal seemed like an easy compromise. Here, have the ammo deal but keep your eyes off of my guns.

    My opinion on the online sales ban was clearly made out of being uneducated in the way that laws are passed. I honestly did not see an issue with banning online sales of ammo. I have never purchased ammo online, even before I opened this store 2 years ago, so I really didn’t think stopping online sales would be a big deal. I said “if you give them an inch, they will take a mile” and I truly did not believe that this was giving them anything. The phone calls and emails that I have received have told me a completely different story. The outraged citizens that heard my radio interview and took the time to call or email to voice their opinion, also took the time to talk to me, to explain to me where I am missing the point. I had no idea how passing something into law works and how allowing online sales to be banned opens the door for that law to be amended to change the type of ammo, or the amount, or caliber… the list goes on and on.

    When the comments and emails started coming in after the interview I definitely did not understand the anger. Some people claimed my statement was based on greed, based on profit- and this is absolutely not the case. My prices are competitive with online pricing and in most cases after shipping I beat online prices. I do not gouge our customers like some have speculated. Tactical Firearms is the largest class III dealer in the US, 1 of 3 master distributors of Fiocchi Ammunition, and I strive to offer the best customer service to everyone that walks through the doors. My business runs on volume and the prices are set to drive that volume. My opinion was not formed from fear of competition but the lack of experience with purchasing ammo online and the lack of knowledge of politics.

    I am all about protecting our rights, including our right to privacy. When they passed the law that requires the Southern states to file multi-rifle reports I upgraded our FFL to become a manufacturer so that, by law, I was not required to file those reports anymore. I was contacted by the ATF and asked if I would please still file them as a courtesy and I let them know that it wasn’t going to happen.

    I have posted contact information for our local government on our Facebook page and urged our customers to contact them and fight for our rights. The idea that anyone believes that I support anything anti-gun is heartbreaking but this experience has certainly opened my eyes and I have learned a lot in these past 24 hours. I see it now. I feel foolish for thinking there was such thing as compromising in this regard. Matt Patrick with 740 AM has invited me back on the show tomorrow morning 8/3/2012 to clear the air.

    Jeremy Alcede

    • Now Jeremy is in full blown damage control. He simply cannot be THAT naive regarding the legislative process and the objectives of progressive and liberal anti-gun groups. He’s in the GUN BUSINESS for gawd’s sake! I still believe him to be covering for his out-and-out greed.

  20. If local retailers would trouble themselves to keep their businesses fully stocked, Internet sales would be a lot smaller. This man would probably love a ban on mail order sales but still wouldn’t help his customers fulfill their ammunition needs. It would be too much trouble.
    People who have visited this man’s shop are not at all impressed by him. He will probably become internet famous because of this piece of work and won’t have any customers at all.

  21. i don’t live anywhere hear him, but if i did, i’d drive twenty miles to give my money to someone else before i shopped in his store.

  22. Not anymore…he better understand what he’s saying before he goes on the air. No excuse for being “unedumukated”.

  23. This is the gun range whose policy is to not let you pick up your spent brass after shooting. They say it’s a safety issue but in reality it’s another way to make more money by selling YOUR property. So,I don’t spend my money there even though I live 2 miles away from the range. The only way your going to change things in todays world is to hit people in the pocketbook. It’s the only thing they understand.


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