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  1. I cannot believe such logic and common sense was broadcast on national tv.

    The example the sheriff gave when asked about weapons preventing crimes was priceless.

    • I agree the sheriff makes a good impression, but just underneath the surface it’s bogus.

      The tired old refrain that gun control laws will only affect the law abiding is misleading . Gun control laws the way I describe them would have a direct impact on the ability of the bad guys to get guns in the first place.

      Once that’s accomplished it won’t matter if the criminals refuse to obey the laws.

      But there’s another aspect to this argument. It implies that we gun control folks are so stupid that we think passing good laws will cause criminals to obey them. We’re not and we don’t. So, I’d say the joke’s on you guys who keep returning to that tired old refrain, snickering to each other about how dumb your adversaries are.

      • The problem is that your combination might work if we were starting from a blank slate of no guns in the country. But how confident are you that if such blanket legislation were passed you would be able to account for even close to 99% of the pre-existing 200 million guns in this country? Do you have any sense of the scale of the operation that would be required to track those down?

        There’s something like a 5-10 year average time between when a gun is stolen from a legal owner and when it is caught in the commission of a crime. Which is where the majority of crime guns come from – stolen guns, not legal off the radar sales or gun shows or straw buyers. That’s a lot of guns in a very legal gray period, generally owned by people who aren’t allowed to own guns, which are completely off of the radar and will continue to be so in any control regime you implement.

        So, the point of the argument is that any step short of this massive totalitarian power grab is going to have no effect, and given the size and implausibility of that undertaking, the gun banners efforts will be fruitless anyway. As they have been in every place that they have successfully passed gun control in this country.

        So maybe we don’t think you’re so stupid to believe that criminals will suddenly follow the law, but you apparently are stupid enough to believe that you can track a high enough percentage of 200 million guns to make any difference at all.

      • @Mikeb302000

        Every one of your suggested gun laws is in effect, to one degree or another in California.

        Criminals there still have guns.


  2. Yes, when you create TTAG-TV, fill it with entertaining and informative shows, get a deal on cable, and get maybe a quarter million viewers. That could be the next step, no?

  3. Will someone please give the “media” a dictionary and force them to look up the definition of the word vigilante.

  4. the MSM thrives on fear and dependency, and being disarmed perpetuates those, so…I can’t see how they ever would.

  5. Not a bad interview, EXCEPT they would never ever be this confrontational with someone from Brady (or Planned Parenthood or La Raza or …).

  6. Great interview… I think the Sheriff should have asked King how gun control is working in L.A.? It’s something like the world capital in violent gang activity.

    I wish more LEO’s shared this man’s opinion about personal responsibility for personal protection.

  7. Great comments by the Sheriff.

    Who IS this puffy-haired twit from CNN? He and his producer must be cringing at how their lame attempt at an ambush interview went so far off the liberal narrative…

  8. That Sheriff is awesome.

    There are two or three county Sheriffs here in Idaho that are very pro-gun, I like them too!

  9. No, the MSM will never accept gun rights, much less embrace gun rights. That’s not what they do for a living. They are blood dancers, and they need to scare the crap out of people or nobody would watch their shows or read their yellow rags.

  10. I was not an advocate of the gun lobby until I pulled my head out of my liberal ass and did the research on the truth about armed defense. The truth is out there, but getting sheeple to figure it out for themselves is a stretch. Armed and aware. I vote at every election.

  11. It’s nice to see that the Brady Bunch has to resort to the same old bag of tired lies. They’re the same ones gun grabbers still trot out here at TTAG. For the life of me, I cannot wrap my mind around how a grabber can remain a lib and still insist women should not have the ability to protect themselves from being victimized.

    I guess the political reality just sucks – because these grabbers and militant liberals need victims to prey off of to get voted in by promising there is no need to be responsible, let the government be our nanny & conscience. The way they leap gleefully on top of victims and cadavers to rub their agenda in the face of people reminds me of vultures and ghouls.

    • They tell women not to defend themselves for the same reason that they tell minorities not to improve their education (and thus job prospects) – because the weak look to someone to “protect” and “provide” for them. That’s why Walter Williams (an Economist at George Mason who is in his 70’s and happens to be black) constantly bemoans how foolish blacks are to keep supporting the political party that wants to keep them in poverty.

  12. Honestly, I don’t think most liberals really think about their anti-gun positions. Being anti-gun is the accepted wisdom in their circles. By the way, liberals are not the only ones with knee-jerk positions that are not closely examined: all political points of view (hell, all points of view on most subjects) are prone to knee-jerk thinking. And, really, all that King (I think that is the interviewer’s name) was looking for there was a gotcha. He did not want that as a liberal, he wanted it as a “media journalist.” They don’t want the truth – they just want a soundbite.

  13. MSM will NEVER change their rehtoric until THEIR families and themselves are victims of HoodRats with guns and must attend several funerals or be in one themselves. Sound harsh? So is the truth about criminals with guns and the lack of 2A rights for LAW ABIDING Citizens!

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